Real Estate Wholesaling Software [14 Best Wholesale Software]

Published on January 12, 2023

Real Estate Wholesaling Software

Real Estate Wholesaling Software [14 Best Wholesale Software]

Real estate wholesaling can be a lucrative business, but it requires a lot of organization and efficiency to be successful. One way to streamline your wholesaling process is by using software designed for this purpose.

In this blog, we’ll look at the best real estate wholesaling software tools that can help streamline the entire process, from finding profitable deals to closing the sale.

Overview of Wholesale Real Estate

Real estate wholesaling is when a wholesaler purchases discounted or distressed properties and then sell them to another buyer for a higher price, typically in a short period.

The wholesaler does not own the property and does not intend to live in it or hold onto it for an extended period.

Instead, the goal is to sell the property for a profit quickly. Wholesalers often work with agents or investors interested in flipping houses or owning rental properties.

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling Software?

Real estate wholesaling software is a powerful tool that helps wholesalers market, manage, and close deals quickly and efficiently. It streamlines the process of finding, vetting, and closing deals by providing automation and analytics tools to help wholesalers save time, money, and resources.

Unfortunately, there is rarely free real estate wholesaling software available for investors to use, but they are well worth the investment.

Key Features of Real Estate Wholesale Software

1. Automated Marketing Tools

Automated marketing tools help you target and reach potential buyers and sellers quickly and efficiently. From automated email campaigns and lead generation to direct mail campaigns and social media marketing, these tools help you get your message out and attract more leads.

2. Deal Analysis and Analytics

The software's analytics can provide valuable insights into market trends, local areas, and pricing strategies to help wholesalers make informed decisions.

Deal Analysis and Analytics

3. Document Management

Real estate wholesaling software provides an easy way to manage and store deals-related documents. The software's document management system allows users to store, organize, and access documents quickly and easily.

4. Property Search

Property search tools allow users to search for the right properties in specific areas and criteria, such as price range, number of bedrooms, and more. These tools make it easy to locate potential properties to buy or sell.

5. Contract Management

Contract management tools help wholesalers manage and track contracts throughout the deal-making process. These tools can help ensure that all parties agree and that contracts are executed properly.

Real Estate Investors: Reasons You Need Real Estate Wholesaling Software

1. Find Cash Buyers

Real estate wholesaling software makes it easy to identify cash buyers in the market so you can quickly move on deals and close sales. You can also track potential buyers and see how long they have been in the market.

2. Identify Motivated Seller Leads

You can quickly identify motivated leads and move on deals using wholesaling software. You can also set up automated emails and text messages to reach potential buyers.

3. Streamline Real Estate Investing

Wholesaling software allows you to stay organized and maximize your profits. You can track deals from start to finish, manage offer details and quickly identify motivated leads. This saves you time and allows you to make decisions quickly.

Streamline Real Estate Investing

4. Time and Cost Saving

Real estate wholesaling software can save you time and money by streamlining the process. You can quickly identify potential buyers or contact motivated sellers in minutes without needing a large in-house team.

5. Risk Reduction

Real estate software helps investors to reduce the risk of their investments by providing them with accurate data and insights. This helps investors to make more informed decisions and maximize their returns.

6. Simplifies Communication

Real Estate Wholesaling Software allows you to easily communicate with buyers and sellers using automated email, text, and voice. This helps you stay in touch with your contacts and build relationships.

14 Best Real Estate Wholesaling Software Any Real Estate Investor Should Know

1. Go High Level - Real Estate CRM with Marketing

Go High Level - Real Estate CRM with Marketing

With real estate customer relationship management (CRM) with marketing, you can manage leads, contacts, and the sales funnel.

It can also allow you to track customer interactions and generate insights. This will give you a better understanding of customer needs and preferences, allowing you to tailor your message to their interests.

Go High Level is a comprehensive wholesaling software used by industry leaders. It has features like lead capture forms, email and text marketing, and lead routing.

It is designed to develop lead generation systems and sales funnels. It helps you connect with sellers and cash buyersto make the most of your marketing efforts.


  • Lead routing
  • Organize property records and documents
  • Contact and communication with buyers/sellers
  • Offer and contract management
  • Closing and follow-up tasks
  • Marketing and lead generation tools

2. REI Blackbook - Real Estate CRM

REI Blackbook - Real Estate CRM

Real estate wholesaling CRM is used by real estate professionals and investors to manage their customers and transactions.

It automates sales and marketing activities, builds stronger relationships with customers and prospects, and streamlines operations.

REI Blackbook is one of the best CRM for wholesaling properties virtually.

It provides users powerful features such as property data management, lead tracking, customizable automation, and more. It helps to manage leads, track deals, create and send automated emails, and analyze performance and ROI.

It easily organizes recent sales comps and cash flow and tracks motivated sellers, cash buyers, and properties.


  • Deal analysis
  • Contact management
  • Portfolio tracking
  • Transaction management
  • Investment property management
  • Data analytics and reporting dashboard
  • Document and property storage

3. Carrot - Building a Website

Carrot - Building a Website

Having a website is essential to running a successful real estate business. It lets you showcase your services, gain exposure, and generate leads.

Carrot provides a landing page builder that allows wholesalers to create a professional website to showcase their property listings quickly.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can customize your site's look, upload photos of your properties, and create pages to highlight the features of multiple properties.

You can also add lead capture forms to quickly capture information from interested buyers and other helpful tools such as property analysis calculators.

Carrot also allows you to create and manage your blog, which is a great way to show your expertise in the real estate business and engage potential clients.


  • Set up online forms and lead capture forms
  • Integrate with email marketing tools
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Use pre-designed templates or create custom designs
  • Track website traffic and user behavior
  • Use SEO to improve search rankings
  • Connect with social media accounts and Google Ads

4. The Smarter Contact - SMS Marketing

The Smarter Contact - SMS Marketing

With the help of SMS marketing, agents can promptly send relevant offers, updates, and other information to property owners and cash buyers.

The Smarter Contact is a great platform for this purpose.

The Smarter Contact's SMS capabilities enable wholesalers to send real-time notifications to customers, schedule messages in advance and track campaign performance.

With its user-friendly interface, you can easily target your audience and create a personalized message, like an interactive voice response, to better engage with them.

Also, it offers a variety of smarter contact features, such as automated messages, detailed analytics, and comprehensive contact management.

By leveraging these features, a real estate investor can quickly find motivated sellers and buyers and increase their ROI.


  • Customizable email and text message templates
  • Contact database and lead management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automated email and text message campaigns

5. Deal Machine - Real-Time Marketing

Deal Machine - Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is a strategy that focuses on delivering relevant and timely content to customers based on their current activities.

Deal Machine is a real estate wholesaling software that helps investors find, analyze, and close deals quickly and efficiently.

The software utilizes real-time data to give investors insights about investment properties and generate offers quickly.

Deal Machine's advanced search tools allow investors to quickly identify properties in their target market, while the software's automated offer generation helps investors generate and submit offers quickly and accurately.

The software also provides investors with detailed analytics on potential investment properties, helping investors make informed decisions and close deals quickly.


  • Property search and analysis
  • Offer and negotiation management
  • Contract creation and e-signing
  • Transaction coordination
  • Mobile app for managing deals on the go

6. BatchDialer - Cold Calling/Dialer

BatchDialer - Cold Calling/Dialer

Cold calling is a common and often effective strategy for real estate investors and wholesalers looking to connect with potential leads and get more deals.

However, making many lead calls manually can be time-consuming and tedious.

BatchDialer is a software designed specifically for cold calling and mass dialing. It allows you to make many calls quickly and efficiently, using a customizable script and pre-recorded voicemails.

The software also includes features like call tracking, lead routing, and call scheduling, allowing you to manage your calls and follow up with leads at the right time.

One of the key benefits of using BatchDialer for cold calling is its time-saving capabilities. With the ability to make many calls, you can significantly increase your chances of connecting with potential leads.

It's also a cost-effective solution, as you can reach many people at a low cost.


  • Automated phone dialing
  • Voicemail drop and message delivery
  • Customizable scripts and templates
  • Local and toll-free phone numbers
  • Online free training and support resources

7. Call Porter - Answering Inbound Calls

Call Porter - Answering Inbound Calls

Answering inbound calls is an essential component of virtual wholesaling. It is often the first point of contact a potential buyer or seller will have with a real estate wholesaler, so the call must be handled professionally.

Call Porter provides a dedicated phone line with a live receptionist who will professionally answer incoming calls. They can provide call routing based on the customer's preferences so that customers can get routed to the right person quickly and easily.

It allows you to track and record calls, set up custom call forwarding, and automatically route calls to the right person or department.

You can also set up a virtual receptionist to answer calls, manage voicemails, and set appointments. This helps you save time and resources and ensures that all inquiries are answered promptly.

Additionally, Call Porter provides a variety of analytics to help you understand your callers' needs and pinpoint areas for improvement.


  • 24/7 live answering and call routing
  • Customizable greetings and scripts
  • Appointment scheduling and confirmation
  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Message taking and forwarding
  • Online training and support resources

8. Yellow Letter HQ - Direct Mail Marketing

Yellow Letter HQ - Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing, which involves sending physical letters and packages to potential customers, has been popular for many years. It has proven effective for businesses of all kinds, including real estate wholesalers.

Yellow Letter HQ specializes in this kind of marketing for wholesalers. They send direct mail and offer various services, from designing professional-looking letters to printing and mailing them to potential buyers.

Yellow Letter HQ also provides tracking services so wholesalers can see who has opened their letters and whether they responded to the offer.

The letters they send are highly effective at generating leads, and they save wholesalers time and money by taking care of the design and printing process.


  • Printing and mailing direct mail postcards
  • Targeted mailing address lists of property owners
  • Direct mail campaigns management

9. ReiPro - Data Collection

ReiPro - Data Collection

Data collection involves gathering and analyzing information and property records from various sources to identify potential deals and evaluate the profitability of a project.

ReiPro is a real estate wholesaling software and a data collection platform that helps wholesalers efficiently gather and analyze data from various sources.

It includes an integrated search engine that helps users quickly obtain property information from hundreds of public and private sources. It also helps users identify investment opportunities, perform market analysis, and track their progress.

ReiPro provides users access to a library of resources, including articles, courses, and webinars, to help them stay informed and updated with the latest real estate trends.


  • Create and manage wholesale deals
  • Track property information
  • Securely store contracts and documents
  • Share deals with any real estate investor
  • Create and manage pipelines

10. Property Leads - Lead Generation/Motivated Seller Leads

Property Leads - Lead Generation/Motivated Seller Leads

Lead generation is an important part of successful wholesaling in real estate. Property Leads provides motivated seller leads to help investors connect with viable properties that can be purchased and resold at a profit.

Property Leads is a platform that offers pay-per-lead services to real estate investors. One of the main benefits of Property Leads is that the leads are generated through SEO, which means that they are actively seeking a solution to their real estate problem.

This can be especially useful for real estate investors as it may make it easier to connect with motivated sellers who are willing to consider a quick cash offer.

Overall, Property Leads can be a useful resource for real estate investors looking to streamline their lead generation and potentially increase their profits.


  • Highly-motivated seller leads delivered via SMS, Email, and webhook to your CRM
  • Lead goes exclusively to the highest bidder in the county
  • Pay-per-lead
  • Instant lead delivery
  • Off-market guarantee
  • Does not require contracts or setup fees

11. REISkip - Skip Tracing

REISkip - Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is locating a person who has moved without leaving a forwarding address. It's commonly used by debt collectors, landlords and real estate investors who want to find people who have moved away without leaving a trace.

REISkip specializes in skip tracing for wholesalers. It provides a fast, secure, and cost-effective way to locate people who have moved without leaving any contact information.

REISkip uses a variety of data sources and advanced search algorithms to locate individuals and their current contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

With REISkip, real estate wholesalers can quickly and easily find people to contact to close a deal. Investors can contact target individuals and make offers on properties before anyone else.

REISkip also offers additional features, such as a property history search, which can be used to uncover additional information about a property or the people associated with it.


  • Bulk skip tracing
  • Bulk document upload
  • Manage risk with automated compliance checks

12. RESimpli - Email Marketing

RESimpli - Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool for businesses, including those in the real estate industry.

RESimpli is a wholesaling software that helps them create and manage email marketing campaigns.

Features like automated emails, drip campaigns, and email tracking make it easy to send personalized emails and track their performance.

Additionally, users can create segmented email lists to target specific audiences with relevant messages.

RESimpli also provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing users to quickly identify which emails resonate with their audience and optimize their marketing campaigns for maximum impact.


  • Accurate Data
  • Skip Trace Triangulation Technology (STT)
  • DNC scrubbing
  • Secure and reliable data storage
  • Social Skipping
  • E-signature

13. Call Rail - Call Tracking

Call Rail - Call Tracking

Call tracking is one of the valuable tools in wholesaling. It allows wholesalers to monitor and improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns by tracking incoming calls from potential customers.

With Call Rail, wholesalers can easily track calls to and from their customers, helping them to identify the most successful sources of leads and the best times to reach potential buyers.

Call Rail also helps wholesalers optimize their marketing efforts by providing detailed data about the quality of their calls, such as the number of calls, the average duration of each call, and the total amount of revenue generated from each call.

This data can be used to refine a wholesaler's marketing strategy and improve its performance.


  • Call tracking from any source
  • Call recording
  • Call Scoring
  • Dynamic number insertion

14. Time Doctor - VA Time Tracker

Time Doctor - VA Time Tracker

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can outsource many tasks, such as paperwork, research, data entry and customer service. This allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

Time Doctor helps you monitor your VA's activities and ensures they efficiently complete tasks.

Time Doctor offers a range of features to help you manage your virtual assistant's time, such as automatically tracking their time, setting up reminders, and setting up detailed reports.

This makes it easy to ensure that your virtual assistant works as effectively as possible. Also, it can help you ensure that you're meeting deadlines and staying on budget.


  • Accurate time-tracking
  • Automated screenshots
  • Automated activity levels
  • Employee monitoring and productivity tracking

Conclusion: Best Real Estate Wholesaling Software

Having the right software can make wholesaling houses even easier. You can streamline your workflow, stay organized, and make sure you are closing more deals.

From CRM software to lead generation systems, some great options are available to help you get the job done and become the best wholesaler you can be.

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