Dean Graziosi Reviews: Are His Real Estate Courses Legit?

Published on October 30, 2023

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Dean Graziosi Reviews: Are His Real Estate Courses Legit?

Dean Graziosi Reviews: Are His Real Estate Courses Legit?

Dean Graziosi Reviews: Are His Real Estate Courses Legit?

In real estate education, few names have sparked as much interest and debate as Dean Graziosi. With a number of courses, books, and seminars, Graziosi has established his presence in the industry, promising to transform the novice investor into a real estate expert. 

However, despite the glowing testimonials, there are still some that caution eager learners about the courses offered by Dean. 

This blog provides comprehensive reviews of Dean Graziosi's real estate courses, looking at the claims, teachings, and results to answer the question: are these courses genuinely legitimate and do they really offer success in the complex world of real estate?

What Does Dean Graziosi Offer?

What Does Dean Graziosi Offer?

Dean Graziosi, a prominent success coach, real estate investor, and New York Times bestselling author, is renowned for his expertise in entrepreneurship and motivation.

He's made a substantial public presence, often sharing the stage with other motivational giants like Tony Robbins, engaging large audiences through television appearances and worldwide speaking engagements. His message is powerful and resonates with a community of individuals dedicated to personal growth.

Known for his sincere and heart-driven commitment to his students, Dean specializes in real estate investing, providing guidance that has had a positive impact on many. He’s authored several books and created courses available through, offering strategies and insider knowledge crucial for success in real estate ventures.

His teachings extend beyond real estate, as he also coaches individuals towards high performance in all life facets, emphasizing the importance of success habits, confidence, productivity, and overcoming personal barriers.

Dean and his team, known for their top-notch customer service, are committed to assisting their tribe every step of the way. Whether through email support via, phone calls, or their monthly inner circle, they provide clarity and resolve issues promptly, even facilitating processes like the reversal of charges if needed.

Their dedication is truly commendable, as seen in the consistent effort to provide the best possible experience for every mastermind member of their community.

Additionally, Graziosi thrives in guiding entrepreneurs, leveraging platforms like Facebook for business growth, direct response marketing, and strategic planning. His transparent, game-changing advice is a source of inspiration for many, helping everyone work towards their aspirations.

In all his programs, he emphasizes actionable strategies, personal development, and unwavering support, ensuring learners can apply their knowledge practically.

His approach is a synergistic blend of personal experience, real estate expertise, and profound personal development principles, all aimed at guiding individuals towards their personal and financial aspirations. This dedication to serving his community, creating opportunities for learning, and commitment to making a difference is what sets Dean Graziosi apart as a truly phenomenal mentor and coach.

How Much Does Dean Graziosi Courses Cost?

Dean Graziosi's courses have varied pricing strategies, allowing for different points of entry for students with diverse financial capabilities and commitment levels. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for each course:

  • Real Estate Millionaire Monthly: The exact price point of this course is not specified but it uses a subscription model, where users are billed regularly. The mention of the ability to cancel at any time and the non-refund policy for previous charges means a recurring charge, likely monthly. 
  • Millionaire Success Habits Monthly - ONE TIME OFFER: Priced at $297 for a full year, this represents a significant discount, given that the standard charge is $97 per month (totaling $1,164 annually).
  • The Set For Life Blueprint: Pricing information for this course is revealed by Dean, but it emphasizes a 6-month payment plan, suggesting a higher-priced offering broken into more manageable payments. The course also offers a risk-free cancellation within 90 days.
  • Millionaire Success Habits Monthly: This course emphasizes the value provided ($997 worth of training) but mentions that it's available for free. It's unclear whether there's a cost associated with subsequent months or if additional purchases are necessary to access this free offer. 
  • The New Way To Real Estate Wealth: While the course doesn't reveal specific pricing, it stresses the time-sensitive nature of the offer and its exclusivity. 
  • The Real Estate Profit System 2.0: This interactive course was previously priced at $1,997.

Please know that if you want to express any concerns about the pricing of Dean's courses, you can find the contact information on his page. He is very much concerned with the real estate investing community and want to provide the best courses to them.

Dean Graziosi Courses Features

Dean Graziosi Courses Features

To help you choose which of the courses offered by Dean Graziosi fits your needs, here's a breakdown of some features, reflecting how Dean truly puts his heart into this community, ensuring every mastermind member of our community feels valued.

Real Estate Millionaire Monthly

This program stands out as a dynamic, real-time learning experience, emphasizing the current trends and opportunities within the real estate market. Learners benefit from Dean Graziosi's wealth of experience and his partnership with Tony Robbins, coupled with insights from his top student, Matt Larson.

The focus is on practical strategies and tools essential for real estate success, aiming to dispel myths such as market oversaturation or the necessity of significant starting capital. Live Q&A sessions enhance the interactive learning experience, providing a platform for personalized queries and real-time advice.

This course's structure fosters continuous growth and adaptation to the market, essential for both novices and seasoned investors. The bonuses, including a comprehensive look into wholesaling and access to past insightful trainings, further enrich the learning landscape for students, reflecting Dean's dedication to helping you continue on your journey.

Millionaire Success Habits Monthly - ONE TIME OFFER

This unique offering leverages Dean's extensive entrepreneurial success, providing members with a monthly insight into habits and strategies pivotal for personal and professional growth, insights that have made him a billionaire.

The content goes beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing direct response marketing, overcoming obstacles, and confidence building, essential for navigating today's dynamic business environment. Dean and Tony ensure that the teachings serve and help guide members towards greatness, reflecting the kind words shared by many who have experienced profound change through these lessons.

By offering tools used in his high-level mastermind group, Dean makes information, previously exclusive to elite circles, fostering a more inclusive growth for all learners. This approach not only enhances individual skills but also contributes to a broader community of empowered, success-oriented individuals.

The Set For Life Blueprint

With a focus on creating and escalating revenue streams, this course taps into Dean Graziosi's proprietary strategies that have underpinned his financial success. The comprehensive nature of the course, covering new ventures or scaling existing businesses, reflects today's multifaceted business environment.

It's more than about financial gain; it's about thriving in one's pursuits, mirrored by testimonials from iconic entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson. The entire team, including Dean and Tony, are committed to making this journey a transformative experience for every participant, ensuring the opportunity to serve is always met with the highest level of expertise and heart so it becomes a game changer for you.

The course's interactive element, particularly through the live business plan creation, provides an immersive learning experience, ensuring concepts are more than theoretical but adaptable to real-world scenarios.

Millionaire Success Habits Monthly

Positioned as a transformative journey into personal and professional enrichment, this course provides live, up-to-date training from Dean, infused with strategies for immediate implementation.

It moves beyond traditional teaching methods by focusing on breakthroughs and success habits to overcome personal blocks, critical for today's fast-paced world. The added bonuses enhance self-mastery, with topics like 'Abundance Mastery' and 'Hacking Fear,' catering to holistic development.

The course's structure, emphasizing continuous learning and adaptability, ensures individuals are not just prepared for today’s challenges but are resilient for future dynamics.

The New Way To Real Estate Wealth

This course is revolutionary, acknowledging the contemporary shifts in real estate and the importance of technology and automation, as demonstrated by Chad Bartlett's expertise. It breaks away from traditional constraints of location dependency or significant time investments, suitable for those seeking flexible, yet profitable investment strategies.

The module-based approach allows for incremental learning, ensuring a solid foundation before advancing to complex strategies. The community aspect, through the private Facebook group, encourages peer learning and support, vital in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

The Real Estate Profit System 2.0

Designed as an interactive, actionable learning experience, this system addresses the common uncertainties faced by real estate enthusiasts. By offering a step-by-step guide, the course explains complex aspects, making real estate investment accessible to a broader audience.

The 'homework' concept ensures learners are not passive recipients of information but actively engage, reinforcing their understanding. Covering diverse strategies from wholesaling to flipping and income properties, the content recognizes the varied interests and goals among students, providing a comprehensive, customizable learning journey.

This course is an innovative program targeting individuals eager to escape the confines of a traditional 9-5 job and immerse themselves in the world of real estate.

Participants receive an invaluable toolkit: a blend of strategies, current market insights, and psychological empowerment techniques, all meticulously curated to foster success in real estate ventures.

The course is structured around live monthly webcasts featuring Graziosi, Bartlett, and special guest Matt Larson, ensuring up-to-date education and interactive Q&A sessions. For convenience, these invaluable sessions are recorded and accessible anytime.

Dean Graziosi's courses are more than just educational content; they are a pathway to life-changing success. Every detail, from the content to the community, is crafted with the dedication to making each member's experience world-class. Whether you're delving into the wisdom contained in each book written by Dean or preparing for a future challenge, being an integral part of this community ensures your words truly resonate with success.

Dean Graziosi Courses Pros and Cons

To help you choose among the courses or decide whether one is worth enrolling in, here are the pros and cons of Dean Graziosi’s Courses in general.

Dean Graziosi Courses Pros

  • Expert Guidance: The course provides direct access to industry experts Dean Graziosi, Chad Bartlett, and Matt Larson, all of whom have substantial experience and success in real estate. Learning from seasoned professionals can be incredibly valuable.
  • Comprehensive Materials: With live webcasts, Q&A sessions, and a range of topics covered, participants receive a well-rounded education in real estate strategies and market trends.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: The availability of recorded sessions for those who cannot attend live webcasts ensures that participants can learn at their own pace and according to their schedules.
  • Resource-Rich Learning: The provision of additional materials, such as Dean's book and past training sessions, offers participants a wealth of resources for learning and reference. They value every mastermind member so they are really taking the time to share
  • Active Learning Environment: Regular interactive sessions and monthly webcasts keep the information current and the learning process dynamic, catering to real-time market conditions and trends.
  • No Long-Term Commitment Required: The ability to cancel at any time without future obligations can make participants feel more comfortable and less pressured, ensuring they only continue if they find value.

Dean Graziosi Courses Cons

  • Cost Concerns: While pricing specifics aren't mentioned, courses like these can be significant investments, and the policy of no refunds for previous months might not sit well with everyone. It is unlike other sources that allow you to refund the money back if you weren't satisfied with their performance.
  • Time Investment Required: Despite the promise of quick success (like expertise in wholesaling within 30 days), mastering real estate takes considerable time and effort. The promotional material might underplay this aspect.

How To Use Dean Graziosi Courses

How To Use Dean Graziosi Courses

Using Dean Graziosi's courses effectively involves a series of steps that ensure you fully leverage the educational material, community, and resources provided. Below is a guideline on how to make the most of these real estate courses:

Research and Selection

Begin by thoroughly researching Dean Graziosi's various courses and their specific focuses. Select the course that most aligns with your real estate goals, whether you're a beginner or looking to advance specific skills.


Once you've chosen a course, proceed with the enrollment process. This involves an online sign-up, payment, and creating an account for course materials.


Familiarize yourself with the course platform. Locate where essential resources, such as live webcast schedules, recorded sessions, reading materials, and support contacts, are within the portal. Engage with any preliminary materials provided, such as introductory videos or basic reading to get your full experience with Dean.

Active Participation

Commit to attending the live webcasts or, if that's not possible, ensure you set aside time to watch the recorded sessions. Participate actively in live sessions by asking questions and taking notes.

Utilize Resources

Read the provided supplemental materials, like Dean's "Millionaire Success Habits" book. You may also explore the bonuses, like specialized mini-courses or past training sessions, for additional learning.

Apply Your Knowledge

Start implementing the strategies you learn in your real estate endeavors. Practical application is crucial. Monitor your results and adjust strategies as necessary, understanding that real-world application will provide the most valuable learning experiences.

Seeking Feedback and Advanced Learning

Use the Q&A sessions effectively by preparing questions regarding challenges you face or clarification you need based on your practical experiences. Don't hesitate to reach out for additional support or clarification from the course providers.

Evaluate and Decide

Continuously assess the value you're receiving from the course and decide whether you wish to continue, upgrade, or perhaps try a different educational focus within Graziosi's offerings. Remember, the courses offer a cancel-anytime policy, but make such decisions based on your educational journey and professional growth.

Dean Graziosi Courses Alternatives

Dean Graziosi Courses Alternatives

Here are some other courses that offer courses and masterclasses about real estate investing that you might want to look into.

Dean Graziosi Courses vs. Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery offers a more grassroots approach, with courses reflecting her three decades of direct real estate experience. Her programs are practical, straightforward, and appeal to those who appreciate a no-nonsense style. 

Alamery focuses on providing direct, actionable value, often personally engaging with her students, which cultivates a sense of mentorship and community

In contrast, Dean Graziosi's courses emphasize psychological mastery, motivation, and real estate strategies, promising users a transformative experience by nurturing a success mindset alongside practical investment skills. His charismatic delivery and extensive marketing contribute to the courses' popularity, attracting a broad audience.

Dean Graziosi Courses vs. Chad Carson

Chad Carson adopts a "coach" persona, emphasizing real estate's role in achieving financial independence and early retirement. His approach is practical and content-rich, providing step-by-step guides without the high-energy hype. 

Carson's methods resonate with individuals seeking a straightforward path to real estate investment with an emphasis on living more and working less.

Dean Graziosi's courses, on the other hand, dive deep into motivational mindsets and strategic investment in real estate, blending inspiration with action.

Dean Graziosi Courses vs. Phil Pustejovsky

Chad Carson's courses emphasize practical, actionable strategies in real estate, geared towards financial freedom and early retirement. 

He avoids sensationalism, offering content-rich, step-by-step guidance, appealing to those who appreciate straightforward, effective advice without excessive flair.

In contrast, Dean Graziosi's courses focus on motivational instruction and real estate investment strategies, combining personal development with business skills. His delivery and extensive marketing contribute to a transformative learning experience.

Dean Graziosi Courses FAQ

How Did Dean Graziosi Make His Money?

Dean Graziosi accumulated his wealth through a variety of channels, primarily in real estate. He started with real estate investing, engaging in operations like buying, renovating, and selling homes, also known as "house flipping.”

As he gained experience, he expanded into organizing and providing educational seminars and creating infomercials and books that guide aspiring investors on real estate strategies, accumulating considerable revenue from these ventures as well.

What is Dean Graziosi Known For?

Dean Graziosi is renowned as a real estate investing expert and a leading self-help educator. He rose to fame through television infomercials that showcased his real estate investment strategies. 

Besides this, he is a multiple New York Times bestselling author, with books focusing on real estate, investing, and personal motivation. Through these platforms, he shares insights and educates the public on achieving financial success.

What Does Dean Graziosi Teach?

Dean Graziosi teaches strategies for successful real estate investing and wealth creation. His programs often cover a range of topics essential for aspiring investors, including identifying profitable investment opportunities, navigating real estate transactions, obtaining financing, and leveraging market trends. 

Additionally, he emphasizes personal development and success psychology to help individuals achieve success beyond financial metrics.

Summary: Are Dean Graziosi Courses Worth the Investment?

The worth of Dean Graziosi's real estate courses is not a one-size-fits-all verdict. It depends on individual financial realities, commitment levels, and how effectively students can implement the course teachings in local real estate markets. 

Aspiring investors should approach this as an investment not just of money but of time and effort, and they must evaluate their personal goals and circumstances to determine if these courses are really useful in their real estate journey.

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