Lead Mining Pros Reviews: Worth the Investment?

Published on September 28, 2023


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Lead Mining Pros Reviews: Worth the Investment?

Lead Mining Pros Reviews Worth the Investment

As more and more real estate professionals turn into lead generation companies to help scale their operations and secure potential clients, Lead Mining Pros is tagged as a rising lead generation platform, especially in cold calling and skip tracing.

Established in 2018, the company promises not only to help in generating leads but also training its team to ensure the highest rate of success in converting potential leads into clients. 

But with an array of services and packages to choose from, is investing in Lead Mining Pros the right move for real estate professionals? The answer requires a comprehensive review of its offerings and that’s exactly what this blog is about.

What Is Lead Mining Pros?

What Is Lead Mining Pros

Lead Mining Pros is a lead generation company specializing in a range of services to aid businesses in acquiring potential clients. These services are grounded in various approaches including skip tracing priced at 7 cents, professional cold calling, list pulling at 3 cents, text messaging software, and leveraging Facebook ads. The CEO of the company, Nicholas Nick is motivated to build their clients' businesses and bring them to the next level.

Furthermore, Lead Mining Pros boasts high customer service ratings and a noteworthy portfolio of positive reviews and success stories — a remarkable collection of over 400 reviews spread directly across Facebook and Google, emphasizing a strong satisfaction guarantee on all their products. 

This is proven further with a presence spanning over four years in the business during which they have made over four million cold calls, making them one of America’s top-rated lead generation companies for real estate investing and an asset to anyone who has the interest to close more than two deals.

Equipped with a team that undergoes world-class training, Lead Mining Pros ensures that their staff can adeptly handle objections and rebuttals, a skill pivotal in cold calling. The training also imparts the knowledge to transform wrong numbers into potential leads, a strategy that could maximize the utility of every call made. 

This proficiency stems from training rendered by a former executive from a prestigious real estate education company, aiding in shortening the learning curve to master cold calling, thereby promising full execution at the highest possible level.

The staff retention rate at Lead Mining Pros appears to be notable, with an average caller tenure dating back to the company’s inception in 2018. This long tenure indicates a potentially experienced team equipped with the understanding to ask up to 12 qualifying questions to leads, ensuring a thorough vetting process before the leads are forwarded to clients. 

A new addition to their services is managed SMS text blasting, enhancing their reach through varied communication channels. To know more about this, read this review until the end!

How Much Does Lead Mining Pros Cost?

Lead Mining Pros offers a diverse range of lead generation packages catering to different needs and budgetary requirements for today's real estate investors and agents. They provide these services with promising savings on each package, evidently looking to give their clients valuable deals.

Starting with the “All Inclusive Lead Gen” packages, there are four different options available. The most basic among these is the “Shotgun” package priced at $482.50. Clients opting for this can expect to receive between 4-14 leads. 

This package includes 625 records pulled and skip-traced, 1000 live cold calls made in America, and 500 managed texts, allowing clients to save $67.50. 

Following this, we have the “Bazooka” package which is priced at $940 and promises an average of 8-30 leads. This medium-range option offers more with 1200 records both pulled and skip-traced, 2000 American cold calls, and 1000 managed texts. Customers choosing this package save $160.

Taking it a notch higher, they have the “King Kong” package available for $1275 with a lead average ranging between 12 and 37. This package not only includes 2000 records pulled and skip-traced and 3000 American cold calls but also offers guaranteed results, making it their best-selling product in this category. 

The pinnacle of this category is the “10 WEEK Titan” package priced steeply at $6375 but offering a substantial number of leads averaging between 45 and 200 leads. Clients get 10,000 records pulled and skip-traced, 15,000 American cold calls, and 7500 managed texts, while also enjoying a substantial saving of $1775.

Moving over to their oversea packages, they offer more budget-friendly options with the “Oversea Shotgun” and “Bermuda Bazooka” packages priced at $305 and $595 respectively. 

These packages offer 2-10 and 4-20 average leads, encompassing services such as foreign cold calls and managed texts, with savings amounting to $45 and $105 respectively. 

Delving deeper into the higher-end oversea packages, we have the “Godzilla Bundle” priced at $833, promising 7-28 average leads and encompassing 2000 records pulled and skip-traced, 3000 foreign cold calls, and 1500 managed texts, and this too comes with guaranteed results, establishing it as the best seller in this segment. 

Finally, the “Filipino 10-Week Titan” stands as the ultimate package in the oversea category, with a price tag of $3875. Clients can expect anywhere between 20 to 120 leads over a span of 10 weeks. 

This package offers 10,000 records pulled and skip-traced, 15,000 foreign cold calls, and 7500 managed texts. The substantial service offering is accompanied by savings of $1225, offering value to clients opting for this package.

Pro tip: To get more news on their pricing, always check out the website of Lead Mining Pros.

Lead Mining Pros Features

Lead Mining Pros Features

Lead Mining Pros offers a wide array of services to cater to a diverse range of clients. Here is a detailed discussion of all the features and services that the company offers to help you decide whether this is a good investment or not:

7 Cent Skip Tracing

At a cost-effective rate, Lead Mining Pros provides skip-tracing services that involve tracking down the information on prospective leads. This service is vital in enhancing the accuracy and quality of the leads generated since this can help you find the most accurate and complete contact number of an owner when you plan to wholesale or invest in real estate.

3 Cent List Pulling

Clients can take advantage of the list-pulling service which is priced reasonably at 3 cents, aiding in compiling a detailed list of potential leads which can significantly enhance their marketing campaigns.

Professional Cold Calling

The company employs a U.S.-based team, highly trained by a former executive from a renowned Real Estate Education Company, to carry out cold calling at the highest possible level. 

The people behind the team specialize in handling objections and converting wrong numbers into viable leads, showcasing a deep understanding and mastery of cold-calling techniques acquired since its establishment in 2018.

Text Messaging

This includes managed SMS text blasting, a new feature that complements their cold calling services. It ensures that the leads are nurtured through personalized and strategic text message campaigns.

FB Ads

Leveraging Facebook’s wide user base, Lead Mining Pros devises targeted ad campaigns to increase outreach and generate more leads, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the lead generation strategy.

Customer Service and Satisfaction Guarantee

Recognized as one of America’s top-rated lead generation companies, it boasts over 400 positive reviews across Facebook and Google. They offer a satisfaction guarantee on all products, reflecting a high level of confidence in the quality of their services.

Quick Campaign Launch

Clients have the opportunity to quickly launch their campaigns, sometimes as soon as the next day, which illustrates the company’s commitment to offering swift and efficient services.

Inclusive Lead Generation Packages

Clients can choose from an expansive range of packages including the Shotgun, Bazooka, King Kong, 10-week Titan and their counterparts in overseas packages like Oversea Shotgun, Bermuda Bazooka, Godzilla Bundle, and Filipino 10-week Titan. 

Each package comes with a set of services including a certain number of records pulled and skip-traced, cold calls (both American and foreign), and managed texts. They also offer savings on each package, with the promise of guaranteed results on select packages.

Real-time Lead Delivery

In a bid to maintain transparency and efficiency, the company sends the generated leads to the clients the second they are generated, ensuring that no time is wasted in capitalizing on potential opportunities.

Training and Expertise

The team is trained to ask up to 12 qualifying questions to prospective leads, showcasing a meticulous approach to lead generation. 

This extensive training, spearheaded by a former executive of a top real estate education company, ensures a high level of proficiency and expertise in generating high-quality leads.

Free Scripts

As an additional benefit, clients have access to free scripts for buyers and sellers, which can be a valuable resource in managing their campaigns efficiently.

Lead Mining Pros Pros and Cons

Lead Mining Pros is by no means a perfect platform for real estate professionals. Hence, before investing in their services, it is crucial that you weigh its pros and cons.

Lead Mining Pros Pros

  • Diverse Range of Services: Lead Mining Pros offers a comprehensive suite of services including skip tracing, list pulling, cold calling, text messaging, and Facebook ads, facilitating a one-stop solution for real estate lead generation needs.
  • Cost-effective Pricing: The services such as 7 cent skip tracing and 3 cent list pulling are reasonably priced, providing budget-friendly options for real estate firms.
  • Experienced Team: With a team that has been working since the company's inception in 2018 and trained by a veteran from a prestigious real estate education company, clients can expect seasoned professionals to handle their campaigns.
  • Positive Reviews: Having garnered over 400 positive reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google, the company enjoys a good reputation, which could potentially signify reliable and quality service.
  • Quick Campaign Launch: The company promises to start campaigns as quickly as the next day, allowing real estate firms to initiate their lead generation strategies swiftly without losing precious time.
  • Guaranteed Results:Certain packages come with the assurance of guaranteed results, offering a safety net for real estate firms in terms of the outcome of their investment.
  • Real-time Lead Delivery: The immediacy in delivering leads as soon as they are generated ensures that real estate firms can act on potential leads without delay, enhancing the prospects of conversion.
  • Free Resources: Clients gain access to free scripts for engaging with buyers and sellers, a resource that can be greatly beneficial for real estate businesses, especially the ones new to the industry.

Lead Mining Pros Cons

  • Focus on Cold Calling: Lead Mining Pros focuses on cold calling, a strategy that might not resonate well with all potential leads, and can sometimes be seen as intrusive or outdated.

How To Use Lead Mining Pros

How To Use Lead Mining Pros

To leverage Lead Mining Pros for real estate purposes, it's essential to understand the myriad services they offer and how these can be harnessed to facilitate a smoother, more efficient process in lead generation and management.

Lead Mining Pros offers a variety of packages to cater to different scales of operation as mentioned earlier, be it small-scale endeavors or large, expansive campaigns that span over several weeks. They specialize in pulling and skip tracing records, cold calling (both locally and internationally), and managing text messages to potential leads. 

Each package comes with a set number of records pulled and skip traced, a certain number of cold calls, and managed texts, alongside guaranteed results with some of their premium packages.

Real estate professionals can choose from all-inclusive packages such as Shotgun, Bazooka, and King Kong, which are structured to cater to American customers or opt for packages designed for overseas markets. 

These packages provide a comprehensive solution to lead generation, offering a predetermined number of leads based on the investment amount. Thus, real estate professionals can opt for a package that aligns with their budget and expected lead inflow.

Apart from all-inclusive packages, Lead Mining Pros offers specific lead generation tools such as skip tracing, cold calling, list pulling, and text messaging. Professionals can leverage the 7 cent skip tracing and 3 cent list pulling services to identify and reach out to potential leads at a minimal cost. 

The managed SMS text blasting is a new feature that allows real estate agents to connect with a large number of clients efficiently.

An added advantage is the immediate notification system where leads are sent to the professionals the second they are generated, promoting quick response times and higher conversion rates. 

Overall, real estate professionals should start by identifying their target audience and choosing the right package or tool that suits their business model. 

Further, by working closely with the team at Lead Mining Pros, they can tailor a strategy that would yield the best results in lead generation.

Lead Mining Pros Alternatives

Lead Mining Pros Alternatives

Not quite sure whether Lead Mining Pros is for you, check out some of its alternatives below.

Lead Mining Pros vs. Market Leader

Market Leader is a prominent player in the real estate industry, providing agents with a lot of tools and services to enhance their online marketing strategies and lead-generation processes. 

It offers features including a professionally designed website, a customer relationship management system, and marketing design tools that aid real estate agents in efficiently managing their client relationships and online presence.

Lead Mining Pros vs. Real Geeks

Real Leads by Real Geeks is a highly tuned marketing solution tailored for real estate professionals seeking to generate potent home buyer and seller leads. Their offering leans heavily on marketing automation that encompasses a range of tools and strategies to both entice and retain potential leads. 

Central to this strategy is the extensive customization afforded to each client's campaign, underscored by continual refinements that, on average, sum up to 11,000 changes per month, aiming to maximize performance dynamically. 

Furthermore, their platform offers an engaging and user-friendly experience, fostering higher sign-up rates and sustained engagement through features such as interactive maps, street view options, and timely property alerts. Following the acquisition of leads, the platform enters a nurturing phase where it leverages a CRM lead management system.

Lead Mining Pros vs. RedX

RedX primarily serves as a real estate prospecting platform offering a range of services that facilitate efficient lead generation and management. 

The platform equips agents with powerful tools such as a CRM for nurturing and managing leads effectively, and it also includes functionalities such as the Power Dialer which streamlines the process of reaching out to potential clients, thereby saving time and improving productivity. 

Moreover, it offers insights into lead behavior, helping agents tailor their strategies to suit individual client needs, and fostering more fruitful engagements. 

Lead Mining Pros vs. SmartZip

SmartZip specializes in generating leads for realtors, helping them to secure seller leads more effectively. It uses predictive analytics to become a top lead generation platform in the real estate industry, assisting realtors in winning seller leads, which is crucial for growing their business. 

Through SmartZip's analytical tools, realtors can identify potential leads with a higher chance to sell, thus focusing their efforts on more promising prospects and potentially increasing their success rate in securing listings. 

Summary: Is Lead Mining Pros Worth the Investment?

Determining the worth of investing in Lead Mining Pros depends largely on individual business needs and objectives. 

While the company offers various approaches to lead generation, it’s still important that you check out the reviews and testimonials about this company. This means comparing the promised delivery and actual results attained by others in the industry. 

If you’ve used Lead Mining Pros and still looking for ways to generate leads, check us out at Property Leads. We offer highly motivated seller leads generated from SEO! We’ll sell them to you exclusively so you deal with less competition.

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