Minute Pages Reviews: Best Investor Website Platform?

Published on September 13, 2023

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Minute Pages Reviews: Best Investor Website Platform?

Minute Pages Reviews: Best Investor Website Platform?

Minute Pages is a real estate platform considered by many as the next big thing in website creation, specifically for real estate investors. But is it really better than other established website builders? 

This blog offers a comprehensive review of Minute Pages, evaluating its features, usability, and overall functionality to determine whether it is worth investing your money in. We also reviewed its pros and cons as well as how it fares with its competitors.

What Is Minute Pages?

What Is Minute Pages?

Minute Pages is a specialized software tailored for real estate, focusing particularly on investors and wholesalers. The main selling point of this cloud-based software is its capability to generate real estate websites rapidly, aiming to maximize lead conversions and get traffic. 

Such websites created with Minute Pages are specially optimized for capturing seller leads, emphasizing high conversion rates. This easy to use and done-for-you functionality is further strengthened by its other features which we will be discussing later on.

Minute Pages also have superior SEO outcomes like other platforms like Carrot which is why we highly recommend it. Businesses and professionals within the real estate industry can expect that the speed, efficiency, and focus on lead conversion that Minute Pages offers can give them an advantage.

How Much Does Minute Pages Cost?

Minute Pages, a digital solution provider, adopts a two-tiered pricing model called the Pro Plan and the more enhanced 10X Plan. These structures accommodate a spectrum of needs, from businesses just launching their online presence to those looking to harness a more advanced digital toolset.

Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is presented at a payment of $79 per month, with an option for a promo or discounted annual subscription at $799 for each customer. Central to this plan is the provision of a high-performing site to increase profit. 

Moreover, to boost dynamic content, newbie users have access to an automated blog library, with the added advantage of two new blog posts every month, ensuring that the site remains updated and engaging. An integrated training library aids users and CRM and marketing integrations are also some indispensable features of this plan. 

Another great thing about this plan is that it has integrated an SSL certificate, ensuring data integrity and instilling confidence in site visitors. Supplementary features like free hosting, an SEO-optimized website, skip tracing capabilities, and comprehensive website visitor analytics complete the Pro Plan's offerings, giving users a robust toolkit to initiate their digital journey.

10X Plan

The 10X Plan, priced at $149 monthly or an annual rate of $1499, has more expansive suite of features. 

While foundational tools like the high-performing website, automated blog library, CRM integrations, training library, SSL certificate, free hosting, live chat and email support, SEO optimization, skip tracing, and website analytics mirror those in the Pro Plan, there are pronounced enhancements such as the following:

  • A significant boost is the provision for five blog posts monthly, ensuring a more consistent content stream and the promise of a profitable website.
  • The introduction of the Lead Detector tool, tailored for businesses, offers insights into potential business opportunities. 
  • The inclusion of 10 location pages accentuates the plan's suitability for businesses with a wider operational target in their goal to make money online.
  • Landing pages exclusive to the 10X. 
  • The 'Science of Flipping Training', a specialized feature, is only available in the 10x Plan as a bonus.

Minute Pages Features

Minute Pages Features

Minute Pages is an all-in-one platform designed to cater to the needs of real estate professionals. Here's a deep dive into its features:

High Performing Website

The primary selling point of Minute Pages lies in its promise to solve the challenges of an online real estate marketer. At its core, the platform is committed to saving both time and money for users. We've all been through the draining process of developing sales pages, but with Minute Pages, there’s an inherent assurance of efficiency. How so?

With just a click of a button, users can customize their pages, embedding them with compelling service reviews, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of the services of the agent or investor. This user-centric approach ensures that potential customers don’t see just another bland sales page, but rather a tailored experience curated for them. 

Minute Pages ultimately offers a website proven to convert more leads than other real estate platforms. This is significant because a website's performance in terms of lead conversion can dramatically affect a business's success.

SEO Optimized

The platform ensures that websites built through it are optimized for search engines. This means they are designed to outperform and outrank competitors, driving more organic traffic and potentially leading to more conversions.

Premium Site Designs

Minute Pages provides access to a lot of tested and proven high-performing website designs for every online endeavor you're targetting. These designs are not just aesthetically pleasing but are built, keeping user experience and conversions in mind.

Highly Secure

Security is paramount in today's digital age. Minute Pages includes state-of-the-art security measures, offers hosting solutions, and provides monthly updates to ensure that the privacy and security of its users are never compromised.

Simple Visual Editor

An intuitive drag-and-drop editor enables users to easily create, add, or edit content when they need to make their website in real estate. This user-friendly feature ensures that even those with minimal technical knowledge can manage and update their websites to add product reviews, blogs, etc. The website creation won't be painful and selling anything would be super easy.

Website Analytics

Analytics plays a critical role in understanding user behavior and tweaking marketing strategies. The platform lets users easily track website traffic, segregating it by source and type. This helps in identifying which pages are generating the most leads.

Pop Up Forms

Pop-up forms have been proven to increase opt-in rates. Minute Pages allows users to add custom pop-ups to their website, enhancing the chances to promote and attract more leads. Once they glance on this pop-up form, they may be interested to fill it out.

Testimonial Widget

Testimonials build trust among potential clients. With Minute Pages, users can showcase testimonials across their website using a simple builder.

Lead Manager

This feature provides an easy-to-use CRM system. Users can view, organize, filter, and download all their leads, ensuring efficient lead management.


Flexibility is key for modern businesses. Users can easily integrate Minute Pages with their preferred CRM or other software solutions.

Training Library

For those looking for guidance, the platform boasts a robust training library. It's regularly updated with training modules and how-to guides, ensuring users always have access to the latest information.

Skip Tracing Enabled

This allows users to trace any lead for multiple contact points directly from the dashboard, ensuring no lead goes unattended.

Free Hosting

Hosting a website can be an additional expense. Minute Pages includes state-of-the-art hosting with every website, ensuring users don't have to bear additional costs.

Live Chat + Email Support

Assistance is always within reach, with specialists available via live chat and email.

SMS & Email Lead Notification

Real-time notifications ensure that users are instantly alerted as soon as a new lead comes in, making sure no opportunity is missed.

Science of Flipping Education

Users get access to a renowned coaching system to help them launch, grow, and scale their investing business.

Property Listing Pages

This feature allows users to showcase their deals, build a list of potential buyers, and receive offers, all through an intuitive property listing page builder.

Keyword Tracker

SEO professionals can track site rankings for specific keywords and phrases, helping in optimizing content strategy.

Customizable Landing Pages

Minute Pages offers pre-built landing pages designed for lead generation. Users can also create their own using a dedicated builder.

Lead Detector

This feature aims to increase website conversion by capturing leads from visitors who don't fill out a form. It's claimed to capture up to 30% of all website visitors.

Location Landing Pages

Users can create dedicated landing pages for specific cities or areas, enhancing their online presence and targeting potential leads in specific locations.

Automated Blog Posts

Minute Pages allows users to automatically update their site with relevant posts, helping in higher site ranking and increased organic leads. Every entrepreneur or online marketer can take advantage of this free traffic to start earning through their website.

Minute Pages Pros and Cons

Before settling for a website builder, you should first weigh its pros and cons. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Minute Pages.

Minute Pages Pros

  • Made for Lead Conversion: The websites created through Minute Pages are designed to convert more leads compared to other websites, ensuring better efficiency in attracting potential clients. They are built to rank higher on search engines, potentially driving more organic traffic to the hub or website.
  • Premium Site Designs and Editor: Provides access to a variety of well-tested and high-performing website designs, allowing for a professional online presence. Moreover, the drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of content creation and editing, making website management accessible even for those without technical expertise.
  • Website Analytics: Minute Pages offers tools to track website traffic, providing insights into which pages or content pieces are most effective in lead generation.
  • Versatile Integrations: Minute pages allows seamless integration with popular CRM systems and other software so you are assured workflow efficiency.

Minute Pages Cons

  • SEO Challenges: Reviews comparing Carrot and Minute Pages suggest that Carrot websites might have superior SEO outcomes compared to those generated using Minute Pages.

How To Use Minute Pages

How To Use Minute Pages

Once you are on the Minute Pages website, select a suitable plan based on your needs and preferences and register for an account. Once registered and logged in using your user ID, you'll be directed to a dashboard. This is where you can manage all the aspects of your website.

Minute Pages, as mentioned above, offers a variety of templates. Select one that best fits the purpose and design aesthetic of your intended site. Adjust colors, fonts, and other design elements. Ensure the design formula is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Populate your site with relevant content, including text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements. This could be about your business, services, portfolio, etc. It’s a good thing that Minute Pages offer blog posts in their plans.

Moreover, each website of Minute Pages comes with a unique tracking code. Ensure this is set up correctly to gain insights into your website's traffic and user behavior in real time.

Minute Pages Alternatives

Minute Pages Alternatives

Minute Pages has a lot of competitors in real estate website building. To help you decide whether Minute Pages is the right choice, check out its competitors below:

Minute Pages vs. Carrot

One of the key offerings Carrot brings to the table is its focus on SEO for real estate investors, providing insights and strategies to generate free, highly motivated leads and gain an edge over competitors in the digital space. 

Furthermore, Carrot websites are designed with built-in analytics, empowering real estate professionals with crucial data to make informed decisions and cultivate business growth. The analytics capture visitor behaviors and preferences, ensuring that agents and investors can optimize their content and offerings based on actionable insights.

Minute Pages vs. LeadPropeller

LeadPropeller specializes in designing websites specifically tailored for real estate investors. These websites are designed not only to look professional and appealing but also to be highly functional for both the investors and motivated sellers. 

This focus on both design and functionality ensures that investors can generate more leads, connect with motivated sellers, and ultimately succeed in their real estate ventures.

Minute Pages vs. REI Blackbook

REI Blackbook offers real estate investor websites that are specifically meant for real estate professionals. These websites allow users to publish property listings efficiently. 

Furthermore, REI Blackbook ensures that with their platform, a user's website, phone system, CRM, and other essential tools are all integrated, which ensures that no lead gets missed and helps in automating one's real estate business.

They even have an article guiding users on how to set up a real estate investor website in 30 minutes or less using their platform.

Summary: Is Minute Pages Worth the Investment? ( Review – Overview )

To conclude, it's obvious that Minute Pages offers a lot of features tailored specifically for investors seeking a strong online presence. However, while Minute Pages might be the perfect fit for many, it's always advisable to assess your business needs and compare various platforms before making a final decision.

On another note, if you've been looking for other ways to generate leads without needing a real estate website, check us out at Property Leads. We generate our leads from SEO saving you lots of time and effort!

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