Call Porter Reviews: Best Real Estate Phone Answering Service?

Published on October 5, 2023

Call Porter Reviews: Best Real Estate Phone Answering Service?

What Is Call Porter?

In the world of real estate investing, Call Porter stands out as a remarkable answering service tailored to cater to investors and agents. Founded in 2017 by Ryan Dossey, a full-time real estate investor, and his brother Justin, an experienced 15-year call center veteran, Call Porter was created as a solution to the terrible call services that were not adept at handling real estate-related calls. Justin Dossey and Ryan teamed up to create a service "by investors, for investors."

The main premise behind Call Porter is to handle all your inbound calls, acting like an in-house team ready to pick up the phone on your behalf, anytime. Calls are taken by US-based phone representatives, thus eliminating potential language barriers. These reps are professionally trained in real estate investing nuances, making them adept at screening and booking quality appointments.

What Is Call Porter

How Much Does Call Porter Cost?

Call Porter offers its remarkable services without binding users into stringent contracts. Instead, monthly subscriptions are provided based on varying needs:

  1. Side Hustler: At a subscription cost of $49 and an additional $4.50 per minute, this is Call Porter’s starter plan ideal for investors or agents with fewer inbound calls.
  2. Solopreneur: Priced at $249 monthly (plus a one-time setup fee of $200), users get 25 free minutes and are charged $4.10 for additional minutes. This plan is best suited for new investors who may have day-time call support but lack it for nights and weekends.
  3. Entrepreneur: The most popular choice among Call Porter users, this plan costs $499 a month, with the first 100 minutes free. Beyond that, it’s $3 per minute.
  4. Corporate: The corporate plan costs $1,249 monthly. Subscribers enjoy 500 free minutes, with subsequent minutes billed at $2.

Upgrades across tiers are hassle-free, allowing flexibility based on the influx of calls.

How Much Does Call Porter Cost

Call Porter Features

Call Porter provides a plethora of features that are both robust and beneficial for real estate professionals:

1. 24/7 Inbound Live Answering

In today's fast-paced real estate market, missing out on any important call can be detrimental to an investor’s success. Recognizing this, Call Porter offers a 24/7 inbound live answering service. This means that regardless of when a call comes in – whether it's during the peak business hours or in the wee hours of the night – a trained professional is always ready to take the call.

Be it calls from direct mail campaigns, radio ads, or other motivated seller lead generation sources, they are all live-answered. This continuous service ensures that real estate professionals can handle other important tasks without the fear of missing valuable leads.

1. 247 Inbound Live Answering

2. Website Lead Capture and Dial

With the digital shift in the real estate industry, ensuring no online lead is missed becomes crucial. Call Porter's feature, known as the Online Lead Capture and Dial, does exactly that. This state-of-the-art system is designed to capture leads coming from various online sources like websites, Google ads, or social media platforms.

And it doesn’t just stop at capturing; the system ensures that outbound calls to these leads are made in as little as 90 seconds. This quick response time ensures that potential clients feel valued and attended to, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

3. Personal Account Manager

Navigating the complex world of real estate investing can often feel daunting, especially when it comes to managing leads by the day. This is where Call Porter's Personal Account Manager feature comes into play. Every subscriber to Call Porter's services is assigned a dedicated account representative.

This manager not only helps in streamlining the process but also ensures a personalized user experience. With their expertise, any concerns or queries can be swiftly addressed, allowing real estate professionals to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

4. Custom Script

While Call Porter boasts a tried-and-tested script for call interactions, they recognize the importance of customization in the world of real estate. Every property, seller, and deal is unique. As such, they offer the option for users to provide a customized script.

This allows for a more tailored interaction with potential sellers or clients, ensuring that specific needs and nuances are always addressed. By enabling such personalization, Call Porter ensures that every call resonates more deeply with the potential lead, making conversions more likely.

5. Lead Follow Up

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, mere lead capture is not enough. Follow-up is essential, and recognizing this, Call Porter introduced their Lead Follow Up feature. With this, a dedicated rep is assigned to focus on specific leads. The follow-up is comprehensive, spanning across calls, texts, and emails.

This multi-pronged approach ensures that no stone is left unturned and that every potential lead is nurtured to its fullest potential. This not only increases the chances of conversion but also ensures that real estate professionals can concentrate on other important tasks, with the peace of mind that their leads are being taken care of.

Call Porter Pros and Cons

Call Porter Pros

  • A specific answering service tailored for real estate investors and agents.
  • All phone agents are 100% U.S.-based, ensuring no language barriers.
  • Round-the-clock inbound live call answering.
  • Costs a fraction of what you'd spend on a full-time receptionist or virtual assistant.

Call Porter Cons

  • Some inconsistencies in data collection by phone representatives.
  • Occasional scheduling errors.

How To Use Call Porter

Using Call Porter is straightforward. Once subscribed, users can integrate their CRM tools (like REsimpli, HubSpot, or Podio) and set up a forwarding number. This means all your calls are seamlessly routed to Call Porter agents. These agents, using the script and selling system provided, qualify the lead and can even book appointments in real-time. For additional customization, users can provide their custom script to ensure that the communication aligns with their brand.

Call Porter Alternatives

Call Porter vs. PATLive

Call Porter answering service stands out with its intuitive and comprehensive dashboard that offers real-time data on call metrics. This ensures that real estate investors can seamlessly track and manage leads. Their state-of-the-art voicemail system is geared to ensure that no important messages from potential sellers are missed. Specializing in providing daily leads, Call Porter becomes invaluable for active real estate investors who seek a consistent flow of opportunities. The US-based answering agents are seasoned in the nuances of the real estate sector, guaranteeing a high level of expertise during interactions. Moreover, Call Porter ensures seamless integration with a myriad of phone providers and places an emphasis on the efficient scheduling of appointments, making it an essential tool for busy investors and agents.

On the other hand, PATLive offers a multifunctional dashboard, but it may not be as specifically tailored to the real estate sector as Call Porter's. Their voicemail system, while efficient, can sometimes experience slight delays in transcription services. When it comes to lead generation, PATLive is commendable but may lack the real estate-specific edge that Call Porter offers. Their team of professionally trained agents cater to a broader range of industries, potentially diluting the real estate expertise. Phone provider integration is generally smooth, though minor glitches have been reported by some users. Lastly, while PATLive's system is effective, it may demand more manual input for real estate-specific appointments compared to Call Porter.

Call Porter vs. AnswerConnect

The dashboard offered by Call Porter is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing real estate professionals to effortlessly track incoming calls, voicemails, and other crucial interactions. Many believe it's worth the investment for this feature alone. Their voicemail system is designed to ensure that potential seller leads never go unnoticed. Furthermore, the daily lead updates provided by Call Porter are a boon for those aiming to maintain a keen awareness of potential market opportunities. Call Porter's phone reps, who are US-based, are specifically trained in real estate, offering a level of interaction that's hard to match. The seamless integration with phone providers ensures that all calls are processed in real-time. Scheduling appointments is a breeze with Call Porter, tailored to the unique demands of the real estate industry.

In contrast, AnswerConnect offers a robust dashboard that, while packed with features, might feel overwhelming for certain users. Their voicemail system is generally efficient, but transcriptions might sometimes lag behind Call Porter's speed. Lead updates are provided, but the specificity and frequency might not rival that of Call Porter. AnswerConnect's answering agents, trained across various industries, might have varying levels of expertise when it comes to real estate. There have been sporadic reports of minor integration issues, but overall, the service is dependable. When it comes to scheduling appointments, AnswerConnect delivers reliably, though it might not be as pinpointed to real estate as Call Porter.

Call Porter FAQs

Is there a free trial for Call Porter?
While there's no free trial, Call Porter offers a free demo to let interested parties learn about Call Porter's offerings.

How many clients does Call Porter currently serve?
As of now, Call Porter serves over 250 clients across more than 50 companies in the U.S.

How do I contact Call Porter's customer service?
Their support team can be reached at or at +1 800-449-6158.

Summary: Is Call Porter Worth the Investment?

In this review of Call Porter, it becomes evident that they offer a unique and value-packed service for those in the real estate sector. Even though Call Porter has its minor glitches, the overwhelming number of pros — from U.S.-based reps trained in real estate to round-the-clock answering — highlight its worth. Their pricing, even at $249 for the Solopreneur plan or $4.50 per minute for the Side Hustler, offers a cost-effective way to ensure no important calls are missed.

In the bustling world of real estate investing, where every motivated seller or potential deal counts, having a service like Call Porter could be the difference between missing out on an important opportunity and sealing a profitable deal.

For those on the fence, while Call Porter doesn't offer a free trial, their free demo provides a sneak-peek into what they bring to the table. The platform has been positively mentioned in places like Entrepreneur, BiggerPockets, and Yahoo Finance, adding to its credibility.

To wrap up, if you’re looking for a dedicated call center service tailored for real estate needs, with the added perk of avoiding language barriers and in-house team complexities, Call Porter might just be worth the investment.

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