Fast Home Offer Reviews: How Is The Lead Quality?

Published on February 3, 2023


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Fast Home Offer Reviews: How Is The Lead Quality?

Fast Home Offer Reviews: How Is The Lead Quality?

There are many ways to generate leads on houses and one of them is buying from pay-per-lead platforms such as Fast Home Offer. But do the leads from this specific company actually convert?

To learn more about buying leads from Fast Home Offer, their pros and cons, as well as their pricing, check out this detailed review! We've also listed some alternative companies if you want to find more leads. 

What Is Fast Home Offer?

What Is Fast Home Offer?

Fast Home Offer is a legitimate company that connects real estate investors to house owners who want to sell their homes fast.

They've been in the real estate investing and technology development business for over 12 years. They also claim to be one of the largest home-buying organizations in the world.

Both sellers and buyers can actually use Fast Home Offer. Sellers can input the details of their houses to get fast cash offers and buyers can purchase these leads for a price.

How Much Does Fast Home Offer Leads Cost for a Real Estate Agent and Investor?

How Much Does Fast Home Offer Leads Cost for a Real Estate Agent and Investor?

Fast Home Offer isn't keen to disclose the exact costs of its lead generation services, but its pricing system is simple for people who buy houses — the buyer only pays per lead.

They also don't charge any hidden fees for the leads they sell, so you can save a significant amount of money.

Fast Home Offer Features

Fast Home Offer Features

Many agents and investors who make cash offers rely on Fast Home Offer for their leads. It skyrockets their profits and reduces their marketing efforts since they no longer need to publish ads on different platforms. 

Here are some of the best features of Fast Home Offer:

Real-Time Transfer and Convenience

When a home seller contacts Fast Home Offer or fills out their lead generation form on their website, they'll immediately receive their contact information. This means they can give fast offers and close quickly on qualified home selling leads.

No Contracts for Real Estate Agents and Investors

Fast Home Offer doesn't require its potential buyers or customers to sign a contract because they believe in the quality of their home-selling leads. That said, you can cancel anytime if you feel like the leads on houses they're giving you aren't turning into profitable deals.


The leads you get from Fast Home Offer are exclusive to you, so you don't have to worry about competition when you give out a cash offer when you buy houses.

They won't sell it to other cash buyers, cash companies, or agents who have availed of their home-selling leads. This not only lessens your competition but also prevents the need for decision-making on the part of the house seller.

Success Coaching

Fast Home Offer also offers success coaching since they work with a lot of real estate experts and cash offer companies. Their goal is not only to sell leads but also to see their clients succeed when they buy houses.

Fast Home Offer Pros and Cons

Fast Home Offer Pros and Cons

To help you decide whether Fast Home Offer is worth using for generating leads and landing deals, let's weigh its pros and cons.

Fast Home Offer Pros

  • Leads are 100% exclusive to you, so you can give a cash offer and close a deal fast
  • They don't charge any hidden fees
  • They offer success coaching
  • The average time to get the lead after they connect to Fast Home Offer is one second
  • They won't ask you to sign a contract
  • They offer different types of leads, like houses that are behind on the mortgage, needs repairs, etc.

Fast Home Offer Cons

  • Sudden halt on incoming leads if the real estate market in a specific area isn't hot
  • Some leads on houses may be unqualified or aren't motivated
  • There are minimal customer reviews for this company

How To Use Fast Home Offer and Avoid Real Estate Scams

How To Use Fast Home Offer and Avoid Real Estate Scams

The process of Fast Home Offer is super easy. If you're a seller looking for leads on home buyers and cash companies that takes interest in ugly houses or those that needed repairs, etc., you can fill out Fast Home Offer's form on their website. You would be asked to state your property's address, size, estimated house value, repairs needed, etc.

Meanwhile, if you are a home buyer, investor, or real estate agent looking for home sale leads, you can visit this page to check out the motivated sellers per state to land your first deal.

Clicking on a specific state would redirect you to a list of cities and specific leads on houses for sale. This also ensures you're dealing directly with Fast Home Offer.

Fast Home Offer Alternatives

Fast Home Offer Alternatives

Want to find more home sale leads to scale your real estate business? No need to do your research! Just check out these 10 Fast Home Offer alternatives that other cash companies and agents are using!

Fast Home Offer vs. Property Leads

Similar to Fast Home Offer, Property Leads also charge per lead. But one great reason to choose Property Leads is that they use SEO for lead generation. In other words, all their leads are high-quality and they have less competition. This means a higher conversion rate for you.

Fast Home Offer vs. ZBuyer

ZBuyer offers real-time home sale leads that can be sent to your email, CRM, or through the ZBuyer mobile app. You also get access to prospecting data in your service area. 

ZBuyer won't lock you in with a business contract and they'll replace the leads they send you if they're bogus or already listed. They also offer custom lead packages so they have high reviews.

Fast Home Offer vs. Expert Home Offers

Expert Home Offers cater to both real estate agents and cash buyers. However, there are differences in how they charge fees for different businesses and individuals.

For agents and brokers, they charge for closed transactions and a 25% referral fee, meanwhile, for investors, they charge $14.95 and above per lead.

Fast Home Offer vs. Market Leader

Market Leader primarily get their leads from their house valuation business site and their pay-per-click ads. Expect to pay a flat monthly rate to get exclusive leads from your desired areas. This company is ideal if you want house or property leads from a specific zip code to be directed to your CRM. 

Fast Home Offer vs. RedX

RedX offers different types of home sale leads and pricing for cash companies based on the amount of money they're willing to invest. Their expired house listing leads, geo leads, and for rent by owner leads can be bought at a price of $59.99, while their FSBO and pre-foreclosure leads cost $39.99.

RedX also offers Power Dialer, which can leave a pre-recorded voicemail to each of your leads, so you don't have to.

Fast Home Offer vs. BoldLeads

BoldLeads combines lead generation and CRM in one platform for cash companies and real estate agents who buy houses in specific areas.

They offer exclusive leads, automated follow-up through phone calls, professional ad management, email marketing, landing pages, IDX websites, text concierge, and market reports for the advanced plan.

If you do not need their text concierge, IDX website, and market reports feature when you buy houses, check out their lite and professional plans to make the most out of your money and income.

Fast Home Offer vs. Zurple

Zurple is a client-generation platform for agents and cash companies that buys houses in any condition. It helps find leads through targeted advertising.

Since Zurple is also a CRM platform combined with lead generation, you will be notified if it's the right time to contact a lead based on their behavior. Zurple also has an automated messaging system called Start Conversations.

Fast Home Offer vs. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent uses ads to find leads and they have a high consumer rating. Essentially, through Zillow Premier Agent, a fast buying company or agent choose specific zip codes where you want to connect with potential buyers or sellers and then, you purchase what they call "share of voice."

This is your share of the total ad spend for a specific zip code. Of course, your share of voice or the amount you can afford based on your income will determine the number of leads you'll get per zip code on a monthly basis.

Fast Home Offer vs. CINC

Another legitimate company that uses Google Ads and Facebook Ads to generate leads on ready-to-sell homeowners is CINC.

Expect that they have highly-qualified leads for every fast buying company and agent because of their hyper-local targeting advantage.

Moreover, since they have an industry-leading client portfolio and review, they are able to refine their process and generate better leads for every buyer and cash buying company.

Fast Home Offer vs. Offrs

Offrs guarantee at least 30 leads per month. They offer the simplest way of getting leads — you just identify your target area where you want to buy houses and they'll send you links directly to your inbox, including FSBOs, predictive sellers, and expired listings.

They then connect you to these leads through email, direct mail, or ads.

Summary: Is Fast Home Offer Worth the Investment?

Fast Home Offer is a company that offers real estate leads all over the country. They charge per lead and guarantee exclusivity, so most customers (including agents and we buy houses companies) are generally satisfied with their lead generation service.

If you've used Fast Home Offer and still want to find more leads for your home cash offer company or real estate business, reach out to us at Property Leads. Our leads are generated through SEO, so they're high-quality and have lesser competition.

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