Batch Leads Review: Is Batch Leads As Good As It Gets?

Published on March 8, 2023

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Batch Leads Review

Batch Leads Review

Finding the right properties and contending with fellow real estate investors and agents in this competitive industry isn’t easy. 

Thankfully, there are many real estate platforms that can help streamline your business processes and ultimately provide you with a better cash flow. One of which is Batch Leads!

Batch Leads is an all-in-one platform that is useful in lead generation, marketing, and closing real estate deals. If you’re considering this platform for your real estate business, check out this Batch Leads review to learn about its features, pricing, pros and cons, and more!

What Is Batch Leads for Real Estate Professionals?

What Is Batch Leads for Real Estate Professionals?

Batch Leads is a one-stop solution that belongs to the Batch Service family of software applications including Batch Dialer, Batch Skip Tracing, Batch Driven, and Batch Data. 

Batch Leads is primarily created to help real estate investors find properties or high-quality leads efficiently and accelerate the growth of their business. BatchLeads offers property insights, driving for dollars tool, opportunity lists, deal analyzer, smart search, skip tracing, and marketing campaigns like text messaging.

To date, Batch Leads has access to property data from 3,100 counties or more than 155 million U.S. properties. You can use Batch Leads on your browser and also on your Android or IOS phone.

How Much Does Batch Leads Cost? (Batch Leads Pricing)

How Much Does Batch Leads Cost? (Batch Leads Pricing)

The Batch Leads platform offers monthly plans and yearly pricing plans for small to large real estate teams.

Currently, they have four plans covering all their marketing tools which include Personal Basic, Personal Plus, Team Basic, and Team Plus. You can avail of any of these plans after the BatchLeads free trial ends.

Personal Basic

The Personal Basic plan that BatchLeads offers after the free trial is ideal for both casual and full-time real estate investors or real estate agents. The package includes 1 workspace which allows 3 users. The cost is $99 per month or $79 per month if you chose the yearly package.

Personal Plus

The Personal Plus plan is for experienced real estate professionals, lenders, or investors who want to get ahead in terms of marketing or outbound sales. The package includes 1 workspace, 8 users, and all the tools included in the Personal plan. Its monthly cost is $299 per month or $239 when billed annually.

Team Basic

Team Basic is for teams that have high lead demands. It includes up to 5 separate workspaces and each workspace can have 10 users. The cost of this plan is $599 per month whether you want to pay monthly or annually.

Team Plus

The Team Plus plan caters to real estate businesses with multiple teams or operates in multiple locations. You can contact Batch Leads’ sales support team if you want to further customize this plan. 

But generally, it includes up to 10 separate workspaces and each workspace can be used by up to 20 people and additional team members. The plan costs $899 per month.

Batch Leads Features

Batch Leads Features

What’s so great about Batch Leads that it garnered 4.9 stars from Trust Pilot reviews? Let’s find out its main functions!

Skip Tracing of Property Owners

If you have a 5-year-old record of potential leads or contact list and you want updated property owner contact data, you can use Batch Leads' skip tracing software. 

Through their skip tracing tool, Batch Leads can identify updated multiple phone numbers and mailing addresses of your contacts. They can also skip trace the data you’ll pull from their seller lead generation process and identify distressed houses with delinquent taxes, unpaid mortgage amounts, etc.

Lead Generation

BatchLeads platform understands that most real estate investors are looking for real estate platforms for lead generation, and so this is one of their core services even on free trial. 

This platform helps real estate investors and other real estate professionals find sellers and the best investment opportunities from data pulled from the USPS server and other public records.

Lead List

How convenient would it be if you can generate an entire list of qualified leads in just a few clicks? Batch Leads make it possible through their My Lists tool. 

Essentially, My Lists is a hub that you can use to manage, store, and update all of your leads and records, whether they're your own lists or you generated them from this platform. You can also use this to launch targeted campaigns and manage saved property searches.

Map Search

If you want to see the distressed or vacant properties on a map to see the full picture, Batch Leads got you covered with their map search.

Through map property searches, new users like you can find highly motivated sellers and available wholesale properties, validate addresses, do list stacking and filtering, and remove duplicates.

This feature is very effective if you want to blast out text or send out mailers in a specific geographic area.

Lead Management

Even if you have generated thousands of leads through various methods, you won’t be able to take advantage of them if you have poor list management. Good thing, BatchLeads offers lead export to spreadsheets, stack lists, and pre-qualify your leads.

Although Batch Leads doesn’t have a CRM, Batch Leads claims that they can be integrated into various lead management apps you are using for your business.

SMS or Text Messaging Platform

Texting or SMS campaigns are still a very effective way to convert leads into prospects just like email campaigns. Batch Leads recognizes the effectiveness of this method in finding more deals so they added text blasting into their toolbox.

The text messaging feature that Batch Leads offer can come with your phone number or your landing page link. Note, however, that this feature is not included in the Personal Basic plan.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Aside from text blasts, Batch Leads also allow their customers to send letters or direct mail using their platform. 

After generating leads through Batch Leads, you no longer need to export your lead list to an app or platform that sends direct mails. Batch Leads will automate this whole process which can effectively increase your profits in the end.


You can use Batch Leads to generate comps of similar real estate in your target area. All you have to do is draw on the map to identify specific location points and Batch Leads will pull comps data from the MLS and other sources. You can then export and send the comps to your potential buyers and seller prospects.

Batch Leads Pros and Cons

Batch Leads Pros and Cons

Although Batch Leads review is a highly-rated real estate platform, it is nowhere near perfect. It has its fair share of good and bad and in this section, we’ll examine all of these objectively.

Batch Leads Pros

  • Batch Leads source the information from a database that covers 99.8% of property owners in the U.S. This database is accurate and up-to-date.
  • To find leads faster or manage or list of leads, you can use Batch Leads’ advanced filters.
  • The platform allows importing and exporting of data for free.
  • You can integrate over 4,000 apps into Batch Leads through Zapier.
  • You can easily access your Batch Leads account wherever you are because they have an app that works on both IOS and Android.
  • They can skip trace both individually owned and commercial properties.
  • You can find leads and add them to your pipeline anywhere because of their driving for dollars feature.
  • You can learn how to use the platforms through different methods: live sessions, training resources, videos, guides, etc.

Batch Leads Cons

  • Batch Leads doesn’t have a CRM.
  • The subscription fees may be relatively high and in order to use all of its features, you may have to pay for add-ons. Not ideal if you want to save money.

How To Use Batch Leads

How To Use Batch Leads

To better understand how Batch Leads work, let’s focus on the three main services that they can do for your business: lead generation, property evaluation, and marketing. 

Lead Generation

You can use Batch Leads to search for in-depth property data in just a few clicks on their platform or app. If you want to build property lists, you can use various filters or even create your own. 

Moreover, you can also use Batch Leads to assign scores to multiple properties and property owners so you can better sort and identify who should be targeted by your marketing campaigns.

Property Evaluation

Using the Batch Leads platform, you can check out similar properties in your target area and identify their total purchase price as well as their condition, tax information, size, days on market, property expenses, and other features. 

All you have to do is access the app and draw your comp boundaries. You can use filters to remove outliers. 

You can then export these comparable sales reports and share them with your buyers or potential sellers to validate what you offered them.


Once you’ve already built a list of leads from their lead generation feature, you can then skip-trace them through a few taps to identify owner contact information.

If you want to cold-call the numbers you skip traced, you can use the built-in dialer of Batch Leads. You can place unlimited calls with just a single click on the mobile app or on your desktop.

Aside from calling your prospects, you can also send direct mail and SMS. You can do all these through the app as well. 

Batch Leads Alternatives

Batch Leads Alternatives

If for some reason you feel like Batch Leads doesn’t match your business needs, you can check out other alternatives. We’ve rounded up some of the best real estate platforms for real estate investors below! 

Batch Leads vs. Propstream

Similar to Batch Leads, Propstream is also a nationwide data provider for real estate businesses. They can assist you in finding and assessing both highly motivated buyers and potential sellers. 

Their skip tracing service, which also includes free DNC flagging, is their key selling point. Also, they'll aid with your lead marketing and help you calculate mortgage amounts as part of their deal analyzer feature. Propstream pricing is almost similar to the base service fee of Batch Leads. Nevertheless, Batch Leads plans are still viewed to be more affordable than PropStream Pricing.

Batch Leads vs. Batch Skip Tracing

One of the best skip tracing tools is Batch Skip Tracing. They assist debt collectors, real estate brokers, investors, and home service specialists in finding the right phone numbers so they can have more insightful talks.

To find the homeowners, Batch Skip Tracing collected more than 10.5 billion data points (from online and offline archives).

Batch Leads vs. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets have been producing educational materials for prospective and seasoned real estate investors since 2004.

Via their weekly expert-led webinars, real estate and money blog, five podcast shows, 30+ books, and weekly expert-led webinars, BiggerPockets provides clear, actionable advice that can help real estate investors scale their businesses.

Batch Leads vs. REIPro

You can manage your leads, buyers, marketing efforts, multiple properties, and other data in one single program with the help of REIPro.

Moreover, REIPro offers LISTMaid, a service that can ultimately clean up your lead lists and lessen the likelihood that your email addresses will be rejected owing to incorrect or misleading contact or phone details.

Batch Leads vs. DealMachine

Deal Machine's “driving for money” application is its key feature. With just one click, you may use this app to retrieve information about a property from public records and other outside sources. The feature's name is derived from how useful it is when driving for cash.

Batch Leads vs. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar can help you search for and contact property owners online, by phone, mail, email, and in person.

They use improved public records data to research residential and commercial properties. They also use hyperlocal lead generation to generate more opportunities.

Batch Leads vs. REIBlackbook

Similar to Deal Machine, REIBlackbook provides a variety of real estate investing services. It can assist you in building a website with high traffic, automating follow-ups, developing relationships with your leads using a CRM, and tracking incoming calls. 

This platform meets the needs of wholesalers, landlords, and rehabbers quite well.

Batch Leads vs. iSpeedToLead

Almost 12,000 real estate agents and local investors utilize iSpeedToLead, a marketplace for motivated seller leads, around the country. They obtain their leads from SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing on Google and other websites. As of now, they receive over 2,000 vendor leads each week.

Using Speed to Lead effectively accomplishes the same thing if you want to set up a PPC campaign for your real estate company but are scared by the procedure.

Batch Leads vs. Lead Sherpa

Lead Sherpa enables businesses to implement, design, and control marketing campaigns.

The technology makes it easier for real estate professionals including investors to engage in TCPA-compliant prospecting. It provides a wide range of services, including list stacking, direct mail, and data management, SMS advertising, skip tracing, and more.

Batch Leads vs. Property Shark offers real estate professionals, investors, and astute homebuyers their needed information transparency to assess all types of real estate. 

PropertyShark provides you with the best methods and resources such as Pre Foreclosures and Foreclosure Listings, Property Reports, Maps, Building Photographs, Sales Comparables, etc.

Batch Leads FAQ

Where Does BatchLeads Get Their Data?

Batch Leads get their data directly from the United States Postal Service (USPS) servers that’s why they claim to have the most accurate and updated available data. USPS typically updates vacant properties monthly and this is also updated on the data pulled by Batch Leads.

What Are the Benefits of BatchLeads?

Using Batch Leads can help you find leads more efficiently and grow your business exponentially. 

Batch Leads has comprehensive tools for lead generation, skip tracing, property insights, driving for dollars, deal analyzer, opportunity lists, smart search, and marketing campaigns.

What Is BatchLeads vs REIPro?

Both Batch Leads and REIPro are designed to help real estate professionals streamline their business; however, they also have key differences that might make you favor one over the other. 

For starters, Batch Leads offer more in-depth data since they pull it from the USPS servers. Skip tracing using Batch Leads is also more advanced since they scrub the data against the DNC list. 

Nevertheless, REIPro is still a decent platform that real estate investors and cash buyers can leverage especially if they are beginners. Because, unlike Batch Leads, REIPro is designed to give real estate investors a walkthrough of how the industry works. They offer various resources to help newbies out.

Summary: Is Batch Leads Worth the Investment?

Batch Leads is definitely one of the best platforms you can use in your real estate investing business whether you are a wholesaler, flipper, long-term investor, etc.

They’re highly rated in Trust Pilot because of their effectiveness in lead generation, skip tracing, lead management, and marketing.

However, if you want to generate more leads aside from the ones you’ll get through Batch Leads, you may want to use Property Leads. We generate highly motivated seller leads from SEO and we sell them exclusively to ensure that our customers have less competition.

To get your first batch of qualified leads from us, fill out our form below.

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