Clear Skip Reviews: Best Skip Tracing Tool for Real Estate?

Published on September 29, 2023

Clear Skip Reviews: Best Skip Tracing Tool for Real Estate?

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, skip tracing tools have risen in importance for professionals eager to gain an edge. Among the plethora of choices available, one has stood out for its unmatched offerings and reliability – Clear Skip. In this in-depth review, we will be dissecting the aspects of Clear Skip to help you determine whether it's the right investment for your real estate endeavors.

Clear Skip Reviews Best Skip Tracing Tool for Real Estate

What Is Clear Skip?

Clear Skip is a leading entity in the realm of skip tracing. At its core, Clear Skip is a premium provider aimed at offering a comprehensive nationwide database. The tool's primary mission is to transform outdated leads into deals by providing updated contact information. When you hear, "Clear Skip is a premium," it truly encapsulates the level of service and data accuracy it brings to the table. Its influence extends beyond the nation, serving tens of thousands of customers globally.

How Much Does Clear Skip Cost?

The investment in Clear Skip offers a rate that provides value, with a base price of $0.20/Lead. The platform further presents an array of packages, all with a guarantee of a 2-hour turnaround. Especially notable for businesses operating at scale, bulk orders exceeding 5,000 come with substantial discounts. As a platinum member, the rate drops even more significantly to $0.10/skip, translating to a whopping 60% discount across all services.

How Much Does Clear Skip Cost

Clear Skip Features

  1. Fastest Turnaround Time: True to its claim of the "fastest turnaround time," Clear Skip ensures lists are returned within 2 hours.
  2. Various Enrichment Packages: Users can avail themselves of multiple packages including Non-Bulk & Bulk Enrichment, LLC Business Enrichment, and Probate Enrichment.
  3. Comprehensive Information: For every lead, you receive 10 phone numbers, 10 email addresses, and 1 updated mailing address.
  4. LLC Business Enrichment: Clear Skip stands alone in its ability to provide updated contact details for businesses, organizing the data for easy perusal upon delivery.
  5. Accuracy: A stellar 95%+ average accuracy ensures reliability.

Clear Skip Pros and Cons

Clear Skip Pros

  • Fast and Efficient: The tool's tagline, "get your list back within 2 hours," rings true, highlighting its efficiency.
  • Accurate Information: With an impressive accuracy rate averaging over 95%, Clear Skip ensures you have the most updated information.
  • Member Benefits: Platinum membership adds a cherry on top, offering priority status and faster service.
  • Flexibility: No minimum records are needed for an order, ensuring small businesses and individual professionals can use Clear Skip with ease.
  • Value for Money: Billing is based on hits and not on records, ensuring users pay only for the information they receive.

Clear Skip Cons

  • Refunds are not available once an order is submitted.
  • Adequate results require inputs like the first name, last name, and full address in your CSV/XLSX file.

How To Use Clear Skip

Using Clear Skip is a breeze. To get the most accurate hits:

  1. Prepare your file with as much information as possible, including the first and last name, mailing address, property address, and any other pertinent details.
  2. Choose your desired package and upload your data sheet.
  3. Clear Skip will process the data and, with its fastest turnaround promise, deliver the results within 2 hours.

Clear Skip Alternatives

Clear Skip vs. Batch Skip Tracing

Clear Skip provides premium enrichment services in the real estate domain. Boasting a rapid turnaround time of just 2 hours, and an impressive accuracy rate of up to 95%, Clear Skip emphasizes premium features such as Probate and LLC Business Enrichment which cater specifically to real estate professionals.

Batch Skip Tracing, as the name suggests, focuses on bulk skip tracing tasks. They are often favored for their integrations with other real estate tools, making the process smoother for investors and agents. While they provide valuable data for large lists of leads, the turnaround time and the breadth of specialized features might differ from what Clear Skip offers.

Clear Skip vs. Skip Genie

Clear Skip shines with its unique features tailored for the real estate sector and its commitment to delivering results within a 2-hour window. Their range of packages and the "bill per hit" system provides flexibility and ensures users only pay for accurate results.

Skip Genie has carved its niche in the real estate sector by offering a comprehensive property search. This involves not just finding potential lead information but also diving deeper into property details, which can be immensely valuable for investors. However, while they provide a robust dataset, the speed and specialization in enrichment services might vary when compared to Clear Skip.

Clear Skip FAQs

1. How accurate is the data provided by Clear Skip?

Clear Skip boasts an impressive accuracy rate, with up to 95%+ on average. This makes it one of the most reliable enrichment companies available.

1. How accurate is the data provided by Clear Skip

2: Is there a minimum number of records I have to upload for an order?

No, there's no minimum requirement for record submission. Clear Skip will process your request whether you have one record or thousands. Additionally, bulk orders over 5,000 records come with favorable rates.

3. How am I billed for the services?

One of Clear Skip's standout features is its billing system. Unlike some competitors, Clear Skip bills per hit, meaning you are charged only for the successful data retrieved, and not for every record submitted.

Summary: Is Clear Skip Worth the Investment?

For real estate professionals looking to find potential leads, revamp their marketing strategies, and ensure they're reaching their customers, Clear Skip emerges as a premier choice. Its promise of delivering accurate phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses can turn any list into a potential goldmine of deals.

Clear Skip's tag as the #1 enrichment service isn't just a marketing claim; it's a testament to the platform's efficiency, accuracy, and value it brings to its users.

As with any service, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons. The consensus among its myriad of 5-star reviews and its dominant position in the skip tracing industry indicates a strong positive leaning. The platform's ability to provide a combination of speed, accuracy, and affordability makes it a favorite among many.

Moreover, Clear Skip's approach to its services, specifically the emphasis on providing value and accurate results, truly makes it stand out. While the absence of a refund policy might raise eyebrows, the company's confidence in its service quality speaks volumes. The fact that they bill "per hit" ensures you only pay for what you get, which not only showcases transparency but also their commitment to delivering relevant and meaningful results.

Furthermore, in today's digital age, the timeliness of information is vital. With the changing dynamics of real estate and the rapid shifts in leads and properties, having a tool that ensures updated information within 2 hours is a game-changer. For businesses, the flexibility offered, especially with no minimum records required for orders, ensures that everyone, from large corporations to individual agents, can leverage Clear Skip's capabilities.

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