HomeVestors Franchise Reviews: Worth The Investment?

Published on March 10, 2023


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HomeVestors Franchise Reviews: Worth The Investment?

HomeVestors Franchise Reviews: Worth The Investment?

As the real estate market continues to grow, many individuals are considering investing in real estate to generate additional income. The HomeVestors franchise, also known as the "We Buy Ugly Houses" franchise, has gained much attention in recent years due to its unique business model and promises of profitability.

In this blog, we will look in-depth at the HomeVestors franchise, its history, and its business model. If you're considering investing in the HomeVestors franchise, or any other franchise for that matter, this blog will provide valuable insights and information to help you make an informed decision.

So, let's dive in and see if the HomeVestors franchise is genuinely worth the investment!

What Is HomeVestors?

What Is HomeVestors?

HomeVestors of America is a legitimate cash-buying brand that purchases distressed homes. HomeVestors Franchise provides a platform for real estate entrepreneurs and investors to establish successful businesses by buying and selling homes.

The franchise has experienced significant growth since its initial launch in 1996, with over 200 independently owned and operated franchisees operating throughout the US. They have received multiple awards and recognitions from leading franchise business publications.

Every HomeVestors branch is a local franchise operated independently by local real estate investors. As investors, their primary aim is to make a quick profit, and you should anticipate them to present a lower offer than the standard price you would obtain if you opted to list your house on the market.

HomeVestors pays home sellers in cash. Their business model relies on buying homes at a steep discount, often paying significantly less than the actual market value, fixing them up, and reselling them for a profit.

HomeVestors pays home sellers in cash

HomeVestors is known for its famous trademark, "We Buy Ugly Houses," which refers to its willingness to purchase homes needing repair. HomeVestors franchisees are licensed real estate brokers who work with homeowners who want to save money and sell their homes quickly.

It has established itself as the top home cash buyer in America, having purchased over 45,000 houses throughout the country since beginning franchising in 1996.

HomeVestors franchisees buy "ugly" houses for cash, which often involves purchasing properties from owners in difficult situations.

They then renovate the houses and sell or lease them, which helps to improve the surrounding neighborhood and provides excellent opportunities for first-time buyers, renters, and real estate investors.

How Much Does HomeVestors Cost?

How Much Does HomeVestors Cost?

To become a HomeVestors franchise owner, there are certain financial requirements that need to be met. The initial investment cost ranges from $80,000 to $456it's, with the initial franchise fee ranging from $39,000 to $80,000. The net worth requirement is the same as the initial investment, and a cash requirement of $80,000 is also necessary.

HomeVestors provides incentives for veterans in the form of a 10% reduction in the franchise fee. The royalty fee and ad royalty fee vary, and the franchise agreement has a term of five years.

It's worth noting that opening a HomeVestors franchise can be a significant investment, but the financial rewards can be substantial as well.

With HomeVestors being the No. 1 home buyer in America, franchise owners have the potential to renovate and sell or lease thousands of properties. This can lead to significant returns on investment, but it's essential to carefully evaluate the financial requirements before committing to opening a HomeVestors franchise.

HomeVestors Further Information

1. Responsible Business Practices

HomeVestors operates on a foundation of responsible business practices and high ethical standards. The franchisees act as mentors to each other, sharing vendors and local market advice.

2. Training and Support

Training and Support

HomeVestors provides franchisees with some of the best training, tools, leads, and professional contacts. They help franchisees with access to financing and provide each HomeVestors franchisee with a Development Agent to mentor them with their home-buying questions and other issues.

3. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing and Advertising

HomeVestors parent company supports all of their independently owned and operated franchisees centrally with mass advertising from their nationally recognized "We Buy Ugly Houses®" brand, their ValueChek® proprietary home valuation software, and their lead management software.

This means that each franchise location does not struggle with finding properties worth buying and rehabbing.

HomeVestors parent company supports all

4. Proprietary Software

HomeVestors offers a unique model that includes proprietary software that franchisees use to assess homes for purchase and renovation. This helps franchisees pay a fair price for homes that are worth buying.

5. Direct Selling Programs

HomeVestors also offers direct selling programs that help franchisees identify and locate cash buyers and investors interested in specific neighborhoods. This helps franchisees sell homes for a higher price and generates positive cash flow and equity.

6. Intensive Training Program

Intensive Training Program

We Buy Ugly Houses franchise / HomeVestors must complete an intensive training program that incorporates all of their systems for buying homes as well as good business standards. This helps franchisees learn how to deal with homeowners who may be in an ugly situation and how to explain their homeowning process.

7. All-Cash Offers

HomeVestors is one of the few cash home buyers companies that pay a fair market value for homes, minus repair costs in cash.

This means that homeowners can get a fair price for their homes without the hassle of multiple offers and negotiating with potential buyers.

Homevestors Pros and Cons

Homevestors Pros and Cons


  • HomeVestors is part of the No. 1 real estate home-buying franchise in America
  • Steady stream of qualified leads through powerful marketing strategies and strong brand awareness
  • Coaching and personal attention from HomeVestors development agents who will assist and coach you in buying, renovating, and selling or renting houses in your market
  • Intensive training program that incorporates systems for buying homes and exit strategies for selling houses fast using proven strategies
  • Proven system that has already bought over 125,000 houses nationwide, more houses than any other home-buying franchise system
  • HomeVestors pays cash for houses, allowing for a faster transaction process
  • Ability to save money on repair costs by using HomeVestors' network of contractors and suppliers
  • Opportunity to make more money through the purchase and renovation of distressed properties, selling or leasing them at a higher price

Homevestors Cons

  • HomeVestors typically pays less than the listing price of a home, which may not be ideal for some home sellers who are looking for a higher price
  • The initial investment cost and ongoing franchise fees may be high for some potential franchise owners
  • Purchasing homes may require an in-depth analysis to ensure that they can be renovated and sold or leased at a profit

How To Use Homevestors

How to Use Homevestors: For Home Sellers

HomeVestors is a legitimate company that specializes in purchasing distressed properties. HomeVestors purchases not only distressed residential properties but also multi-tenant buildings, with their business model being to make money quickly.

If you want to sell your home to HomeVestors, the process is relatively simple and involves three steps.

Although you can expect them to pay significantly less than the fair market value, HomeVestors can be a viable option to consider if you want to sell your property quickly and with no hassle.

1. Set Up a Consultation

If you want to sell your distressed property to HomeVestors, you can set up a free consultation by calling their office or submitting your information online. They will ask for some basic information, such as your address and contact details.

Then, a local agent, a HomeVestors property specialist, will call you to set up an appointment. They will visit your property and conduct a free, in-person evaluation. At that time, they will explain their cash-buying process and answer any questions you may have.

2. Receive an Offer

After the evaluation, you will receive a firm all-cash offer from your local HomeVestors branch for your property. There are no hidden franchise fees or closing costs with HomeVestors, and their offer is based on the repair value of your home.

Since they have already evaluated your property, they have taken any major repairs into consideration with their offer.

3. Close Deal

If you decide to accept the offer from HomeVestors, things will move quickly. Since their offer is a cash offer, you won’t have to wait for lender approval or document preparation.

HomeVestors can typically close the deal in as little as three weeks, although they are willing to wait longer if your timeline requires it. This is a huge difference compared to the average time it takes to close when working with a local real estate agent, which is 52 days on average.

How to Use Homevestors: For Real Estate Agents & Investors (Franchisee)

For Real Estate Agents & Investors (Franchisee)

To open a HomeVestors franchise, there are two options available: Full Franchise and Associate Franchise.

The Full Franchise requires an investment of $80,000 and is suitable for those who want to develop a full-time real estate business. Full Franchise owners have marketing rights in their territory, access to tools and mentorship, and typically open an office location with a staff to support and grow their business.

On the other hand, the Associate Franchise has a lower up-front cost of $39,000, making it a more affordable option for those who want to start the business part-time. Associate Franchise owners also have marketing rights in their territory and access to tools and mentorship.

They typically work the business part-time out of their home and have the opportunity to upgrade to a Full Franchise when it grows into a full-time job.

They typically work

Once you become a HomeVestors franchise owner, you can begin to buy houses and start the home-selling process. HomeVestors typically pays actual cash offers for houses, which makes it a more attractive option for those who want to sell their homes quickly. However, it's worth keeping in mind that HomeVestors pays significantly less than the actual market value of the property.

If you're considering becoming a professional real estate investor or have had previous experience in the industry, credible real estate investment training and education are crucial. HomeVestors provides access to tools and mentorship to help franchise owners get the results they're looking for, taught by a proven authority.

Homevestors Alternatives

Homevestors vs. We Buy Houses

Homevestors vs. We Buy Houses

Both companies buy houses quickly and offer cash to home sellers, but there are some differences between them. HomeVestors is a well-established franchise system. They have been in business since 1996 and now with over 200 independently owned and operated franchisees throughout the US. We Buy Houses, on the other hand, is a newer franchise system that has been in business for three years.

Another difference is the types of properties each company is interested in. HomeVestors is mainly interested in distressed properties that may need significant repairs or upgrades. We Buy Houses is also interested in distressed properties, but may not be as willing to take on properties that need extensive repairs.

When it comes to the cash offer, both HomeVestors and We Buy Houses offer an instant cash offer within 24-48 hours of inspecting the property.

However, the amount of the cash offer may vary between the two companies and other cash buyers. Comparing actual cash offers from multiple cash buyers is vital to ensure they are getting a fair price for their home.

One thing to keep in mind is that both HomeVestors and We Buy Houses are cash buyers who are looking to make a profit on the properties they purchase. Hence, they may offer less than the fair market value for a property, so home sellers should be aware of this and factor in repair costs, minus repair value, and other expenses when evaluating a cash offer.

Homevestors vs Realtor

Homevestors vs Realtor

While cash offers may be tempting, working with a real estate agent can often result in higher offers.

Realtors can help you get the highest offer for your home, especially if you’re in a seller’s market. When you work with a Realtor, they will market your home, help stage it for showings, and may even hold an open house.

These efforts can lead to multiple offers and even bidding wars, which could result in you selling your home above the listing price.

Moreover, working with a realtor can provide a personalized experience as they can help you avoid making mistakes such as buying in the wrong location or at the wrong time.

UpNest is a platform that uses a proprietary agent-matching system to connect customers with realtors who are a good match based on location, reviews, marketing techniques, and more. This ensures that customers have access to experienced realtors who can provide valuable insights.

While Realtors' commissions typically range from 2.5% to 3%, the higher offer prices can easily make up for the commission cost. Additionally, with customer reviews online, it is easier to find reliable realtors who have a good reputation in the market.

On the other hand, working with HomeVestors can be an option for distressed properties that may require significant repairs or updates. These companies offer instant cash offers, but they may be lower than what you could get on the open market.

Therefore, if you’re looking to sell your home and are willing to wait for the best offer, working with a Realtor could be a better option. However, if you need to sell quickly, a cash home-buying company like HomeVestors can be an alternative option to consider.

Homevestors FAQ

How does HomeVestors work as a franchise?

HomeVestors works as a real estate franchise that buys and renovates properties for profit. They offer franchise opportunities to investors who are interested in building a real estate business.

Franchisees are provided with training, tools, leads, financing, and development agent mentors. They learn to deal with homeowners, assess homes for purchase and renovation, and carry out cash buyout deals that create a profit for both the franchisee and the homeowner.

How much does HomeVestors typically pay for a home?

HomeVestors typically pays a fair price for a home that takes into account its fair market value minus repair costs.

The franchise model allows franchisees to purchase homes at a discount, renovate and sell or rent the properties, and generate positive cash flow and equity. HomeVestors aims to provide homeowners with a swift exit by offering cash for their homes and the ability to close within 7 to 14 days.

What sets HomeVestors apart in the open market?

HomeVestors stands out in the open market by providing a low-cost franchise opportunity for investors interested in building a real estate business.

The franchise model offers a proven system that works, along with the excellent support and training that accompanies it. HomeVestors franchisees are supported centrally with mass advertising from a nationally recognized brand and lead management software.

They have deep knowledge of the industry and financial resources, which help them avoid struggles like paying too much for a home or selling it for too little.

Can HomeVestors franchisees work part-time?

Yes, HomeVestors offers an Associate Franchise opportunity for those who want to develop the business part-time. Associate Franchise owners are granted marketing rights in their territory and access to tools and mentorship, typically working the business part-time out of their homes.

Does HomeVestors only operate in certain markets?

No, HomeVestors operates in the open market and has franchises throughout the United States. This allows them to purchase homes in a variety of locations and provides homeowners with an alternative to traditional home-selling methods.

Summary: Is Homevestors Worth the Investment?

The company provides a unique franchise opportunity that allows investors to leverage the HomeVestors brand and systems to generate consistent profits. However, as with any investment, there are risks and it is important to carefully consider your financial goals and risk tolerance before making a decision.

Additionally, it is important to thoroughly research the company and its franchise model before investing to ensure that it aligns with your investment strategy and values.

Seek professional advice before making a decision. By carefully evaluating your options and considering your individual needs and preferences, you can make an informed decision about whether or not HomeVestors is worth the investment for you.


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