REIPro Reviews: Getting More Out Of REIPro [w Cost Breakdown]

Published on May 1, 2023

REIPro Reviews: Getting More Out Of REIPro

REIPro Reviews: Getting More Out Of REIPro

There are many real estate investing platforms online that claim to offer the best solutions for real estate investors but only a few of them are worth the investment. One of which is REIPro — a feature-packed software that helps in lead generation and a lot more.

We're sure you have heard of REIPro's workflow system feature as it is one of the most mainstream real estate investing software online. But if you want a more in-depth review of this software and all the features it has, check out the rest of this blog!

What Is REIPro for Real Estate Investing?

What Is REIPro for Real Estate Investing?

REIPro is a real estate investing software that is the brainchild of an investor and a software engineer. This software is packed with all the solutions you need to close deals and it isn't littered with any stuff you don't need since it is made by an investor himself.

REIPro can be used by real estate investors and cash buyers in analyzing deals, looking up particular property information, streamlining their own workflow system, managing their marketing campaigns, managing leads, direct mail and email marketing (letter templates), marketing library, pulling tax information, MLS comparisons, identifying potential equity, skip tracing, and of course, as a CRM. 

Moreover, REIPro can also be used for lead generation in your workflow system. It can provide you with leads on vacant land and properties, pre-foreclosures, absentee owners, trusts, bank-owned, high and low equity, as well as free and clear properties. 

However, the support staff of REIPro is only available from Monday thru Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. During these hours, you can email, call, or live chat with their support team.

REIPro Pricing Plan: How Much Does REIPro Cost for a Real Estate Investor?

REIPro Pricing Plan

Just like other real estate investing software, REIPro offers a 14-day free trial where all of the features are unlocked. If you want to continue using REIPro, you may subscribe to their Standard Plan and Team Plan.

The Standard Plan is $109 per month but is only $89 per month when billed yearly. Meanwhile, the Team Plan is $297 per month but is only $247 per month when billed annually. Paying yearly would save you $240 for the Standard Plan and $600 for the Team Plan.

Here are the features included in both plans to help you decide which one fits your business needs:

Standard Plan

  • 3 Users
  • 12 Nationwide Lead Sources
  • 156+ Million Property Records
  • 10 Step Workflow and Tracker
  • MLS® Comps in All 50 States
  • Direct Mail Engine
  • Marketing Tools
  • Buyer and Contact CRM
  • Unmatched Education Library
  • 50 Skip Trace Credits
  • 10,000 Exports /Month

Team Plan

  • 12 Users
  • Isolate Team Members
  • Team Administration
  • Individual Customizations
  • Impersonate Feature
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Chat Feature
  • Lead Sharing
  • 25% Off Postcard Printing
  • 200 Skip Trace Credits /Mo
  • 20,000 Exports /Month

If you want to see the full features of each plan, you can head over to REIPro's pricing page on their website

To cancel your REIPro account, just click on your person icon in your account and then click Account Settings. Go to the Subscription tab and scroll to the bottom to find the "Cancel Plan" link. Click this link and it will walk you through how to close your account. 

Meanwhile, if you want to reactivate your account, just log in with your recent username and password and the REIPro system will walk you through activation. This is if it's been less than 30 days since you decided to close the account. If it's already more than 30 days, you have to contact their customer support team.

For users who want to switch plans, all they have to do is go to the Account Settings and Subscription tab to select the plan they want. For changing payment methods, you also have to go to Account Settings and then the Payment Methods tab. 

For refunds, you have to ensure that you cancel before the free trial ends. Otherwise, REIPro won't refund you.

REIPro Features for Real Estate Investors

REIPro Features for Real Estate Investors

To understand why the REIPro software is always on the list of top real estate investing software, you must learn about all its main features. All these REIPro features will also help you decide whether it is worth investing in. 

Real Estate CRM

Through REIPro's real estate CRM, you can manage your contacts, properties, marketing campaigns, and even buyers after you've conducted lead generation. REIPro's CRM simplifies the entire investment process as the developers behind it also established a system with 10 executable steps anchored to the CRM. 

Through the CRM, users of REIPro can get and organize property details according to property type, owner contact details, manage property inspection schedules, review seller offers and contracts, and more. It is also not cluttered with other functions irrelevant to real estate since it is developed by a real estate investor.

MLS Comparable Sales

If you use REIPro, you'll also get access to comps data that covers the 10 year history of every property. These comps data or MLS sales prices from courthouse records include all 50 states and are updated daily. Usually, you'll see the sold prices and sold dates of the properties you are interested in.

Deal Analyzer

Deal Analyzer

In order for you to make wise decision investments when closing deals, REIPro would analyze your deals using your own investment criteria and inspection forms. REIPro's deal analyzer is called DealPro. It can run a detailed financial analysis of every property you are targeting so you can maximize your profit potential.

Moreover, the deal analyzer also analyzes multiple situations to make accurate estimates and predictions of the property's potential equity. Using DealPro is like having a financial advisor that is accessible 24/7.

Quick Lookup

If you have a list of properties that you are lacking information on any owner types, REIPro's quick lookup can help you research property information fast.

This feature allows you to search for property attributes including the property owner (whether they are absentee owners or they own vacant properties, etc.), mortgage amounts, transaction history, tax information from the county tax assessors data, comps, year built, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, estimated value, and more. 

Premium Phone # Search

Premium Phone # Search

Unlike other real estate investing software or marketing platform, REIPro has a skip tracing feature that can identify premium phone numbers, both landline, and cellphone, as well as email addresses, previous addresses, and the owner's contact information of the nearest relative. 

Put more simply, if you are lacking any information about your leads, all you have to do is click a few things and you'll be able to get in touch with them.

On-going Education

Since one of the founders of REIPro is a real estate investing educator, it makes sense that this platform also offers comprehensive training to its clients.

This feature is aimed at helping real estate investors especially the new ones to know how to make the most out of every deal.  They have budget sheets, educational videos, supporting materials, and more.

Custom Direct Mail Campaigns

REIPro has a very comprehensive direct mailing feature that you can utilize to generate more leads. They have single-touch mailers, drip campaigns, and multi-touch campaigns.

Moreover, using REIPro, you can export your campaign lists, make multi-touch postcard campaigns, send postcards, create the postcards you mailed, archive campaigns, and create a do-not-mail list.  They have an in-house printing service you can use.


REIPro can integrate with other real estate investing apps you are using through Zapier. To see a list of all the apps you can integrate, just search for Zapier and REIPro integrations. Note, however, that you would need an API key to use REIPro integrations. You can get this key in your Account Settings - Advanced tab - Request API Key.

Email Ads

Aside from direct mail, you can also use REIPro to send email ads to your prospects. To be specific, you can use this feature to create investor ads, seller finance buyer ads, traditional buyer ads, lease options buyer ads, and more. 

ARV Calculation

If you are buying a fixer-upper and planning to flip it, REIPro can calculate the estimated repair costs for you and also provide you with the detailed after-repair value of the property or ARV. This is part of their comps feature and deal analysis.

REIPro Pros and Cons

REIPro Pros and Cons

While REIPro is already a good real estate investing software, it may not be able to fully cater to every real estate investor. To further assess whether this platform is compatible with your business, check out its pros and cons below. 

REIPro Pros

  • It can help with generating leads
  • It's useful for real estate investors in analyzing marketing deals
  • It makes looking up property information super easy
  • It is great for streamlining workflow system
  • It is useful in managing campaigns and real estate leads
  • It has a direct mail and email marketing feature
  • It shows MLS comparisons
  • There is a skip tracing feature that can identify accurate phone numbers of your contact
  • It has a built-in real estate CRM platform
  • It can be integrated with a lot of apps thru Zapier
  • It can calculate a property's estimated repair needs and after-repair value or ARV
  • It offers education to every investor
  • It has a 14-day free trial
  • The learning curve is pretty average
  • The user interface is clean and user friendly
  • They have their own marketing library

REIPro Cons

  • A review from the web says it doesn't have setup onboarding
  • It can be expensive for a beginning investor according to REIPro reviews on the web.

How To Use REIPro

How To Use REIPro

To use REIPro, you have to avail of their 14-day free trial or subscribe to their Standard or Team plan. Once you’re all set up, you can start importing your contacts to their CRM. Once this is all done, you can commence with sending them emails or direct mails, MLS comps or MLS sales price from county recorded sales, skip tracing, and more. 

If you have a standard plan, your access is a bit limited, but it is already ideal if you are running a small real estate investment business. If you need more tips on using REIPro, you may want to contact their customer support team.

REIPro Alternatives

REIPro Alternatives

If you’ve tried REIPro and it doesn’t cover all your real estate investing needs, you still have a lot of options to choose from. Here are 10 REIPro alternatives you can use for your real estate investing business.

REIPro vs. DealMachine

REIPro vs. DealMachine

DealMachine is primarily a driving-for-dollar software you can use to determine property information while you are driving for dollars in your target area. Similar to REIPro, it can help you send emails and direct messages to motivated sellers as well as do skip tracing. DealMachine is a simple tool that you can leverage to grow your business fast.

REIPro vs. REIBlackbook

REIPro vs. REIBlackbook

REIBlackbook is a well-loved software because it offers a lot of solutions for real estate investors. For starters, it can help manage your contacts through a CRM, create a high-converting website for your business, automate all your follow-ups, and even track the sources of all your inbound calls.

REIPro vs. REISift

REIPro vs. REISift

Just like REIPro, REISift is a real estate investing software made by a real estate investor. Thus, you can expect that it is simple and direct-to-the-point software. REISift has skip-tracing features, data tracking and tagging, direct mail integration, and CRM. 

Moreover, they REISift also offers USPS vacancy and absentee filtering, Zapier integration, advanced data cleansing, list management, and advanced filtering.

REIPro vs. Realeflow

REIPro vs. Realeflow

Another all-in-one real estate investing platform is Realeflow. This software offers services such as marketing websites, CRM management, email marketing, direct mail printing and sending, direct mail lists, deal analysis, and other digital marketing tools.

To date, they have already closed over $10 billion in deals and helped more than 100,000 real estate investors.

REIPro vs. Podio

REIPro vs. Podio

Podio is an all-in-one real estate investment tool that offers the following solutions: web & mobile, automated workflows, meeting scheduling, data visualization, social collaboration, task management, granular access, calendar, unlimited storage, personal dashboards, connected CRM, project management, integrated chat, and full customization.

They have free, plus, and premium plans that can be billed monthly or annually.

REIPro vs. PropStream

REIPro vs. PropStream

PropStream is a top data provider in real estate. Even if you are already using REIPro, using PropStream can get you more motivated leads. Unlike other data sources, the real estate data of PropStream are up-to-date and they cover the whole United States. They also have a lot of extra features and their pricing is pretty affordable.

REIPro vs. Pipedrive

REIPro vs. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a robust CRM platform that real estate investors can utilize to grow their businesses. They are highly rated in Capterra, G2, Gartner, Software Advice, and other business review platforms.

Pipedrive has a visual sales pipeline, customizable pipeline, activity reminders, segment multiple leads, contact history, web forms, reporting and dashboards, and revenue forecasting.

REIPro vs. BatchLeads

REIPro vs. BatchLeads

BatchLeads is a software not only for real estate investors but also for agents, wholesalers, mortgage lenders, technology and services, title companies, and contractors.

It helps real estate professionals find off-market properties, connect to motivated property owners, and maximize their ROI on their business. It also has a lead-generating feature that gives you access to more than 150M U.S. property profiles.

REIPro vs. Lead Sherpa

REIPro vs. Lead Sherpa

Lead Sherpa offers two of the main features of REIPro: SMS marketing and skip tracing. Through this real estate software, you can get accurate data on property owners both commercial and residential in just a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can send compliant SMS to motivated sellers and buyers through this platform.

REIPro vs. REIKit

REIPro vs. REIKit

REIKit is a real estate investing software that comes with ChatGPT-enabled marketing for the real estate industry. You can also use it to create postcard design templates, letter templates, special reports, real estate lead-generating websites, direct mails, and emails.

You can also upload your own materials to the platform. Plus, it has a ringless voicemail feature, a virtual phone for cold calling, and other marketing automation features.


What is REIPro Used For?

REIPro is used by many real estate investors in analyzing deals, looking up property information, streamlining their workflow systems, managing their campaigns, managing leads, direct mail and email marketing, MLS comparisons, skip tracing, and of course CRM. REIPro is a feature-packed real estate software that's why it is favorite of many investors whether wholesalers, flippers, etc.

Who Owns REIPro?

The founders and owners of REIPro are two of the most brilliant minds in the real estate game — Chris Goff and Bo Manry. Chris is a long-time investor and real estate investing educator while Bo is a talented software engineer and marketing professional. They developed REIPro in 2014 with the goal of speeding up the entire real estate investment process through simple software.

Is REIPro a CRM?

REIPro is technically a CRM since its main function is to manage seller leads. But aside from the CRM, REIPro is also an all-in-one real estate investor software. Apart from its CRM feature that can help investors manage leads, it can also be used as a lead generation platform and a tool for skip tracing, direct mail and email marketing, campaign management, MLS comparisons, lead management, and a lot more. 

Summary: Is REIPro Worth the Investment? (REIPro Software Reviews)

If you want to ensure that your real estate business runs well, investing in REIPro is well worth your money. REIPro is really useful in analyzing deals, looking up property information, streamlining workflow systems, managing marketing campaigns and workflow system, managing leads, direct mail and email marketing, MLS comparisons, skip tracing, and CRM.

Moreover, REIPro is priced according to the features it offers. You're not wasting any hard-earned money when you use this software.

Nevertheless, if you're using REIPro but still need more leads to add to your pipeline, consider buying leads from Property Leads. We generate leads from SEO and sell them exclusively to ensure you don't have any competition.

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