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Affiliate Program - How It Works

We offer a 1 time payout per referred lead buyer who signs up as follows:

1. Per County - $25 per TOP bid county (MAX of $250)
2. National - $750 if lead buyer is purchasing leads in all 50 states.

The referred lead buyer must be active for 30 days before affiliate payout occurs. Payout is a credit to your Property Leads account balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

property leads

When do I get paid?

Affiliate payout occurs on the Monday following 30 active days for the referred lead buyer.

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How many people can I refer?

We have no limit on the number of people you can refer. 

Note that you are only credited for the counties where the referred lead buyer remains the top bidder after 30 active days.

property leads

How do I get paid?

Affiliate payout is a credit to your Property Leads account balance.

property leads

Where do I track the lead buyers I referred?

Request a view for tracking referred lead buyers by emailing

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