Deal Machine Reviews: Getting More Out Of Deal Machine

Published on March 8, 2023

Deal Machine Reviews

Deal Machine Reviews

If you're not new to real estate, chances are, you've already heard about Deal Machine. This cloud-based software is an all-around tool that real estate investors and real estate agents can leverage in finding motivated sellers. 

Deal Machine offers an array of services related to lead generation. Their app is very handy when driving for dollars.

To learn more about this platform, read the rest of this DealMachine review! Here we look at their best features, pricing, pros and cons, and more!

What Is Deal Machine for Real Estate Investors?

What Is Deal Machine for Real Estate Investors?

Deal Machine is a real estate investment software that can help flippers, wholesalers, and other real estate professionals in finding off-market deals, connecting to motivated sellers, and achieving financial freedom. 

The main feature of Deal Machine is its driving for dollars application. You can use this app to find deals or pull a property's data from public records and other third party data sources in just one click. It comes very handy when driving for dollars; hence the feature name.

DealMachine reviews are highly satisfactory and they also have a very high rating in the Apple App Store and other app marketplaces. It is easy to see why because it packs a lot of features aside from pulling homeowner data such as driving route identification and driver recruitment.

Deal Machine can also cater to other real estate investing needs including list building, CRM, real estate data search, bulk lead upload, direct mail, mail tracking, batch skip tracing, educational resources, and more! We'll discuss this in a separate section so keep on reading.

How Much Does the Deal Machine App Cost?

How Much Does the Deal Machine App Cost?

Deal Machine offers 3 major plans that cater to different types of real estate investing business.

Their Starter plan which only costs $59 monthly can be used by a single investor only. Meanwhile, the most common plan chosen by real estate investors is the Pro or Professional plan because it offers the best value at $99. For larger teams, Deal Machine has a Teams plan for $299. 

Before subscribing to any of their plans, you can actually take a 7-day free trial to test whether this app is useful for your business. Through this trial, you can add up to 500 leads to your pipeline. 

You can cancel the trial at any time and they won't charge you for anything.

For better pricing comparison, check out the data below:


  • $59/month
  • Single user
  • Driving for dollars software
  • Up to 10,000 leads
  • County and MLS comps
  • Data updated daily
  • Mail for as low as 64¢


  • $99/month
  • Every feature included in Starter
  • 3 users
  • Route planning and route tracking feature
  • Up to 50,000 leads
  • Custom mail designer
  • Mail sequences
  • Roadmap view of properties care of Google street view sent to your mail.
  • DealMachine Masterclass
  • Mail for as low as 59¢


  • $299/month
  • Every feature included in Pro
  • 15 users
  • Tools for driver recruitment
  • Up to 500,000 leads
  • Export 100,000 leads monthly
  • check
  • Custom pipeline with 25 custom fields
  • Mail for as low as 54¢

List Builder

  • $49/month
  • 10,000 leads monthly
  • 70+ filters
  • Smart list updates
  • Choose from over 700 data points

List Builder Pro

  • $149
  • 50,000 leads monthly
  • Every feature included in List Builder

Deal Machine also has List Builder add ons that you can include in your subscription. The List Builder can help you pull leads into your account in a snap. You can choose between the ordinary List Builder and the Pro plan.

Deal Machine Features

Deal Machine Features

Deal Machine's key features are highly useful to many real estate investors as proven by their high ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

Deal Machine App or DealMachine's Driving for Dollars App

Deal Machine's Driving for Dollars App can be used to track driving routes (so you don't drive on the same street twice), identify fresh zip codes, summarize your driving sessions (driving hours and mileage), and of course, show you the property data of a potential deal without using any complex software. All it takes is just a few clicks.

Real Estate List Builder (Off-Market Deals)

Deal Machine's-based list builder taps into Big Data so real estate professionals scale your business. You just need to draw to identify a real estate grouping and you will automatically receive data about vacant properties, cash transactions, pre-foreclosures, bank owned, absentee owners, multiple property owners, etc.

Driver Recruitment

You won't be always available to drive around looking for properties. If you want to find drivers to do this for you, Deal Machine can help you out. They have tools that can help you recruit drivers fast and train them so it won't take much of your time.


Similar to other real estate investment software, the DealMachine app also comes with a free CRM software. This can help you organize your contacts and increase your response rates. Through their CRM, you can also pull property information, track your ROI, and set your schedule.

Lead Bulk Upload

If you want to organize your list of contacts and upload them in bulk in Deal Machine's CRM, you are now allowed to do so given their recent update. You can upload a .CSV or .XLXS file through the settings.

Batch Skip Tracing

Deal Machine has a one-off or bulk skip tracing feature. As mentioned, if you're driving for dollars and found a property you want to skip trace, you can do it through the app. You can also bulk upload contacts to skip trace. You'll not only get contacts on multiple properties but also mortgage information and other owner data.

Direct Mail Campaigns

After identifying investment opportunities in a zip code, you may send a direct mail to homeowners through the Deal Machine app direct mail feature. There are several direct mail postcards you can use in your direct mail campaigns. This will be sent to the property owner directly in a matter of days. 

Flipper Software

The flipper software of Deal Machine is ideal if you want to build a team for your business and manage them. This real estate software generates a talent pipeline, simplifies lead management by considering your investment criteria, manage team members, analyze off-market deals, systematize payments, and more.

Wholesaling Software

Deal Machine's wholesaling software boasts several features that may be beneficial if you are a starting real estate wholesaler. Through the software, you can send a direct mail, do SMS marketing, skip trace, generate leads, automate lead management, recruit and manage drivers, track ROI, and easily find profitable deals, etc.

Live Training

To successfully use Deal Machine, you can attend a live training. They will teach you how to drive for dollars, set up your app, take photos, identify the best driving route, calculate the number of distressed houses you need to find, plan your timeframe, and budget your money.


To determine whether a property meets your buying criteria, Deal Machine has a comps feature you can use. This estimates the value of your target property bycomparing it to similar properties in the area that were recently sold. The data is typically pulled from the MLS.

Deal Machine Pros and Cons

Deal Machine Pros and Cons

As with any real estate investing software, Deal Machine may not be suitable for everyone. In this section, we look into its advantages and disadvantages to help you better decide if they are worth investing on.

Deal Machine Pros

  • Easy to use software
  • The learning curve is fast
  • Property owner information is accurate
  • Direct mail is super fast and easy to use
  • Postcard templates are quite impressive
  • Customer support is impressive
  • Live chat feature
  • Online training with an actual person
  • Video materials

Deal Machine Cons

  • Not for a passive real estate investor or real estate agent as you still need to find and contact motivated sellers
  • It may take a while to see results
  • Not the cheapest software
  • Virtual driving for dollars feature is sometimes difficult to use
  • The app may crash or be glitchy

How To Use Deal Machine Software

How To Use Deal Machine Software

Deal Machine is a favorite of many real estate investors because of it's fairly easy to use. It only takes a few clicks on their app to find the real estate data you need. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on using Deal Machine for real estate investors!

Install the Deal Machine App and Click Drive

The Deal Machine App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Install it after signing up for a free trial or subscribing to a paid plan on their website.

Once the app is installed, click the "drive" button found on the upper right corner of the app. The app will now track your driving routes and time and miles you've driven. When the tracking starts, you can begin your drive for dollars.

Deal Machine's app can help you visualize route freshness. It colorcodes the areas with green, yellow, or red so you can identify the hot zipcodes you should revisit.

Find Distressed Properties and Add as Lead

As is with typical driving for dollars strategy, you are out driving in the neighborhood to find distressed properties that you can potentially buy. 

Once you find an ideal property, pull over to the side of the road, open your DealMachine app, and take a picture of the property to identify its mailing address. Click "add lead" to get more information. 

Pull the Homeowner's Information

After clicking "add lead" to the app, you'll get a comprehensive list of information about the property. Deal Machine gets this driving for dollars data from First American and this is updated daily.

Some of the information you'll pull from the DealMachine app includes property sale date, sale price, how much equity a home has, total assessed value, improvement value, land value, mortgage amount, mortgage term, lender name, second mortgage amount, and year built among others. 

Send Automated Direct Mail Sequences

Deal Machine can help you send a pre-written postcard to the mailing address of the property's homeowner without going to the post office through their direct mail marketing feature. You just click the "mail" tab on the app and then "start mail."

In just a matter of seconds, Deal Machine would send your pre-written postcard which contains name and phone number. This default mail will be sent 6 times to the property owner and the interval would be 21 days.

The postcard will be received by the homeowner within a few days. For better personalization, Deal Machine has a lot of templates and postcard sizes you can choose from.

To make the postcard even more lead converting, change the photo included into an actual photo of the property. Typically, the default photo is the one from Google Maps. But you can snap a photo of the property on your phone and use it instead. This will get you higher response rate.

Skip Trace

Aside from sending a postcard to the homeowner, you can also call them or send them an email. You can get their number by skip tracing them through the real estate app of Deal Machine.

Just click on "skip trace" and all the mailing addresses, email addresses, and numbers associated with the property will be available to you. Instant skip traces lets the DealMachine identify which of the phone numbers are verified so you don't waste time contacting the wrong numbers.

Deal Machine Alternatives

Deal Machine Alternatives

Deal Machine isn't the only software you can use to generate leads, send direct mail, skip trace, or build relationships with your potential clients. Here are some of the best alternatives to Deal Machine you might want to check out as well!

Deal Machine vs. PropStream

Propstream is a nationwide real estate data provider. They can help you locate and evaluate not only highly motivated sellers, but also buyers. Their main selling point is their skip tracing feature that comes with a free DNC flagging. They'll also help you market to your leads.

Deal Machine vs. Shukable

Shukable is one of the top real estate investing groups. It is essentially a company that offers highly motivated leads to cash buyers. In other words, unlike DealMachine, you get more deals directly instead of driving for dollars. You can join their buyers or investors list by simply filling out a form on their website.

Deal Machine vs. DealCheck

Agora is an app that can help investors analyze investment properties including multi-family homes, flips, BRRRRs, rental properties, and more in a matter of seconds. If you are driving for dollars and have identified the current value of a property, this will then give you projections on what you'll earn. 

Deal Machine vs. REIBlackBook

REIBlackbook offers a lot of real estate investment solutions similar to Deal Machine. It can help you create a high-traffic website, automate follow-ups, build a relationship with your leads using a CRM, and track inbound calls. Rehabbers, real estate wholesalers, and landlords find this platform very satisfactory.

Deal Machine vs. REI Skip

If you're after Deal Machine's skip tracing abilities, you might want to consider REI Skip. This software uses skip trace triangulation to identify the most accurate phone numbers. REI Skip can also pull other relevant on demand data such as homeowner email address, social media profiles, and more.

Deal Machine vs. Go High Level

Go High Level is useful in capturing fresh new leads through real estate investing websites, landing pages, survey forms, etc. They help investors customize follow-up marketing campaigns and communicate with their prospects through their app. If you want to make multi-channel campaigns, they should be your top choice.

Deal Machine vs. REISift

Just like REI Skip, REISift also aids investors in skip tracing their existing data. But aside from that, they have data tracking and tagging features, CRM, direct mail campaign integration, list management, advanced data cleansing, absentee filtering, and Zapier integration.

Deal Machine vs. Mashvisor

Mashvisor can locate profitable investment properties through AI or artificial intelligence. Their data is up to date and highly accurate since they pull them from various sources and evaluates them. Moreover, Mashvisor can be used to qualify leads and locate off-market properties among others.

Deal Machine vs. RealData

RealData can help you decide which properties are worth investing in. They can analyze the cash flow of properties and their resale value. RealData can be used in Mac and Windows and is Excel-based. You can also use the calculators from RealData to make your business processes more efficient.

Deal Machine vs. FlipperForce

FlipperForce is a highly functional software for flippers since it can estimate cost repairs, calculate a project's profitability, identify after repair value, and schedule all your flipping projects. It'a definitely a one-stop shop you can leverage to review your projects and track your finances

Deal Machine FAQs

Is DealMachine a CRM?

DealMachine is not primarily a CRM but it does have a free CRM feature. This CRM allows investors to customize lead workflow processes, set up a marketing calendar, send direct mail, track ROI, do skip tracing, and look up property ownership. 

The best thing about Deal Machine's CRM is that it can be integrated into all your REI tools seamlessly and they provide updates and improvements to the app weekly.

Who is the Owner of DealMachine?

David Lecko is the owner and CEO of Deal Machine. He was a real estate investor who had a problem driving for the dollars because of the effort it requires. He then thought of Deal Machine, an app that can identify the owner of a property and send a direct mail to them effortlessly.

Later, in July 2017, his friend and co-founder Dave redesigned and improved the app further making it what it is today. 

How Do I Cancel My DealMachine Subscription?

If you avail of Deal Machine's free trial or you're a paid member who wants to cancel your membership, you can send a cancellation request to Deal Machine's support team: They'll process the cancellation for you.

Does DealMachine Skip Trace?

Yes. Deal Machine offers bulk skip tracing using their app. They can provide you with 500 skip tracing results in just a minute and you'll see a real time progress bar so you know when the results are coming.

They also have one-off skip tracing which is useful when you're driving for dollars. You just upload the spreadsheet containing your record and they'll do an instant skip trace.

Summary: Is Deal Machine Worth the Investment?

Deal Machine has got to be one of the most thought of real estate investment software; it's more than just an app. It caters to the most common needs of real estate investors — from lead generation to customer relationship management and skip tracing.

Apart from the services it offers so you can gain financial freedom, Deal Machine also has varying pricing plans so whether you have a small or large real estate investing business, you'll get the best out of your money.

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