Propwire Reviews: How Good is the Real Estate Data in 2023?

Published on September 8, 2023

Propwire Reviews: How Good is the Real Estate Data in 2023?

Propwire Reviews How Good is the Real Estate Data in 2023

As a real estate professional, you are likely seeking platforms that offer reliable and comprehensive property data. Propwire is considered one of these platforms, boasting free property search, skip tracing, and more. 

But with so many digital tools available, how does Propwire stand out from the rest? This blog looks into user reviews and evaluates the accuracy, relevance, and overall usability of Propwire's real estate data. This is so you can make informed decisions before using this platform.

What Is Propwire?

What Is Propwire

Propwire is a specialized real estate software platform tailored for investors, agents, and real estate brokers created by Jerry Norton and Freddie Gibbs. Its primary purpose is to furnish its users with a million precise property data and analytics. This detailed information empowers real estate investment (REI) professionals to make well-informed decisions regarding the acquisition, sale, and wholesaling of properties.

The core strength of Propwire lies in its ability to provide real-time data from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as off-market property specifics. This data encompasses critical information such as the current property value, ownership lineage, and tax records, among other details. 

But Propwire is more than just a data repository. It comes equipped with a suite of tools specifically designed for comprehensive property research, astute market analysis, and manage efficient lead generation. 

For real estate investors, especially wholesalers, this functionality is invaluable. It enables them to swiftly pinpoint properties that present the highest profit potential for wholesaling endeavors.

Christian Weatherspoon of Real Estate Investing Made Easy on YouTube made a detailed review of Propwire and we'll be doing the same in this blog!

How Much Does Propwire Cost?

How Much Does Propwire Cost

Propwire's pricing model is centered around delivering immense value to its users, especially in terms of accessibility to crucial real estate information and marketing tools. 

One of the standout features is the ability to download property records at no cost. This ensures that users have access to the essential data they need without having to worry about added expenses.

Furthermore, Propwire emphasizes empowering its users' marketing endeavors by offering unlimited free property downloads. Notably, this is provided without the necessity for a credit card, which emphasizes the platform's commitment to transparency and its intent to avoid any hidden costs or unintended charges for the users.

The free offering of Propwire may be related to raising capital. This means that there is an underlying business model or strategy where Propwire could be monetizing in other ways, possibly through official partnerships, advertisements, or raising investments based on user engagement or data usage.

Propwire Features

Propwire Features

More and more investors are leveraging Propwire for their real estate businesses because of its features. Check them out below!

Geographic Search Capabilities

PropWire allows users to search for property information based on geographic areas, even as specific as zip codes. 

This can be especially useful for investors, developers, or real estate professionals who are looking to find properties in particular neighborhoods or regions. Searching by geography ensures that users can get relevant data for their specific needs.

Filtering Options

The platform offers filters that can further refine the search results. These filters include property type, price range, square footage, and more. 

Filters are essential in any property data platform as they allow users to get precise results tailored to their specifications and eliminate the need to sift through irrelevant listings.

Unlimited Free Access to Real Estate Data

PropWire provides users with free access to certain real estate data, allowing them to find potential property deals. it is a noteworthy feature as many property data platforms often require subscription fees or one-time payments to get unlimited data. 

Offering free data and management can be a significant advantage for users who are starting in the real estate industry or those who need occasional access to property data without committing to a subscription to platforms like Batch Leads, etc.

Real-time MLS Access

Propwire offers access to real-time MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data in the real estate market. MLS is a critical feature for real estate professionals as it's a private database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale. 

Access to real-time data ensures that users can obtain the most recent and relevant property information available, thus aiding in making well-informed decisions even if you are investing for years.

Off-market Property Data

Alongside MLS access, Propwire provides data for off-market properties. This feature is especially valuable for investors looking for potential deals not listed on traditional marketplaces. 

Off-market deals can often result in better terms for the buyer since there's usually less competition compared to listed properties.

Wholesale Properties Tool

Propwire also has a tool specifically designed for finding wholesale properties. This tool can be particularly useful for real estate investors looking to find properties at below-market prices to buy and then sell for a profit.

Comps Tool

This tool enables users to determine the value of any property in the U.S. Users can search any address to view comparables, which are recently sold homes in the vicinity. It provides a lot of filtering options like Beds/Baths, Sq Ft, Lot Size, Sold Date, Sold Price, and more, ensuring users find the most relevant comparables.

An added advantage is that Propwire automatically calculates the accurate value for the subject property based on the selected comps.

Skip Trace Feature

Unlike conventional skip tracing, Propwire’s Deep Trace technology is designed to obtain enhanced contact details for property owners. Users can instantly run skip traces to obtain multiple phone numbers, distinguishing between mobile and landlines, ensuring efficient use of resources for campaigns.

The flexibility to run single skip traces for individuals, or bulk skip traces for vast lists ensures scalability and versatility for users.

Propwire Pros and Cons

As is with any real estate platform, Propwire has its pros and cons. It’s crucial that you are aware of all of these before deciding to jump on this platform.

Propwire Pros

  • Wide-reaching Property Data: Propwire offers access to a multitude of property information, which is not only limited to valuation data but also includes tax records and more.
  • Building Cash Buyer's Lists: Propwire provides users the ability to cultivate lists of potential cash buyers. This feature can be particularly advantageous for those in the wholesale real estate business or for those looking to swiftly flip properties. 
  • Finding Unlimited Real Estate Leads: The platform boasts an impressive capacity to locate an array of real estate leads, which can be instrumental for agents, brokers, and investors alike. Users can input data such as zip codes, cities, or counties to retrieve lists of properties in the targeted regions.
  • Wholesale Property Search: Propwire isn't limited to standard real estate listings. It offers specialized tools designed specifically for those in the real estate wholesaling sector.
  • Comprehensive Comps Tool: Propwire offers a powerful comps tool designed to appraise the value of any property across the U.S when you plan to invest. This tool isn't limited to merely determining property values and other financial details; it also provides access to comparables or recently sold homes in any given area. 
  • Advanced Skip Tracing Feature: Propwire's skip tracing isn't standard. They've incorporated a feature known as 'Deep Trace technology,' aiming to supply more comprehensive and accurate contact information for property buyers when they invest. 

Propwire Cons

  • Data Accuracy Issues: Propwire allows users to pull data for free. However, a significant portion of this data, especially the owner information, may not be very accurate and is outdated, according to reviews. This limitation can potentially affect the quality of decision-making for users relying on the platform.

How To Use Propwire

How To Use Propwire

To use Propwire effectively in real estate investing and management, you should begin by setting up a free account on their platform. 

Once your account is set up, you can start searching and downloading property data. You can utilize the platform to search for specific property details and then download this data for further analysis or usage. Propwire is a valuable tool for real estate professionals, investors, and even individuals seeking property-related information.

Ensure that while using Propwire, you're inputting accurate and specific search criteria to get the most relevant results. After obtaining your search results, you download this data, often in formats like CSV or Excel, which can be easily imported into other software or tools for further evaluation. By doing this, you can make profitable deals whether you want to rehab a multi-family property or embark on another investment strategy.

For more details on how to get unlimited free data from Propwire, including niche data for real estate and other free leads, you may also head over to YouTube for a tutorial.

Propwire Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with three free real estate data that Propwire has to offer or you're looking for more platforms before you decide, here are some powerful alternatives you might want to consider.

Propwire vs. Property Leads

Property Leads distinguishes itself with a groundbreaking approach to lead generation. Its major differentiator is being the first and only pay-per-lead platform in the market. 

By harnessing the capabilities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Property Leads ensures that the generated leads are of the highest caliber, focusing on motivated sellers actively looking to dispose of their properties.

Furthermore, the assurance that the leads are exclusive and not on-market – providing leads that are not shared among multiple investors or professionals – amplifies the potential for successful conversions. 

While Propwire zeroes in on offering extensive property data for immediate insights, Property Leads stands out with its unmatched quality in lead generation, backed by innovative methodologies and exclusivity. 

Propwire vs. Property Radar

Propwire, as discussed in this blog, focuses on providing users with the ability to search and download property data. The platform may enable users to gather data on specific properties, understand property values, and gain insights into potential investment opportunities.

Property Radar, on the other hand, offers comprehensive property data, owner information, and market analysis. It caters to a wide range of professionals, from real estate agents to investors and service businesses. 

The platform also provides users with in-depth insights into market trends, foreclosure data, and other vital real estate information. Its features are comprehensive, aiming to provide detailed and actionable insights to its users.

Propwire vs. PropStream

PropStream is a well-recognized platform in the real estate industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for real estate investors and professionals. PropStream also provides in-depth property data, including details about liens, mortgage information, property history, and more. 

Furthermore, it allows users to access a wide range of analytics, including market trends and comps for real estate investing. PropStream's platform is equipped with features that enable users to evaluate properties, estimate potential returns on investments, and generate leads. It's designed to be an all-in-one solution for real estate professionals seeking a competitive edge in the market.

Both Propwire and PropStream aim to cater to the real estate sector with valuable data. However, their offerings, usability, and target audience may differ.

Summary: Is Propwire Worth the Investment?

After looking into user reviews and analyzing the platform's offerings, it's evident that while Propwire presents a range of valuable features, like all tools, it has its strengths and areas for improvement if you're going to use it for real estate investing purposes. 

It is crucial for you to continuously evaluate platforms like Propwire to ensure you're getting the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Always remember, the right data can make all the difference in successful real estate endeavors.

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