Best Dialers For Real Estate [Real Estate Dialers]

Published on February 28, 2023

Best Dialers For Real Estate

Best Dialers For Real Estate

The real estate industry is all about making connections, building relationships, and closing deals. And in today's digital age, one of the most important tools that can help real estate professionals achieve these goals is a powerful dialer.

Real estate dialers are software applications that automate the process of making phone calls, allowing real estate professionals to quickly and efficiently reach out to leads, prospects, and clients.

But with so many different dialers on the market, how do you know which one is right for you? In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the best dialers for real estate and explore their key features, pros, and cons.

What is a Real Estate Dialer

The real estate industry is a fast-paced and competitive environment. Real estate agents need to be able to reach out to potential clients quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to real estate, success often comes down to one critical factor: lead generation. One of the best ways to generate leads is by contacting potential clients via phone, but manually dialing numbers can be time-consuming and inefficient.

That's where dialers come in - they automate the dialing process, allowing you to reach more potential clients in less time.

A real estate dialer is an automated phone system that allows agents and brokers to connect with potential clients quickly and efficiently. This system works by automatically dialing phone numbers from a list of leads, and then connecting the agent or broker with the person on the other end of the line.

This saves time and effort, allowing agents and brokers to focus on selling real estate rather than spending hours on the phone dialing numbers.

Benefits of Auto Dialer for Real Estate Industry

1. Connect with More Prospects

Connect with More Prospects

An auto dialer enables agents and brokers to connect with more prospects. With a traditional phone system, agents and brokers must manually dial phone numbers, which can be time-consuming and inefficient.

However, with an auto dialer, the system can quickly and automatically dial a large number of phone numbers, which means that agents and brokers can connect with more prospects in a shorter amount of time.

2. More Efficient Sales Processes

Another important benefit of using an auto dialer is that it enables agents and brokers to have more efficient sales processes.

An auto dialer can be programmed to automatically dial specific phone numbers at certain times of the day or week, allowing agents and brokers to target their calls to specific times when potential clients are most likely to be available.

Additionally, an auto dialer can be programmed to leave voicemails for clients who do not answer their phones, which can save agents and brokers time and effort.

3. Increased Productivity

Using an auto dialer can also lead to increased productivity. As mentioned earlier, an auto dialer can connect agents and brokers with more prospects in a shorter amount of time, which means that they can spend less time dialing numbers and more time actually selling real estate.

This can lead to increased productivity and more closed deals.

4. Improved Sales Performance

Improved Sales Performance

By connecting with more prospects in a shorter amount of time, agents and brokers can increase their chances of finding qualified buyers and sellers.

Additionally, the data collected by an auto dialer can be used to analyze sales performance and identify areas for improvement. This can lead to more effective sales strategies and higher closing rates.

5. Improved Customer Service

Real estate professionals need to provide excellent customer service to succeed in this industry. Auto dialers can help agents provide a better customer experience by automating certain aspects of the sales process.

For example, auto dialers can be set up to leave pre-recorded voicemails or send pre-written text messages to potential clients. This automated approach frees up agents to focus on building relationships with clients, answering questions, and providing expert advice.

6. Data Management

Auto dialers can also help real estate businesses manage their data more efficiently. By automatically logging call data and recording calls, businesses can gain valuable insights into their sales process.

This data can be used to identify trends, improve agent performance, and refine sales strategies. Furthermore, auto dialers can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software, which can help businesses manage their leads and track sales performance.

7. Better Compliance

The real estate market is heavily regulated, and businesses need to ensure that they comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Auto dialers can help businesses ensure compliance by automatically sequentially dialing numbers and managing call records.

This can help businesses avoid accidentally calling numbers that are on the do-not-call list or violating other regulations.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Dialers

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Dialers

Now that we understand the importance of dialers in real estate, let's take a look at some of the ways that agents can use dialers to increase their sales performance.

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling is one of the oldest methods of lead generation, but it is still effective when done correctly. Dialers can be used to automate the process of cold-calling potential clients.

The software can dial a list of numbers, and when someone answers, the agent can quickly speak to them without having to dial the number manually. This saves a lot of time and effort and allows agents to make more calls in a shorter amount of time.

2. Circle Prospecting

Circle prospecting is a technique used to target specific neighborhoods. With a dialer, agents can input a specific area code or zip code, and the software will generate a list of phone numbers in that area. This allows agents to focus their efforts on a particular neighborhood and increase their chances of success.

3. Pre-Recorded Messages

Some dialers allow agents to record a message and then use the software to deliver it to a list of phone numbers. This can be useful when the agent wants to communicate a specific message to a large number of people. For example, an agent might record a message about an open house and then send it to a list of potential buyers.

4. Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers are a type of dialer that uses algorithms to predict when an agent will be available to take the next call. This allows the software to automatically dial the next number before the agent has finished the current call.

Predictive dialers can significantly increase the number of calls an agent can make in a day and reduce the amount of downtime between calls.

5. Landline Phones

While many people now use cell phones exclusively, some homeowners still have landline phones. Dialers can be used to call these numbers, which can be beneficial as homeowners with landline phones are more likely to be homeowners who have lived in their homes for a longer period.

6. Two Additional Dialing Lines

Some dialers offer the option to add two additional dialing lines. This means that an agent can make three calls simultaneously, which can be very useful when there are a lot of leads to follow up on.

7. Schedule Follow-Up Calls

You should look for a dialer that has a feature for scheduling follow-up calls. This will help you keep track of when to follow up with potential clients and ensure that you don't miss any important calls. A good dialer with this feature will allow you to schedule follow-up calls with just a few clicks, making your job easier and more efficient.

8. Pre-Foreclosure Leads and Expired Listings

Dialers can also be used to target pre-foreclosure leads and expired listings. Pre-foreclosure leads are homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments, while expired listings are properties that were listed for sale but did not sell.

Both of these groups can be excellent sources of leads for agents, and dialers can be used to quickly contact them.

Which Type of Dialer Is Right for You

Now, let's explore the three main types of dialers - single-line, double-line, and triple-line - and help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

1. Single-Line Dialer

Single-line dialers, as the name suggests, allow you to dial one number at a time. These dialers are the most basic option and are a good fit for real estate agents who are just starting and have a small client base.

Single-line dialers are simple to use and typically come with basic features like call recording and the ability to leave pre-recorded voicemails. They are also the most affordable option, making them a great choice for real estate agents on a budget.

However, single-line dialers are not the most efficient option for agents with a large client base, as dialing each number one at a time can be time-consuming. If you're looking to increase your lead generation and productivity, you may want to consider a more advanced dialer.

2. Double-Line Dialer

Double-line dialers allow you to dial two numbers at a time, essentially doubling your productivity. With this type of dialer, you can simultaneously call two potential clients and quickly move on to the next call if one of them doesn't answer.

Double-line dialers are a good choice for real estate agents who have a moderate client base and are looking to increase their productivity. They offer more advanced features than single-line dialers, such as the ability to automatically leave voicemails and schedule callbacks.

However, double-line dialers are more expensive than single-line dialers and can be a bit more complex to use. You'll also need a stronger internet connection to support the two simultaneous calls, so be sure to check your internet speed before investing in this type of dialer.

3. Triple-Line Dialer

Triple-line dialers are the most advanced option, allowing you to dial three numbers at a time. This type of dialer is ideal for real estate agents with a large client base who need to maximize their productivity and generate leads quickly.

Triple-line dialers come with advanced features like call transfer, call recording, and the ability to send SMS messages. They also allow you to filter your leads and prioritize calls based on their likelihood of converting, so you can focus your efforts on the most promising leads.

However, triple-line dialers are the most expensive option and can be complex to set up and use. You'll also need a strong internet connection to support the three simultaneous calls, so be sure to test your internet speed before investing in this type of dialer.

Triple-Line Dialer

Choosing the Right Real Estate Dialer for You

So, which type of real estate dialer is right for you? Ultimately, the answer will depend on your specific needs and budget.

If you're just starting and have a small client base, a single-line dialer may be the best fit. If you're looking to increase your productivity and generate more leads, a double-line dialer may be a good choice. And if you have a large client base and need to maximize your productivity, a triple-line dialer may be the way to go.

No matter which type of dialer you choose, be sure to look for one with the features you need and a price point that fits within your budget. With the right real estate dialer, you can streamline your lead generation and maximize your productivity, ultimately helping you achieve greater success in your real estate business.

8 Best Real Estate Dialers

1. ProspectBoss


Prospect Boss is not only a powerful real estate lead generation platform, but it also serves as a real estate dialer. The platform offers different dialing systems, including auto-dialers, power dialers, single-line dialers, triple-line dialers, and predictive dialers, all designed to improve the calling experience for agents and their sales teams.

One of the most important features of the Prospect Boss dialing system is its ability to manage all the calls made by a real estate agent. The platform offers a mobile callback feature that allows agents to receive calls on their mobile phones, making it easier to manage leads on the go. The caller ID feature also ensures that agents are always aware of who they are calling.

The platform also provides a list management feature, which enables users to manage their leads effectively. The list management feature helps agents set appointments and custom rules, making it easier to follow up with potential buyers or sellers.

The platform's dialing system offers an efficient way for agents to manage their calls and get more leads. By using the dialing system, agents can save money and time by making more calls in less time.

The dialing system also offers more control and flexibility, allowing agents to prioritize leads based on specific criteria.

2. BatchDialer


Batch Dialer is an auto dialer system that is designed to help real estate professionals and sales teams save time and increase productivity when it comes to cold calling and circle prospecting. This powerful tool can make all the calls for you, with the mobile callback feature and the ability to search for property owners in a specific neighborhood or area.

The Batch Dialer is a single-line power dialer that allows you to make more conversations in a shorter amount of time. This dialing system is easy to use, and it comes with a caller ID, so you know who you're calling before you pick up the phone.

One of the best things about Batch Dialer is that it can save you money. Compared to other dialers, Batch Dialer is affordable, and it comes with all the features you need to make more deals. With this dialing system, you can upload your lead sheets and prospecting lists and start calling right away.

Time zones are no longer a problem with Batch Dialer. This auto dialer adjusts to the time zone of the area code you are calling, so you won't have to worry about calling people too early or too late. The predictive dialer feature ensures that you're not wasting time on unanswered calls or disconnected numbers.

For agents, the Batch Dialer could be the best dialer for making more calls and generating more leads. By using this dialing system, you can make all the calls you need to make in a shorter amount of time, giving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

3. Phone Burner

Phone Burner

Phone Burner is a power dialer that allows agents to conduct live prospecting and cold calling with ease. This software stands out from other platforms because it has a single-line dialer that maximizes call productivity. This feature allows users to make up to 80 calls per hour, which is twice as many as other dialers for real estate.

Phone Burner is a good dialer for real estate investors and agents because it has several features that aid lead management. One of its most notable features is call recording, which enables agents to review and analyze their dialing sessions. This feature is useful for team members who want to improve their cold-calling skills or assess their progress.

Another essential feature of Phone Burner is its Circle Prospecting tool. This tool allows agents to connect with homeowners in a specific neighborhood or area. Agents can use this feature to generate new leads and expand their network.

One of the biggest advantages of Phone Burner is its ability to streamline the sales team's workflow. The software allows agents to upload their contact lists and create personalized messaging for each contact.

This feature saves time and ensures that agents remain organized and efficient in their sales efforts. The software also has a comprehensive lead management system, which helps agents to track and prioritize leads effectively.

4. ReadyMode (Formerly, Xencall)


ReadyMode, formerly known as Xencall, is a cutting-edge phone system that is designed to help sales teams and real estate investors increase their productivity and efficiency.

With features like predictive dialing, caller ID, and auto-dialers, this system is ideal for anyone who needs to make a high volume of calls in a short amount of time.

One of the key benefits of ReadyMode is its predictive dialing system. This feature allows team members to make more calls in less time by automatically dialing numbers and connecting live calls to agents.

This is particularly helpful for agents and investors who need to follow up with a large number of leads quickly.

ReadyMode also offers power dialers and auto-dialers. These features help team members to make calls more efficiently by automatically dialing the next number on their list as soon as they finish a call. This eliminates the need for manual dialing, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Another helpful feature of ReadyMode is its caller ID system. This system displays the name and number of the person calling, so team members can quickly determine whether or not to answer the call. This is particularly helpful for real estate investors who may receive a high volume of calls from unknown numbers.

ReadyMode is also an excellent tool for cold calling. With its predictive dialing and auto dialing features, team members can quickly work through a list of potential leads, increasing the chances of finding interested prospects.

Additionally, the system can help team members leave effective voicemail messages when an answering machine picks up.

5. Vulcan 7

Vulcan 7

Vulcan 7 is a powerful tool for real estate professionals who are looking to increase their sales team's productivity and efficiency. It is a single-line dialer that allows agents to make cold calls to potential leads, including those who are listed on the expired property or those who have expressed interest in real estate investing.

One of the key benefits of using Vulcan 7 is that it provides agents with access to a database of expired listings. This information can be invaluable for those who are looking to grow their client base by targeting homeowners who have been unsuccessful in selling their properties through traditional methods.

With Vulcan 7, agents can quickly and easily identify potential leads and reach out to them via phone, email, or text message.

Vulcan 7's single-line dialer allows the sales team to make more calls in less time, thereby increasing their chances of connecting with live prospects.

The dialer also ensures that agents remain compliant with Do Not Call (DNC) list regulations, which can help to avoid legal issues that may arise from unsolicited calls.

Vulcan 7 also provides a range of other tools and resources that can help manage and grow real estate businesses. These include access to detailed analytics, personalized coaching, and training programs that can help agents to improve their sales skills and stay ahead of the competition.

6. Arch Power Dialer

Arch Power Dialer

Arch Power Dialer is a software that provides agents with a powerful tool for streamlining their lead generation efforts. This tool is designed to enhance the efficiency of lead outreach by utilizing the latest predictive e-dialer technology.

One of the key features of Arch Power Dialer is its ability to integrate with various neighborhood search tools. This enables agents to easily identify potential leads within specific areas of interest.

With this feature, agents can quickly search for properties in a given neighborhood and reach out to interested prospects.

Another essential feature of Arch Power's dialing systems is its compliance with the national DNC lists. This ensures that agents do not accidentally contact individuals who have previously expressed their desire not to receive marketing calls.

The software also comes equipped with a live prospect feature, which allows agents to connect with interested prospects in real time. This feature enables agents to build a rapport with potential leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Furthermore, the Arch Power Dialer utilizes predictive e-dialer technology to streamline the dialing process. This technology predicts when an agent will be available to take the next call and connects them with a prospect instantly. This results in more productive conversations, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more closed deals.

7. CallTools


CallTools is a cloud-based contact center software provider offering innovative solutions for businesses to improve customer engagement and communication. The company provides an all-in-one platform that includes features such as predictive dialing, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, and many more.

One of the key benefits of CallTools is its ability to increase call center productivity by automating many of the mundane tasks that agents typically perform. This allows agents to focus on more complex tasks and enables them to handle a higher volume of calls.

In addition, the platform is highly scalable and customizable, so businesses can tailor it to meet their specific needs.

CallTools also offers advanced reporting and analytics features that help businesses monitor their performance and make data-driven decisions. These tools enable managers to track metrics such as call volume, call duration, and call outcomes, and use this data to identify areas where they can improve their operations.

CallTools is also mobile-friendly. This means that users can access the software from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, the software's user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it ideal for new users and other agents.

According to a review by Better Buys, CallTools is a highly effective solution for businesses of all sizes. The review notes that the platform is easy to use and provides many features that can help companies to streamline their contact center operations.

The review also highlights the company's excellent customer service and support, which is available 24/7 to help businesses with any questions or issues they may encounter.

8. Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer

Mojo Dialer is a powerful tool for cold calling and follow-up tasks, which is considered one of the best dialers available in the market. It is a triple-line dialer that can make up to three calls at once, increasing efficiency and productivity for agents and sales teams.

With Mojo Dialer, agents can quickly reach out to potential clients and connect with them using its predictive dialer feature. This feature allows agents to make calls automatically and only connect them to a live person when someone picks up the phone. It saves time and effort from waiting for an answering machine to finish its message.

One of the most useful features of Mojo Dialer is the neighborhood search tool. It allows agents to target specific areas and reach out to homeowners directly, making it an ideal solution for those seeking expired listings or to conduct lead generation campaigns.

Mojo dialing solutions also provide agents with detailed call reporting and tracking to help them better understand their performance and refine their sales strategies. This feature helps agents know which leads to prioritize and which marketing campaigns are working best.

Moreover, Mojo Dialer has made it easy to follow up with clients and leads by integrating with popular CRM tools. Agents can schedule callbacks, set reminders, and send follow-up emails right from the Mojo Dialer platform.

All in all, Mojo Dialer is an effective tool for agents and sales teams who want to streamline their cold calling and follow-up efforts. With its predictive dialer, triple line dialer, and neighborhood search features, agents can quickly connect with potential clients and generate leads.

Its integration with CRM tools also makes follow-up and lead nurturing more manageable. Therefore, Mojo Dialer is an excellent solution for any team looking to improve their sales performance.

Conclusion: Best Dialer for Real Estate

Choosing the right dialer can make all the difference for real estate professionals who want to streamline their workflow, boost productivity, and close more deals. By selecting a dialer that meets your unique needs and preferences, you can effectively manage your communication with leads, prospects, and clients, while minimizing the time and effort required.

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