Connected Investors Reviews [PinPoint Profits and More]

Published on April 4, 2023

Connected Investors Reviews

Connected Investors Reviews

There are many real estate investing platforms you’ll find on the web, but only a few of them can actually give you value. If you are curious as to whether Connected Investors is one of them, you landed on the right page.

In this blog, we’ll look into what Connected Investors has to offer, from its features and pricing to its pros and cons and ease of use. We’ll also look into their public ratings and reviews! Let’s get started.

What Is Connected Investors?

What Is Connected Investors?

Connected Investors is a marketplace and community for real estate investors previously owned by Ross Hamilton. They connect investors to buyers, sellers, and even lenders all over the United States. It's a social network of some sort where investors can send friend requests, learn about how to invest effectively, and more.

New real estate investors join the Connected Investors company daily. New investment properties are also added in the marketplace and there are also numerous forums where you can share resources. 

Moreover, Connected Investors offers access to their ever-growing library of materials that covers effective investment tactics and real estate strategies for novice real estate investors and local house flipping pros alike.

This is created by the best in the industry to help investors find and close more deals. You also get to access the Exactly How podcast when you install the Connected Investors app today.

Currently, the Connected Investors company also powers two useful tools – the PiN Software and Deal Dog.

PiN Software

PiN is a marketplace of unlisted properties that sell for cheap. It is voice-activated and packs a lot of features. But primarily, it can help you find properties in these states: pre-foreclosures, pre-probate, vacant, out of town, liens, auction, wholesale, high equity, likely to sell, FSBO, expired listings, upside-down mortgage, free and clear, tax delinquents.

Moreover, PiN can help you connect with landlords, flippers, and cash buyers. You’ll also be able to skip trace for free and get reports.

Deal Dog

Deal Dog works similarly to a bird dog but virtually. This software ultimately finds deals on the web that met your criteria. You’ll then be notified about these deals so you can immediately contact homeowners. 

Connected Investors Pricing: How Much Does Connected Investors Cost?

How Much Does Connected Investors Cost?

You can sign up for free to create a Connected Investors account. They offer a three-day guarantee which means you can cancel your account within three days and they won’t charge you anything.

If you wish to get access to all Connected Investors features, you can choose from their monthly, one-time, or three-time payment schemes. The fee per month is $149, $1,497 for a one-off payment, and $597 for three payments.

Connected Investors Features for Real Estate Investing

Connected Investors Features for Real Estate Investing

If you decide to sign up for an account in Connected Investors, these features will be right at your fingertips.

Connect to Property Sellers

Any type of property seller can list their property in Connected Investors, they only have to upload photos and information about the property. You can get access to all these sellers (wholesalers, landlords, assets managers,  banks, motivated sellers, and even savvy agents) in a targeted local feed.

Connect to Property Buyers

Property buyers and contractors also populate the platform. That said, you’ll be able to network with real estate investors, landlords, house flippers, builders, and land developers from the control center. You can even send friend requests and see how local investors in your market run their businesses or find houses.

You may open new discussions and get ideas from these investors about their best practices in the business or every house-flipping step they do in a logical order. At the same time, if you flip property or you're a wholesaler, you can find local buyers through the other members easily.

Access Private Lenders

As of writing, Connected Investors is facilitating more than $3 Billion in funding for real estate investors every month. If you need to connect to a lender to finance a flip, you’ll be able to connect with private lenders, hard money lenders, capital partners, and more.

Setup Notifications and Get Alerts on Deals

Through Connected Investor’s Deal Dog, you can get alerts about properties that met your criteria. No need to pay an expensive fee for an actual bird dog (like what other investors are doing) to find local deals because Deal Dog will do it to you fast and accurately in a modern way.

Get Access to Discounted Properties via Connected Investors PiNPoint Profits

The PiN software is the best place to find discounted deals that aren’t on the MLS. For a reasonable fee, you get accurate and updated data on local properties.

Access Free Courses

There are many free courses that will be available to you when you sign up for Connected Investors. Most of these courses focus on the best investment techniques and helps locate cash buyers and new property investments. You will also learn how to manage monthly cash flow (financial health), find capital partners or a money partner, flip houses without unnecessary costs, and keep things organized for your business – perfect for beginning investors.

Connected Investors Pros and Cons

Connected Investors Pros and Cons

Before you sign up for Connected Investors, you have to assess whether this company is really worth the investment. Check out the platform’s pros and cons to help you decide.

Connected Investors Pros

  • It makes connecting to fellow local real estate investors super easy without checking out the market.
  • There are multiple resources shared by each member that anyone can benefit from.
  • It allows you to connect to private  (non-bank) lenders.
  • The PiN software gives you access to discounted properties that aren’t listed in the MLS.
  • There are many types of sellers you can connect with including wholesalers, banks, asset managers, landlords, and even agents.
  • You get access to free courses.
  • You get deal alerts.

Connected Investors Cons

  • Their site may be slow to load because of the number of users.
  • There are a few negative reviews on the web about Connected Investors.
  • Some users report that they weren't able to talk to a live person when they had a concern about the site.
  • There is not much Deal Dog Connected Investors review on the web.

How To Use Connected Investors

How To Use Connected Investors

To use Connected Investors, all you have to do is sign up for an account on their online platform. Once done, you can then access the Connected Investors app from Apple App Store and Google Play and find properties to invest in. 

From there, you can check out investment properties for sale, access the real estate forum and the whole network, join local groups, buy and sell distressed properties, join discussions, get deal notifications, send e mail to connections, secure private funding, get free courses, and a lot more.

Connected Investors Alternatives for Real Estate Investors

Connected Investors Alternatives for Real Estate Investors

While the Connected Investors app connects you to investors and helps you find deals, it is by no means a perfect platform and you may have specific business needs that it can’t cover. Here are 8 Connected Investors alternatives to help you in your real estate investing journey.

Connected Investors vs.

Being a part of the community has countless advantages. For starters, you get to join their social network and discussion forums, listen to their podcast shows, use their deal analyzer, read and review how-to articles, and get access to resource links such as investment property lenders, investment property listings, etc.

Connected Investors vs. Sundae

Connected Investors vs. Sundae

Sundae’s team of market experts assists motivated homeowners every day in selling their fixer-upper homes quickly. In other words, any seller can post investment properties on this platform making it a real estate investor's marketplace (a place where investor can find investment properties fast and make more money). Their founding team has been in the real estate market for 35 years.

Connected Investors vs. New Western

New Western's nationwide network of over 150,000 local real estate investors in the United States has already purchased and sold real estate worth more than $15 billion since the year 2008. They serve 34 metros and don’t charge any monthly fees.

Connected Investors vs. REIkit House Flipping Software

REI/kit is a house flipping real estate software that features the following:  crm, inbound lead generating websites, direct mail postcards, text messaging campaigns, ringless voicemail, 8 types of stackable motivated seller leads, email marketing automation, virtual phone for cold calling, skip tracing, and accurate deal analysis with comps and arv, plus a nationwide rehab costs estimator.

Connected Investors vs. Realeflow

Connected Investors vs. Realeflow

Using Realeflow's real estate investing tools and marketing stack, you can search for properties, flip houses, evaluate the best real estate investments, and even close deals. This software can also be utilized to find another real estate investor or lender who will fund your transaction.

Connected Investors vs. RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac is an all-in-one platform for real estate investors and agents who are trying to locate the top real estate deals in the country. It has the largest database of foreclosures and distressed homes in the nation. The database is the most reliable and up-to-date resource for foreclosed homes.

Connected Investors vs. Rehab Financial Group

Rehab Financial Group stands out among other private money lenders because they examine the real estate investors' personal goals so it matches their loan terms. RFG does not use strict criteria in determining whether to approve or deny loans for real estate investors like other hard money lenders do. 

Connected Investors vs. AssetColumn

Connected Investors vs. AssetColumn

This real estate investing platform helps investors find real estate deals, send & receive offers online as buyers, post real estate deals, and chat with homeowners and cash buyers. You can also create your own real estate website and landing pages through this platform.

Connected Investors FAQ

Who are the Owners of Connected Investors?

Connected Investors was founded by Ross Hamilton in 2005. He used his profits from flipping properties to build this company. However, in July 2021, Ross sold Connected Investors to First American.

Is Connected Investors Free?

No. Connected Investors isn’t free although it offers a free trial. If you want to get full access to all its features, expect to pay $19 to $199 monthly.

Where is Connected Investors Located?

Connected Investors is currently located at 12768 Wilmington, North Carolina. But if you have concerns about their services, you can just connect to their support team online.

Summary: Is Connected Investors Worth the Investment for a Real Estate Investor?

If you are new to real estate investing and are interested to grow your connections, you may want to check out Connected Investors. This community and investment property marketplace will connect you to fellow investors, home sellers, buyers, and even lenders.

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