Batch Skip Tracing Reviews: Are You Using Batch Correctly?

Published on March 8, 2023

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Batch Skip Tracing Reviews

Batch Skip Tracing Reviews

Batch Skip Tracing is one of the most affordable providers of skip-tracing services for real estate investors, debt collectors, and wholesalers. This platform only specializes in skip tracing so it can yield fast results.

If you’re considering Batch Skip Tracing for your real estate investing business, you found the right blog! Here we’ll look closely at this platform–from its key features and pricing to its pros and cons. Hopefully, this can help you decide whether they’re worth the investment!

What Is Batch Skip Tracing?

What Is Batch Skip Tracing?

Batch Skip Tracing offers one of the best skip tracing tools for real estate agents, real estate investors, home service professionals, call centers, private investigators, and debt collectors. They help real estate professionals identify correct phone numbers through a proprietary method so they can have more meaningful conversations.

Batch Skip Tracing aggregated more than 10.5 billion data points (from online and offline repositories) to identify the right homeowners.

Similar to many skip tracers, they can lead you to owners of distressed homes, non-distressed properties, pre-foreclosure properties, skipped town property owners, vacant properties, tax default properties, and more. They offer both single and bulk skip tracing.

As mentioned in the introduction, Batch Skip Tracing doesn't have add-on features, unlike other skip tracers. It cannot provide your other marketing needs as it is specialized for skip tracing. 

If you need other features like text messaging, the company behind Batch Skip Tracing also runs Batch Leads, Batch Dialer, and Batch Data.

Batch Skip Tracing reviews all over the web is super satisfactory so you might want to consider them if you need this service for your real estate business.

How Much Does Batch Skip Tracing Service Cost?

How Much Does Batch Skip Tracing Service Cost?

Batch Skip Tracing offers affordable access to reliable data to any real estate investor. You can sign up for free and pay $0.15 per match.

This platform does not require monthly or annual subscriptions nor charge any additional fees. However, they currently do not offer any coupons or promo codes.

Note that you need to upload at least $25 into your account’s wallet to pay for your bulk searches.

If you want to know how much your records would cost to skip trace, check out their estimator.

Batch Skip Tracing Software Features

Batch Skip Tracing Software Features

What’s a review without a rundown of all the key features of Batch Skip Tracing! In this section, we go into detail about what Batch Skip Tracing has to offer for a real estate investor.

High Data Accuracy

Batch Skip Tracing prides itself on providing tier-1 data. In other words, they offer the best data available since they aggregate over 10.5 billion data points coming from 325 million records.

The majority of the data they compile are from public records, so even if you only input the current address of the property, it can Batch Skip Tracing can still provide you with great results.

Live Support

The team behind Batch Skip Tracing can answer all your questions and help you with your other concerns whether you are getting started or already has a high volume need.

You can reach out to them through LiveChat or through their contact form.

Unlimited Skip Tracing

Many similar platforms offer the same services but limit the number of skip tracing searches. This is not the case for Batch Skip Tracing since their pricing system is pay-per-result even if they offer the highest quality data.

That means you aren’t limited to a number of searches whether it is individual or bulk batch. This is the reason why Batch Skip Tracing reviews are all satisfactory.

Nationwide Access

No matter where you are in the country, you can expect to get results for your real estate skip tracing needs. Batch Skip Tracing has access to 99% of the data on the U.S. population.

Even if you are only going to conduct a small number of searches, you still get to access their nationwide database.

Instant Results

Batch Skip Tracing can deliver results within seconds or minutes depending on the size of the real estate record you submitted. What this means for you is that you can drive for dollars without any preparation and skip trace a property once you found one you like.

Lead Generation

Batch Skip Tracing is a useful tool in real estate lead generation. It can provide real estate investors with accurate phone numbers and additional data about their prospects whether they are distressed properties or not.

Map Search

If you want to get access to a mapping feature, you can integrate real estate Batch Skip Tracing into its sister platform, BatchLeads.

You just upload your contacts through BatchLeads and you can use it to map out the results of your skip trace output.

Batch Lead Stacker

Batch Skip Tracing allows you to sort your lists and records depending on certain attributes on its dashboard. This is quite useful if you want a more specific targeting list for your marketing campaigns.

Note, however, that if you want a more comprehensive lead stacking function, it’s better to use BatchLeads.

List Manager

You can see all your orders and results in your real estate Batch Skip Tracing dashboard. You can view your orders from the last 7, 30, or 90 days or since you signed up to the skip tracing platform. You can also search by order status: completed or pending.

What’s more, Batch Skip Tracing allows searching by name, property addresses, and other parameters. Note that if you are looking for a texting feature, they currently do not have it.

Batch Skip Tracing Pros and Cons

Batch Skip Tracing Pros and Cons

Just like other skip tracing service platforms, Batch Skip Tracing is not perfect. It may be suitable for some real estate investors while may it may not offer the best service for others.

That said, we’ve listed the pros and cons of Batch Skip Tracing to help you make an informed decision.

Batch Skip Tracing Pros

  • Speeds up house search
  • Increases real estate deal potential
  • Leads to potentially high ROI
  • They charge on a per-result basis so you don’t need to commit to monthly or annual fees
  • It is cost-effective whether you are a small real estate investor or a growing company
  • If you want to test the Batch Skip Tracing software before investing money, you can do so because signing up is free
  • Their user interface is minimalist and easy to use
  • They offer accurate data. They can eliminate incorrect and outdated phone numbers.
  • They deliver instant results
  • It has a reporting feature where you can track performance

Batch Skip Tracing Cons

  • In order to export your skip-traced results to your CRM, you have to use an API or their Batch Dialer.
  • They do not scrub for duplicates. You are required to remove duplicates before submitting your data.
  • They do not scrub against the national DNC list.
  • They don’t currently offer refunds.

How To Use Batch Skip Tracing

How To Use Batch Skip Tracing

Using Batch Skip Tracing is fairly easy. First, you sign up for free and upload at least $25 to your account’s online wallet. After which, you can upload your record on Batch Skip Tracing. 

Typically, you would be required to provide the property address, property city, state, as well as zip code in separate columns. If data is available, you may also want to include the names to get the best results. 

Once basic information is uploaded, the system will do its work and you’ll receive results. The output you’ll get would include the property owner’s first name and last name, property addresses including the current address, mailing address, email address, and up to 10 phone numbers. 

You’ll also get flags for litigators, liens, absentee owners, bankruptcy, vacancy check, and judgment. 

Batch Skip Tracing offers almost real-time results depending on the number of records you need to skip trace for your real estate investing business. But usually, it only takes seconds to minutes even though skip tracing is a time-consuming process.

Batch Skip Tracing Alternatives

Batch Skip Tracing Alternatives

If Batch Skip Tracing is the first skip tracing company you’ve come across, you may want to compare it to similar platforms to assess whether it is the best fit for you. Luckily, we did just that in this part of our blog! Check out 10 alternatives of Batch Skip Tracing below!

Batch Skip Tracing vs. Skip Genie

Skip Genie provides accurate homeowner data in real estate through its skip tracing software.

It currently offers three major services: The Tracer for low-cost batch skip trace of owners and potential properties online, Bulk Search for skip trace on your own records, and Education for its coaching sessions on a targeted approach to lead hunting.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. NeedToSkip

NeedToSkip collects data points from both online and offline repositories so they guarantee accurate data. They also verify their data from the credit bureaus. 

Some of the reasons to try NeedToSkip are its access to archives nationwide, user-friendly interface, advanced analytics reports, and available bulk rate discounts.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. REISkip

REISkip utilizes STT or Skip Trace Triangulation Technology. This dynamic matching protocol can reduce your research time and increase your profits because their results are similar to those available to private investigators, elite bail bondsmen, FBI, etc.

This skip tracing platform can be used by those in real estate and lending, home services, and insurance. Unlike Batch Skip Tracing, scrubs their data against the DNC list.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. PropStream

PropStream banks on their 15+ years of experience in bulk skip tracing service so they are considered one of the industry-leading platforms in real estate.

They cover 98% of adult population in the U.S. and they get their data from top industry providers. Similar to Batch Skip Tracing, you only pay the returned results in PropStream.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. Mojo Skip Tracer

Unlike Batch Skip Tracing which charges per result, Mojo Skip Tracer requires its users to pay $59 per month for unlimited searches. 

Mojo Skip Tracer is fairly easy to use; you just need to import your file to their lead manager and click Skip Tracer. This will generate you results in a matter of seconds.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar can help you reach owners of both residential and commercial properties through their data. Their data is acquired daily, cleaned and enhanced, simplified and clarified, connected to context, and automated.

They call themselves a Hyperlocal Lead Generation Platform because they prioritize targeting.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. DealMachine

DealMachine is one of the highest-rated real estate skip tracing applications in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

They offer bulk skip tracing services using the DealMachine app. All you have to do is upload your records (name and property address) in excel format and let them run the system. They can provide you with 500 results per minute.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. Lead Sherpa

Lead Sherpa uses 14 data points so they can offer pretty accurate results. They offer instant delivery like Batch Skip Tracing but they differ in some aspects. 

For starters, Lead Sherpa runs a duplicate check and they do not charge for every search. They’ll only charge you if they’ve given you results that are not already in your system.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. REISift

REISift can do a lot of things for real estate investors including cleaning and organizing property records, exporting data and creating marketing campaigns, and other additional services. 

When you upload your data in REISift, they’ll also help you differentiate between owners and properties, and would even categorize your record as company, person, or trust.

Batch Skip Tracing vs. DataZapp

Skip tracing is just one of the many services offered by DataZapp. Similar to Batch Skip Tracing, they only charge for phone numbers they provide and the cost is typically only $0.03. The results of their skip-tracing services are provided in minutes.

Batch Skip Tracing FAQ

How Accurate is Batch Skip Tracing?

Batch Skip Tracing has the most accurate data available because it aggregates more than 10.5 billion data points which include 325 million public records and other repositories. The company claims that they provide tier-1 data and many of its customers agree.

Is Batch Skip Tracing Legit?

Yes. Batch Skip Tracing is a legitimate company that offers skip tracing services to real estate investors and other real estate professionals. This is based on Batch Skip Tracing reviews all over the web.

Currently, they have almost 200 Batch Skip Tracing reviews in Trust Pilot and they have earned 4.8 stars in total. They are a verified company by Trust Pilot and are rated excellent. They only have a few negative reviews.

What Is Hit Rate in Batch Skip Tracing?

The hit rate in Batch Skip Tracing means the number of skip tracing software results divided by your total searches. Typically, a hit rate is written in percentage. 

For instance, if you skip traced 100 records for your real estate business and the search returned accurate information on 70 of those records, you got a 70% hit rate.

Summary: Is Batch Skip Tracing Worth the Investment?

Batch Skip Tracing is one of the most reputable platforms real estate investors use to find accurate contacts. Its price point is relatively lower than its competitors since it doesn’t offer other robust marketing features.

Nevertheless, Batch Skip Tracing works very satisfactorily if you only need a skip tracing service. The results they offer are super accurate as they aggregate this from 10.5 billion data points.

If you’ve used Batch Skip Tracing and still looking for other ways to generate real estate leads for your business, check us out at Property Leads! We offer exclusive motivated seller leads generated from SEO. 

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