Bateman Collective Reviews: Get More Out Of Brandon Bateman's Agency

Published on September 22, 2023


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Bateman Collective Reviews: Get More Out Of Brandon Bateman's Agency

Bateman Collective Reviews Get More Out Of Brandon Bateman's Agency

One of the many strategies that real estate professionals leverage to achieve growth in their niche is seeking the help of Brandon Bateman’s agency, the Bateman Collective. 

This company uses artificial intelligence in real estate marketing, optimizing paid advertising strategies, and harnessing the power of Google and social media platforms to secure promising leads.

In this article, we will go through reviews of Bateman Collective to highlight the services it offers to both novices and veterans in the real estate industry. This will help you in deciding whether to invest in this digital marketing agency to grow your business!

What Is Bateman Collective?

What Is Bateman Collective

Bateman Collective is a marketing agency specializing in services for real estate investors. The agency focuses on intent-driven marketing, which leverages machine learning and other advanced technologies to achieve scalable and exponential growth in the real estate investing space.

One way that Bateman Collective can be used for real estate is by utilizing its affiliate services to drive more leads and close more deals through data-driven Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO services. These services are designed exclusively for real estate investors, helping them to find, engage, and convert motivated sellers into leads.

To further educate real estate investors, the CEO of Bateman Collective, Brandon Bateman, hosts a podcast where he discusses marketing strategies and shares success stories from the real estate sector, thus serving as a valuable resource for real estate professionals looking to upscale their digital marketing strategies.

Therefore, real estate investors can use Bateman Collective's services to enhance their marketing strategies, foster connections, and accelerate growth by targeting motivated sellers more effectively through optimized advertising campaigns and SEO strategies.

How Much Does Bateman Collective Cost?

Bateman Collective does not disclose specific information on the pricing structure or rates of services they offer, although they mention free consultations and masterclasses. 

To view how their pricing plan looks like, it would be best to reach out to Bateman Collective directly, possibly through the free consultation they offer on their website, to inquire about the specific costs associated with their services. Look for their digital marketing account manager to learn more about the advancement opportunities they can offer you.

Bateman Collective Features

Bateman Collective Features

Bateman Collective offers a range of services to help real estate agents and investors find, engage, and convert motivated sellers who are looking for opportunities online. 

Google Ads

Bateman Collective offers Google Ads services where they create and manage campaigns from inception to completion, targeting highly profitable keywords to drive potential leads directly to your sales team. 

This service is made highly effective through the use of their unique Dynamic Motivation Algorithm (DMA), which analyzes data from vast ad spends across all their clients to identify the most promising keywords, locations, ads, and audiences, thus optimizing the return on investment (ROI). 

When you become a client, you benefit from the collective learning and data of all other clients, positioning your marketing strategy at an advantage.

Facebook Ads

Bateman Collective utilizes Facebook Ads (very popular marketing strategy) to help real estate investors reach motivated sellers before they initiate their search for a buyer through posts they can read. That is if you weren't still using this in the past. This early engagement, facilitated through a cost-effective platform with a steadily improving lead qualification rate, brings a considerable advantage to real estate investors and can really be a key game changer. 

The service employs the DMA to discern which phrases, landing pages, images, videos, or offers are generating the best ROI, letting clients benefit from a pool of knowledge derived from substantial investments sans the associated cost.

Microsoft Ads

Bateman Collective recommends Microsoft Ads for real estate investors willing to expand their search advertising beyond Google or those who would rather focus on PPC instead of social media marketing. This service grants access to various search engines that house a slightly older and less tech-savvy demographic, a group identified to align well with the motivated seller persona. 

Microsoft Ads promises less competition for motivated investor keywords, hence significantly reducing the cost of ads. This platform not only offers affordability but also ensures better ad positions and higher click-through rates.


Bateman Collective highlights SEO as a potentially most profitable channel for many real estate investors. Unlike other paid channels, SEO stands as an investment for long-term success. Bateman Collective develops an SEO strategy informed by the data derived through DMA to pinpoint the most lucrative keywords and the most effective content types in the industry. 

They take on the job of several vital components of content creation, including Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Optimized Content, and Authority Link Building, working collectively to enhance your website ranking and boost traffic, gearing you towards a long-term success pathway.

Bateman Collective Pros and Cons

Bateman Collective offers a data-driven and comprehensive suite of services for real estate investors and agents looking to enhance their online presence and lead generation efforts. 

However, potential clients should weigh its pros and cons first before using their services.

Bateman Collective Pros

  • Utilization of Dynamic Motivation Algorithm (DMA): The DMA uses data accumulated from all Bateman Collective clients, providing you with a strategy that is based on a rich pool of insights, potentially increasing the ROI.
  • Google Ads Management: They handle everything from the creation to the management of Google ads campaigns and your profile, which can help save time and resources. Also, they guarantee reaching the right audience at the optimal time with apt messaging, so this won't be a problem anymore. They don't make empty promises as they really find the best solutions for you.
  • Facebook Ads Utilization: Early engagement with potential sellers before they start looking for buyers, which might give you a competitive edge. It is also cited to be a cost-effective platform with improving lead qualification rates.
  • Microsoft Ads Integration: Access to a range of search engines and a demographic that matches well with motivated seller persona so you can see comparatively cheaper ad costs.
  • SEO Services: It offers a long-term strategy targeting higher rankings and increased website traffic through a comprehensive SEO strategy, including technical SEO, On-Page SEO, optimized content, and authority link building. This is so your real estate businesses can receive a better gross average income, possibly a million, through their SEO strategies and advice,
  • Costs: They offer free consultations for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Ads strategies, giving potential clients a risk-free way to understand what Bateman Collective can offer before they join.

Bateman Collective Cons

  • The Use of Microsoft Ads: The audience on platforms like Bing and Yahoo might be limited compared to Google, potentially reaching a smaller audience.
  • Cost Not Disclosed: The actual costs of utilizing their full services are not mentioned, which might be a concern for businesses working on a limited budget. You have to have a conversation with their employee or expert representative, basically someone from their team who can make sure you are presented with all the things they offer.

How To Use Bateman Collective

How To Use Bateman Collective

Using the Bateman Collective in the real estate industry involves different approaches that leverages digital marketing techniques to boost lead generation and facilitate more deal closures. 

First off, the Bateman Collective offers a rich repository of podcasts where they discuss various aspects of digital marketing in the real estate sector. By tuning into these sessions, real estate professionals can gain valuable insights into the contemporary market dynamics and the latest strategies being used in the industry. 

Moreover, topics such as AI's role in real estate marketing are often discussed, giving you an edge in leveraging the latest technology in your strategies. 

The founder, Brandon Bateman, also emphasizes the role of paid ads in generating motivated seller leads in real estate. Through a well-planned paid ads strategy, businesses can reach out to potential clients who are genuinely interested in selling, thereby improving the chances of closing deals. 

It's about crafting compelling ads and placing them strategically on various platforms to reach a targeted audience.

Another thing to highlight is how clients have converted web searches into instant cash through strategies involving PPC, Facebook, and SEO through the help of Bateman Collective. 

The integration of these strategies can be instrumental in reaching out to a broader audience and converting leads into sales. It involves optimizing your website for search engines and leveraging social media platforms to reach potential clients effectively.

Bateman Collective Alternatives

Bateman Collective Alternatives

If you are looking to compare more digital agencies before choosing one, here is a comprehensive list of the competitors of Bateman Collective.

Bateman Collective vs. SmartSites

SmartSites is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency that provides a range of services tailored to enhance the online presence of businesses, including those in the real estate sector. 

The company offers services such as real estate digital marketing to help professionals in the industry sell more by leveraging online platforms efficiently. Their services encompass strategies to grow businesses online, including Small and Medium Business (SMB) marketing specialists who can guide real estate professionals to expand their business on the internet.

For real estate professionals specifically, SmartSites offers custom website design services that are geared towards home buyers. 

Bateman Collective vs. REQ

REQ is a digital marketing agency offering various services including digital advertising to help businesses optimize their conversion rates and drive results.

For real estate professionals, partnering with REQ can offer a substantial boost in their business efforts. REQ's expertise in digital advertising and marketing solutions can assist in defining and showcasing the real estate professionals' unique value propositions, reaching the right audiences, and optimizing conversion rates to drive better business outcomes.

REQ can also help improve online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) services, helping the real estate professionals to rank higher on search engines and attract more potential clients.

Bateman Collective vs. CommCreative

CommCreative is a marketing agency that specializes in various areas including branding, media planning & buying, and web design, thereby offering a full suite of marketing solutions that can be pivotal for real estate professionals.

Real estate professionals can leverage CommCreative's services in many ways. They can help establish a strong brand identity, which is fundamental in the competitive real estate market. They can also help plan media purchases to reach the right audience and maximize ROI.

Moreover, CommCreative can create a professional and user-friendly website for your business to attract and retain potential clients.

Bateman Collective vs.

Vizion is a one-stop-shop for real estate businesses, ensuring convenience for its clients by offering a lot of services centrally from a single platform. They endeavor to handle the entire digital marketing process for clients, emphasizing connections between different strategies to produce harmonized and effective results. 

Their suite of services showcases a broad spectrum of digital marketing solutions, including 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Enhancing the online visibility of real estate listings through improved search engine rankings.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click): Leveraging paid advertising to drive traffic to their clients' listings, presumably aiming for a high return on investment.
  • Email Marketing: Utilizing email campaigns to nurture leads and maintain engagement with potential clients.
  • Web Design & Development: Offering solutions for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional websites to facilitate the showcasing of listings and attracting prospective buyers.
  • Social Media Marketing: Engaging with audiences on various social platforms to enhance brand visibility and foster community relations.
  • Review Generation & Monitoring: Managing the reputation of the clients by generating positive reviews and keeping a vigilant eye on feedback to maintain a positive image.

Bateman Collective vs. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is one of the leading agencies specializing in real estate digital marketing services. They offer a range of services tailored for real estate companies to enhance their online presence and achieve higher conversion rates in their marketing processes.

They can be used to facilitate various digital marketing strategies, including lead generation services to attract potential buyers or sellers and convert them into clients; social media services, where they leverage platforms to enhance brand visibility and engagement in the real estate industry; and web design services to create websites that are appealing and functional, providing a beneficial platform for real estate businesses to showcase their listings and services.

Bateman Collective FAQ

Who is the CEO of Bateman Collective?

Brandon Bateman is the CEO of the Bateman Collective. He is an important figure guiding the agency with a visionary approach while incorporating innovative marketing tactics to make a name in the industry. 

His leadership, reflecting a blend of expertise and foresight, has been essential in nurturing a team that is focused at leveraging the digital space to facilitate business growth and improve market visibility.

Summary: Is Bateman Collective Worth the Investment?

Overall, working with Bateman Collective offers real estate professionals a substantial leverage in a highly competitive real estate investment market in the United States. The strategies developed by Brandon Bateman and his team are evidently designed to drive more leads and close more deals for everyone who wants to be at the top of their game and earn more money. 

As one tries to grow a real estate company, having the support of an agency like Bateman Collective that has a proven track record can be a great stepping stone. However, if you find that you want more leads in your pipeline, you can also utilize pay-per-lead platforms.

One of the few pay-per-lead platforms that you can trust in terms of lead quality is Property Leads. We generate our leads from SEO and we sell them exclusively to avoid competition.

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