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“The SEO leads that Property Leads generates are the highest quality leads you’re going to find of any marketing channel.”

- Tim Oppelt | Investor, PPC Agency Owner, Carrot Employee

3 Reasons Our Motivated Seller Leads Will Make You More MONEY!

1. We Sell Leads No One Else Is Offering…

We are the only provider of SEO leads. SEO leads have the highest profit per deal and highest conversion ratio. This means you can talk to less sellers, close more deals, and walk away with more profit.

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2. Our Leads Have Less Competition…

Our home seller websites are built around converting motivated sellers, so their search for a cash offer begins and ends with us. Our goal is for you to be the first and only investor working with every motivated seller lead you buy.

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3. Every Lead Comes To Us…

Unlike interrupt or outbound marketing (e.g. Facebook ads, Google Discovery) where a seller is much earlier on in the process and harder to get a hold of, our sellers find us! This means every lead is actively seeking out a solution (YOU) to their real estate problem.  

You Don’t Have To Take Our Word As Proof. Hear From Our Lead Buyers! …

We’ve sold leads to REI’s in markets nationwide. Hear what these investors have to say about our leads…

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As One Of Our Lead Buyers, You Receive…

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Highly Motivated Leads

Sellers find us via SEO through searching highly motivated terms like “cash home buyers” or “sell my house for cash”. NO Facebook leads.

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Each lead goes to the highest bidder in the county. Our leads are NOT offered to multiple investors. We want to keep your competition low.

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Automatic Delivery

Motivated leads are sent instantly to your phone, email, or CRM. You have the chance to contact every lead as soon as the seller requests an offer.

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Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead based on the bids you set per county. Each lead goes to the highest bidder in the county. NO setup fees. NO sign-up costs.

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No Contracts

We believe in our lead quality. That’s why there are NO contracts to lock you into buying leads. You can cancel at any time.

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Off Market Guarantee

We’re here to deliver motivated home seller leads, which is why we refund for mobile home, MLS, wholesaler, duplicate, and spam leads.

So, How Do I Start Buying Leads?!

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Schedule a call with us.

Once you submit your info, you will be redirected to book a call with a member of our team. We will answer any questions you have, and if we are a good fit for each other, we will set you up in our lead portal. This includes setting up your bids per county and monthly budget.

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Leads are auto-delivered to you!

Receive leads in real-time to your phone, email, or CRM. Once you receive a lead, it’s yours and yours only! With each lead you are guaranteed to receive the seller’s contact information and property address.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does each lead cost?

Lead cost varies drastically per county. The lowest bid is $125, and bids are made in $25 increments.
Every lead is exclusive and goes to the highest bidder-- there is NO live bidding.

Setup your bids per county and a monthly budget during your onboarding phone call.

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How many leads can I expect each month?

We aim to deliver quality over quantity. The size of the counties you are bidding in, and where the counties are located, causes fluctuation in lead volume. 

We can give you more accurate estimates of how many leads to expect in your counties during your onboarding call.

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How many leads should I expect to close?

On average, our lead buyers are closing 1 in 10 leads. Are you above average in your market? 🙂

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Which CRM’s do you support?

We support integration with all CRM’s. This includes (but is not limited to) Salesforce, Podio, Pipedrive, InvestorFuse, etc.

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Do you allow for refunds?

Yes. We are here to deliver motivated home seller leads, which is why we refund for mobile home, MLS listed, duplicate, wholesaler, and spam leads. 

Refunds occur as a credit to your account in our lead portal within 24 hours of your request.

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Do you sell leads outside of the United States?

Yes. We sell leads in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada.

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