PropStream Reviews: Getting More Out Of PropStream in 2023

Published on September 8, 2023

PropStream Reviews: Getting More Out Of PropStream in 2023

PropStream Reviews Getting More Out Of PropStream in 2023

In real estate, tools like PropStream are gaining popularity for their comprehensive features, allowing professionals to use a wide array of data. PropStream, similar to its counterparts, provides an in-depth insight into the real estate market, helping investors, agents, and other professionals make informed decisions. 

To understand why PropStream is a cut above the rest, it's essential to discern its utility, features, and the edge it provides in today's market. 

Through this blog, we aim to provide an unbiased review of PropStream, its strengths, potential drawbacks, and its overall place in the list of many real estate tools you can use.

What Is PropStream?

What Is PropStream

PropStream is a data-driven real estate investing software that distinguishes itself through its extensive, nationwide property data. This software aims to assist real estate professionals, from investors to agents, in sourcing detailed property information, understanding market trends, and finding leads. 

By delivering a comprehensive set of property data, PropStream facilitates better decision-making in the realm of real estate, helping professionals turn leads into clients or deals.

Moreover, the PropStream software offers functionalities beyond just property data. It also covers lead generation, marketing, and even mobile solutions for on-the-go users. This is why PropStream has made significant strides in delivering a holistic real estate solution for professionals in the field.

PropStream Pricing: How Much Does PropStream Cost?

The baseline subscription cost for PropStream is $ 99 per month. This provides users with access to national data on PropStream's platform.

They have an enhanced package that might cost $146 monthly with additional fees based on a per-usage basis, though the exact features of this package are not detailed on their website. You can also get managed permissions and access levels as well as daily list monitoring using their add-ons.

It's worth noting that PropStream real estate software doesn't appear to have different tiers of subscription or discounted packages, indicating a straightforward pricing structure.

Generally, PropStream offers a simple and straightforward pricing structure, primarily revolving around their baseline subscription, with potential additional services or features incurring more costs. 

The value and worth of the version of PropStream you'll get depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user or business. Visit the PropStream website for updates on the PropStream pricing model or PropStream subscription plans.

PropStream Features

PropStream Features

PropStream offers various features catering to the needs of real estate professionals. Below are some of the key features that PropStream offers which can be useful for your real estate endeavors:

Access to Detailed Information

PropStream provides users with comprehensive data on properties. This includes ownership details, property specifications, mortgage history, tax-related data, MLS (Multiple Listing Service) details, and more. To date, they have 153 million properties in their database. PropStream automatically updates this list and you can access it for both free and paid subscription.

The software's ability to consolidate this information in one platform makes it convenient for real estate professionals to analyze properties and make informed decisions without having to source data from multiple platforms.

Lead Generation & Deal Closure

PropStream is designed to help users and their team member find leads and close deals, thus boosting their real estate business. With the advent of big data, full access to PropStream means advanced filtering capabilities as well as a list automator, allowing users to pinpoint specific properties or owners that align with their business objectives. 

This use of PropStream streamlines the search process, enabling real estate professionals to identify potential deals faster.

Investor Tools & Marketing Solutions

PropStream can also provide real estate investors with a suite of investor tools and marketing solutions. These free real estate tools are designed to assist professionals in making well-informed decisions, ensuring they stay competitive in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Mobile Application

The PropStream Mobile application further enhances the platform's capabilities. Users can search for properties, analyze them, run comparative market analyses (comps), and even perform skip tracing while on the move. 

This mobile integration ensures that professionals can access vital information anytime, anywhere, enhancing flexibility and efficiency.

Integration of MLS Data & Public Records

It's also worth mentioning that PropStream has the ability to combine MLS data with public records. This integration offers users a unique perspective, allowing them to uncover off-market properties and homeowners who might be potential sellers. 

By having this combined data at their fingertips, real estate professionals can tap into opportunities that might not be visible through traditional search methods.

Property Search Filters

PropStream also has a search bar tailored for ease of use. Professionals can look up properties by various parameters such as property address, APN (Assessor's Parcel Number), county, city, or zip code. 

The flexibility in search criteria ensures that users can narrow down their searches to find exactly what they're looking for.

Skip Tracing

PropStream's skip tracing services allow users to instantly access property owners' phone numbers and emails when driving for dollars. This homeowner skip tracing feature is integral for real estate professionals to directly reach out to property owners for potential deals or inquiries. 

Furthermore, PropStream gives their uses access to a mobile app. This facilitates a built-in skip tracing software by allowing users to search for properties by address, APN, or geolocation and, from there, retrieve property owner contact information. This eliminates expensive skip tracing costs. Plus you can easily use postcards.

Deal Analyzer

PropStream has an analysis wizard tool that enables users to generate comprehensive reports on real estate properties. This includes but is not limited to, mortgage analysis and rental analysis. 

Such an analyzer assists investors and realtors in making informed decisions regarding property investments by offering a deep dive into potential profitability, costs, and other critical metrics.

Real Estate Comps

Comparables, or "comps," are critical in the real estate industry for determining market value. PropStream is renowned for its vast database of real estate data, which includes providing comparables to help users find the current market value of a property and determine its investment potential. This is a great feature since PropStream recently launched their driving for dollars app.

Targeted Marketing

PropStream's built-in marketing features are designed to assist users in promptly engaging with property owners and generating leads ready for investment. 

These tools allow for targeted outreach, which can be especially beneficial in real estate where understanding and catering to specific client needs can result in successful transactions.

Rehab Estimator

One of PropStream's prominent features is its rehabbing calculator. Access to PropStream's calculator means real estate investors, especially those involved in property flipping or seeking to renovate properties, can price their property right.

The estimator gives users a rough estimation of the costs involved in refurbishing a property (labor and material costs, property manager, etc.), thereby enabling them to budget accurately and assess the feasibility and potential ROI of a project.

PropStream Pros and Cons

Even though PropStream is already a very powerful tool for real estate investors, it is not without its disadvantages. Read this section to review PropStream’s pros and cons so you can make better decisions and find out whether this tool is worth the cost.

PropStream Pros

  • Comprehensive Property Data: PropStream boasts a data-centric approach to real estate investing. Its software provides extensive property data that is gathered from various authentic sources, such as county records and MLS. This extensive database ensures that users have access to reliable and detailed information when making investment decisions.
  • Robust Reporting Tools: The platform comes equipped with tools that can produce reports detailing aspects such as estimated property values, rental income, equity, growth rates, and more. These reports can be crucial in helping investors make informed decisions regarding their property investments.
  • Market Analysis and Investment Deals: PropStream's software is designed to assist users in conducting detailed property market analyses. Furthermore, PropStream claims to aid in finding potential investment deals and provides seller data across multiple real estate markets in the U.S. This functionality is essential for investors aiming to identify lucrative opportunities in various real estate markets.
  • Offers a Free Trial Period: For those hesitant about committing to the software immediately, PropStream offers a free 7 day free trial. Since PropStream is free for seven days, users can explore and get a feel for the platform's features before deciding on a purchase.

PropStream Cons

  • Cost: PropStream comes with a subscription fee. While the tools and data provided can be invaluable for real estate professionals, the cost might be prohibitive for beginners, small investors, or those who only need the service occasionally. Without seeing a clear return on investment, some users might find the recurring cost burdensome.
  • Data Accuracy and Completeness: No database is extremely accurate. While PropStream is one of the best providers of nationwide property data, there may be occasional discrepancies or omissions in the data sourced from county records, MLS, and other databases. Inaccurate or outdated information can lead to faulty investment decisions, which could be costly especially if PropStream doesn't know this happening.
  • Learning Curve: PropStream offers a variety of tools and features that, while powerful, can be overwhelming for new users. As per customer reviews, time investment required to fully understand and efficiently use the platform might be seen as a disadvantage, especially for those not familiar with similar software.
  • Coverage Limitations: Even though PropStream offers nationwide data, there are areas or specific types of real estate data that are less thoroughly covered than others. This could pose a disadvantage for users interested in niche markets or specific regions.

How To Use PropStream

How To Use PropStream

PropStream can truly enhance your real estate business with its user-friendly features, comprehensive property data, and creative lead generation capabilities.

For a new PropStream customer, they can learn how to get started with PropStream by following a few steps, you'll be able to maximize the platform's potential and benefit from its extensive data resources.

To begin, you would want to open up a property's details by clicking on the property of interest. This step will lead you to a page rich in information, from ownership details, property specifications, to its mortgage history, and much more. 

An essential feature here is the Analysis Tool. Located at the top right corner of the property details page, the Analysis button offers you the chance to delve deeper into the property's metrics. 

By clicking on it, a popup appears, guiding you through an in-depth examination of the property's worth and potential return on investment.

For those seeking to generate leads creatively, PropStream has got you covered. The platform is equipped with a search feature that lets users filter properties and potential leads based on a variety of specific criteria. 

You can narrow down your search results by factors such as the property's location, its type, and its current ownership status. This targeted approach ensures that you're not just casting a wide net, but are focusing on leads that align with your business goals.

Additionally, if you're a real estate agent or broker looking to expand your business, there's a chance to access PropStream Integrations like ChatGPT to optimize your operations. 

ChatGPT, a language-based model, can assist in automating some of your processes, ensuring that you can manage your leads and clients more efficiently, even when using tools like PropStream.

PropStream Alternatives

If you have reviewed the features of PropStream and still looking for other options, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 PropStream alternatives that you might want to consider.

PropStream vs. BatchLeads

PropStream and BatchLeads both cater to the real estate industry, but their primary focus and features distinguish them. 

PropStream has made its mark by offering exhaustive property data, making it easier for investors to conduct detailed assessments of properties. With features tailored for analytics, it helps users decipher market movements and gain insights into property valuations. 

On the flip side, BatchLeads stands out for its lead generation and management capabilities. While it provides property insights, its primary strength lies in aiding real estate professionals to connect with potential clients, streamline their interactions, and nurture these relationships to culminate in successful deals. 

BatchLeads and PropStream, while offering some overlapping features, are distinguished by their core strengths—analytics for PropStream and lead management for BatchLeads

PropStream vs. Privy

PropStream and Privy are both significant players in the real estate domain, but they serve different needs. PropStream's prowess lies in its extensive property database, making it an invaluable resource for investors seeking in-depth data about properties. From historical records to market trends, PropStream offers it. 

In contrast, Privy steps in with a data-driven approach combined with real-time investment analytics. While providing property information, it emphasizes current investment strategies and offers insights based on live property deals. 

Thus, Privy bridges the gap between raw data and actionable investment strategies, offering users a holistic view of the market dynamics.

PropStream vs. PropertyRadar

PropStream and PropertyRadar are both formidable tools in the real estate market. PropStream, with its vast property database, is the go-to for those seeking a comprehensive perspective on potential investments. 

PropertyRadar, however, brings a different approach to the table. Focusing more on hyperlocal market insights, it aids businesses in deciphering local market details, unveiling off-market prospects, and directly engaging with potential clients or leads. 

So, while PropStream offers a large view of the property landscape, PropertyRadar provides insights into the local market pulse, proving invaluable for niche investments.

PropStream vs. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM solution designed to manage sales pipelines, enhance lead management, and streamline customer relationships across various industries. 

While PropStream dives deep into real estate analytics, Pipedrive facilitates the operational aspects of sales and customer relationship management, making it a preferred choice for businesses prioritizing sales workflows and client interactions.

PropStream vs. DealCheck

DealCheck emphasizes property analysis from an investment perspective. It allows users to calculate potential returns, evaluate profitability, and make projections on real estate investments. 

While PropStream offers a broader understanding of the property domain, DealCheck is laser-focused on assisting investors in gauging the financial viability of their prospective property investments.

PropStream vs. DealMachine

Deal Machine is primarily designed for real estate investors seeking properties for flipping or wholesale opportunities. The platform allows users to find potential deals by driving around neighborhoods, streamlining the process of identifying underpriced or distressed properties. 

While PropStream focuses on providing a broad spectrum of property-related data, Deal Machine narrows its focus on facilitating the hunt for promising investment properties.

PropStream vs. Mashvisor

PropStream offers users a wide range of property data, from market trends to in-depth valuations. Mashvisor, conversely, positions itself as a tool for rental property investors. It assists users in identifying potential rental properties, estimating returns, and gauging the overall profitability of an investment. 

By analyzing various factors, including neighborhood ratings, historical rental data, and projected returns, Mashvisor provides actionable insights for those looking to dive into the rental property market. 

In comparison, while PropStream is a holistic real estate data tool, Mashvisor specifically caters to individuals and businesses aiming to invest in the rental sector.

PropStream vs. REIPro

REIPro is also an advanced real estate investment software but with distinct features catering to different aspects of the real estate market. While both platforms strive to provide essential data, they have divergent functionalities and capabilities that set them apart. 

PropStream's strength lies in its in-depth data analytics, while REIPro might be inclined towards other functionalities beneficial for real estate investors, like lead management or deal evaluation.

PropStream vs. Realeflow

Realeflow focuses on providing tools and solutions tailored for real estate investors. This includes a suite of services from lead generation to deal analysis and comprehensive workflow systems. 

While PropStream's offerings cater to a wide range of audience looking for detailed data analytics, Realeflow leans towards being a complete system for real estate investors, including almost every phase of the investment process. 

Each tool has its strengths and is suited for different kinds of real estate professionals, depending on their specific needs.

PropStream vs. Zillow

Zillow is primarily a marketplace and platform where people can list, discover, and purchase properties. It's more consumer-oriented, with tools and features like Zestimate, which provides an estimated market value for a home.

Moreover, Zillow allows users to input specific keywords to filter their property search, which aids in finding specialized listings such as fixer-uppers or rehab properties.

While both platforms serve the real estate domain, PropStream leans more towards data provision and in-depth market analytics, whereas Zillow emphasizes property listings and simplifies the buying and selling process for the general public.

PropStream FAQs

PropStream FAQs

How Accurate is PopStream Data?

PropStream’s data is highly accurate, which is why it stands out as a reputable provider of comprehensive real estate data covering the entirety of the United States. The foundation of their service is based on the belief that everyone should have access to accurate, reliable, and up-to-date real estate data. 

This commitment to data accuracy is evident through their sourcing from multiple records, including public, MLS, and other private data sets. 

Does PropStream Really Work? What is PropStream Used For?

Yes. PropStream really works. PropStream provides its users with a suite of tools and data aimed at empowering real estate investors to make well-informed decisions. It is not just a database; it also offers a range of functionalities, including advanced filtering capabilities, intuitive marketing tools, and lead generation features that assist in the real estate business. 

Many users and reviewers have vouched for the software's efficacy in property market analysis and in finding viable investment deals across various U.S. real estate markets 

Is PropStream a CRM?

PropStream is not primarily a CRM but a real estate lead generation software, utilizing big data, advanced filtering, and marketing tools tailored for real estate professionals to find a motivated seller. However, the platform extends beyond just lead generation. 

PropStream is not only recognized for its extensive property data but also for offering marketing and some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities. This means that while it might not be a full-fledged CRM software, it does integrate certain features that assist professionals in managing and nurturing leads.

Can you find leads with PropStream?

Yes. PropStream is a specialized platform designed for lead generation in the real estate sector. The software leverages big data and advanced filtering capabilities to help users find and target potential leads. 

With PropStream, users can make specific marketing lists based on varying criteria such as location and selling motivation. Additionally, the platform offers over 120 unique filters and 19 quick lists to generate a highly-qualified list of potential sellers and listings. 

Summary: Is PropStream Worth the Investment?

After a thorough review of PropStream's capabilities, it's evident that the platform offers a wealth of data and tools tailored for the modern real estate professional. Its in-depth insights can be useful for those aiming to stay ahead in the fast-paced real estate market. 

While no tool is without its drawbacks, the comprehensive features of PropStream make it a noteworthy investment for anyone serious about real estate. Given its popularity in making decision-making easier, investing in PropStream could very well provide you a competitive advantage.

On another note, if you do not want to use tools like PropStream to generate leads, you still have a few alternatives. One of which is buying leads from Property Leads. We generate leads from SEO so you are assured of their accuracy.

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