InvestorFuse Reviews: Getting More Out Of InvestorFuse CRM

Published on March 25, 2023

InvestorFuse Reviews: Getting More Out Of InvestorFuse CRM

InvestorFuse Reviews: Getting More Out Of InvestorFuse CRM

It’s quite easy to find a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to use in your real estate investing business. A single Google search will give you more than 10 suggestions. However, only a few offer the best functionalities and one of which is InvestorFuse.

InvestorFuse, although considered by many as a CRM, is actually a Lead Conversion System (LCS). To learn more about how this platform, read the rest of this blog! Here, we look into InvestorFuse’s features, pricing, pros and cons, ease of use, and more.

What Is InvestorFuse?

What Is InvestorFuse?

InvestorFuse is a sales system that helps real estate investors manage and convert their leads. They are a perfect lead conversion tool for new and seasoned investors as they help quickly close deals. They remove extra features that complicate things for a real estate investing business.

What they do is that they funnel the leads generated from all your lead sources (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Carrot, Mojo, Sherpa, Batch Leads, Call Rail, Smarter Contact, REI Rail, Call Rail, Launch Control, etc.) to their platform. This is so your acquisitions team can manage them, get more responses, and convert them into clients.

These leads can be assigned to your team based on your campaign or individual. In other words, InvestorFuse also ensures that your team members are not overworked, underworked, or underperforming while using this lead conversion tool.

InvestorFuse understands that you need a team that can help you run this software smoothly, hence, they have 5 team members that can assist you in as fast as 5 minutes.

According to a lot of reviews on the web, the InvestorFuse team provided them with great sales support regarding issues they experienced swiftly with the software.

Most responses and reviews also mention that they are absolutely delighted with this software and they highly recommend InvestorFuse since it is a total game changer for every business from a convenience perspective. These people share InvestorFuse's story so more and more investors can discover this unique platform and make quick deals (properties).

InvestorFuse Pricing Review: How Much Does InvestorFuse Cost?

InvestorFuse Pricing Review: How Much Does InvestorFuse Cost?

The standard setup fee of InvestorFuse is $147 which covers all plans. This is non-refundable and includes the following: a personal success consultant (for a human touch), lead routing to their system or technical integration setup, advanced training, and team strategy sessions for a more hands-on experience and absolute success.

Currently, InvestorFuse has three plans you can choose from if you want to make quick deals (properties) fast. 

Essentials Plan

  • $147/month or $1470/year
  • Ideal for new investors
  • 1 User (Additional Users $20/Mo)
  • Unlimited Lead Sources
  • Guest Access
  • Basic KPIs
  • Contracts
  • Campaigns
  • smrtPhone and smrtDialer Integration
  • Pin Opportunities

Pro Plan

  • $247/month or $2470/year
  • For a scaling team
  • Every feature included in the Essential plan
  • 5 Users (Additional Users $20/Mo)
  • Campaign Autoresponders
  • Resurfacing
  • Team and Campaign KPIs
  • Two Groups
  • Workflows
  • Inbound Call Popups
  • Messaging Templates
  • Saved Views
  • TurboFuse Strategy Program
  • Mini Dashboard and My Scorecard
  • 4x Call Volume
  • Dialer Integration Into Action System

Premium (Beta) Plan

  • $377/month or $3770/year
  • For advanced teams
  • Every feature included in the Pro plan
  • 10 Users (Additional Users $20/Mo)
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Employee Scorecard
  • Restricted Users
  • External Sending
  • TurboFuse Strategy Program
  • Weighted Round Robin

The InvestorFuse software does not offer a refund for the setup fee should you decide that it doesn't help you close deals for your RE wholesaling business.

But they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their monthly and annual plans if there a few hiccups you experienced swiftly after using the software.

Reviews on the web state that the InvestorFuse team provided them with a refund with no questions asked. You can also purchase coupons to get discounts for the InvestorFuse price or avail of unlimited number and integration.

InvestorFuse Features Review

InvestorFuse Features Review

InvestorFuse is a top notch tool for real estate investors. Check the main features of this lead conversion tool below and decide for yourself whether it is worth the investment or not.

Perfect Lead Conversion Tool

InvestorFuse refuses to be called a CRM because they offer a step-by-step process in lead conversion that is not common for most CRM in the real estate industry.

They call their product a Lead Conversion System (LCS) and aim to strip all the complexities included in other CRM systems — they only offer essential functions for lead conversion. They claim that it is impossible to mess up if you're their very efficient tool. They offer guided selling and buying.

Lead Management and Lead Conversion Process

If you have an InvestorFuse team or real estate acquisition team, they would love InvestorFuse because it simplifies all the tasks they have to do.

The system has action workflows so you can keep your leads organized and maintain your pipeline easily for your business. You can get scheduled follow up reminders and you'll also see your overdue and scheduled sales tasks.


All your leads can be organized into categories and you can choose which team member can view each category. InvestorFuse may also automatically sort your leads according to campaign assignment. 

Using groups is a great way to hold your team responsible for every lead category. Your team members can race to assign the lead category to them which constantly lets healthy competition for your business occur.

Automated KPIs

Another advantage of using InvestorFuse is that your KPIs can be tracked correctly because they have an impressive action system. You and your team will be able absolutely delighted since you can easily identify new and qualified leads. 

Moreover, you'll be able to track how often your team creates follow ups on sellers, learn your conversion rate per employee and as a whole, and track your normal days based on the deals, contracts, and opportunities your managing.

Automated Follow-Up

Email, voicemail, text, and other actions for follow-up and lead nurturing can be automated and scheduled. This is so none of your leads will fall through the tracks.

Flexible Workflow

InvestorFuse offers customization so their system matches the needs of your RE wholesaling business. You are allowed to add custom fields, tasks, and checklists that you need in order to make more sales deals and keep your business leads organized.

Integrates With 75+ Tools for Real Estate Investing

If you are already using a lot of real estate investing tools that's why you're hesitant to use InvestorFuse, don't fret. This system can be integrated into more than 75+ tools, especially those you use for lead generation such as Carrot, Facebook, and Google Ads.

The best part, you don't need any technical skills to enable the integration. InvestorFuse's outstanding technical support team or sales support team will help you with it.

Employee Scorecard

Real estate investors with a lot of team members for their business can understand the performance of their employees through InvestorFuse' scorecard. You and your managers can access the scorecard and view your employee's historical trends. This will help identify the tasks that complicate things and can be a basis for improvement. 

Specifically, you can view the offers they made, who creates follow ups more, the deals they touched, who constantly lets the business down, and the contracts they sent.


Resurfacing, similar to retargeting, means you easily connect to leads that refused your offer in the past. This feature is built on the premise that a lead doesn't stay unmotivated forever. You can set a period to make a lead resurface after they're marked as dead. 

Of course, before you can use this feature, you must first identify the reasons for a lead to be marked dead. Also, assign who will handle the leads that will resurface. 

InvestorFuse Pros and Cons Review

InvestorFuse Pros and Cons Review

InvestorFuse is not an all-in-one CRM, albeit one of the favorites of real estate investors. That being said, you should weigh its pros and cons first before deciding whether to give it a shot. You may experience a few hiccups when using this lead manager just as with any other CRM software.

InvestorFuse Pros

  • It’s super easy to automate and prioritize task according to factors such as lead stage, the most recent task finished, lead motivation, etc.
  • Helps increase contact rates
  • In order to prevent contact duplicates, you can direct multiple calls from the same caller to the same lead item inside Investor Fuse.
  • You can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls using InvestorFuse’ call log feature. You can also text the lead automatically after they hang up.
  • Using the InvestorFuse software, you can text and email your potential real estate clients and quickly identify if they are motivated to sell or not
  • The system automates sequence for follow up (text and email)
  • Your direct mail campaigns can be managed easily by InvestorFuse sales team
  • Users of InvestorFuse software can manage leads and tasks with ease using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
  • InvestorFuse integrates with a lot of REI apps and software for lead generation, marketing
  • From a convenience perspective, many investors highly recommend InvestorFuse company. It is considered a total game changer

InvestorFuse Cons

  • It doesn’t currently have a mobile app.
  • The setup fee it charges is non-refundable.
  • It doesn’t help with lead generation, only lead management and conversion.

How To Use InvestorFuse

How To Use InvestorFuse

To use InvestorFuse, you have to sign up for their services. They'll charge a setup fee which is non-refundable. After which, they'll help you route your lead to their system. They'll also offer you training and team coaching if needed. 

After the setup, you can already access your InvestorFuse account. From the Dashboard, you can view the actions you need to make — overdue, due today, and scheduled tasks. You can also view other functionalities from here.

To learn about how InvestorFuse works and get access to more features, you can check out the free 10 minute demo on their website.

InvestorFuse Alternatives

Since InvestorFuse is only focused on lead conversion, there may be other aspects of your RE wholesaling business that cannot be covered by this system. For this reason, you may want to check out the companies we listed below.

InvestorFuse vs. REI BlackBook

InvestorFuse vs. REI BlackBook

Whether you're a wholesaler, rehabber, or landlord, you would find REI BlackBook useful since it is a marketing platform that offers different REI solutions. 

Its core features include a CRM just like the InvestorFuse software, websites for lead capture, company phone systems, marketing automation, property pipelines, and other useful tools for real estate investing. This is web based so you can access your data anytime. You can easily reach their sales and support team as well.

InvestorFuse vs. Pipedrive

InvestorFuse vs. Pipedrive

Pipedrive works in 3 easy steps: setting up your pipeline easily, tracking progress, and automating the growth of your RE wholesaling business. 

Here are its top features: visual sales pipeline, user-friendly interface, customizable pipeline, team collaboration, activity reminders, contact history, segment leads, reporting and dashboards, revenue forecasting, and web forms. Currently, over 100,000 companies are using this all-in-one CRM.

InvestorFuse vs. Realvolve

InvestorFuse vs. Realvolve

Every basic component of a CRM software and lead manager is enhanced by Realvolve; so it is one of the favorites of many agents, investors, and RE wholesalers alike. 

Realvolve empowers the technology used by their client's business (such as Google Apps, email, etc). It enables real estate investors like you to work more efficiently so you can concentrate on growing your company. It also minimizes errors because you get hands on experience from the beginning.

InvestorFuse vs. Follow Up Boss

InvestorFuse vs. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss Bring is among the CRMs with an easy-to-use interface. They allow their client's business or company to pull in leads from more than 200 sources. Their committed onboarding team will make it simple for you to get started on their platform.

This CRM offers Intelligent lists so you know who to call next. It also synchronizes with Google Calendar and has an app for both android and IOS users. Something that InvestorFuse lacks.

InvestorFuse vs. Real Geeks

InvestorFuse vs. Real Geeks

Real Geeks allows you to see each page that your prospect visits. The system also knows when they will return to your site and give you scheduled follow up reminders. Here are its other best features:

  • User Friendly Interface that minimizes errors
  • Statuses & Urgencies
  • Follow-Ups & Reminders
  • Email Integration & Sync
  • Agent/Lender Lead Routing
  • Idle Lead Reassignment
  • Lead SMS Autoresponders

InvestorFuse vs. Close

InvestorFuse vs. Close

Using the CSV (lead sheets) import tool of Close, you can quickly import your leads and contacts to their CRM. Alternatively, you can use their free 1-click migration tool to pull in your leads from all your CRMs.

Moreover, your business email and calendar are automatically integrated and synced to Close. Also included in this CRM and lead manager are integrated SMS, Zoom, and calls.

Their automated sequence, follow-up reminders, and more features can also be leveraged to significantly enhance response rates. You can easily reach their sales and support team if the needs arise so you can focus on other parts of your business.

InvestorFuse vs. Zoho

InvestorFuse vs. Zoho

By using the Zoho CRM, you can provide individualized customer experiences to your prospective sellers by leveraging the power of segmentation, KPIs, omnichannel presence, predictive intelligence, etc. This can significantly encourage customer loyalty. 

Zoho is tagged as a Visionary in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Sales Force Automation Platforms in the year 2022. It was also the winner of the 19th annual CRM Watchlist awards.

InvestorFuse vs. Propertybase

InvestorFuse vs. Propertybase

All your leads from your sources are consolidated inside a single location using Propertybase GO and Salesforce Edition. You get automated sequence of your day-to-day procedures and use the right tools so that you and your team can focus and work more efficiently. 

Through Propertybase's user-friendly interface, you can use lead scoring to target your motivated leads, sync between O365 and Google, get alerted the moment someone opens your personalized emails, and more.

InvestorFuse vs. Podio

InvestorFuse vs. Podio

Podio’s features enable real estate investors and RE wholesalers to combine communications and content into a single, globally accessible, searchable REI tool. Here are Podio’s best features:

  • File Sharing
  • Task Management
  • Lead Management
  • Mobile Apps
  • Feature Index
  • Podio API
  • Extensions

Another best thing about Podio is that their outstanding technical support team is made up of real humans, not bots. This means you get the best support whenever you have concerns regarding the system.

InvestorFuse vs. FreedomSoft

InvestorFuse vs. FreedomSoft

Unlike InvestorFuse, FreedomSoft can help you generate leads. This all-in-one CRM that is very user-friendly has list building and research feature, lead marketing, deal analysis and reporting, and task and follow-up automation on top of their CRM and lead manager. It also has a native android and IOS app.

InvestorFuse FAQ

Who is the Owner of InvestorFuse?

The owner and CEO of InvestorFuse is John Whitfield. He founded and developed this lead conversion tool in 2016 but sold it to Carrot in 2022.

After Carrot’s acquisition of the company, John Whitfield and the rest of his sales team retained their positions. Through the help of Carrot, they were able to quickly identify what should be improved.

Does InvestorFuse Have Coupons or Discounts?

Yes. InvestorFuse offers coupons and discounts for their lead conversion tool. Typically, you can get a 25% to 50% discount when you sign up for InvestorFuse plans. The platform also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their solutions.

Does InvestorFuse Have an App?

As of writing, InvestorFuse doesn’t have a mobile application for guided selling and buying of properties. You can only operate it as a SAAS from its online application.

The good news, however, is that the system is mobile optimized and very user-friendly so when you access it on your phone, it would feel like you are using an app. InvestorFuse promises that they’ll have an application soon.

You can also integrate InvestorFuse into a lot of apps including smrtDialer – an app that makes multi-line dial possible.

How Do I Cancel My InvestorFuse Subscription?

To cancel your InvestorFuse subscription, all you have to do is chat with their representative through their website’s chat feature. You can also send an email to if you've recently implemented InvestorFuse.

Summary: Is InvestorFuse Worth the Investment? (InvestorFuse Reviews)

InvestorFuse is definitely worth the investment if you are after an efficient lead conversion process in your real estate investing business. They offer a step-by-step process to help you close more deals, increase your ROI, and attain absolute success.

Note, however, that InvestorFuse cannot generate leads for you. Their product details platforms is very efficient tool can only funnel all the leads you have into one location where you can manage it.

If you've recently implemented InvestorFuse you don’t have lead-generating strategies in place, skip all the hassles and just buy the best leads from pay-per-lead platforms like Property Leads. We offer the top notch leads generated from SEO. We guarantee little to no competition because we sell our leads exclusively.

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