Real Estate Bees Leads Reviews: Worth the Investment?

Published on September 13, 2023


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Real Estate Bees Leads Reviews: Worth the Investment?

Real Estate Bees Leads Reviews: Worth the Investment?

Real Estate Bees (REB) is a platform acclaimed for its extensive inventory of leads. If you are also curious about this platform, we’ve got you covered! This blog carefully delves into user experiences, assessing whether REB truly lives up to its reputation.

Drawing from firsthand accounts of real estate agents, brokers, and industry insiders, this article will provide an unbiased examination of the platform. We'll uncover what REB has to offer, determining if the investment in their leads can really help you succeed in your field. 

What Is Real Estate Bees?

What Is Real Estate Bees?

Real Estate Bees is a unique and free leading platform in the real estate industry. Its primary goal is to empower industry professionals, such as real estate agents and brokers, with advanced technology. 

The platform aims to revolutionize the real estate domain by providing professionals with the tools, technologies, and resources they need to enhance their operations and become more efficient. 

To be specific, Real Estate Bees offers Real Estate Bees Leads, a program that aims to help real estate agents generate real estate leads. These leads help realtors identify potential clients, both buyers and sellers, in their target market just like a number of industry-leading real estate platforms. 

The unique aspect of this program is that it offers both free and paid leads on the platform for the real estate agents who signed up for their services. Realtors can utilize these leads to connect with potential clients, understand their property requirements, or pitch their services. 

This dual opportunity allows realtors to opt for free leads while also offering enhanced, paid options for those looking for a more extensive reach or specialized services to get the list of the best lead in the industry.

The company is based in Houston, Texas, and has garnered positive attention and a dedicated user base. We’ll look deeper into what this platform has to offer to ensure that reviews on the web are true.

How Much Does Real Estate Bees Leads Cost?

Real Estate Bees has carefully thought of different lead acquisition models to cater to the varied needs of realtors, ensuring that every professional finds a suitable paying model. 

The Paid Upfront Leads system adopted by REB is designed with simplicity at its core. By merely joining their platform, realtors gain immediate access to a vast inventory of readily available real estate leads. The seamless process involves creating an account and specifying the exact criteria for the desired leads.

Diverging from the upfront payment model, REB also offers a No Upfront Cost Leads system. This model is particularly advantageous for those who prefer to pay upon successful closures. 

Essentially, there's no initial payment; however, post the successful closing of a deal, a broker-to-broker referral fee, which stands at the industry standard of 25%, becomes applicable. This model does entail certain prerequisites. To be deemed eligible for these referral leads, realtors must fulfill specific quality standards set by REB. 

REB also introduces the Shared Expense Leads system, promoting collaborative investments. Upon meeting REB's quality standards, members are granted access to an exclusive network of professionals. This community is willing to pool resources, thereby co-financing the lead budget.

Moreover, REB introduced a model that does not demand any monetary exchange for leads. 

However, they do not give away free leads to every agent. Some still have to pay for the leads to access them.

REB’s platform encourages active participation, involvement, and engagement within the industry. It is this active contribution that made free leads from this real estate software became possible. 

When you visit the Real Estate Bees platform you can read more about these real estate leads for realtors in detail.

Real Estate Bees Leads Features

Real Estate Bees Leads Features

Real Estate Bees (REB) offers innovative lead-generation approaches to help realtors in growing their businesses. Here's a detailed look at what they bring to the table or what types of real estate leads models do they have:

Paid Upfront Leads

As discussed earlier, this model provides a straightforward approach for realtors to get leads. Upon registration on the Real Estate Bees platform, professionals are granted immediate access to an inventory of available real estate leads that they can purchase. 

Users specify their lead criteria, and the system fetches results matching those specifications. This eliminates the need for any added processes, allowing agents to simply place an order, reach out to leads, and potentially close deals. This is one of the main reasons why Real Estate Bees is a highly regarded tool for real estate. 

No Upfront Cost Leads

This lead acquisition model ensures that agents only pay after they successfully close a deal. Post-closure, the platform charges a standard 25% broker-to-broker referral fee. However, this model where they connect leads to real estate agents with no upfront costs has its prerequisites. 

To be eligible for these referral leads, agents need to adhere to quality standards set by the platform. The platform assesses professionals based on factors like past transaction history, service quality, and positive review counts, among others.

Shared Expense Leads

Real Estate Bees introduces an innovative way to manage lead generation expenses which is cost sharing. This is because they recognize other non-competing professionals who value these leads, such as lenders, appraisers, and contractors. 

After meeting platform quality standards, members gain access to an exclusive network ready to co-finance lead budgets.

Free of Charge Leads

As surprising as it may sound, the platform does offer leads free of charge. However, there's a catch. These free leads aren't given to just anyone. Real Estate Bees rewards its most active, involved, and engaged members with these complimentary leads. Real Estate Bees' editorial team asked many agents to write for their site before in exchange for free leads and you can leverage this, too.

This approach stems from the platform's commitment to bolstering the growth of dedicated real estate professionals. The REB platform uses a performance-based algorithm designed to reward proactive members with these no-cost leads.

Other Core Features

Aside from the leads they offer, you can also leverage Real Estate Bees to get real estate investment tips, real estate skip tracing, Real Estate Bees Exclusive Publicity Program, or the Real Estate Bees free Publicity Program.

Real Estate Bees Leads Pros and Cons

We understand that choosing a platform for lead generation is not easy. As such, let us look at what you’ll be getting out of Real Estate Bees.

Real Estate Bees Leads Pros

  • High Quality and Motivated Leads: REB's team has mastered the art of generating leads that include highly motivated sellers, buyers, and recruiting leads. The quality of these leads means that realtors are more likely to close deals.
  • Both Free and Paid Options: REB provides a unique program where realtors can access both free and paid leads in their target market. This flexibility allows realtors to choose leads that fit their budget and strategic needs. This can be advantageous if you are still using platforms that don't give away free leads.
  • Consistent Flow of Leads: REB ensures a steady inflow of leads as it is the industry's largest online real estate business directory. This consistent flow aids realtors in maintaining a continuous pipeline of potential clients and helps in growing their business. Not only do they have a tool that generates leads for real estate agents, REB is the only real estate platform in the industry that gives real estate leads for free. Their goal is always been about empowering real estate agents, and even real estate wholesalers or investors.
  • Exclusive Leads: Many real estate professionals prefer exclusive leads as they tend to be of higher quality and result in better conversion rates. The leads from REB are exclusive, ensuring less competition and a higher chance of closing a deal
  • Great Reviews: Reviews on the platform as well as on various trust rating sites are incredibly high for Real Estate Bees.

Real Estate Bees Leads Cons

As of writing, we cannot list any disadvantages of using Real Estate Bees, nor is there any direct mention of specific negative reviews about this platform on the web. 

Currently, Real Estate Bees has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, which indicates some negative reviews resulting in a non-perfect score. However, the specifics of these reviews aren't detailed.

How To Use Real Estate Bees Leads

How To Use Real Estate Bees Leads

To start using Real Estate Bees, sign up on the platform for free. This provides you the entryway to their vast inventory, packed with premium real estate leads. Given the zero investment at this stage, it's an enticing opportunity for newbies and veterans alike in the industry.

Once registered, you'll be prompted to complete your profile. This step is crucial, as it aids REB in understanding your preferences and needs. 

Specify the types of leads you're seeking, whether they're prospective buyers, sellers, renters, or other real estate-related categories. By detailing your criteria, you enable REB to cater offerings tailored to your specific requirements.

With your preferences in place, REB's advanced system works diligently to match leads that align with your criteria. The magic happens in real-time. 

Whenever there's a potential match, REB ensures you're in the loop by sending you timely notifications. This means you no longer have to go hunting for leads – they come right to you.

Once notified, the ball is in your court. Depending on the nature and category of the lead, you have a decision to make. Some leads may necessitate a purchase, while others might be available for free claims through the platform. 

This flexibility ensures that there's something for everyone, irrespective of budgetary constraints.

Acquiring a lead is just the beginning. With the lead's details and contact information at your disposal, it's time to kickstart the conversation. Reach out to your lead, build a rapport, understand their needs, and employ your negotiation skills to finalize the transaction. 

This step is essential, as it translates your efforts into tangible results, whether it's a property sale, purchase, or lease.

Real Estate Bees Leads Alternatives

Real Estate Bees Leads Alternatives

If you still want to review your options, check out the best alternative to Real Estate Bees below. These top real estate lead generation tools or real estate lead generation companies can be as effective as Real Estate Bees in their real estate lead generation service.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Property Leads

Property Leads offers a unique pay-per-lead service designed specifically for the real estate industry. They differentiate themselves from other real estate lead providers by focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to generate the highest converting motivated seller leads. 

They focus on delivering motivated home seller leads with the intent that buyers and real estate wholesalers can expand their businesses using the real-time information provided.

Moreover, Property Leads deliver leads in real time. Whether an agent or real estate investor prefers to receive a new lead on their phone, email, or directly into the CRM for real estate wholesalers, they can get instant notifications. 

This real-time system ensures that professionals can act quickly when they find motivated sellers, increasing the likelihood of successful engagements.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. LeadVine

LeadVine is a data-focused platform designed to aid real estate transactions. The primary feature of LeadVine is its provision of probate leads, each of which includes real property owned by a descendant at the time of their passing. 

The platform distinguishes itself from many other data companies, which often resell data files. Instead, LeadVine offers originality and integrity in its data sources. They filter the data themselves, making them more high converting.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Market Leader

Market Leader is an advanced platform that offers comprehensive solutions for real estate lead generation. One of its primary features is the ability to capture home buyer and seller leads on an IDX website. 

Through this real estate lead generator, real estate professionals can not only gather leads but also acquire detailed seller leads as well, including essential property details. With a clear emphasis on online visibility, Market Leader ensures that real estate agents and brokers have an online presence that's primed to attract and engage potential clients. 

This tool not only focuses on capturing highly motivated seller leads for real estate investors but also provides resources for converting them, making it a robust platform for the entire lead-generation process.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. zBuyer

zBuyer is as an innovative real estate lead generating tool that concentrates on generating buyer leads. The platform operates a nationwide home listing portal named 

As potential home shoppers visit and engage with this portal, quality leads are generated when users register on their site. This ensures that the leads are relevant, as they come from users actively searching for homes or properties. They do not have bad leads.

zBuyer's strategy focuses on attracting genuine home shoppers, which increases the likelihood of conversions, making it a promising platform for real estate professionals aiming to boost their client base efficiently.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. SmartZip

SmartZip is a pioneering platform in real estate lead generation, specializing in predictive real estate listing leads. That is why it is among the best lead generation providers for real estate wholesalers and investors. This real estate software company prides itself on offering solutions that help agents generate listing leads through a method called "smart farming." 

This approach uses data analytics to determine which homeowners are more likely to sell their properties, thus increasing the efficiency and success rate of outreach efforts. 

Beyond just lead generation, SmartZip incorporates strategies using popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, which are essential tools for generating leads and building brand presence. 

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. RedX

REDX stands as a powerful real estate prospecting platform compared to other real estate investor lead generation websites. It is designed to help real estate professionals set more listing appointments. It's more than just a lead generation software for real estate investors looking for pre-foreclosure leads for wholesaling real estate, etc.; it's a comprehensive platform that offers leads, dialers, and various prospecting tools to offer an all-in-one solution for real estate agents and investors. 

By providing a centralized platform for these tools, REDX ensures that agents have a seamless process, from identifying potential leads to setting up meetings and appointments with them. 

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Real Geeks

One of the notable offerings of Real Geeks is "Real Leads" a marketing solution crafted to efficiently generate home buyer and seller leads for real estate investing. This program harnesses the power of years of marketing expertise to ensure the highest quality of lead generation. 

The platform doesn't just focus on generating leads for your real estate investment business; it also provides tools and features to manage these leads effectively. As an efficient lead generation and built-in real estate investor CRM platform, Real Geeks is tailored to help agents manage their potential clients, ensuring that no opportunity is missed and every lead is nurtured to fruition. 

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is a unique real estate platform that provides real estate professionals with a distinctive opportunity to advertise their listings. By leveraging Zillow's extensive user base for their real estate business, agents have the chance to showcase their properties to a vast audience (real estate listing marketing), enhancing the probability of lead generation. 

Beyond this, Zillow Premier Agent's real estate lead marketplace seamlessly integrates with other lead sources, including Real Geeks, creating a holistic ecosystem where all leads can be funneled into a single platform. This integration ensures that real estate professionals have a consolidated view of all potential leads, streamlining the process of client management and conversion. 

The platform's CRM capabilities further enhance its value, with features such as task management and other productivity tools, ensuring that agents can effectively engage with and nurture their leads to successful outcomes.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides services for real estate agencies, catering to businesses of all sizes. It stands out by offering cutting-edge sales process management and automation tools to secure more deals. By emphasizing lead generation, Zoho CRM facilitates the creation and nurturing of prospects, turning them into potential clients by drawing from various sources. 

Furthermore, the comprehensive customer relationship management solution of this wholesale real estate software is explicitly crafted to address the unique demands of the real estate industry. 

It integrates various functionalities, ensuring agencies can manage, track, and communicate with leads efficiently, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion and strengthening agent-client relationships.

Real Estate Bees Leads vs. Catalyze AI

Catalyze AI takes a modern approach to real estate lead generation by offering a real estate software as a service (SaaS) platform. This platform equips real estate agents with top-of-the-funnel catalyst leads in their local areas on a monthly basis. 

Specifically, Catalyze AI uses advanced algorithms to sift through vast amounts of data and pinpoint high-quality leads. This streamlines the lead generation process and also increases the precision of targeting leads. 

By providing agents with a steady influx of localized leads, Catalyze AI ensures that real estate professionals can focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals rather than getting discouraged in the initial stages of lead acquisition.

Summary: Is Real Estate Bees Leads Worth the Investment? (Real Estate Bees Review 2023)

In assessing the effectiveness of Real Estate Bees for generating leads, it's obvious that the platform offers a unique approach, leveraging a pay-per-lead system and other payment models. This differentiation in lead pricing sets it apart from many other lead-generation platforms in the real estate industry.

If the pricing models of Real Estate Bees are too complicated for you, check us out at Property Leads. We are also a pay-per-lead platform that offers exclusive seller leads. What makes us unique is the fact that we generate leads from SEO to ensure high conversion and the price of our leads are affordable compared to others.

Make sure to fill out our form below to start getting motivated leads from us!


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