Real Estate Leads For Agents: 15 Best Places To Buy Leads

Published on February 3, 2023


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Real Estate Leads For Agents

Real Estate Leads For Agents

Sorting between legitimate real estate lead generation sites and scammers can be very difficult, especially for a starting agent. To help you out, we have already made a shortlist of the top lead sources online!

Some of the best places to buy real estate leads for agents are Property Leads, ZBuyer, Expert Home Offer, Market Leader, RedX, BoldLeads, Zurple, Zillow Premier Agent, CINC, Offrs, Need to Sell My House Fast, SmartZip, Revaluate, BoomTown, and StreetText. 

To learn more about the best features, pricing, and pros and cons of the lead sources listed above, stick around until the end of this blog! 

What Are Leads in Real Estate?

What Are Leads in Real Estate?

Leads in real estate mean information on potential house sellers or buyers. Commonly, these real estate leads are generated through pay-per-click (PPC) ads run on Google and social media platforms, real estate lead generation platforms, traditional marketing, search engine optimization, referrals, web forms, cold calls, and experiential marketing.

Where Do Realtors or Real Estate Agents Get Most of Their Property Leads?

Where Do Realtors or Real Estate Agents Get Most of Their Property Leads?

A majority of real estate agents get their real estate leads from referrals, running PPC campaigns, and buying from lead generation platforms. Among all these, the latter is probably the easiest and fastest lead generation strategy.

You can buy real estate leads a la carte without having to sign up or sign a contract with a lead generation company. There are also lead generation softwares that are connected to a CRM for lead management.

Where to Buy Real Estate Leads

Where to Buy Real Estate Leads

After examining the strengths and weaknesses of several real estate lead generation companies in the country, we've come up with our top 15! Check them out below!

1. Property Leads

Property Leads

Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Leads generated from SEO, no contracts, off-market guarantee, instant lead delivery

Average Pricing: Bids per county are made in $25 increments

Property Leads is the first and only pay-per-lead platform that generates exclusive seller leads from SEO. This lead generation company owns more than six websites that produce hundreds of real estate SEO leads monthly.

SEO real estate leads have fewer competition compared to those generated through outbound marketing. They are also more actively seeking for buyers and sellers. This means a high lead to deal ratio for their clients; whether they are real estate agents or investors.

Some other best features of Property Leads are the following:

  • Lead Exclusivity: To keep the competition low, each lead captured by this lead generation platform only goes to the highest bidder in that specific county. The leads are not offered to any other real estate agent or investor.
  • No Setup Fees: You don't need to pay any sign-up or set-up costs to purchase real estate leads from Property Leads. They work on a pay-per-lead basis, which means you only pay based on your bid.
  • No Contracts: Property Leads won't lock you in a contract so you can cancel any time. They have high lead quality so they don't see any point in making contracts.
  • Instant Lead Delivery: The real estate leads from Property Leads will be instantly sent to your email, phone, or CRM. This means you can contact every lead seconds after their request for an offer.
  • Off Market Guarantee: Property Leads offer a refund for properties that are listed on the MLS, mobile homes, spam, wholesaler, or duplicate. You just have to bring this to their attention and they'll process the refund immediately.

Wondering how to buy real estate leads from this platform? You can start getting your exclusive real estate leads from Property Leads in just three steps.

First, you have to fill out the form on their website with your personal information. Once this is accomplished, you'll be redirected to schedule an onboarding phone call with a member of the team. 

This team member would answer all your queries and set you up on their lead portal including how you'll pay for real estate leads for sale, specifically your bids per county and your monthly lead budget.

After the setup process, you'll receive lead contact information and property address to your email, phone, or CRM, whichever you prefer. 

2. zBuyer


Lead Types: Buyer and seller leads

Top Features: Prospecting data, no contract, real-time leads, lead replacement

Average Pricing: Available upon request on their website

zBuyer is a marketing and lead generation platform that is designed for real estate agents, brokers, and investors. They generate cheap real estate leads through, a nationwide home listing portal.

Sellers complete an in-depth form in which serves as zBuyer's sellers leads. Meanwhile, buyers also fill out a form in to get information on listings. 

Here are some of the top features of zBuyer as a lead generation platform:

  • No Contract: Similar to Property Leads, you don't have to commit long-term to zBuyer. You can cancel and subscribe to their service as you please. They are a month-to-month service and you can update your subscription for your real estate business by calling them.
  • Real-Time Leads: Paid leads will be sent directly to your CRM or email. But you will also receive it in the zBuyer application.
  • Prospecting List: You'll get access to their prospecting data in your area and monthly addition varies.
  • Lead Replacement: If you ever receive online leads with a bogus phone number or the house is already listed, they will replace it without charging you more.
  • Custom Lead Packages: zBuyer allows you to customize lead packages by lead location, lead type, and lead count.
  • Mastermind Group: They have a group on Facebook called zBuyer mastermind. It's where thousands of agents share their industry best practices.

zBuyer guarantees that they generate leads fast and send it to you within moments of capturing. But for this reason, they cannot really identify how often you'll receive leads.

The leads from zBuyer are also not exclusive. But since they have limited exposure, you'll still have less competition. They intentionally do this to protect the quality of their leads.

If you need more insights on how they work, you can check out their reviews page. It contains testimonies from real estate agents and investors who used their service. 

You can also check their reviews on g2 as they are highly rated. Most customers applaud their great customer service. They say that the people behind zBuyer makes them feel like a team member rather than a client.

3. Expert Home Offer

Expert Home Offer

Lead Types: Buyer and seller leads

Top Features: Referral system, lead credit, active lead campaign

Average Pricing: 25% referral fee paid at closing

Expert Home Offer is a simple and easy-to-use platform for real estate agents that's been around in the business for more than 10 years. Note that they are the same as for house sellers. But it is actually a way for this platform to capture leads. Real estate agents and investors are still its primary customers. 

Here's what we are loving about Expert Home Offer:

  • Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Leads: Depending on your budget, Expert Home Offer provides you with two types of leads. Exclusive leads are only sold to you so you won't have any competition, while non-exclusive leads are sold to three agents or investors. 
  • Leads From Various Channels: Leads sold by Expert Home Offer comes from top organic listings, articles, PPC, social media, classified websites, blogs, and strategic partnership. But the majority of the leads are generated from the lead capture form of
  • Lead Credit: If you receive a real estate lead with incorrect contact information, you can request a lead credit from them within 72 hours. Note that this does not apply on individual lead purchases, only those purchased from active lead campaigns. After their team checks the validity of your credit request, you'll receive the credit into your account.
  • Real Estate Referral System: The generate referrals system of Expert Home Offer is intended for real estate agents. When you create a free account on their platform, you can receive both home buyer and seller lead emails with a unique URL. This is exclusive and the lead is only given to the first real estate agent to complete the generate referrals form on the link.
  • Active Lead Campaign: You can also generate more leads through making an active lead campaign once you've signed in to their platform. You can create as many campaigns as you like.

There are some differences between how Expert Home Offers work with agents and investors. Real estate agents only have to pay for closed transactions, while investors can purchase leads for as low as $14.95.

4. Market Leader

Market Leader

Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Lead generation with CRM, exclusive leads, marketing automation

Average Pricing: Available upon consultation with the sales team

Market Leader has been around since 1999 and it offers both real estate lead generation and CRM service. They have two plans suitable for individual real estate agents — Market Leader Professional for agents and Market Leader real estate leads. 

Here's what you'll get if you subscribe to the Market Leader Professional for agents:

  • Customizable Website: Market Leader allows you to generate more leads through setting up your website. This website is IDX-enabled and search engine friendly. It is also fully customizable without the need for a developer.
  • CRM: To efficiently manage the leads you'll generate from the website created, you can use Market Leader's robust CRM to integrate with it. Through this CRM, you can respond quickly to potential clients, send listing alerts, and monitor your entire sales cycle.
  • Marketing Automation: For each real estate listing, you'll get a marketing package from Market Leader. This includes postcards, flyers, listing email, direct mail, and social media posts.

If your focus is on generating real estate leads, here's what you'll love about their lead generation process:

  • Exclusive Leads: Market Leader won't send your high-quality leads to other agents. You get to contact them exclusively. 
  • Work with Experts: Digital advertising experts generate leads for you. These people can guarantee the quality of leads they send to you.
  • Targeted Market: You can identify specific target audience and areas to get exclusive leads. No time wasted on unqualified leads.
  • Lead Quantity: You will get the number of real estate leads you paid for. Sometimes even more than what you paid for.

There are two major sources of leads for our lead generation plan: their average home price/home valuation site and leads direct.

Leads from Market Leader's home valuation site ( are collected when potential home sellers ask for their home value. Simply put, these prospective sellers fill out the lead capture form of with their contact information and property details.

Meanwhile, leads from Leads Direct are captured through pay-per-click advertising on Google, Bing, and other known search engines. These leads are redirected to your landing page on your website.

5. RedX


Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Vortex CRM, Power Dialer, different lead types

Average Pricing: $39.99 to $119.98 monthly

RedX is another highly rated lead prospecting platform for real estate agents. They pull lead data from MLS listings and other proprietary databases so you can get detailed information on a lead's phone number, mailing address, tax information, property information, and listing data. 

To date, RedX has access to over 200 million mobile numbers and about half a billion landline numbers. This platform is perfect for real estate agents who want to actively cold call potential clients. The learning curve is also minor so you won't need a long onboarding call or meeting with their team.

Here are some of the best features of RedX:

  • Different Lead Types: RedX offers different types of exclusive real estate leads including expired listings, geo leads, FSBO leads, for rent by owner (FRBO), and pre-foreclosure leads. 
  • Vortex CRM: Once you've subscribed to any of the lead types mentioned above, RedX proprietary system called Vortex will search county tax and court records for lead information and separate those that are in the DNC list. Note that Vortex is not a CRM. All it does is fill up the pipeline with leads so you can contact them.
  • Power Dialer: RedX also offers Power Dialer — an add-on that initiates calls on qualified leads. If someone picks up, it will automatically be connected to your line. This makes your lead conversion rate higher. You can also leave a pre-recorded voicemail using RedX so you don't have to create separate voicemails for your top quality leads.
  • Leads Scrubbed Against the DNC List: You won't be violating any laws by calling the leads from RedX since it is scrubbed against the national DNC list.

You have a lot of options when subscribing to the services of RedX. For starters, if you avail of the base plans, you would get homeowner phone numbers. Meanwhile, when you upgrade to the plus plan, you'll also get access to email addresses, building specifications, lifestyle and financial, exclusive lead insights, and market trend data.

If you want more reviews from clients, you may head over to G2 and Trustindex as RedX has a pretty high rating on these platforms.

6. BoldLeads


Lead Types: Buyer and seller leads

Top Features: Exclusive leads, CRM, third-party integration

Average Pricing: Available upon contacting the team

BoldLeads combines lead prospecting and customer relationship management (CRM) on their platform. If you are looking for buyer and seller leads, as well as a CRM system to nurture your clients, you'll accomplish both by subscribing to their services.

All the features of BoldLeads are organized in one place and they're also suitable for a team of multiple agents and individuals. So whether you are a starting real estate agent or you run a big real estate company, their tools would work well for you.

Here's what we are loving about BoldLeads:

  • Exclusive Leads: BoldLeads captures leads at an early stage. These leads are exclusive according to your desired zip code. What's more, these leads are already categorized so you can customize your follow-up and engagement.
  • CRM: BoldLeads' real estate CRM can help you nurture your leads by maintaining communication with all of them. This CRM can send out mass emails, texts, and voicemails. It also automatically sends new listings, news reports, open house invitations, and other types of content to keep your old and new leads engaged.
  • Market Reporting: BoldLeads can track lead activity so you can make better business decisions. In just one click, you can view their engagements and email responses to track leads real time.
  • Third Party Integration: You can integrate BoldLeads to apps you've been using for your real estate business including apps for messaging, scheduling, tracking, and even automation. Some of these third-party apps are Zapier, Hubspot, Propertybase, and Insightly.
  • Ad Management: If you want to run an ad campaign but don't have time to do so, BoldLeads will assign a team of marketing professionals to do that for you. These people can make you appear as the best in your area so you can generate a steady stream of leads for your personal brand.
  • 40+ Templates: BoldLeads understand the importance of a landing page for agents like you so they offer 40+ templates to help you customize your site.

Currently, BoldLeads has three plans you can choose from — lite, professional, and advanced. Lite is meant for new agents while advanced is for teams.

7. Zurple


Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Lead behavior analysis, auto conversations, nurturing leads

Average Pricing: $139 to $309 monthly

Zurple is a company that is more focused on converting leads to clients rather than capturing real estate leads. In other words, they are known as a client generation company. 

Just like other platforms, Zurple generates leads through running PPCs to drive traffic on a landing page. After leads have been captured, they focus on acquisition nurturing by optimizing your follow-up.

Here are some of the best features of Zurple:

  • Branded Home Search Website: Zurple lets agents launch home search websites on specific areas that they serve. You can make more than 10+ home search websites to target all the subareas of a specific location. This is their means of real estate lead generation. 
  • Lead Behavior Analysis: Once the leads have been captured, Zurple's CRM will also present you with lead search behavior. Specifically, you'll get data about the properties the lead is selling or looking into, their location, every single search the lead has made, etc.
  • Zurple Auto Conversations: Based on lead analysis, Zurple can determine which leads are most likely to be potential buyers and sellers. Zurple will email these leads on your behalf so you can nurture a relationship with them. These emails contain personalized information about your lead behavior to demonstrate that you're paying attention to them. Once the lead intelligence score of a prospect rises, you will receive a notification from Zurple so you can continue the conversation they started.

Agents who want to turn leads into clients without spending hours doing so would love this real estate lead generation and marketing automation platform. Zurple has an intuitive and advanced nurturing system that ensures no leads will fall into the cracks. 

Moreover, Zurple also has video messaging and social media schedulers. If you need more leads, these extra features would help you accomplish that fast.

Note: The only challenge when using Zurple is the hand-off from automated conversations to live follow-ups. You need to really be paying attention to each lead in order to maintain the relationship Zurple established with them. 

8. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent

Lead Types: Buyer leads

Top Features: My Agent, CRM, third party integration, broker management

Average Pricing: Varies by ZIP code

Zillow Premier Agent allows independent agents, brokers, and teams to purchase ads on the Zillow network. It's quite a prominent name in real estate service given that over 149 million people visit the Zillow website monthly. 41% of these visitors are actively looking to buy or sell a home.

Important note: Zillow Premier Agent is different from Zillow Listing Agent. The latter means you only signed up for a free Zillow account where you can showcase the properties you have listed. 

Here are the best features of Zillow Premier Agent:

  • Automated Advertising: You don't have to setup and run a PPC ad on your own using the Zillow Premier Agent. You only have to purchase a "share of voice" on a specific ZIP code and you'll get a portion of the leads that ad will generate. Your real estate agent information may also appear on the agent finder page of a ZIP code or on a listing.
  • Zillow Premier Agent CRM: The CRM of Zillow Premier Agent can be accessed using your desktop or through a mobile app. Leads are automatically sent to your inbox. When you click on a lead, you'll see their contact details and the home they're interested in. If you found a home that a particular lead would love, you may text them from the app.
  • My Agent: Zillow Premier Agent's My Agent feature allows exclusive access to buying leads for 30 days. In other words, you won't have competition for 30 days. This feature also adds your contact info and branding to be added to Zillow's home search emails.
  • Third Party Integrations: This platform can be integrated to 37 other real estate lead generation applications and platforms. 
  • Broker Management: This feature is meant for a team of agents. Each agent will be assigned potential clients and their calls will be recorded so you can track the overall progress of the team.
  • ROI Report: A part of Zillow Premier Agent's transparency is to show you an ROI report. This can determine whether the platform's services are working for you.

The key to using Zillow Premier Agent successfully in the real estate industry is having the right budget. Remember that your bid amount directly affects how many shares you'll receive for a particular zip code and if you will be highlighted at the agent's finder directory.



Lead Types: Buyer and seller leads

Top Features: IDX website, advanced training, CRM, Seller Suite, Switchboard Sarah

Average Pricing: Available upon contacting the sales team

CINC, also called Commissions, Inc. is a real estate lead generation and customer relationship management platform that boasts of their ability to convert real leads into actual clients. Over 50,000 real estate agents and real estate professionals currently use this platform to attract real estate leads and nurture them.

Check out the best features of CINC below:

  • Auto-optimized Ads: To generate leads, CINC uses highly optimized PPC ads run in Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The team that runs these ads have an annual ad spend of over $30 million.
  • Personalized IDX Website: CINC allows you to set up a personalized IDX website. The leads who clicked your ad will be redirected to your IDX website where they'll see your listings and where they can leave you their contact information.
  • Comprehensive Platform Training: Since CINC has a steep learning curve, they have an advanced platform training for their users. 
  • CINC CRM: CINC's CRM pulls all your lead data in one dashboard so you can manage them easily.
  • CINC Seller Suite: This feature lets you analyze the performance of your ads and your close ratio. 
  • Switchboard Sarah: When you enable this lead routing tool, you'll get a call that a lead registers and CINC will dial them for you.

CINC also have three mobile apps you can use when you sign up any of their plans: 

  • CINC Open Houses: This is the app that captures open house real estate leads for realtors and qualifies them.
  • ETTA: This is where buyers can browse different properties while communicating with you.
  • CINC Agent: This app will notify you if a new lead gets in. This also allows you to manage them on the go.

This platform has four plans you can choose from according to your needs. The solo plan is only for one user; the ramp plan accommodates up to 4 users, the pro plan is for up to 49 users, and the select plan is for 50 and more.

10. Offrs


Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Leads from predictive analytics, smart apps

Average Pricing: $200 to $500 monthly per territory, non-inclusive of paid smart apps

Offrs is a platform that uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to identify highly motivated seller and buyer leads from the real estate industry. They do not offer a CRM tool but rather focus on generating leads that convert.

Ultimately, Offrs have two types of services — Smart Data and Smart Apps. The former is used to generate leads, while the latter is an assortment of apps you can use for lead conversion.

Let's look into all the notable features of Offrs:

  • Smart Data: Offrs have developed an algorithm that can identify which properties will be listed for sale. They leverage over 50 data points to identify these properties. An agent who subscribed to Offrs will get exclusive access to the quality leads in a specific ZIP code. In other words, instead of marketing on a larger scale, you only have to market to these specific people that predictive analytics have identified. Offrs also simplify launching marketing campaigns to win over these leads. 
  • Smart Apps: The Offrs toolkit allows you access to 19+ smart apps. These apps can help automate your marketing campaigns and convert your leads into clients. Some of the best free smart apps they have are Launchpad, Template Builder, and Smart Sites. Meanwhile, the leading paid smart apps of Offrs are Voicemail Autopilot, Email Autopilot, and Direct Mail Autopilot.
  • Lead Guaranty: Offrs promises to deliver 30 quality leads per month. If they fall short, they'll expand your target area for free.

To secure quality leads from Offrs, you need to have a fast speed-to-lead action. Remember that the leads are pulled from predictive analytics. In other words, they're between hot and cold leads. This means, you have to put in a lot of work to succeed.

Aside from not sitting on the leads, the ability to think long-term and a dedicated budget would also help you succeed using Offrs. 

11. Need To Sell My House Fast

Need To Sell My House Fast

Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Bidding system, CRM integration, refund, pause lead flow

Average Pricing: Bids per county are made in $25 increments

Need to Sell My House Fast generates their leads through operating real estate websites that rank well in Google and similar search engines. They also collect leads through running PPC on various platforms, including real estate sites.

Moreover, some of the leads of Need to Sell My House Fast come from social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

When you search any search engine for Need to Sell My House fast, chances are, the top result will redirect you to their lead capturing website. This is where people can request an offer for their property. They have a separate site where you can get your leads.

Here are some of the best features of Need to Sell My House Fast:

  • Bidding System: To get leads from Need to Sell My House Fast, you need to set a bid price per county. This means, whenever a lead comes in, whether it is expired leads, FSBO, etc, it will be sent to the highest bidder in that particular location. When the budget of the highest bidder runs out, that's when we send the leads to the next top bidder. Bids are made in $25 increments.
  • Multiple Notification Methods: Your leads will be available through text message, email, CRM system, and inside the platform of Need to Sell My House Fast. You can also configure this so you'll only receive notifications in one source.
  • Refund: If you got a bad lead (ex. the homeowner isn't selling or the information is incorrect/false), you may submit a lead dispute on their platform within 48 hours after receiving the lead. The claim will then be verified by their team and you will be duly refunded.
  • Integration: Leads from Need to Sell My House Fast can be integrated to top real estate CRMs such as Zoho, Podio, Salesforce, Follow Up Boss, and Pipedrive. In other words, you can manage leads without manually inputting them on your CRM.
  • Pause Lead Flow: You can enable and pause the flow of your leads on demand so you can manage them better.
  • No Contracts: This platform believes in the quality of their leads so they don't lock prospective clients in a contract. Many agents attest to this.

12. SmartZip


Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Generate leads from predictive analytics, CRM, smart targeting, sphere, Reach 150

Average Pricing: Available upon consultation with their team

Similar to Offrs, SmartZip also generates leads using predictive analytics. They incorporate hundreds of data points to identify potential buyers and sellers so you can target them with your marketing efforts.

Some of the data types they aggregate from their providers are property, behavior, consumer, and demographic focused.

Here are the best features of SmartZip:

  • Leads From Predictive Analytics: Since they generate leads through predictive analytics, you'll be the first to contact them and you would have lesser competition.
  • CRM: The leads farmed from their predictive analytics algorithm will automatically be loaded to their CRM. This is constantly updated so you get a good list of targets for your personal brand. The data that'll appear in the CRM includes homeowner names, phone numbers, mailing address, social media profiles of homeowners, property size including bedroom and bathroom counts, date when the property was last sold, tax records, estimated equity, and taxable value changes.
  • Smart Targeting: This is an automated marketing solution that builds marketing campaigns to target your leads. The potential sellers identified by predictive analytics will receive marketing materials from you including email and direct mail. They'll also see your ads across Google and their social media sites. Of course, you can review these materials (including the direct mail) before they're automatically sent to your leads.
  • Sphere: You can upload details of your personal sphere of influence in SmartZip and they will identify who among them is likely to sell their home. They will then be included in your targeted marketing efforts.
  • Reach 150: This feature is best for new real estate agents and real estate professionals. Reach 150 automates the process of reaching out to your clients (both past and current) to ask for reviews. These reviews are then used to make more ads.

SmartZip won't be tagged as the future of real estate prospecting for nothing. It's highly suitable for you if you have established lead generation strategies and nurturing at your disposal, you have long term vision and goals, and you don't need early stage returns.

13. Revaluate


Lead Types: Seller leads

Top Features: Repair, reside, and reveal services

Average Pricing: $139/mo per 2000 contacts

Revaluate is another platform that uses predictive analytics to identify real estate leads. They primarily focus on using machine learning algorithms to predict likely movers or people who are relocating to another city. 

Here are the main products of Revaluate that you would love:

  • Revaluate Data Repair: This service repairs your existing lead database within 24 to 48 hours. It detoxes and appends all your lead datasets so all your contacts are accurate and complete. This is useful if you want to retarget leads who have fallen through the cracks. The data repair feature is not automated, but rather, performed by a member of the Revaluate team.
  • Reside: The reside service allows you to generate leads through identifying new geographic areas and blending your past and current customer lists for more opportunities. In other words, this is meant to diversify your customer base by adding more leads.
  • Reveal: After you have generated new leads through the reside service, you can use reveal to score, segment, and qualify leads. We all know that not all leads are created equal; hence, reveal is a useful tool in increasing your ROI.

Revaluate is an award-winning lead generation software that can help you scale your business fast. It's a finalist in the Inman Innovator Awards, 3rd in the list of The Close for real estate software in 2019, and one of Swanepoel's top 20 trendsetters. 

To start using Revaluate, sign up on their website and connect your API. You may also import your contacts to get your Revaluate scores in 48 hours. After which, you'll be scheduled for an onboarding call with their team.

Revaluate can be integrated into certain CRMs and platforms like Chime, Firepoint, FollowUpBoss, Salesforce, Office 365, Google Imports, etc. But even if you don't have a CRM that is integrated with Revaluate, you can still use this software. You simply export the leads produced by Revaluate to the CRM you're using just like what many agents are doing.

14. BoomTown


Lead Types: Seller and buyer leads

Top Features: IDX website, CRM, lead matching

Average Pricing: $1,000 to $1,700 per month

BoomTown is one of the most highly rated real estate lead generation and CRM platforms in GetApp, G2, Capterra, and Software Advice. They claim that they're a real estate lead generation software that acts like a true member of your team.

There are four main services you can avail from BoomTown depending on the state of your business. But if you're an independent agent who's just starting out, we suggest getting the Launch plan.

Here are the features of each BoomTown plan to help you identify which one suits you best:

  • Launch: The launch plan is for 2 users only. It includes an IDX website plus agent subdomains, access to BoomTown mobile app, real time local market updates, lead follow up, dynamic retargeting, bulk texts and emails, listing promotion, seller lead capturing through home valuations, listing promotion, and lead routing.
  • Grow: The grow plan is for a team of 5. Its features include everything from the launch plan plus transaction tracking, lead distribution to agents, Google calendar integration, tagging and segmenting real estate leads, and real time local market updates.
  • Core: The core plan is for 25 users. It includes the features from the grow plan plus more integrations, lead matching, sharing library, and themes for real estate sites.
  • Advance: The advanced plan is also for 25 users and it features everything the core plan has plus multiple website connections that each team member can use.

The primary real estate lead generation strategy of BoomTown is PPC ad campaigns similar to many of the platforms listed here. However, their campaigns have a higher clickthrough rate because of their vast experience in real estate advertising. 

15. StreetText


Lead Types: Buyer and seller leads

Top Features: Advanced Facebook ad lead capture, automation, insider group.

Average Pricing: $160 to $250 monthly

StreetText is a real estate lead generation site that primarily pulls leads through Facebook and Instagram. Essentially, StreetText will setup Facebook ads for you so you can capture highly motivated buyer and seller leads. They don't have readily available leads, but they would help you capture lots of them through social media marketing.

  • Automation: StreetText allows you to connect your leads to 700+ apps through Zapier. This will save more time in organizing your leads so you can focus on converting them.
  • Lead Capture Funneling System: The lead capture funneling system of StreetText is always optimizing so you can maximize each dollar you spend on Facebook social media marketing campaign.
  • Insider Group: StreetText has a Facebook group exclusive for their users. Here, you can learn secrets to converting leads and proven follow up techniques.
  • Lead and Prospect Separation: StreetText separates your leads from prospects so you can make more targeted campaigns.

Final Thoughts: Real Estate Lead Generation for Agents (The Best Lead Generation Company for Buying Real Estate Leads)

Lead generation is not as easy as it sounds. But with the help of lead generation companies, real estate agents and brokers can focus more on closing deals rather than running PPC campaigns or cold calling potential clients.

One of the best real estate lead generation companies is Property Leads! We are the first and only pay-per-lead company that generates highly motivated leads from SEO. Our leads have less competition so you're sure to close more deals.

To start getting highly motivated leads from us, fill out our form below!


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