Batch Dialer Reviews: Get More Out Of Batch Dialer

Published on March 10, 2023

Batch Dialer Reviews

Batch Dialer Reviews

If you want to personalize prospecting for real estate leads and get immediate feedback, cold-calling is the best method to use. However, with all the existing dialers and cold-calling companies out there, who should you trust? Well, you won’t go wrong with Batch Dialer!

Want to learn whether Batch Dialer is fit for your real estate business? This blog got you covered. Up ahead is a detailed list of Batch Dialer features, pros and cons, pricing and more!

What Is Batch Dialer?

What Is Batch Dialer?

Batch Dialer is a cloud-based autodialer made for single-person businesses, sales teams, customer care divisions, and large-scale call centers. It is ideal for teams managing roofing, insurance, debt collection, and real estate who are looking to build a smart local presence.

Its AI-driven call routing optimizes incoming and outgoing calls, and its built-in CRM  and practically limitless connectors ultimately revolutionize lead management.

Batch Dialer belongs to the platforms run by Batch Service. This parent company also runs other real estate management tools such as BatchSkipTracing, Batch Leads, BatchDriven, and BatchData. 

Moreover, Batch Dialer is a popular choice among real estate professionals because of the excellent reviews they gained over the years and their mentions in a few podcasts. The team behind Batch Dialer promotes remote working to avoid call center services which can cost thousands.

How Much Does Batch Dialer Cost? (Batch Dialer Price)

How Much Does Batch Dialer Cost? (Batch Dialer Price)

The single-line dialer plan of BatchDialer starts at $89 per agent. This Batch Dialer pricing already includes unlimited minutes, inbound queues, campaign optimization tools, configurable auto-dialing, IVR, enhanced list recycling, and a unique phone number or local area codes.

Meanwhile, the multi-line dialer charges $139 per agent. It contains all the features of a single-line dialer, with the main distinction being that you may place 5 times as many calls in a short period and simultaneously dial up to ten phone numbers.

BatchDialer Review: Batch Dialer Features

Batch Dialer Features

Batch Dialer packs a lot of features that many dialers and cold-calling services lack. Check out all Batch Dialer features below.

Smart AI Predictive Dialer

  • Answering Machine Detection: After around 3.5 seconds, Batch Dialer’s sophisticated algorithm for predictive dialing is calibrated to help your contact center identify and discard busy tones and voicemails from an answering machine. 
  • AI-Driven Call Routing: The auto-predictive dialer doesn't just forward your calls at random. In order to cut down on your waiting time and improve customer experience, it employs real-time analytics to identify when to connect your calls and only does so when a motivated lead answers. It can also automatically start your next call.
  • Live Call Monitoring and Call Recording: The entire team and call center managers in your contact center can remotely check on the call agent status and participate in live calls because Batch Dialer has live agent monitoring. Batch Dialer also automatically records calls so you can track agent performance and assess customer experience.
  • Customizable Dialing Campaigns: Users may quickly and easily construct outbound calling campaigns with Batch Dialer and its Interactive Voice Response. They may even pause, adjust, or duplicate the dialing campaign when necessary. You can completely customize ring length, assigned number of calls per agent, number of redials, abandonment timeout rate, and the max number of times you can call a number.
  • Inbound Calling Skill-based Routing: Aside from unlimited outbound dialing, the autodialer will allow you to receive calls from the platform through skill-based routing. Meanwhile, by employing a sophisticated algorithm, they can direct incoming calls to your call center agents.
  • Local Numbers: Batch Power Dialer automatically modifies the phone number the call center agent is using to correspond with a lead's physical location or the lead's area code.

Preview Dialer

Manually calling leads from a certain campaign is possible with Batch Dialer since it has a preview dialer that enables the manual selection of each contact before dialing. This can help you make more data-driven decisions or take on a more sales-oriented approach.

Reporting Features for Outbound Calls

The Batch Dialer has a status monitoring function that allows real estate investors and other real estate professionals to identify whether an agent is available or taking a break. Additionally, it offers instant call reports, campaign performance assessments as they track agents, team dashboards, and dashboards.

Batch Dialer Pros and Con

Batch Dialer Pros and Con

While being a highly regarded cloud-based platform for cold-calling, Batch Dialer is far from perfect. It has its fair share of positive and negative aspects, which we will objectively review in this part of the blog.

Batch Dialer Pros

  • If you're new to cold calling, you can start out small using this dialer and work your way up to using a multiline dialer.
  • Real estate investors can listen in on a call without the person being aware through the covert call recording feature.
  • It can be integrated with Batch Leads. It can retrieve your personal lists, perform skip tracing, and then transfer them to Batch Dialer.
  • Your virtual assistants (VAs) can place several outbound calls each day using BatchDialer to improve your local presence all while avoiding DNC numbers, hang-ups, unanswered calls VMs, and disconnects.

Batch Dialer Cons

  • The steep learning curve for some features of this cloud-based platform if you're into real estate investing
  • Importing excel files after skip-tracing the phone numbers can be challenging using Batch Leads Dialer

How To Use Batch Dialer

How To Use Batch Dialer

If you want to dial using Batch Dialer, all you have to do is click on the conversation box in the dashboard's upper left corner of this cloud-based platform, change the status you’ll see to Available, and then choose a campaign from the dialogue box that will pop up. 

All your selected lines will automatically be dialed by the dialer as it appears. In order to make the dialing task more manageable, Batch Dialer only suggests dialing three numbers if you signed up for the multi-line dialer even though the feature allows you to call up to 10.

Every time you click on the caller ID, you get essential lead information, including contact information, property information, related previous campaigns, and activities (including inbound and outgoing calls or text interactions you've had with the prospect).

Batch Dialer Alternatives

Batch Dialer Alternatives

If this cloud-based platform doesn't seem to fit your company's demands, you can look into other options. Below, you can find a list of some of the top real estate cold-calling services and dialers that you can use to cold-call or receive calls!

Batch Dialer vs. Call Magicians

Batch Dialer vs. Call Magicians

Cold calling and lead management are the two main services provided by Call Magicians. In addition to real estate, they collaborate with businesses in the insurance, healthcare, construction, and retail sectors. You can close more business because they only charge, on average, $20 to $30 per lead. It won't cost thousands unlike other platforms.

Batch Dialer vs. REVA Global

REVA Global is a source for qualified virtual assistants in real estate. All of their virtual assistants (VAs) are college graduates with neutral accents, good communication skills, excellent English fluency, and experience working in the call center sector.

Batch Dialer vs. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is known for providing affordable real estate cold calling services. But, you must provide them access to your database. They would know which of the prospects you submitted are prospective leads thanks to their adept cold callers.

Batch Dialer vs. Fiverr Cold Calling Services

One of the most popular freelance markets nowadays is Fiverr and one of the categories for their virtual assistants for businesses is cold calling.

The best part about hiring freelancers for cold calling on Fiverr is that you can select the service based on the caller's skill level and price.

Batch Dialer vs. Upcall

Batch Dialer vs. Upcall

Upcall is a platform for human-powered engagement that doubles as artificial intelligence. For real estate investors, they provide phone and text messaging services. They are technology-driven, so they follow up on leads in addition to starting dialogues.

Batch Dialer vs. Lead Mining Pros

Depending on your real estate demands, Lead Mining Pros employs both international and domestic cold callers. These individuals have received training in message delivery, information gathering, and handling objections.

Batch Dialer vs. Call Motivated Sellers

Call Motivated Sellers' main objective is to assist real estate companies in generating leads. They meticulously pre-screen them so they have crystal clear voice. They also have accent-neutral agents.

Also, their callers speak both English and Spanish. You won't encounter any communication challenges with many of your prospects who are of Spanish descent because their cold collars use the two languages that are most widely spoken in the U.S.

Batch Dialer vs. REVAS

REVAS is a virtual assistant company that was established in 2013 with the aim of providing real estate agents and investors with a method to outsource some of their responsibilities. Cold calling and lead pre-qualification are two of their services.

Batch Dialer vs. ExpertCallers

Expert Callers is under Flatworld Solutions. With more than 2,000 agents spread over three continents, they are already serving the global market.

ExpertCallers provides outgoing and incoming call services, similar to Flatworld. They also offer appointment scheduling, lead generation, and chat support.

Batch Dialer vs. Mojo Dialer

Mojo is a premium dialing system that can rapidly and effectively target leads, place calls, and manage leads. Mojo is regarded as the premier power dialer and lead generation service in the market thanks to its high-quality leads, distinctive dialing system, and affordable pricing!

Batch Dialer FAQs

Is Batch Dialer a CRM?

Batch Dialer is not primarily a CRM, but as soon as a lead is added to your list, Batch Dialer tracks, organizes, and manages it to increase agent productivity and call acceptance rates. In other words, it comes with a built in CRM feature that can help you gain competitive advantage.

Does Batch Dialer Have an App?

Yes. Batch Dialer has an app you can use so you don't have to use your online browser every time. This app allows you to monitor the volume of your incoming calls on your phone, putting everything at your fingertips.

Batch Dialer Review: Is Batch Dialer Worth the Investment?

It is super simple to create and manage outbound calling marketing campaigns using Batch Dialer's high-performance predictive dialer and interactive interface. Although it is an autodialer, it comes with a preview dialer and a built-in Batch CRM that is useful in lead management.

Nevertheless, if you don’t find cold calling effective in your real estate business, you may want to try buying leads instead. Property Leads offer the best motivated seller leads! We generate our leads from SEO and sell them exclusively to prevent competition.

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