Real Estate Flipping Websites [Best House Flipping Sites]

Published on February 28, 2023

Real Estate Flipping Websites [Best House Flipping Sites]

Real Estate Flipping Websites

If you're already into the house-flipping business or planning to get started, you can leverage certain websites to run and grow your business. These websites offer various services suitable for each aspect of flipping houses from finding leads, connecting with your prospects, and more!

Some of the top real estate flipping websites are Carrot, Minute Pages, REIBlackBook, Stessa, Go High Level, Flipping Junkie, Invest Four More, This Old House, Propstream, Deal Machine, Zillow, LeadPropeller, and FlipperForce.

To help you identify which one of these websites fit your house-flipping business, we made a detailed review in this blog! 

What Is Flipping Houses in Real Estate Investing?

What Is Flipping Houses in Real Estate Investing?

House flipping can mean two thingsbuying a property and holding on to it for a short time before selling it at a higher value or buying a fixer-upper, renovating it, and selling it at a later date for a higher price. Either way, the flipper earns a gross profit within months or a year.

Usually, house flippers or investors in real estate investing flip properties in foreclosure, auctions, or bank short sales. But all distressed properties will prove profitable in house flipping so long as the real estate investor chooses renovations wisely and do this as a full-time job.

Fundamentals of Flipping Real Estate

Fundamentals of Flipping Real Estate

If you're still deciding whether to flip houses or not, it is crucial that you have an idea of the fundamental process of house flipping. From here, you can identify which websites would benefit you.

Here's How House Flipping Works:

  • Finding a Deal: As is with any real estate investing business, the first step is finding a deal. In your case, it is finding properties to flip. You can use whatever marketing strategy you want, but you can also purchase leads from a pay-per-lead company.
  • Making an Offer: You have to make several offers before getting a few deals. If you don't know how to make an offer or how much money to spend, get quotes from contractors regarding the repairs needed by the property.
  • Finalizing Financing: Once your deal is accepted, it's time to get a hard money loan to buy the property and finance the repairs or renovations you'll make. Finalize your agreement with the hard money lender and submit all the documentation needed.
  • Scheduling an Inspection: To avoid any unpleasant surprises when you flip, have the property inspected. The results of this inspection would be the basis for whether you're moving forward with the contract in real estate investing, requesting a chance, or canceling it entirely.
  • Purchasing the Settlement: Confirm the closing date with the seller and your lender. Bring all the documentation needed at closing and make copies of the house keys afterward.
  • Renovating: Now that the house has already been sold to you, sign the contract with the contractor that will fix it for you. Be sure to get the necessary permits and take "before" pictures of the property before you start on the necessary renovations. Also, set a target completion date for whatever you're going to fix.
  • Listing the Property: When rehabbing is done, have the property professionally cleaned and seek the help of a realtor to list it in the market. Make sure you use a realtor who knows how to flip houses in the real estate business industry.

Best House Flipping Websites

Best House Flipping Websites

As promised, here are the top 15 house-flipping websites you shouldn't miss if you're in the real estate investing business. From websites that can help you find leads to how you can fix distressed properties, they're all here!

1. Carrot


Carrot is a platform you can use to create your very own house-flipping website and other websites that can boost your name's recall in the investing business.

The team behind Carrot works hard to help real estate agents and flippers or investors make a high-converting website that is easy to use and elegant at the same time. From here you can create a blog page, a landing page, and more.

Aside from helping you build your website, Carrot can also help you with branding and customization so you can drive more traffic to it. You can also integrate the website you made from Carrot into the CRM you're using for your business in a matter of seconds.

2. Minute Pages

Minute Pages

Similar to Carrot, Minute Pages can also be used to build real estate flipping websites for your business. 

The websites created from Minute Pages come with the following features: automatic address fill, skip tracing built-in, automatic address scraper, automatic name scraper, landing pages, automated blog posts, simple visual editor, property listings, testimonial widget, lead management, and more.

Since websites from Minute Pages have automatic web tracking for your data traffic, the leads visiting your website (who are ready to sell) can be identified from a database of over 500 million people.

3. REIBlackBook


REIBlackBook offers various tools you can use to scale your house-flipping and investing business and grow more money.

Currently, this company offers contact management, websites, a business phone system, a property pipeline, marketing automation, and property marketing that can help you flip easily and earn more profit.

Another great feature of REIBlackBook is that they have a deal analysis feature that can analyze your deals and build rehab estimates for you.

They can also run comps and create detailed reports, manage your pipeline, and help you store unlimited photos and documents online. After making the needed home improvement, you can list the property on the website you created using REIBlackBook.

4. Thumbtack


Thumbtack is a website you can use to find contractors when you're flipping houses. They cover every country in the United States so you're sure to find one near the property you plan to rehab. 

To get started using Thumbtack, you can use the search button on their home page. You can look for general contractors, handyman services, house cleaning services, metal roof contractors, local roofers, plumbers, electricians, home painters, and more. They also have an app you can download from the App Store and Google Play.

5. Go High Level

Go High Level

Go High Level is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform you can utilize to grow your real estate flipping business. They offer capture, nurture, and close features so you can find more investment properties and houses to flip.

They can help you capture sellers and buyers through their inbound phone system, landing pages, and surveys.

To nurture them, Go High Level will send automatic messages using voicemail, messenger, SMS, emails, etc. Lastly, to help you during the closing, Go High Level has tools for payment collection, analytics tracking, and scheduling appointments.

6. Flipping Junkie

Flipping Junkie

Flipping Junkie is a website created by Danny Johnson, a professional flipper who wants to share his knowledge of the industry with others. The Flipping Junkie website offers blogs, podcasts, and software every house flipper can utilize to build processes from scratch.

Flipping Junkie also has a real estate investing CRM which is a very intuitive feature that can help you nurture your seller leads. Aside from the CRM, Flipping Junkie can build your real estate website from scratch, drive traffic into it, and help you capture more sellers so you end up with more money after every sale.

7. Invest Four More

Invest Four More

Invest Four More is almost similar to Flipping Junkie. It is the brainchild of Mark Ferguson, a licensed real estate agent and real estate investor who has been in the business since 2002. 

Invest Four More offers courses and books that can offer education and other life skills for both veterans and newbies in flipping houses. This is curated by the owner himself.

Moreover, they also have a calculator on their site which can help you compute how much you should pay for a flip based on the needed repairs and the after-repair value of the property. This calculator follows the 70 percent rule. Some extra calculators are also included for the use of other investors.

8. This Old House

This Old House

This Old House is a website that combines blogs, podcasts, apps, magazines, course, general education, newsletters, vlogs, and how-to videos that can help you do renovations and interior design on houses you plan to flip.

If the house you're flipping only needs minor fixes, just use This Old House to educate yourself and make repairs. You can skip paying contractors and calculating the cost of repairs when done by professionals. It can also teach you some life skills your family would be grateful for.

This Old House is run by This Old House Ventures, LLC. This company has already launched two TV shows focused on rehabbing properties — Ask This Old House and This Old House. You'll definitely learn a thing or two from this website.

9. PropStream


Propstream is a website where old and new investors, including house flippers, can find highly interested leads, including people who are ready to sell and buyers.

The leads Propstream offers are not yet in the local market and they really want to sell fast due to divorce, tax liens, foreclosure, unpaid rent, tax sales, etc.

Another great thing about Propstream is that it can scout vacant investment properties in your target areas and determine sellers that are after quick sale offers in the future. You can subscribe to their free trial to get a feel of how they work.

10. DealMachine


DealMachine is a cool website that can pull up the contact information of a property owner and property data while the real estate investor is driving for dollars. It doesn't have a steep learning curve so it's pretty easy to use especially for new real estate investors.

You only have to take a picture of the property while you're scouting, upload it in DealMachine, and you'll get the property's history, owner's name, liens, property details, and more!

If you are interested in buying or flipping the property, all you have to do is click a button and DealMachine will mail a postcard to the homeowner on your behalf.

11. Zillow


Zillow is a real estate website that aims to democratize property listings. It shows live Multiple Listing Service (MLS) listing data that non-licensed real estate professionals can access, whether they are real estate investment properties, commercial buildings, etc.

Other publicly available data you can access on Zillow includes average rents, historical home values, trend analysis, etc. which can be useful in identifying your target market or pricing the property you're flipping.

Zillow also has a rich blog that offers tips on home flipping, making home repairs, real estate trends, and other topics that can enrich your knowledge of the business.

12. LeadPropeller


LeadPropeller is almost similar to Carrot and Minute Pages. It can help a real estate investor create his own real estate flipping website that is SEO-friendly and mobile-optimized. 

Ultimately, LeadPropeller offers a free website domain, unlimited custom email addresses, fast web hosting, high-converting templates, SEO-optimized website content, an easy-to-use website editor, form questions, customized text autoresponder, text notifications, and more.

If you decide to create your website with LeadPropeller, you can cancel anytime because they won't bind you with a contract. They'll also give you top-notch training so you can run your site better.

13. FlipperForce


FlipperForce is an all-in-one website built for managing rehab projects for house flipping. This is awarded Best Ease of Use and Best Value by Capterra in 2021 and one of the Front Runners 2021 by Software Advice.

So what does FlipperForce do? They help house flippers and real estate investors analyze deals and calculate the maximum purchase price of a real estate investment property, manage rehab project schedules so they are on track, estimate rehab costs, track daily tasks, look into your next project, manage your money, and track your expenses.

Final Thoughts: Best Flipping Websites for Real Estate Investors

There are many real estate flipping websites that experienced investors and new investors alike can use to grow their businesses. 13 of which are already listed in this blog!

However, if you are looking for real estate flipping websites because you want more leads, there are other alternatives that you may find more efficient to use. One of which is buying leads from pay-per-lead websites.

Here at Property Leads, we offer exclusive highly motivated seller leads! We are the first and only pay-per-lead platform that uses SEO. We guarantee that our leads are off-market and they have less competition.

To get your house flipping leads from us, fill out our form below!

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