Want To Monetize More Leads?

Are you generating high quality leads that you don't want? Maybe they're outside of your market, or you're on vacation, or you don't work weekends... Fill out the form below to see if we're a good fit to pay you for those extra leads!


Integrating with Property Leads

We want to make selling leads as seamless as possible for you. Not only do we help our vendors connect their website forms to our platform, but we also can hook your phone into our system so none of your leads go missed.

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Website Forms

Regardless of your website hosting platform, our team can help you connect your lead generation forms to our system.

phone call leads

Phone Calls

Need us to answer the phone, too? We can set that up for you. Some of the highest quality leads come via the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do you pay for leads?

We offer 2 different payment models: flat rate and rev share.

If most of the leads you sell are in medium-large MSA's, rev share tends to work best. If most are rural, flat rate tends to perform better.

We can discuss both options on our initial call!

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Will I get to keep the leads I want?

Yes! You can send us a list of the counties where you want to keep your leads and we will create a custom filter to direct them back to you for free.

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Where do you buy leads?

We buy leads in all 50 states from rural markets to the largest cities! In other words, if the lead is eligible, we are guaranteed to buy it regardless of location.

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Do you pay for EVERY lead?

We pay for every eligible lead. In your account portal you will be able to view all leads that are accepted.

If a lead is refunded or is a duplicate you will see it reflected in the portal.

We are very strict on our refund policy. The most common reasons for refunds include MLS Listed, Wholesalers, and Mobile Homes in Parks.

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How do I get paid?

We send payments via ACH or wire. Payments are sent every 2 weeks.

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