Wholesale Lists: Best Lists For Wholesaling

Published on February 28, 2023

Wholesale Lists: Best Lists For Wholesaling

Wholesale Lists: Best Lists For Wholesaling

While many would argue that the best way to get a wholesale list in real estate is to attend local real estate events, put up a bandit sign, work with lenders, run ads, or search local tax assessors' records, there's actually a faster way — buy a list from platforms that offer real estate data.

Some of the best platforms where you can get wholesale lists are LeadVine, ReiPro, PropertyRadar, DealMachine, Propstream, Realeflow, Privy, DirectMail.com, ProspectNow, TovoData, Datahut, Esales Data, BIGDBM, Geopoint Data, and Blue Mail Media. 

Ready to find out which of these platforms suits your business goals? Keep on reading this blog!

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

In real estate wholesaling, a wholesaler acts as the intermediary between the home seller and the end buyer who is a real estate investor. 

A wholesaler convinces a home seller to agree to a wholesale contract when selling their home. The former is given a certain time period to find a buyer for the property. The wholesaler then sells the contract to potential buyers and claims a wholesale price.

What Is a Wholesale Seller and Buyers List?

What Is a Wholesale Seller and Buyers List?

A wholesaler's seller list is a list of home seller leads. Meanwhile, a wholesale buyers list is a catalog or collection of investors who are interested in buying deals and paying wholesale prices.

Assuming that a seller agrees to enter a wholesale contract, the wholesaler will go searching for wholesale buyers and contact them to check if they're interested in the property.

To maintain an efficient business system that generates high amount of money in real estate wholesaling, a great wholesale buyers list is crucial.

Where to Get the Best Lists of Interested Buyers in Wholesaling?

Where to Get the Best Lists of Interested Buyers in Wholesaling?

The platforms below can give you the best wholesaling data. Whether you are making a seller or a buyer's catalog, these platforms can get the job done with shorter waiting time. 

1. LeadVine

LeadVine is a data-centered platform that can help reduce your operation costs. They can identify the invaluable opportunities in your area so you don't have to resort to other marketing strategies to find leads. 

They offer leads on pre-probate, widow, pre-inherited, divorce, and tax-delinquent properties. In other words, they furnish you with a list of owners who are in extreme distress and are really motivated to sell.

2. ReiPro

ReiPro is a software developed by real estate investors. It is packed with features and services that are extremely helpful for wholesalers. 

For starters, you can search over 150 million leads using this platform. Their leads include properties with absentee owners, vacant, bank owned, and pre-foreclosed. Note that you can also use the software to search for national investors. 

3. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar is another data provider that is being used by wholesalers, investors, landlords, realtors, and other real estate professionals. 

Through this platform, you can look up properties and their owners, build lists using 250+ criteria, drive for dollars virtually, use satellite imagery for list building, and stack your lists. All the public records they provide to their customers at present are up to date.

4. DealMachine

DealMachine is a real estate investing and wholesaling software that offers two major plans: Driving for Dollars and List Builder. You can use the Driving for Dollars software to create the best list for wholesaling. 

Meanwhile, List Builder will help you create your wholesale buyers list through lender, county, and sales data for a flat fee. You get the phone numbers and other contact details of properties whether they are commercial, "for rent" type, etc.

5. PropStream

Propstream provides comprehensive data on real estate nationwide. Through this software, you can search over 153 new properties nationwide, create a prospect list using 100+ targeting criteria, identify fresh properties in your target market, and point you toward motivated sellers.

Aside from lead generation, PropStream also gives insights into neighborhood trends, comps from MLS sales, phone numbers, and a lot more.

6. Realeflow

Realeflow gives you a shortcut in the real estate wholesaling process using their software. They’ll help you generate leads in your local area within seconds and identify your projected profits. Once you find a great property, you can make an offer for it to go under contract.

You can then search on their pool of private lenders to choose an ideal buyer and develop your wholesale buyers list.

7. Privy

Privy is a unique platform that you can use to scale your real estate wholesaling business. They work by tracking every successful real estate investment in the county and assessing the investment strategies they used. You can then use this data to locate similar deals. 

Most of the contacts that Privy generates are from MLS and county records.

8. DirectMail.com

DirectMail.com claims to be the number 1 data provider since the 1970s. Through this platform, you can create a comprehensive mailing list for your real estate wholesaling business. 

DirectMail.com offers a consumer list for $3/name, new mover lists for $5.5/name, and business lists for $7.5/name.

9. ProspectNow

ProspectNow has the best class property data and analytics services. If you want to build your sellers or wholesale buyers list, you can access the data for over 155 million properties using this platform which includes residential properties, predicted future refinances, sellers that are predicted to sell in the future, and commercial properties.

ProspectNow uses machine learning and artificial intelligenceto uncover complete property data.

10. TovoData

TovoData assures its customers that they have the most invaluable and accurate real estate data in the market. They use homeownership, mortgage, closing attorneys, and info from title agents gathered from secured data sources to help empower wholesaling businesses.

Depending on your preference, you can also generate a wholesale list using data from tax assessors, buyers, other investors, foreclosures, AVM coverage, assignments and releases.

11. Datahut

Datahut is a web scraping company that offers personalized data so you can close more deals in your wholesaling business.

Once you contact them through your phone, they’ll ask you a few questions to identify your needs by sending a link to your email or page. They’ll then perform a feasibility analysis and create a solution for you. 

Datahut charges depending on the volume of data the customers need from the internet and the complexity of the sources.

12. Esales Data

Esales Data is a marketing database company that offers email and mailing lists for different industries including real estate. Through this platform, customers can target more than 2,315,987 contacts. 

They gather this data from the following: professional directories, government databases, industrial events, panel discussions, opt-in emails, organizational records, exhibitions and trade shows, online journals, seminars, feedback and survey forms, and magazines.


BIGDBM uses what they call Identity Resolution Graph to gather accurate and complete profile for each of their records. All their data sets are scored based on frequency, recency, strength, and intensity so you can rest assured you get the best data for your real estate deal.

Moreover, they have over 800 million active emails, 620 postal addresses, and more.

14. Geopoint Data

Geopoint Data is the perfect platform if you are after targeted lists to get a real estate deal. Their databases are never been available to the public with similar pricing. Plus, their databases can be filtered by income, credit, equity, vacancy, for rent, etc. 

Moreover, they offer nationwide data and support proprietary data stacking. If you purchase a list from them, they can deliver in 24 hours or less.

15. Blue Mail Media

Blue Mail Media is another platform that offers AI-enabled marketing data. They have 100+ million records and their conversation rate is 45%.

To start building your wholesaling list using Blue Mail Media, you may want to avail of their email data under Custom Pro. Blue Mail Media can also build your list for you and run your email campaigns so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Alternative Ways to Build a Wholesale Buyers List

Alternative Ways to Build a Wholesale Buyers List

If you're not keen on buying seller or buyer data for your wholesale list, here are some tips to make your own organically and land your first deal.

Local Property Auctions

There are different auctions you can go to in order to find buyers or properties that are for sale. There are the sheriff sale or judicial auction, lenders auction, luxury home, and REO sales auctions. 

Properties in the auction are a great place for you to meet people and land a wholesale deal because the potential buyers and sellers are motivated.

Private Money Lenders

Private money lenders know properties that are about to go on sale because they were possibly approached by homeowners to borrow hard money in order to save their homes.

If you work closely with these people and establish a good relationship with them, you'll automatically get calls from them regarding potential home sellers and even buyers they know.

County Auditor Data

Every respective municipality has a county auditor that can offer you valuable data on potential home sellers. These data often include the property’s owner, property tax details, property information, owner's phone numbers, and more.

Key Takeaways: Best Sources of Wholesale Buyers List

The real estate market generates massive amounts of data that wholesalers are keen to learn from. These data can be bought from a lot of platforms as evident in our list above.

If you're a wholesaler who already has an established wholesale buyers list, you should also generate highly motivated leads to keep the ball rolling.

To get the best leads, buy from pay-per-lead platforms! One great example is Property Leads! We generate hundreds of leads monthly through SEO and we sell them exclusively!

If you want to start getting highly motivated seller leads from us, fill out our form below.

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