Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

Published on February 10, 2023

Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

Aside from using bandit signs, cold calling has to be one of the oldest strategies used by real estate agents and investors in lead generation. It's actually quite challenging, especially for someone who is new in the real estate industry. Thankfully, there are already several companies offering cold-calling services.

Some of the best real estate cold calling services today are Call Magicians, REVA Global, Flatworld Solutions, Fiverr Cold Calling Services, Upcall, Lead Mining Pros, Call Motivated Sellers, REVAS, and ExpertCallers. If you don't want to avail of cold-calling services from these companies, you can always hire your own virtual assistants from various freelancing platforms.

To identify which cold-calling company suits your needs best, check out the rest of this blog! We also answered whether cold calling is still effective and the things you need if you're doing it independently.

How Does Cold Calling Work In the Real Estate Industry?

How Does Cold Calling Work In the Real Estate Industry?

Real estate cold calling is a marketing strategy where an agent/investor or his team calls potential clients to advertise his services. Typically, the real estate professional doesn't have any prior connection to the people they're calling. 

The main purpose of real estate cold calling is to generate qualified leads (potential buyers and sellers) and reduce overhead costs. If the conversation goes well, complete strangers can turn into potential clients in no time. 

Many investors and other realtors still prefer cold calling over other lead-generating strategies because it is low cost, it helps them find local real estate clients because of area codes, and it gives them the opportunity to practice and improve their real estate pitch.

Does Cold Calling For Real Estate Investors and Agents Still Work In 2023?

Does Cold Calling For Real Estate Investors and Agents Still Work In 2023?

Yes. Real estate cold calling still works in 2023. Many agents and investors who do not utilize cold calling have experienced less growth in their businesses. However, if you want to use this marketing strategy, you need to be very determined, consistent, and prepared for constant rejections.

It takes around 208 cold calls and 12 hours of calling before their real estate professionals find clients according to the Keller Center at Baylor University. This may burn you out initially, but if you hire a cold-calling service, you'll get a better ROI.

What Do I Need to Be Able to Cold Call?

What Do I Need to Be Able to Cold Call?

Whether you plan to use cold calling (call center services) or do it independently, you need to know what is needed for a successful cold call. Check them out below!

Phone Numbers

Finding accurate phone numbers to dial is crucial in making cold calls. And their supply should be consistent for you to find more leads.

There are services that provide accurate phone numbers for cold-calling for agents and investors who are starting out. Although they require a fee, they'll provide you with a starting point.


Dialers can help you dial multiple numbers all at once so you have more time to talk to warm leads instead of tapping on the phone. Most dialers also gather numbers and offer scripts.

CRM or Database

A customer relationship management system or CRM is essential in tracking the status of each customer you called.

Through this system, you can identify which ones are not interested, need a follow-up, and are on track to becoming motivated leads.


If you are a new agent or investor, you might want to have a script for your business so you don't waste the time of your potential customer. Scripts also make you sound sure of what you are doing. There are a lot of cold-calling scripts online if you want to do it independently.

Top 9 Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

Top 9 Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

We know how overwhelming it is to choose among all the companies claiming they are the best in the cold-calling business.

To make it easy for you, we listed the top 9 cold calling services utilized by the most successful agents and investors!

1. Call Magicians

Call Magicians

Call Magicians offer two main services — cold calling and lead management. They are partners with several industries aside from real estate including insurance, medical, construction, and retail.

They only charge an average of $20 to $30 per lead allowing you to do more deals. Call Magicians will also recruit, train, and manage your cold callers so you have more time on your hands.

Their cold calling service includes live quality monitoring processes with your cold callers, daily and weekly custom reports, one-on-one coaching for your callers, access to Call Magician's support staff, strategy calls with their quality assurance team, and a lot more. 

Availing of their services follows a simple process. You just need to schedule a strategy session call with them. You can select the available date and time on their website. After this, they'll conduct system onboarding and training for your callers.

2. REVA Global

REVA Global

REVA Global is a resource for trained real estate virtual assistants. All their VAs are college graduates, have neutral accents, have strong communication skills and excellent English proficiency, are professionally trained, and are experienced in the call center industry.

Essentially, the virtual assistants from REVA Global can call your entire list of prospects multiple times. They can also find contacts for you and vet them to gauge their motivation in selling. Once their virtual assistants have identified a motivated seller lead, you'll be notified real-time so you can start your personal real estate business process.

The lead they'll pass on from their cold-calling lead generation service includes the following information:

  • Contact details
  • Property details
  • Property condition
  • General notes
  • Follow up instructions
  • General client information

Their cold-calling plans and pricing are the following:

  • 10 hours per week: $147
  • 20 hours per week: $287

If you wish to have a dedicated VA from them that can work 20 to 40 hours, you need to pay a one-time set-up fee of $495.

3. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions offers affordable real estate cold calling services (call center services). However, they require that you provide them with your database, unlike other outsourcing companies.

Their skilled cold callers would identify who among the prospects you sent are potential leads.

Some of the call center software that Flatworld Solutions use is HubSpot, talkdesk, Dixa, Avaya, Salesforce, and Zendesk. This company is preferred by many agents because of the following:

  • Flexible Pricing: This service charge based on project complexity or process, call volume, and skills of their virtual assistant. They don't charge any hidden fees.
  • Operational Transparency: All the info you'll provide to this company will remain confidential. Their calls will also be recorded.
  • Hassle-Free Management: If you use this service, they will help you transition the task to their real estate cold-calling team, especially when it's off-shore.
  • High-Quality Infrastracture: Their work infrastracture is world class as it adheres to international standards. They also have disaster recovery measures implemented.

Aside from cold calls, this company also helps in lead generation, appointment setting, and other services.

4. Fiverr Cold Calling Services

Fiverr Cold Calling Services

Fiverr is one of the top freelance markets to date. Cold calling is one of the categories for virtual assistants for every real estate business.

The great thing about outsourcing cold calling services on Fiverr is that you can choose the service according to the rate and skill of the virtual assistant.

Freelancers all over the world flock to Fiverr to find jobs that suit their skills. Fiverr makes it possible for you to work directly with a freelancer for your cold-calling needs. Most of these freelancers or skilled resources also know how to qualify leads while setting appointments and doing real estate skip tracing.

And since you're working directly with a cold caller through Fiverr, you can give your virtual assistant more instructions and control the process better. You may even review each of their recorded phone calls to assess their skills.

For as low as $15/hour, you can already avail of cold center services from this outsourcing company.

5. Upcall

real estate cold calling services

Upcall is a human-powered engagement platform that can also operate as an artificial intelligence.

This company offers both calling and text messaging services to give real estate investors a competitive advantage. They are technology-driven so they not only help start up conversations but also follow up on leads. 

In 2021, Upcall was listed as one of the top Voice Services Companies by Clutch.

Here are some of the best things about Upcall:

  • They ask their clients to choose from their wide list of lead sources.
  • They have free cold-calling script consultations with their clients to ensure that their scripts are highly persuasive.
  • After the cold-calling campaign has begun, there would be custom follow-up sequences and real-time monitoring. This track outbound calls so their clients know how their campaign is doing.
  • Upcall can be integrated into more than 1,000 software.
  • Upcall also offers lead pre-qualification and qualification for their clients as well as market research for their business.

6. Lead Mining Pros

Lead Mining Pros

Lead Mining Pros has foreign and American cold callers depending on your real estate needs. These people are highly trained to connect and deliver messages, gather sales information, and overcome objections to increasing your customer base.

Among all the cold-calling and telemarketing services here, Lead Mining Pros has one of the highest ratings on Facebook and Google. 

If you opt for cold callers from the United States for your real estate business, you will be charged $200 to $500 per dial. This includes asking 12 qualifier questions.

Meanwhile, for foreign dialers, the average cost is $100 to $500 which may result in 1 to 4 closing deals. Professional training fees, scripts, and dialers are provided for each virtual assistant.

Aside from cold calling, this company also offers skip trace services for 7 cents per match and SMS service for a $60 starting fee.

You can also use their lead generation service by running Facebook ads. 

7. Call Motivated Sellers

Call Motivated Sellers

The primary goal of Call Motivated Sellers is to help every real estate business to generate leads. This company has accent-neutral professional agents and they are carefully pre-screened. 

Moreover, their virtual assistants are bilingual in English and Spanish. Since these two are the most spoken language in the U.S., you won't have a problem communicating with many of your prospects who have Spanish descent.

Another great thing about Call Motivated Sellers is that their cold callers qualify your business contacts through a script designed for telephone prospecting. They only introduce who you are and what you do if they see great potential in that contact to convert.

You also won't have any script problems when using Call Motivated Sellers because they offer script rewrites. If you don't have a script yet for your target audience, they have a whole team that can assist you. They'll ask for a clear description of your target leads and they'll write a script from there.



REVAS is a VA provider founded in 2013 and its goal is to give real estate agents and investors a way to outsource some of their tasks. One part of their services is real estate business lead qualification and cold calls.

To work with REVAS, you need to provide them with a lead list and script. If you don't have these yet, they can help you put them together. Moreover, to ensure that your cold caller, telemarketer, or virtual assistant is meeting or exceeding your standards, you will be required to help in the training.

As for the work estimate, real estate virtual assistants from REVAS can finish 6 to 10 connected calls per hour. These outbound call center agents are either U.S. based or overseas.

REVAS requires a minimum commitment of 40 hours/month per 3 months. This is because they believe that a real estate cold calling or telemarketing campaigns need enough testing and refinement for it to be profitable.

9. ExpertCallers


This call center services is owned by Flatworld Solutions, the third entry on this list. They are currently serving the global market with more than 2,000 agents across three continents.

Similar to Flatworld, ExpertCallers offers inbound and outbound call services for every real estate business. They also have lead generation services for new clients, appointment setting, as well as chat support to increase efficiency of your real estate business.

Depending on your needs, their prices start at $8 to $10 per hour. They accept one-time projects and monthly contracts for cold calling, appointment setting, and other services they offer. Their rates are generally based on project duration, the skills of their dedicated team, and other tasks.

Final Thoughts: Real Estate Cold Calling Services For Real Estate Investors and Agents

Many real estate agents and investors avoid cold calling because it's a lot of work and has a high rejection rate. But with the help of the best cold calling services listed above, finding your next lead and closing on a property would a lot less complicated.

If you are already using a cold-calling service, but want more leads, reach out to us at Property Leads! We generate highly motivated leads through SEO so our conversion rates are higher compared to other pay-per-lead sites.

To start getting real estate leads from us, fill out our form below!

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