Collective Genius Reviews: A Worthwhile Real Estate Mastermind?

Published on December 1, 2023

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Collective Genius Reviews: A Worthwhile Real Estate Mastermind?

Collective Genius Reviews: A Worthwhile Real Estate Mastermind?

In real estate investing, staying ahead often requires more than just drive and grit—it demands collective wisdom and networking prowess. This is where Collective Genius (CG) comes in. It claims to be the number one mastermind for high-volume real estate investors. 

In this review, we focus on everything about Collective Genius, evaluating its offerings, qualifications for membership, and the potential it has to expand the businesses of its members. 

By the end of this vlog, we hope to answer whether it is truly the elite mastermind it claims to be.

What Is Collective Genius?

What Is Collective Genius?

Collective Genius is a selective mastermind community for high-volume real estate investors. This group is designed to be a think tank for leading investors who average over 100 transactions a year. 

It’s a community that fosters an environment of growth, sharing resources, and collaboration. Membership is exclusive, requiring a minimum of 50 transactions per year or a rental portfolio of at least 50 units. 

The organization emphasizes a culture of contribution, connection, and the creation of a 'high level board of directors' for each member, where giving is prioritized over receiving.

The mission of Collective Genius is to assist members in enhancing their lifestyle by developing their real estate businesses within a supportive community. The vision is to provide a platform for the nation’s top real estate investors to go and grow both their businesses and personal development. They stand for opportunity, integrity, and impact, with a strong belief in the responsibility that comes with success.

The services offered by Collective Genius include facilitating business creation, financing deals, and maximizing profits through systematization, among others. They offer a unique connection to strategic partners in various business sectors and maintain a high caliber of clients through a rigorous application process.

The application process is straightforward but discerning, aiming to ensure mutual benefit and fit for the community's culture. There is also a no-risk guarantee, offering a full refund within the first 30 days if either party feels the fit is not right. 

The underlying message is that the value provided by Collective Genius should greatly outweigh the cost of joining, with a focus on significant returns on investment for its members.

The Team Behind Collective Genius

We understand that before joining a mastermind, you’re interested to learn about the qualifications of its facilitators and the team behind it. Hence, here’s the list of the core team members of The Collective Genius and their qualifications:

  • Jason Medley, the CG Founder and Chief Connector, has over 21 years in real estate and finance. He's partnered in over 2,600 multi-family doors and has funded more than 1,500 loan​​.
  • Leon Barnes, the VP of Membership, has an 8+ year career in real estate with 350+ rehabs to his nam​​e.
  • Brian Snider, the COO, has led a wholesale operation dealing with 250+ deals per year and has been part of over 2,000 real estate transactions. He is also a business operating system implementer and coach.
  • Wil Barton, Director of Marketing, brings over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing and has generated thousands of leads and millions in profit​​.
  • Matt Perry, Director of Membership Success, has 15+ years in real estate marketing, has owned over 500 units, and was the former COO and President of a real estate firm doing 100+ deals per year.
  • Eric Brewer is a CG Premier Facilitator & CG Select Trainer, with a record of 400+ deals per year and owning over 100 rental​​.
  • Marck de Lautour, another CG Premier Facilitator, boasts a 20+ year career in real estate with 1,700+ fix & flips and 250+ deals per yea​​r.
  • Stephanie Betters, a CG Premier Facilitator, is the CEO of a Nationwide CRM Partner and a COO flipping over 100 deals per yea​​r.
  • Rhen Bartlett is a CG Select Trainer involved in over 2,500 real estate transactions and has scaled a real estate investment company to over $25 million in revenue across 11 market​​s.
  • Jimmy Vreeland, another CG Select Trainer, has amassed 550+ doors and 150+ turnkeys per yea​​r.
  • Benmont Locker, a CG Elevate Coach, is the COO of Integrity First Home Buyers, with a track record of 400+ deals per yea​​r.
  • Joe Cipollini, also a CG Elevate Coach, serves as the Chief Sales Officer of Integrity First Home Buyers, matching the 400+ deals per year.

How Much Does Collective Genius Cost?

The price of membership in Collective Genius (CG) is not stated on their website nor in their Facebook group. 

Instead, the approach taken by CG is to focus on the value and potential return on investment (ROI) for prospective members rather than the cost itself. They suggest that if a potential member is concerned about the actual monetary cost of joining, then CG might not be the right fit for them. 

This may mean that the membership fee is significant, but it is framed as an investment that is expected to yield substantial returns.

CG emphasizes the potential benefits of membership, such as the ability to add a large number of deals to one's business, access to private funding, time savings through access to resources, and training for one's team, hinting that these advantages could vastly outweigh the initial cost. 

The implication is that for a suitable candidate, the financial outlay will be justified by the value received, which could be many times the original investment.

The organization also offers a 100% no-risk guarantee, allowing new members to receive a full refund within the first 30 days if either party feels the arrangement is not beneficial.

Collective Genius Features

Collective Genius Features

Collective Genius (CG) offers a suite of services and benefits tailored to high-volume real estate investors, focusing on growth, community, and strategic advantage:

Mastermind Sessions

CG organizes exclusive and confidential mastermind meetings, which are held up to four times a year. These sessions bring together around 130 market-leading investors who each average over 100 transactions per year. 

The aim of these gatherings is to challenge and refine the way members think about their businesses, encouraging innovative strategies and sharing of best practices. 

It’s a collective brain trust that functions much like a high-level board of directors for each member, providing a rich environment for personal and professional development.

Community and Network

As a premier community, CG offers an environment that fosters community, connection, collaboration, and contribution among the nation’s elite real estate investors and lenders. 

Members can tap into this network to find new opportunities, partnerships, and resources that may not be available elsewhere. 

The value of such a network is significant as it provides a platform for sharing coveted resources and relationships, leading to a collective increase in success and profitability for all involved.

Opportunity Creation and Business Growth

CG is strategically positioned to relentlessly discover and create opportunities for its members. This includes connecting members in financially and spiritually profitable ventures and refining business systems. 

They facilitate the financing and funding of deals, joint ventures on products and services, and syndications and PPMs, all in a collaborative manner. 

This approach aims to maximize the profit dollars of its members by systematizing inefficiencies and combining purchasing power to get major discounts on goods and services.

Values and Lasting Impact

The organization is built on values of honor and integrity, which are known to have fostered respect and trust in the market. CG operates on the belief that a profitable business results in blessings that come with a responsibility to share and make a lasting impact on the world. 

This philosophy is connected to the way CG conducts its business and the type of members they attract.

Strategic Partnerships

CG’s connection to key strategic partners across various business areas — such as marketing, team-building, taxation, estate and asset protection, and real estate finance and investment — is a distinctive feature. 

These partnerships provide members with access to insights and expertise that can significantly enhance their business strategies and operations.

Selective Membership and Culture Fit

The organization does not sell memberships; instead, it invites individuals who are the right fit for their culture. A detailed application and screening process ensures that only top-level clients who align with CG’s values and vision are invited. 

This preserves the high caliber of the community and ensures that the group remains exclusive and focused on its mission.

Risk-Free Guarantee

CG offers a 100% no-risk guarantee, providing a full refund within the first 30 days if either party feels that the membership is not the right fit. 

This demonstrates CG’s confidence in the value it provides and its commitment to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with its members.

Training and Resource Access

Members are given access to a library of templates, contracts, and other resources that can save weeks or months of time. Additionally, CG offers training for members' teams, which can be a significant time-saver and contribute to the scalability of their operations.

Investment Value

CG positions itself as an investment in the business growth of its members. While the cost is not specified, the organization emphasizes the potential return on investment, suggesting that the benefits of membership can vastly outweigh the initial financial commitment. 

This is based on the premise that the resources, connections, and opportunities provided by CG can lead to an increase in business deals and overall success.

Collective Genius Pros and Cons

Before investing in Collective Genius, you must first weigh its pros and cons. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

Collective Genius Pros

  • Exclusivity and High Standards: The requirement to be performing at least 50 transactions per year or owning a rental portfolio of 50 units to qualify creates an environment of high achievers. This exclusivity ensures that members are amongst peers who are serious about their growth and success in the real estate market, potentially leading to high-quality networking and learning opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Support and Resources: Collective Genius offers a robust support system, including masterminds, strategic partnerships, and access to a library of resources that can save members significant time and money. Such resources can be instrumental in scaling a business efficiently, indicating that CG is committed to providing practical value and not just a networking platform.

Collective Genius Cons

  • High Entry Barrier: The high requirement for membership might exclude many ambitious but smaller-scale investors who could benefit from such a mastermind group. While this maintains a certain prestige and ensures a level of experience and success among members, it also limits diversity and the fresh perspectives that newer players can bring.
  • Lack of Pricing Transparency: The absence of clear pricing information could be a barrier for interested parties to even consider applying. It puts the emphasis on value before cost, which is a strong business approach, but it can also create a sense of uncertainty for potential members who are cautious about investments without known costs.

How To Use Collective Genius

How To Use Collective Genius

Leveraging Collective Genius (CG) in real estate involves several steps to tap into the mastermind community's collective knowledge and resources.

Step 1: Qualify and Apply

To leverage CG, you first need to meet the qualification criteria of conducting a minimum of 50 real estate transactions per year or owning a rental portfolio of at least 50 units. 

Once these criteria are met, the next step is to complete a short application that CG uses to pre-screen candidates for compatibility with their high-achieving community.

Step 2: Engage in the Interview Process

After your application is approved, the next step is to participate in a video call with a CG representative. This call serves as a mutual assessment to determine whether there is a good fit between what CG offers and your business needs and goals. 

It is an opportunity for you to break through any barriers in your current operations and see the potential value CG could add to your business.

Step 3: Immerse in the Mastermind Environment

If you are deemed a good fit and decide to join CG, you will become part of an exclusive group of successful investors. 

Leverage this environment by attending the mastermind sessions up to four times a year, engaging with other members who are market leaders, and challenging the way you think about your business.

Step 4: Collaborate and Share Resources

Once you are part of the CG community, take advantage of the opportunity to create and grow your business alongside others. 

Share resources, engage in joint ventures, and leverage collective purchasing power to obtain discounts on goods and services, systematize inefficiencies, and maximize profit.

Step 5: Contribute and Receive

Contribute actively to the community to gain the most from it. CG's philosophy is grounded in the belief that giving leads to receiving; therefore, your level of contribution to the mastermind group can influence the benefits you reap, including potential deals and growth opportunities.

Step 6: Access Strategic Partnerships

CG's connections to key strategic partners in various business sectors can be a significant asset. 

Utilize these partnerships for business strategies, marketing, team-building, taxation, estate and asset protection, and investment financing to enhance your real estate business strategies and operations.

Step 7: Continuous Evaluation

Take advantage of CG's 100% no-risk guarantee to continually evaluate the value of your membership. During the first 30 days, assess the group's contribution to your growth, and if it does not meet your expectations or fit your vision, you can opt-out with a full refund.

Collective Genius Alternatives

Here are some other masterminds or programs you can enroll in if Collective Genius doesn’t fit your real estate needs.

Collective Genius vs. 7 Figure Altitude Program

The 7 Figure Altitude Program is a mastermind and mentoring group designed for experienced house flippers and wholesalers. It aims to provide members with the systems, strategies, and tools necessary to streamline their operations and scale their businesses beyond the day-to-day grind. 

This program is about taking serious investors and helping them grow their business to the seven-figure level and beyond. It includes personal mentoring with a strong focus on income acceleration and business scaling. 

Members of this program can expect to engage with a community of like-minded individuals, all working towards significant growth in the real estate flipping and wholesaling market

Collective Genius vs. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone's mastermind groups are intensive coaching programs focusing on developing the mindset and strategies necessary for personal and professional growth directly in the real estate room. 

These mastermind sessions, such as the 1-Day and 2-Day Mastermind events, provide participants with an opportunity to interact in a small, intimate setting with Cardone and his team. 

The goal is to help individuals 10X their current situation, whether it be their business, personal life, or financial state. 

Participants are encouraged to surround themselves with winners and get access to tools and strategies that Cardone himself has used to achieve success in various ventures, including real estate with transactions worth over $2 billion.

Collective Genius vs. Rod Khleif Multifamily Mastery

Rod Khleif's Multifamily Mastery is an extensive educational program designed for those interested in multifamily real estate investing. 

The course encompasses 114 lessons and videos, which serve as a comprehensive guide for action-oriented individuals looking to delve into apartment investing. 

As an experienced real estate investor and motivational speaker, Khleif offers this flagship course through his platform, aiming to mentor and educate participants on creating wealth and achieving success in multifamily real estate. 

The program also includes live events and bootcamps, providing participants with a step-by-step blueprint for mastering apartment investments. 

Collective Genius vs. Deal Makers Mastermind

The Deal Makers Mastermind is a community and learning platform for real estate investors and anyone focused on multifamily properties. It offers members the opportunity to connect with peers as they would also gain access to expert advice, and participate in training and networking events they can relate to. 

The program emphasizes strategies for making deals across various types of real estate and business ventures, with resources tailored to build members' credibility, confidence, and skills in finding and closing off-market deals. 

It's part of a suite of educational and networking tools aimed at supporting and advancing the careers of its participants in the real estate investment industry

Collective Genius vs. EPIC Program by Trevor Mauch

The EPIC Program is a real estate investor mastermind initiative led by Trevor Mauch, the CEO of Carrot. It is designed to help real estate professionals by providing them with a combination of proven frameworks, playbooks, and group coaching sessions to avoid any error in their business. 

The program also includes coaching from industry experts, particularly on marketing strategies, to empower participants to generate leads online effectively and enhance their business growth in the real estate sector. 

Trevor Mauch leverages his expertise in inbound marketing because he and his team want to provide a comprehensive support system for real estate investors through the EPIC Program.

Summary: Is Collective Genius Worth the Investment?

For those who qualify, Collective Genius offers an opportunity to engage with peer investors who are at the top of their game, share strategies, and grow their operations in ways that might otherwise be unattainable. 

The stringent qualification requirements ensure that members are among serious, like-minded professionals, while the goal of collaboration and growth is embodied in every facet of the organization. 

While the lack of transparent pricing could be a deal breaker for some, the potential ROI presented by CG for qualified investors could well justify the mystery. 

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