Need To Sell My House Fast Reviews: Lead Quality & Refunds?

Published on February 17, 2023


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Need To Sell My House Fast Reviews: Lead Quality & Refunds?

Need To Sell My House Fast Reviews: Lead Quality & Refunds?

Need To Sell My House Fast is among the most trusted lead providers for many real estate investors and wholesalers. They generate highly motivated leads through different avenues and they sell them exclusively.

If you're unsure about the lead quality of Need To Sell My House Fast, you found the right blog! Here we'll do a detailed review of their leads, processes, pricing, and more. 

What Is Need To Sell My House Fast? How Do They Help Cash Buyers and Real Estate Investors?

What Is Need To Sell My House Fast? How Do They Help Cash Buyers and Real Estate Investors?

Need To Sell My House Fast is a Florida-based company that offers motivated leads to real estate investors and wholesalers. They generate leads by operating a network of we buy houses websites including Need To Sell My House Fast. 

To generate additional leads, Need To Sell My House Fast run pay-per-click ads on Google and other search engines. They also place ads on related real estate we buy houses websites and across the web.

Moreover, Need to Sell My House Fast also leverages social media to target prospects. They have a Facebook page and also run some ads.

Need To Sell My House Fast Lead Capture Website

Need To Sell My House Fast Lead Capture Website

As mentioned, one of the "we buy houses" websites that the platform runs carries the same name — Need To Sell My House Fast. 

Many home sellers flock to this we buy houses website because it is strategically named to appear on Google search results.

Just like typical we buy houses websites that are meant to generate leads, it has a lead capture form that home sellers who cannot cover repair costs and area willing to sell below market value can fill out to get cash offers and land a guaranteed sale.

These sellers voluntarily give their name, phone number, property address, city, state, and zip code in the hopes of finding a great buyer for their homes through the help of this home buying company.

These details are then collected and forwarded to real estate investors who buy ugly houses, cash buyers, and wholesalers.

Note that since they own different we buy houses websites for lead generation, the forms users fill out also vary. This means the details included in the leads investors receive may include extra information at times.

For instance, some leads only include the seller's name, contact number, email, and property address while some leads also mention the estimated property value, repair value, delayed mortgage payments, typical home sale timeline, and reason for selling.

The majority of these websites are visited by potential clients because they offer a quick sale/ cash sale, free local moves, a fair market offer, free closing costs, assisted lender financing, flexible closing window, repair costs coverage, buy the house as-is, etc.

How Much Do Leads From Need To Sell My House Fast Cost?

How Much Do Leads From Need To Sell My House Fast Cost?

The price of the leads sold by Need to Sell My House Fast is determined by its buyers. Essentially, this platform sells its leads through bidding.

Real estate investors should set a bid price for their target county. If they are the highest bidder in that particular county, every lead that comes in would be directed to them.

In case the monthly budget of their highest bidder runs out, Need To Sell My House Fast would send the leads to the next highest bidder. Usually, the bids are set in increments of $25.

Need To Sell My House Fast Features

Need To Sell My House Fast Features

Many of the features of Need To Sell My House Fast isn't unique to their platform. However, they do their best to deliver and stay true to what they advertise.

Here are the best features of Need To Sell My House Fast platform:

Exclusive Leads

Need To Sell My House Fast only sells its leads once and that is to the highest bidder per county. In other words, if a cash buyer or agent gets a lead from them, they have less competition from their pool of other investors. 

But then again, this doesn't mean the cash buyer or real estate agent doesn't have to contact the lead immediately. Remember that if the sellers wanted to sell a house quickly, other lead buying platforms may have also gotten hold of them.

CRM Integration

If the cash buyer or agent is using a customer relationship management (CRM) system for their real estate business, they can easily access their leads from Need To Sell My House Fast because they allow CRM integration.

Some of the CRMs where you can integrate Need To Sell My House Fast are Salesforce, Podio, Zoho, Follow Up Boss, and Pipedrive.

Enable or Pause Lead Flow

In cases where the cash buyer or agent is receiving too many leads and can't manage to receive more because their business is still small, you may request Need To Sell My House Fast to pause your lead flow.

Once the cash buyer or agent is ready to receive leads again, they can ask for the lead flow to be enabled.

No Contracts

Need To Sell My House Fast won't lock any cash buyer or real estate agent in with a contract. They believe in the quality of their leads so they don't see the point of requiring the cash buyer or agent to sign an agreement with them.

In case their leads aren't working for you, you are free to leave their platform.

Lead Refund

Receiving bad leads is still possible no matter how thorough the lead generation process of a company is.

Need To Sell My House Fast understands this so they offer refunds for leads that contain false information or those who aren't really planning to sell a home.

To get a refund, the agent or cash buyer needs to file a lead dispute on their platform within 48 hours of receiving the bad lead. Their team will verify if their claim is true by contacting the seller. If it is indeed a bad lead, they'll get a refund on their account with no service fee.

Multiple Means of Notification

The highest bidder of a particular county can receive their leads through their CRM (if it is already integrated to Need To Sell My House Fast), email, or text message.

They will also be able to access the leads through the Need To Sell My House Fast platform.

Need To Sell My House Fast Pros and Cons

Similar to other lead generation platforms, Need To Sell My House Fast also has its pros and cons. Let's check out whether the benefits of using this platform outweighs its disadvantages.

Need To Sell My House Fast Pros

Need To Sell My House Fast Pros
  • Leads are exclusive to the highest bidder.
  • Leads have low competition.
  • They generate leads from various we buy houses websites, PPC, and more.
  • Leads can be sent to your CRM, email, and phone.
  • They offer refunds for bad leads.
  • They don't lock their clients in a contract.
  • They allow CRM integration.
  • You can enable or pause lead flow depending on your needs.
  • No down payment.

Need To Sell My House Fast Cons

Need To Sell My House Fast Cons
  • Possible bad leads.
  • You won't get a refund unless you file a lead dispute within 48 hours of receiving the bad lead.

How To Use Need To Sell My House Fast

How To Use Need To Sell My House Fast

Using Need To Sell My House Fast is relatively easy. You can start by contacting them on the phone number available on their website or by filling out a form to check the availability of leads in your area. You can also sign up for their services and get access to your own dashboard.

After your account has been created, you can start identifying your counties and setting bids. You can view your current month's spending on your dashboard as well as your pending disputes if any.

If you are the highest bidder for a particular county, you'll receive exclusive leads directly to your email, through text, or through your CRM. 

The vast majority of real estate investors and wholesalers who get their leads from Need To Sell My House Fast typically close one in five leads.

But then again, this would depend on your negotiation and follow-up skills. It is crucial that you build a good lead pipeline and that you plan great follow-up sequences to have a high conversion rate.

Need To Sell My House Fast Alternatives

If the real estate leads from Need To Sell My House Fast aren't working out or you just want extra leads to scale your business, here are 10 alternative platforms you can check out:

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Property Leads

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Property Leads

Property Leads is a pay-per-lead website that generates highly motivated leads using search engine optimization or SEO. This platform owns several real estate we buy houses websites where they capture hundreds of leads per month!

These sites promise to pay closing costs, buy ugly houses, set the closing date according to the seller or buyer's wishes, cover major repairs, offer cash close to the fair market value of the property, etc.

SEO leads are more active in seeking prospective buyers for their homes. They also have less competition compared to leads derived from outbound marketing. So whether you are a real estate investor or buyer's agent, you're guaranteed a high lead-to-deal ratio.

Here are some of the best features of Property Leads:

  • Lead Exclusivity: Only the highest bidder in a particular county receives the leads from this platform. They weren't offered to any other investors or agents to keep the competition low.
  • No Setup Fees: Property Leads don't charge any service fees so you can save money. You only need to pay per lead. They won't tie you to annual or monthly payments to avail of their leads and services.
  • No Contracts: Should you feel that the leads from this platform aren't giving you a high ROI, you can cancel at any time. There's no contract that would bind you to them.
  • Instant Lead Delivery: You can contact leads immediately after they've shown interest because their details will be sent to your phone, email, or CRM when they fill out the platform's lead capture form.
  • Off-Market Guarantee: All the leads from Property Leads are not listed on the local market. There aren't any spam, wholesalers, mobile homes, or duplicates as well. If for some reason you receive a bad lead, you just need to contact their team to ask for a refund.

To start getting highly motivated leads from Property Leads, you just need to head over to their website and fill out a form asking for some personal information.

After this, you have to schedule an onboarding call with one of their team members.

This is your chance to ask questions, set up an account, identify your bid price per county, and your budget per month. 

Once these are all done, you'll start receiving real-time leads on people who sell or buy houses on your CRM, phone, and email.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. zBuyer

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. zBuyer

zBuyer is a lead generation platform that caters to brokers, cash companies, real estate agents, and investors. Their leads are generated from their real estate listing portal called

Both buyers and sellers flock to to get leads. Home buyers are asked to fill out a form to get up-to-date listing information, while home sellers fill out a form that was collected by zBuyer to add to their lead pipeline.

Here's why many real estate investors prefer zBuyer:

  • No Contract: zBuyer is a month-to-month service. They don't require a contract so you can cancel and resubscribe anytime by contacting their customer service.
  • Real-Time Leads: Once zBuyer captures a lead, it will be sent to your email or CRM. You can also access them on the zBuyer application. This lessens the risk of a deal falling
  • Prospecting List: Using zBuyer means you get access to their prospecting data specific to your area. The data added to this list varies.
  • Lead Replacement: If you receive a bad lead (one that is listed in the MLS or has a bogus phone number) zBuyer will replace it without charging any service fees.
  • Custom Lead Packages: Leads from zBuyer are super customizable. They have lead packages based on lead location, lead count, and lead type.
  • Mastermind Group: zBuyer has a Facebook group where agents and investors share tips on and best industry practices. The group's name is zBuyer mastermind.

zBuyer guarantees fresh leads since they send in leads real-time to your CRM or email after capturing. However, this means they aren't a hundred percent sure how often you'll get leads on people who sell and buy houses.

Another thing to note about the leads from zBuyer is that they aren't exclusive. You would have more competition when buying homes or selling them. But since zBuyer has limited exposure, your competition would still be way less.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Expert Home Offer

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Expert Home Offer

Expert Home offer has been in the business for 10 years. This platform is super easy-to-use that's why real estate agents, cash companies, investors, and house flippers alike prefer it over its competitors. 

Expert Home Offer is one and the same as This website is actually created to capture leads that are being sold to real estate agents, house buying companies, we buy ugly houses companies, and investors.

Here's what we like about Expert Home Offer:

  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Leads: You can avail of two types of leads from Expert Home Offer — exclusive and non-exclusive. Non-exclusive leads are sent to three investors, cash buyer companies, and agents while exclusive leads are only sent to one individual.
  • Leads From Various Channels: Leads by Expert Home Offer come from strategic partnerships, top organic listings, articles, social media, PPC, blogs, and we buy houses websites. But a good chunk of leads they generate is from the lead capture form of
  • Lead Credit: If you receive a bad lead (those who aren't interested in any home sale process) from an active lead campaign, you may request a refund or lead credit within 72 hours. Their customer support staff will verify if it is indeed a bad lead. If it is, you'll get credit on your Expert Home Offer account. 
  • Real Estate Referral System: A real estate agent can benefit from Expert Home Offer's referral system. Once they open an account, they'll receive home seller and buyer leads coming from a unique URL. The first real estate agent who can fill out the referral form on the link sent will get exclusive access to that specific lead.
  • Active Lead Campaign: Once you've signed in to Expert Home Offer's platform, you can make an active lead campaign. There's no max limit to the campaigns so you can make as many as you like.

Unlike other lead providers, Expert Home Offers charge a service fee differently for investors (cash sale companies, we buy ugly houses companies, cash buyer companies) and agents.

Investors or cash buyers pay a minimum of $14.95 per lead, while agents pay for every closed real estate transaction. They don't charge any hidden fees for agents and other cash buyer companies.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Market Leader

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Market Leader

Market Leader is a CRM and lead generation service that has been around since 1999.

They offer two major plans which are the Market Leader Real Estate Leads and Market Leader Professional for Agents.

Here's what Market Leader Professional for agents offers:

  • Customizable Website: Market Leader recognizes the importance of having a website in lead generation, thus, it allows we buy houses website creation without the need for an expert developer. Websites created by Market Leader are search engine friendly and IDX enabled.
  • CRM: You can integrate Market Leader's CRM into the we buy houses website you created to efficiently manage the leads you'll capture. This means you can send listing alerts, respond to clients quickly, etc.
  • Marketing Automation: For every listing you make, you'll receive flyers, postcards, social media posts, and other marketing materials from Market Leader.

If you want to generate real estate leads, here's what is in store for you with the Market Leader's lead generation plan:

  • Exclusive Leads: You get exclusive access to the leads from Market Leader. They won't send it to other real estate agents. These leads aren't in the open market as well.
  • Work with Experts: Market Leader guarantees lead quality because they are backed by digital advertising experts. These people have years of experience and are frontrunners in their field so they know how to find buyers and sellers who are willing to accept a below fair market value real estate transaction.
  • Targeted Market: You can avoid wasting time on unqualified leads because Market Leader can target specific areas
  • Lead Quantity: You will get leads depending on your budget, sometimes more. The service fee is well worth it.

Market Leader generates leads from two major sources — leads direct and their home valuation website.

Leads Direct means the leads are captured through PPC advertising on various search engines. These leads are redirected to your we buy houses website, specifically on your we buy houses landing page.

Meanwhile, some of Market Leader's leads came from, the platform's home valuation site.

When potential customers want an estimate of their home's fair market value on the open market and find this website online, they are asked to fill out a form which is then captured by Market Leader.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. RedX

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. RedX

RedX is a top prospecting platform for realtors. They offer detailed leads (address, phone number, property information, listing data, tax, etc,.) from proprietary databases and MLS listings. They are highly rated online because of their lead quality.

RedX boasts of their access to about half a billion landline numbers and over 200 million mobile numbers.

Hence, if you are a real estate agent or cash buyer who wants to actively cold-call leads, this is a great resource. The platform is also super easy to use so you won't have to spend hours with their team for the onboarding.

Here are the best features of RedX:

  • Different Lead Types: You can get several types of leads from RedX including Geo leads, expired listing leads, for rent by owner, for sale by owner, and also pre-foreclosure leads.
  • Vortex CRM: If you avail of the leads mentioned above, the proprietary system of Vortex of RedX called Vortex will scan all court and county records for potential leads that aren’t found on the DNC list. Vortex can fill your pipeline but it is not a CRM system.
  • Power Dialer: RedX has a Power Dialer which can initiate the calls for the leads they gathered. If one of the leads picks up, it will be redirected to your line making your conversion rate higher. You also don’t need to create a unique voicemail for each of the leads because RedX allows leaving a pre-recorded voicemail.
  • Leads Scrubbed Against the DNC List: Since RedX leads are scrubbed against the DNC list, you don’t have to worry about violating any laws.

If you avail of this platform’s base plan, you will be given the phone numbers of possible prospects. For the plus plan, you’ll get the lead’s email address, property specifications, and other information such as market trend data and financial insights. 

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. BoldLeads

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. BoldLeads

BoldLeads is a CRM system combined with a lead prospecting platform.

You’ll accomplish not only getting buyer and seller leads when you subscribe to their service, but also manage your leads through their advanced CRM.

Teams and individuals would benefit from using BoldLeads since it organizes all its features in a single place.

Many big real estate companies, cash companies, and starting agents are utilizing this platform and their reviews put this platform on the pedestal.

Check out the best features of BoldLeads:

  • Exclusive Leads: Leads are captured by this platform in an early stage and you receive them depending on the zip code you identified. They categorize these leads so engagement and follow-up are easier.
  • CRM: BoldLeads has one of the easiest to use CRM in real estate. Through this, you can communicate with your prospects and connect with them despite your busy schedule. You can use BoldLead’s CRM to send mass texts, voicemails, and emails. You may also send out open house invitations, new listings, news reports, and other marketing materials to connect and engage with your prospects.
  • Market Reporting: Another great feature of BoldLeads is their ability to track your current relationship with a lead. In just a few clicks, you can view how the leads responded to your emails and their other actions.
  • Third Party Integration: BoldLeads can be integrated into the third-party apps you’re using for your business, be it for messaging, tracking, automation, or scheduling. Insightly, Hubspot, Zapier, and Properytbase are some of the apps you can integrate.
  • Ad Management: This platform has a team of marketing professionals that can run a PPC campaign for you. Put more simply, these people can make you the top local agent and investor choice in your area.
  • 40+ Templates: BoldLeads offer 40+ templates for we buy houses website customization because they understand how crucial a landing page is.

BoldLeads offers three plans — lite, professional, and advanced. If you are an independent real estate agent or cash buyer, the lite plan will suit you well.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Zurple

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Zurple

Instead of capturing leads, Zurple is more focused on lead conversion. We can say that this is a client-generation platform, not lead generation.

The main strategy of Zurple in generating leads is through running pay-per-click campaigns in search engines. These campaigns are connected to a landing page where the leads are captured.

Once the leads are already captured, Zurple focuses on nurturing them until they turn into clients. They do this through consistent follow-ups.

Here’s what’s great about Zurple:

  • Branded Home Search Website: Zurple allows their clients to launch 10+ we buy houses websites so they can target all the areas in a specific zip code. This is the main lead generation strategy of Zurple.
  • Lead Behavior Analysis: After capturing the leads, the CRM system of Zurple will identify their search behavior and this will be presented to you. You’ll get to know what your leads are looking for, whether they are selling or purchasing homes, the location where they’re looking for a distressed property, if they've done a title search, and all other searches they made before they signed up on your we buy houses website.
  • Zurple Auto Conversations: Zurple can easily determine which of the leads they’ve gathered will turn out to be home sellers or home buyers after the lead analysis. They’ll then email these leads to nurture them. The email that Zurple sends is based on your lead’s behavior so it is personalized. The lead intelligence score of each of your prospects is monitored and once it rises, you will be notified to take over the conversation with them.

This marketing automation and lead generation platform can help agents, cash buyers, cash buying companies, and investors alike to turn leads into highly motivated clients without putting in intensive work just like in the traditional sale.

With Zurple’s nurturing system, no leads are neglected

Zurple also has a social media scheduler and video messaging feature to help you get some more extra leads.

Moreover, Zurple also has video messaging and social media schedulers that a we buy houses company can enjoy using. If you need more leads, these extra features would help you accomplish that fast.

Note that you must have an established conversion strategy if you are going to use Zurple. The hand-off from their automated conversation system to your personal follow-up can be challenging.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Zillow Premier Agent

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent works differently from other lead generation platforms that use we buy houses websites. Instead of offering each lead for a price, real estate professionals purchase advertisements on the Zillow Network. 

Zillow captures a huge amount of leads since more than 149 million people visit their website each month. 41% of these people are active buyers or home sellers.

Note that Zillow Premier Agent is not the same as Zillow Listing Agent. The latter is a free feature where you can make a free Zillow account and showcase your listings.

Here are some of the reasons why Zillow Premier Agent is a favorite of many agents, cash companies, cash buyers, and investors:

  • Automated Advertising: There’s no need to create and run your own PPC campaign when you use the Zillow Premier Agent. They’ll run the ads for you but you have to buy a “share of voice.” This is the portion of the ad spend for the Zip code you chose. The number of leads you’ll receive will depend on your share of voice.
  • Zillow Premier Agent CRM: Zillow Premier Agent’s CRM works on both mobile and laptop. They are sent to your inbox. You can contact these leads from the app.
  • My Agent: The My Agent feature of Zillow Premier Agent will give you exclusive access to motivated buyer leads for 30 days. You’re the only one who can contact them at this point so the chances of conversion are higher. Aside from exclusive lead access, the My Agent feature can also add your branding and contact information to emails of Zillow.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Zillow Premier Agent can be integrated into more than 37 lead generation platforms and apps. 
  • Broker Management: If you are managing a team of agents, this feature is really helpful. This assigns clients to each of your agents to ensure that no leads are being neglected. Moreover, this feature can track calls so you can monitor the whole team’s progress.
  • ROI Report: Zillow’s ROI report is meant to update you on whether their platform is working for your business. 

To use Zillow Premier Agent successfully, you must be willing to invest a lot of money. This platform works through bidding so if you bid less money, you won’t get a high percentage of leads.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Offrs

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. Offrs

Offrs uses predictive analytics and AI to generate buyer and seller leads. They currently don’t have a CRM tool since their only focus is lead generation.

There are two services you can avail of from Offrs. These are Smart Data and Smart Apps. Smart Data is for lead generation, while Smart Apps are a set of apps that helps convert leads.

Let's look at the best features of Offrs:

  • Smart Data: The algorithm of Offrs which uses more than 50 data points identifies ugly houses and rental properties that would go for sale. These leads are categorized according to zip codes so you can subscribe according to your target areas. This removes the need to market on a larger scale. 
  • Smart Apps: Offrs has 19+ smart apps that can automate your marketing campaigns and help you convert leads. Some of their apps are Launchpad, Smart Sites, Template Builder, Voicemail Autopilot, Direct Mail Autopilot, and Email Autopilot.
  • Lead Guaranty: Offrs promises to deliver over 30 leads monthly. If they fail to do this, they will expand the target area you set.

Since the leads from Offrs are identified using predictive analytics, you must set a fast speed-to-lead action. You must give them cash offers fast or introduce yourself immediately if you are an agent. They're either hot or cold leads so the work you do to convert them matters a lot.

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. SmartZip

Need To Sell My House Fast vs. SmartZip

SmartZip is another platform that generates leads using predictive analytics. They use hundreds of data points to scour leads from the web. The data types they typically aggregate are focused on behavior, property, demographic, and consumer.

Here’s what you’ll get from SmartZip:

  • Leads From Predictive Analytics: You have lesser competition with their leads because they are generated through predictive analytics.
  • CRM: After the leads are farmed by advanced predictive analytics, they are delivered to their customer relationship management system. The data for each lead include names, address, phone numbers, property size, unpaid taxes, estimated equity, date when the house was last sold, etc.
  • Smart Targeting: SmartZip’s targeting feature sends marketing materials to your leads on your behalf. But of course, you’re allowed to check these materials before they're sent automatically.
  • Sphere: If you have extensive data on your sphere of influence, you may upload them on SmartZip to identify who among them is a potential seller or buyer. Once they are identified, you can include them in your marketing campaigns.
  • Reach 150: Using the Reach 150 feature, you can reach out to your past and current clients to get reviews. They can attest that you really negotiate for the purchase price of homes, etc. These ads can make you appear more trustworthy to potential clients.

If you are an agent or from companies that buy houses for cash and you have an amazing lead nurturing strategy, SmartZip is definitely for you. Just be sure to pack some patience because usually, this doesn’t offer early-stage returns.

Summary: Is Need To Sell My House Fast Worth the Investment for a Cash Buyer and Real Estate Investor?

Need To Sell My House Fast is definitely worth trying if you're after exclusive leads and you're fine with bidding systems. This platform allows integrations, pause lead flow features, refunds, integrations, and more. 

However, if you still want more motivated seller leads, check out other pay-per-lead platforms!

Here at Property Leads, we offer high-quality motivated leads generated through SEO. We run several "we buy houses" websites and we're generating almost a thousand leads per month!

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