Wholesale Real Estate Course: 9 Best Wholesaling Courses To Get Started

Published on February 10, 2023

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Wholesale Real Estate Course

Wholesale Real Estate Course

Are you looking to break into the real estate industry but don't know where to start? With so many courses available, it can be challenging to determine which real estate wholesaling class suits you.

This blog post will look at the nine best wholesaling courses to get you started in the world of wholesaling real estate. From beginner-level classes to more advanced courses, we'll cover all the basics you need to know to get started.

So, if you're ready to dive into the world of real estate wholesaling, read on to find the perfect course for you!

Exploring the Potential of Real Estate Wholesaling

Real estate wholesaling can be a great way to start a real estate business. You don't need to have a lot of money to get started, and you don't need to have experience in the real estate industry. All you need is a good eye for spotting a good deal and the ability to move quickly.

How Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work

Real estate wholesaling is a form of short-term investing that has recently gained popularity. The concept is simple – a middleman, also known as a real estate wholesaler, sets up a contract with a property seller. The wholesaler's primary goal is to find potential buyers and assign them the agreement.

Contrary to popular belief, wholesalers do not purchase the property. Instead, they work with a temporary contract with the seller, which allows them to market the property and sell it on their behalf.

This is a unique advantage for wholesalers as it allows them to earn a fee, usually a percentage of the property cost, without investing any significant capital. This makes real estate wholesaling an attractive option for new investors and those looking to support other investment projects.

Properties sold through wholesaling are often distressed or need to be sold quickly by the owner. Working with a wholesaler allows the owner to sell the property faster, but they will also receive lower profits.

On the other hand, buyers in wholesaling situations are usually investors or real estate rehabbers looking for properties to work on. These can be landlords, flippers, or other individuals who work within the industry.

Working with wholesalers helps these buyers quickly identify potential properties for their projects without negotiating with sellers or searching for discounted properties.

How Does Wholesaling Real Estate Work

What a Wholesale Deal Looks Like for a Real Estate Investor

If you're considering getting into wholesale real estate, it's important to understand what a typical deal looks like. Wholesaling deals can vary, but the basic process involves finding a seller, negotiating a sale agreement, and finding a buyer to purchase the property. Here's a closer look at each step of the wholesale process.

Step 1: Find Sellers

The first step in making a wholesaling deal is finding sellers looking to sell their residential multi-family properties.

Wholesalers use various strategies, such as advertising their home-buying services, searching neighborhoods for disheveled properties, and using public records to identify properties that may be headed for foreclosure.

Wholesalers target motivated sellers facing foreclosure, have inherited a property, or prefer not to use a real estate agent.

Step 2: Negotiate a Sale Agreement

Once the wholesaler has found a seller, they meet to discuss the condition of the subject property and the potential terms of the sale.

The wholesaler then makes an offer for the property. If the homeowner agrees, they sign a contract stating that the wholesaler or someone contracted through the wholesaler will purchase the property at the agreed-upon price within a certain number of days.

Negotiate a Sale Agreement

Step 3: Find a Buyer

After a sale agreement, the wholesaler contacts cash buyers or senior buyers, such as property investors or house flippers, who actively pursue new properties.

The buyer agrees to purchase the property at a slightly higher price than the price agreed to in the sale agreement, and the difference is the wholesaler's fee.

The wholesaler and the senior buyer sign an assigned contract, giving the buyer the right to purchase the home from the homeowner.

Step 4: Closing the Deal

Finally, the wholesaler collects their fee at closing. The title company is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the purchase contract are met and that the house is sold and transferred to the buyer.

Overall, the key to wholesaling real estate is to be proactive and strategic in your marketing and outreach efforts to find sellers and make your name known to potential buyers. You can make a great wholesale deal with the right approach and help homeowners sell their properties easily.

What’s Inside Wholesale Real Estate Classes

If you're looking to enter the exciting and lucrative world of wholesale real estate, you'll want to start with a solid education. A wholesale real estate course is perfect for creating your learning process.

These courses are designed to help you understand the entire process of a wholesale deal, from finding sellers and subject properties to negotiating purchase contracts and making a profit.

The wholesale real estate process can be complex, and it's important to have a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and strategies involved. A wholesale real estate course will teach you everything you need to know to get started in this exciting industry, including:

1. How to Find Motivated Sellers

Finding sellers is one of the first things you'll learn in a wholesale real estate course. This can involve running marketing ads, searching for properties in foreclosure, and working with homeowners to find the best deals.

You'll learn how to assess the subject property's market value and determine whether it's a good fit for a wholesale deal.

2. Understand Equitable Interest

Another essential concept in wholesale real estate is equitable interest. This refers to the right of a buyer to acquire the subject property, regardless of who holds the title.

In a wholesale deal, you'll want to be sure you have a clear understanding of the property's equitable interest and the terms of the sale agreement.

Understand Equitable Interest

3. Negotiate Contracts

In a wholesale real estate course, you'll also learn how to negotiate purchase contracts. This includes understanding the different types of contracts and clauses that can be included in a wholesale deal, as well as how to negotiate terms that are favorable to both parties effectively.

4. Structure Real Estate Transactions

You'll learn how to structure your wholesale deals for maximum profit. This may involve understanding different financing options, such as hard money loans, and how to effectively negotiate with buyers to ensure you receive the highest possible fee for your services.

9 Best Wholesaling Real Estate Training Courses

1. Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping is a real estate education course designed to help new and experienced investors grow and scale their professional wholesaling businesses. The course provides all the tools and knowledge needed to get started in the real estate investing industry and helps experienced investors take their businesses to the next level.

The name "Astro Flipping" was chosen to reflect the idea that, like an astronaut flipping in space, students of the course will not be able to stop once they start learning about real estate. The course will help them advance their real estate wholesale business.

Its wholesaling real estate classes are very comprehensive. The instructors have real estate wholesaling business experience.

How does Astro Flipping Work?

Astro Flipping is an online real estate wholesaling education program offering a step-by-step blueprint for creating and scaling your own business. The program includes over 75 videos, which serve as wholesaling real estate classes that guide you through finding and wholesaling properties.

The program includes video training, audio recordings, templates, swipe files, checklists, interviews with successful graduates, and an active community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Through the program, you'll learn how to:

  • Find wholesale deals
  • Analyze potential properties
  • Find motivated sellers
  • Negotiate with sellers
  • Flip houses for quick profits

The program is available in two versions: a 7-week course and a 6-week course. You'll get six months of coaching calls, downloadable contracts, and a live comping assistant with either program.

2. SubTo


Subto is an online real estate education program and community that teaches creative financing strategies to investors across America.

The program is named “Subto,” which is short for “Subject To.” Subject To is a method of investing in real estate without applying for a new loan. Instead, the investor takes over the previous owner's mortgage loan and agrees to pay the remaining mortgage loan on the previous owner's behalf.

This method creates a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. The seller can avoid a hit on their credit score from late payments and foreclosure, while the buyer can invest in real property without the costs and hassle of applying for a new mortgage loan.

How does Subto Work?

The program offers a variety of training materials, including training videos, access to a private Facebook group, scripts and templates, and personal and group coaching. The program is divided into three subscription tiers: Core, Standard, and Mastermind.

  • Core: Includes a 6-week video course that provides step-by-step processes for making contracts, managing marketing, scaling the business, and types of exit strategies. Members can also access the private Facebook group and daily zoom calls with the course creator, Pace Morby, or other mentors.
  • Standard: Includes everything in the Core package, plus additional strategies such as flipping and probate, bringing the training to 11 weeks. Also included is a virtual assistant for three months, a CRM for free, and one free transaction coordinator to do all your paperwork.
  • Mastermind: Includes everything in the other memberships, plus a transaction coordinator for all your paperwork. Members also get a trip to Phoenix to spend two days with Pace Morby (founder) in person and go with him on a ride-along. Also, members are eligible to join any Subto Mastermind live events.

3. TTP Cold Calling Training

TTP Cold Calling Training

The TTP Cold Calling program is an advanced wholesaling real estate course that teaches a step-by-step method for using combative marketing techniques to find motivated sellers and convert them into clients. The TTP Cold Calling program replaces traditional marketing methods with a simple, low-cost telephone marketing strategy.

The program is led by Brent Daniels, a dynamic real estate wholesaler and the creator of the popular telephone marketing program "Talk To People." He has personally coached and helped thousands of wholesalers with his strategies and has a widely popular YouTube channel with over 46K subscribers.

The TTP Cold Calling program is known for its effectiveness in teaching investors and wholesalers how to pick up the phone or use a dialer to contact property owners who are ready and willing to sell their properties.

The course provides a wholesaling blueprint for any seasoned investor or newbie looking to buy rental properties and make his first wholesale deal. The program covers everything from finding motivated sellers to negotiating wholesale real estate contracts and virtual real estate wholesaling.

How does TTP Cold Calling Training Work?

The course is based on a proven system that Brent developed over years of speaking to over 45,000 homeowners and learning to "Talk to People" like a neighbor. He attributes his success to quality conversations from his Four Pillars of qualified distressed properties, including; condition of the property, timeline to sell property, motivation for selling, and price.

4. Pro Wholesaler VIP Program

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program is an online educational program that provides real estate investors with the tools and wholesaling real estate training. With the right mindset and a step-by-step approach, investors can close deals and make money in no time.

The program is designed to help new and experienced investors learn the ins and outs of wholesale real estate, from finding and acquiring deals to closing them and making a profit.

One of the unique selling points of the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program is its focus on a deal acquisition system that does not rely on spending money on marketing.

Unlike other wholesale real estate courses focusing on paid marketing tactics such as pay-per-click, text message blasting, and direct mail, the Pro Wholesaler Program promises to help students acquire their first deal without spending a dollar on marketing ads.

How does Pro Wholesaler VIP Program Work?

The program includes instant access to a comprehensive wholesale real estate course covering everything from finding motivated sellers and cash buyers to negotiating and closing deals. The course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of the wholesaler's objective and the step-by-step process of acquiring and closing future deals.

Students also have access to live expert coaching, mentorship programs, and an online community where they can connect, learn and grow with other real estate professionals in the program.

Pro Wholesaler VIP Program guarantees that the students will acquire their first wholesale real estate deal or their money back.

5. Flip2Freedom


Flip2Freedom is a comprehensive real estate wholesaling and flipping program created by experienced investor Sean Terry. The program is designed to teach students the ins and outs of finding off-market properties and closing profitable wholesale deals.

One of the key focuses of Flip2Freedom is direct mail and other tactics for finding off-market properties. Sean Terry, the creator of the program, is a successful wholesaler himself and uses these techniques in his own business, completing an average of 10 deals per month. The program also covers the use of direct marketing for flipping houses.

The program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Understanding the basics of wholesaling real estate
  • Finding distressed sellers
  • Securing deals on HUD homes
  • Utilizing a variety of techniques such as bandit signs, direct mail, and Google ad-words to find off-market properties
  • Writing and negotiating a wholesale contract
  • Communicating with sellers
  • Closing on properties
  • Building a buyer's list
  • Hiring staff and scaling the business
  • Flipping houses instead of wholesaling them

How does Flip2Freedom Work?

Flip2Freedom offers a variety of learning channels, including videos, coaching calls, and supplemental materials such as documents and forms.

The program also includes software to help analyze deals and project income, as well as a Facebook community and discussion board for members to connect and discuss investing.

In addition to the comprehensive training, Flip2Freedom also offers opportunities for students to sell their wholesale deals to the program and explore partnership opportunities.

The program also includes motivational videos and articles on mindset and goal-setting to help students learn the actions of real estate investing and develop the right mindset for success.

6. Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda is the founder of Future Flipper. This company serves as a platform for coaching programs focusing on different aspects of real estate investing, such as wholesaling, fixing, and flips.

He is a former professional baseball player turned successful real estate investor, with a background in flipping and wholesaling houses and owning rental properties.

The coaching program is designed for experienced and new real estate investors, providing a step-by-step guide on finding good deals, automating processes, and building a successful wholesaling business from the ground up.

The program includes access to courses, templates, and group Zoom calls, as well as the ability to learn from Ryan's experience and success in over 500 flips and wholesale real estate deals.

He also shares his knowledge on finding the best deals, even during a bad market or economy, and how to buy deals without spending any of your cash.

With Future Flipper, Ryan aims to teach real estate skills and provide a virtual wholesaling experience, including the ability to automate processes and free up time for other priorities such as family or recreation.

How does Future Flipper Work?

This real estate wholesaling course covers three prominent business types: flipping, wholesaling, and property rental. It is a comprehensive and accessible wholesale course for those looking to start investing in the local area.

With this package, you will gain access to more than 80 video tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use Ryan's most successful real estate business strategies, the same strategies he uses to manage his multi-million dollar real estate businesses.

Additionally, you will receive the Real Estate Investor's Toolkit, which includes all the necessary spreadsheet and contract templates to run a profitable real estate investing business and eliminate 90% of the paperwork.

The package includes training on quickly flipping real estate without using your money and a copy of the Flip Your Future ebook.

7. Tim Oppelt

Tim Oppelt

Tim Oppelt is a real estate investor and agent who evaluates distressed properties and brings buyers and sellers together. He also has expertise in marketing through social media and the internet. Tim has obtained his real estate license to further his learning and bring more options to the table.

The 1-Hour Deals Program results from Tim's experience and knowledge from helping hundreds of investors scale their businesses to over $100k. The program is a comprehensive wholesale real estate course that offers a unique approach to wholesaling real estate.

The program combines knowledge from Tim's real estate wholesaling business and his PPC marketing agency in REI. Tim has developed the program, and his expert team, who have over 25 years of combined experience, have spent over $4,000,000+ in Ad spend and currently run over $100,000+ a month for their clients.

How does 1-Hour Deals Program Work?

The program is designed to work with cash buyers and real estate investors who need high-quality motivated seller leads. You will partner with these investors, they will cover ad spend, and you will bring the leads.

You will then launch your $100k Google Ads System and manage it with just 1 hour a month. The system will passively generate high-quality motivated seller leads. Your partner will then close the deals and give you a split of the profits.

8. Flip With Rick

Flip With Rick

Flip With Rick is another comprehensive wholesale real estate course designed to help aspiring real estate investors learn the ins and outs of flipping houses. The course focuses on the wholesaling process, a popular strategy real estate investors use to make money in the industry.

Through the course, students will learn how to find, negotiate, and close wholesale deals and determine a specified price, whether for single-family homes or multi-story.

The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become successful real estate investors and to help them find and sell properties to end buyers for a profit.

9. The Virtual Investor

The Virtual Investor

The Virtual Investor is a must-watch Youtube channel for anyone interested in real estate wholesaling. Creators Paul and Mike are experts in the field and share their knowledge and experience with the audience.

The channel covers everything you need to know about wholesaling real estate, from finding wholesale deals to determining market value. The channel not only teaches you how to start a wholesaling business but also how to be a successful real estate investor.

In addition to the Youtube channel, they offer an REO Auction Academy, a comprehensive course designed to give you everything you need to find, analyze, bid, and buy houses at online auctions.

The course also covers multiple ways to make money in the real estate industry, including virtual wholesaling, buying local or out-of-state rentals, rehab projects, and selling with owner financing.

Conclusion: Get Started in Real Estate Investing with the Right Course

With suitable wholesale real estate courses, you can be well on your way to becoming a successful real estate wholesaler and closing your first wholesale deal. These courses provide a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to all aspects of real estate transactions so that you can become a successful real estate wholesaler.

Also, Property Leads makes it easy for you to find the perfect investment property. Our team will provide the leads you need to find the best deals.

Save time and purchase real estate leads. We have a comprehensive database of properties for sale and rent, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deals available.

Take the first step towards investing in real estate. Fill out our forms and get started today.

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