Bolt Deals Reviews: Get More Out Of Benjamin Hoang's Agency

Published on September 22, 2023


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Bolt Deals Reviews: Get More Out Of Benjamin Hoang's Agency

Bolt Deals Reviews Get More Out Of Benjamin Hoang's Agency

Securing competitive real estate deals often boils down to who has the right tools and team. One of the many agencies that offer both is Bolt Deals, a digital marketing agency led by Benjamin Hoang that uses innovative strategies to ensure its clients’ success.

To help you decide whether to invest in Bolt Deals, this blog offers a comprehensive review! Here, we’ll unpack what they offer, the pros and cons of using their services, their general processes, etc. We based this review on firsthand accounts and testimonials to give you a clear picture of what to expect from Benjamin Hoang’s brainchild. 

What Is Bolt Deals?

What Is Bolt Deals

Bolt Deals is a premier digital marketing agency catering to real estate investors, primarily focusing on enhancing their business potential through unique and comprehensive solutions. It is the brainchild of Benjamin Hoang.

Their primary aim is to help real estate investors scale their businesses by connecting them with distressed and qualified seller appointments.

At the heart of Bolt Deals' offerings is its sophisticated system that creates front-end acquisition and branding mechanisms. They don't just stop at the initial phases of acquisition; they take it a step further by providing comprehensive branding systems. By doing so, they position real estate investors in a way that allows them to close more deals. 

This is achieved through a combination of leveraging paid traffic, lead managers, and the integration of proven workflows and automation for specific content. These elements collectively ensure that the acquisition process is streamlined and efficient.

Moreover, they don't leave investors to handle leads alone. Bolt Deals has a team in place that establishes rapport with potential sellers, qualifying them on behalf of the investor. 

This results in only the most qualified real estate seller appointments filling the calendars of their clients, streamlining the process and ensuring quality leads. These appointments are exclusive, ensuring that investors have a unique edge in the market.

As of writing, Bolt Deals boasts a growing community of over 173 real estate investors, all of whom are in pursuit of building and scaling their real estate investment businesses. 

How Much Does Bolt Deals Services Cost?

The exact pricing structure of Bolt Deals is not detailed on their website. But as per their billing terms, Bolt Deals seems to have a system in place where fees are associated with a number of guaranteed appointments. They mentioned a structure similar to this: for a fee of $7500 over 90 days, you get 5 minimum guaranteed appointments.

For all charges related to services on their site, Bolt Deals will bill the customer's credit card or another agreed-upon payment method. 

To get more details about Bolt Deals' pricing and billing mechanisms, specific pricing tiers, discounts, or other terms of service, inquire directly to their team. They will assess your business needs and based the fees on the services you need.

Bolt Deals Features

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More and more investors are turning into Bolt Deals for a more streamlined process of lead generation. If you are intrigued as to why, read all the features of Bolt Deals below:

Crafting a Market Domination Offer

Bolt Deals emphasizes creating an offer that stands out in the market. This offer is tailored to be both irresistible to potential sellers and so compelling that it would be unreasonable for sellers not to engage with you.

Market Domination Campaign

This is Bolt Deals' flagship service, running for a span of 90 days. The campaign is designed to completely overhaul your advertising efforts. Within the first week of collaboration, your advertisements are set live. 

This service also ensures that the right message reaches the right audience by working closely with paid advertising and content specialists. The entire strategy is aligned to ensure the campaign is profitable.

Live Sales Agents

Once a lead is generated, a team of expert sales agents, experienced in the Real Estate Investing domain, contacts the lead within 30 seconds. This ensures that leads are approached while they are still highly interested. These agents also follow up with the leads for up to 15 days to qualify and potentially convert them into a deal. 

The sales agents employ a 4-Pillar Qualification Process to vet these leads. Once qualified, these leads are handed off to you for closure, either via a live transfer or a scheduled appointment, based on your availability.

Nurture Campaigns

These campaigns come into play post the initial communication with the potential seller. Depending on the outcome of this interaction (whether the deal is about to close or if the seller requires additional time for decision-making), Bolt Deals utilizes a series of communication touchpoints, primarily emails and text messages, to remain engaged with the lead. 

The aim is to ensure that you're the primary point of contact for the seller, preventing them from approaching competitors. The communication is two-way, genuine, and avoids spam-like interactions. 

Bolt Deals employs tried-and-tested sequences that effectively convert sellers into confirmed deals. These nurture campaigns can last anywhere between 2 to 12 months, ensuring every lead is well-engaged and a solid relationship is formed, which might even lead to referrals from sellers who didn't initially collaborate.

Funnel Buildout

Bolt Deals has a specialized team of funnel designers with a wealth of experience in funnel and landing page development. This team is dedicated to meticulously crafting a funnel tailored to your message.

The primary goal of this feature is to draw in highly qualified leads and effortlessly transform them into qualified sellers.

Paid Traffic Campaigns

Bolt Deals' team of media buyers delve into comprehensive research and testing tailored to your specific market. Their main aim is to ensure that you are tapping into the highest quality leads available in your market.

Hyper Branding

This feature focuses on brand differentiation. Bolt Deals collaborates closely with you to craft a unique brand message that not only allows you to distinctly stand out against your competitors but also drives sellers to you organically. The end goal of this service is to position you as the authority in your designated market.

Bolt Deals Pros and Cons

Can’t decide whether to avail the services of Bolt Deals for your real estate business? Weigh its pros and cons below!

Bolt Deals Pros

  • Unique Market Offer Creation: Bolt Deals aids in crafting a market domination offer that is irresistible to potential sellers, increasing the chances of engagement.
  • Comprehensive Advertising Overhaul: Their Market Domination Campaign ensures that advertising efforts are effective and set live within the first week, targeting profitability.
  • Expert Sales Agents: A dedicated team approaches leads within 30 seconds, ensuring immediate and effective communication. They also use a 4-Pillar Qualification Process to vet and hand over the most qualified leads.
  • Long-Term Lead Nurture: Bolt Deals provides nurture campaigns lasting between 2 to 12 months, ensuring leads remain engaged, and building strong relationships that might lead to referrals.
  • Customized Funnel Development: With experienced Funnel Designers, Bolt Deals creates funnels that attract and transform high-quality leads into potential sellers.
  • Optimized Paid Traffic Campaigns: Their team conducts research specific to your market to ensure you tap into the best quality leads.
  • Distinctive Branding: Hyper Branding focuses on setting you apart from competitors, organically drawing sellers to you, and establishing you as an authority in your market.

Bolt Deals Cons

  • Not for Novices: Sadly, Bolt Deals is not for novice investors. It is only meant for established investors who want to scale up.

How To Use Bolt Deals

How To Use Bolt Deals

Bolt Deals offers a comprehensive system that not only brings leads but also ensures these leads are of high quality and exclusive to the client. Their process, from initial call booking to lead generation, is quick and efficient. Here are the specific steps and what you can expect:

  • Step 1: Book a Call with Bolt Deals.The initial step is to book a call with Bolt Deals. This is a free consultation where the potential benefits and working model of Bolt Deals are explained.
  • Step 2: Claim Your Area. Once the call is booked, you'll go through the 'Growth Session'. Here, you have the opportunity to claim your specific area or market. If by chance, your chosen area is already claimed, Bolt Deals promises to notify you personally. If the area is available, the subsequent call will delve deeper into the workings of their system.
  • Step 3: 5-7 Day System Buildout.Post claiming your area, Bolt Deals initiates the 'System Buildout' phase, which lasts for 5-7 days. In this timeframe, their team constructs and launches your personalized system.
  • Step 4: Lead Generation.Shortly after the system is launched, leads start pouring in. These leads are specifically motivated sellers, ideal for real estate investors.
  • Step 5: Offer Crafting. Bolt Deals aids in crafting an offer that's hard for distressed sellers to refuse. The focus is on ensuring that sellers see maximum value in your offer.
  • Step 6: Establish Authority. With the consistent flow of deals and the exclusive system in place, over time, you naturally position yourself as the primary authority in real estate investing for your specific market.

Bolt Deals Alternatives

Bolt Deals Alternatives

As mentioned in passing earlier, there are many digital marketing agencies like Bolt Deals that help streamline real estate businesses. Here are some of them!

Bolt Deals vs. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency plays an important role in lead generation for real estate agents. With a specialized focus on this niche, Thrive assists professionals in comprehending the intricacies of how to efficiently secure real estate leads. 

Operating as a full-service digital marketing agency, they offer a spectrum of services, including SEO, PPC, social media, and web design, all tailored to enhance an agent's online presence and attract potential buyers or sellers. 

Their methodology often emphasizes creating compelling offers, as they believe this is a crucial component to convert leads into actionable prospects. 

Through their comprehensive online marketing solutions, Thrive ensures that real estate agents have a sustainable system to not only attract but also retain potential leads in the competitive real estate market.

Bolt Deals vs. SmartSites

SmartSites focuses on amplifying the digital presence of real estate entities with a primary aim of boosting lead generation. Their approach is centered around delivering digital marketing solutions explicitly tailored for real estate websites. 

Recognizing the evolving nature of property searches, with more buyers turning to online platforms to find their dream properties, SmartSites prioritizes local SEO strategies. These strategies ensure real estate websites are optimized for local searches, allowing agents and brokers to capture potential leads within their target regions. 

Additionally, SmartSites extends its expertise to offer custom website designs for real estate buyers. Such designs not only enhance user experience but are also converts website visitors into actionable leads. 

Bolt Deals vs. Lyfe Marketing

Lyfe Marketing offers specialized digital marketing services for the real estate industry to bolster lead generation and speed up deal closures. Their primary objective is to empower real estate companies and professionals by driving increased web traffic, acquiring more potential leads, and enabling the closing of deals more efficiently. 

Recognizing the influence of social media in today's era, Lyfe Marketing emphasizes the significance of "social selling" as an effective, cost-free way to enhance brand visibility, thereby playing a crucial role in the lead generation process. They understand that well-crafted digital marketing campaigns are indispensable for any business, especially in the realm of real estate. 

These campaigns amplify brand recognition, connect businesses with their targeted audiences, and streamline the process of lead acquisition. The organization has a rich history of collaborating with numerous real estate agents and firms, enabling them to expand their pool of qualified leads via refined digital marketing strategies.

Bolt Deals vs. Jives Media

Jives Media plays an instrumental role in supporting real estate ventures by offering a lot of digital marketing services tailored to the industry. They devised a search engine optimized website specifically for the real estate domain, thereby ensuring maximum visibility and reach. 

But their assistance does not stop at website creation; they further improve the real estate brand's online presence with strategic digital marketing efforts, encompassing advertisements to capture a wider audience. As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Jives Media excels in various verticals including SEO, paid advertisements, social media campaigns, branding initiatives, web design, and email marketing. 

This approach, coupled with their expertise, equips real estate businesses with a competitive edge in the digital landscape. 

Bolt Deals vs. WebFX

WebFX offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to grow the digital presence of real estate businesses. It provides tailored marketing services specifically aimed at ensuring real estate companies thrive online. 

The agency stresses the importance of content marketing, helping real estate agencies achieve higher rankings on search results pages, which in turn, leads to increased website traffic and clientele. Additionally, they provide specialized SEO services for real estate listings, designed to attract more clients and boost property sales, without inundating the realtor's schedule.

Bolt Deals vs. CommCreative

CommCreative is a creative advertising agency that intertwines emotion with tech and science to produce results. Ultimately, CommCreative employs emotional storytelling combined with data-backed strategies to make a lasting impact on target audiences. This approach can be instrumental for real estate businesses, which is inherently driven by the emotional decisions of buyers and sellers. 

By tapping into the sentimental aspects of acquiring or letting go of a property and intertwining this with strategic advertising campaigns, CommCreative can help real estate businesses stand out, appeal to their desired clientele, and ultimately drive sales. 

The integration of emotion and science in their strategies ensures that their campaigns are not only touching but also effective in reaching the right people at the right time.

Summary: Is Bolt Deals Worth the Investment?

While the real estate investing industry is littered with countless tools and platforms, Bolt Deals stands out as an innovative and efficient agency for investors. Under the leadership of Benjamin Hong, the platform has proven itself to be more than just another tool.

If you're on the fence about using Bolt Deals in this competitive industry, check out other testimonials about Bolt Deals on the web. Also, you might want to consider other lead generation platforms like Property Leads. We also offer highly motivated leads in your target areas and sell them to you exclusively.

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