ListSource Reviews: Getting More Out Of ListSource

Published on May 12, 2023

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ListSource Reviews: Getting More Out Of ListSource

Diving into the world of ListSource, real estate professionals have discovered an invaluable resource for generating hyper-targeted mailing lists based on demographics, geography, and property information. In this comprehensive ListSource review, we will examine how ListSource has become a popular destination for real estate investors looking to connect with property owners through direct mail campaigns.

By providing extensive property data and customization options, ListSource offers a powerful tool for honing your marketing strategies and unlocking promising leads in your desired areas. Read on as we break down the platform's key features, exploring its potential to transform your real estate investment ventures.

What Is ListSource?

What Is ListSource?

ListSource is a powerful lead source tool for real estate professionals, including brokers, agents, and investors. It offers access to a vast database of property data, covering millions of properties and ownership data that span 94% of all property owners in the United States. The platform regularly updates its information to ensure that the data is fresh and accurate.

All of the lead data on ListSource comes from CoreLogic, a firm that analyzes data to provide its customers with customized data services. CoreLogic collects property characteristics, parcel maps, tax assessments, and property records from county recorders' offices and tax assessors nationwide.

ListSource provides segmented leads that real estate professionals can use to create more efficient direct marketing campaigns. These leads are segmented based on several factors, such as buying behaviors, demographics, mortgage equity data, property criteria, location, and foreclosure.


ListSource is also a valuable tool for commercial properties, and it offers access to delinquent tax data, which is particularly useful for real estate investors who specialize in distressed properties. All in all, ListSource could be a worthwhile investment for real estate professionals looking to build targeted direct mail lists and expand their marketing reach.

How Much Does ListSource Cost?

ListSource pricing varies depending on the criteria used on a list, and it is priced per record. The pricing for a typical farm list was $0.31111 for property detail report fields. However, the price per record can increase depending on the filters used to get more targeted results. Therefore, using as few filters as possible for your use case can help keep costs low.

ListSource offers three pricing plans for real estate professionals to choose from: Subscription, Build and Buy, and License and Resell.

How Much Does ListSource Cost?

Subscription Plan

The Subscription plan works well for real estate professionals who are committed to their direct mail marketing campaigns. This plan includes features such as 99% coverage of all properties in the United States, free customer phone support from a CoreLogic ListSource Direct Marketing Specialist, and a flexible annual or quarterly subscription plan.

Build and Buy Plan

The Build and Buy plan is ideal for those who want to test the waters before committing to a long-term plan, allowing you to purchase leads whenever you need them without any registration fees or long-term contracts. This plan offers 99% coverage of all properties in the United States, no registration fee, and the ability to create your prospect list.

License and Resell Plan

The License and Resell plan is designed for direct marketers, banks, and large retailers who want to be able to redistribute data to third parties. This plan includes features such as direct consultation with a CoreLogic ListSource Direct Marketing Specialist, the ability to locate apartment owners and find commercial properties, and multiple output formats.

ListSource accepts Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard credit cards, as well as payment by check. Credit card transactions must have a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2,500 for e-Commerce purchases. For the Subscription plan, there is a minimum commitment of $1,000

ListSource Features

Advanced Filtering Options for Property Searches

Advanced Filtering Options for Property Searches

ListSource is a database of public records that provides up-to-date and accurate data on over 134 million properties in the United States with different property characteristics. This feature is particularly useful for real estate agents who are tired of using outdated and inefficient directory services.

With ListSource, you can search for properties based on various criteria, including mortgage data, property characteristics, owner demographics, foreclosure status, and more. ListSource allows you to filter your search by location, which includes the option to search by zip code, area code, city, state, county, and census tract.

This feature is helpful for real estate investors looking to target specific locations and demographics.

Generate Quality Leads in Minutes

Once you have identified your target audience, you can start building your list with ListSource. The platform offers four different list types, including Property Detail Report, Prospecting List, Contacts List, and List of Records.

You can choose the list type that best suits your needs and download it in .csv format. You can also create customized labels for your direct mail campaigns or import the list into your contact manager for easy access.

ListSource checks for duplicate records and ensures that you are not paying for contacts that are already on your list. This feature helps to save you time and money.

Pre-Built Lists Available on ListSource

Pre-Built Lists Available on ListSource

If you are not sure where to start with your lead list, ListSource offers a variety of Quick Lists that you can choose from. These pre-built lists allow you to efficiently obtain the essential information you need for your direct marketing campaigns.

Some of the Quick List options include Absentee Owners, Estimated Equity, Foreclosure Prospects, Insurance Prospects, Nearby Properties, and New Homeowners, to name a few. ListSource also offers targeted leads for a variety of industries aside from the real estate sector.

These industries include academic institutions, commercial real estate, government and utilities, construction, insurance, nonprofits, residential real estate, and title and settlement services.

User-Friendly Platform

ListSource is a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. The filtering options are comprehensive, and the platform offers a free sample search so that you can test the platform before committing to a subscription.

Redistribute Data

ListSource allows you to redistribute data to other team members, making it easy to collaborate with others on your direct marketing campaigns. This feature is helpful for real estate agents who work in a team or who outsource their direct mail campaigns.

ListSource Pros and Cons

ListSource Pros

  • Comprehensive data: ListSource offers access to a comprehensive database of over 134 million properties across the United States.
  • Filtering options: With a range of filtering options, ListSource allows users to narrow down their search criteria and find motivated sellers and cash buyers in their target location.
  • Customizable lists: ListSource allows users to create customized lead lists based on their search criteria. These lists can be downloaded in .csv format and easily imported into a contact manager for easy access.
  • Access to public records: ListSource provides access to public records, which can be a valuable resource for real estate investors and professionals looking to conduct market research.

ListSource Cons

  • No Skip Tracing: ListSource does not offer skip tracing services, which means that users will need to find phone numbers for property owners on their own.
  • No marketing or prospecting services: ListSource provides data, but it does not offer marketing or prospecting services. Users will need to execute their own marketing campaigns to turn data into leads.
  • Tax data unavailable: ListSource does not offer the option to search by property address or access tax data. Many investors consider such factors in their search.
  • Email and phone numbers are unavailable: ListSource only provides mailing address information, making it difficult for investors looking to get in touch with other professionals via email or phone.

How To Use ListSource

ListSource is a powerful tool that real estate investors and professionals can use for market research and lead generation. With ListSource, you can access owner information and property information to create lists of potential buyers and sellers.

To start, log in to your ListSource account and click on Build List. Select the city you want to target and then go to the Mortgage tab. Here, you will select a good equity percentage, typically between 70% to 100%. This will help you filter out buyers who are not likely to have the cash to purchase a property outright.

Next, set the Last Market Sale Date and choose the Property Type. Investors who are buying with cash are usually looking for rental assets like townhomes and condos, so be sure to select these property types.

Under the Options tab, select Absentee Owner and select No Preference for both Trustee-Owned and Corporate-Owned Properties. This will help you narrow down your list to individual leads who are likely to have the cash to purchase a property.

Once you have gone through these steps, click on Purchase List. You will receive a list of potential cash buyers with their contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses if available.

Using ListSource can be a valuable tool for real estate investors and professionals looking to expand their portfolios and find potential buyers or sellers. By utilizing the various filters available on ListSource, you can easily create lists of targeted leads and streamline your marketing efforts.

ListSource Alternatives

ListSource vs ListAbility

ListSource vs ListAbility

Both ListSource and ListAbility are platforms that offer any real estate professional access to a database of records and lists to help them find potential leads. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms.

ListAbility is a newer platform that boasts over 200 million real estate records. In addition to offering a comprehensive database of property records, ListAbility provides an all-in-one solution for building investor lists, skip tracing, and creating and sending out direct mail postcards.

The platform also includes pre-built real estate investor lists that are segmented based on factors such as vacant properties, seniors, multifamily properties, absentee homeowners, business-owned properties, and owner-occupied properties.

While both ListSource and ListAbility offer access to a database of real estate records, ListAbility provides additional features such as skip tracing and direct mail postcard creation that can be helpful for real estate professionals looking to reach out to potential leads.

Additionally, ListAbility's pre-built investor lists can be a valuable resource for investors looking to target specific types of properties or owners.

ListSource vs LeadVine

ListSource vs LeadVine

ListSource and LeadVine are both powerful tools for real estate investors and professionals looking to increase their deal flow and target motivated sellers. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms.

ListSource is a more general data provider that offers a wide range of real estate information, including owner information and property information. It is a good option for investors who are just starting out and want to build a list of potential leads.

LeadVine, on the other hand, is a more niche provider that focuses exclusively on highly motivated seller leads. They offer specific categories of leads, such as tax delinquents, DPOs, probates, pre-foreclosure, and divorces. This can be valuable for investors who want to target specific types of motivated sellers and streamline their marketing efforts.

In terms of quality and accuracy, both platforms claim to provide industry-leading data. However, LeadVine emphasizes its rigorous quality control standards, while ListSource focuses more on providing a wide range of data and filtering options.

ListSource vs DataTree

ListSource vs DataTree

Both ListSource and First American by DataTree are popular platforms for real estate professionals looking to access data and information about properties in the United States. While both platforms offer similar services, there are some key differences between the two.

ListSource is a well-known direct mail list provider that offers real estate professionals access to a database of over 170 million property records.

The platform allows users to search for properties based on specific criteria such as location, property type, and owner information. ListSource is considered by many to be the best source for direct mail lists, but its pricing is relatively higher compared to other platforms.

On the other hand, First American by DataTree provides a user-friendly and well-curated interface that covers more than 100% of the housing stock in the United States. With DataTree, users can access public records such as foreclosures, property owner information, homeowner data, lender and mortgage information, and MLS data.

The platform offers a range of search options and advanced features that allow users to search for properties in their own set way.

While both platforms are similar in many ways, DataTree is considered by some to be a more user-friendly site that offers top-notch customer service.

Additionally, DataTree's pricing is competitive, with a monthly subscription costing $47, making it a more affordable option compared to ListSource. However, some counties may not be listed on the site, and users may need to request coverage for specific areas.

ListSource vs PropStream

ListSource vs PropStream

PropStream is a more comprehensive platform that requires a monthly fee. It provides users with detailed information on properties, comparable data from public records, and upcoming property auctions. It also has a deal analyzer function that can help users find great deals in the market. These features make it ideal for real estate agents and brokers who need accurate pricing data for marketing properties.

While ListSource is a good option for individual records, PropStream offers a more comprehensive set of data, allowing investors to analyze potential investments more thoroughly. However, the only downside to PropStream is the monthly fee. For those on a tight budget, the cost may be a barrier to entry. Additionally, the higher price of the platform may not be worth it for individual investors who do not require as much data as real estate businesses.

Still, PropStream's detailed data and advanced tools make it a better option for those willing to pay a higher price for more in-depth information. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the user's specific needs and budget.

ListSource FAQ

What kind of contact information does ListSource provide?

ListSource only provides direct mail addresses. However, you can filter out properties with verified phone numbers. ListSource regularly checks its database of phone numbers against the FTC Do Not Call list.

How often is ListSource updated?

ListSource is updated daily to ensure that real estate professionals have access to fresh and accurate data lists for properties throughout the United States.

What is the maximum number of records I can download at once from ListSource?

The maximum number of records you can download per purchase is 100,000 for subscription customers. For eCommerce users, the maximum purchase limit is $2,500, which may or may not correspond to a specific number of records depending on your search criteria.

Does ListSource offer map-based searching?

Yes, ListSource provides a map search feature that allows you to search for properties based on criteria such as state, county, city, zip, and more. You can use the interactive map and drawing tools to select the geographic area you're targeting.

Summary: Is ListSource Worth the Investment?

ListSource is a reliable and flexible direct mail provider that has received positive reviews from real estate professionals. With its comprehensive filtering system, users can easily generate lead lists that match their preferences and needs. While ListSource requires an investment, it is definitely worth it, especially for those who are just starting in the industry and want to explore the effectiveness of direct mailer marketing.

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