Direct Skip Reviews: Are There Skip Tracing Tools Worth It?

Published on October 5, 2023

Direct Skip Reviews: Are There Skip Tracing Tools Worth It?

Direct Skip Reviews: Are There Skip Tracing Tools Worth It?

Direct Skip is a skip tracing service that promises to deliver accurate property owner data to professionals striving to grow their business. Boasting a remarkable hit rate and user-friendly interface, it claims to provide a seamless experience in data retrieval. 

To determine whether this skip tracing service is for you, we aim to provide you with a balanced review. Through an exploration of its service features, and pricing structures, pros and cons, ease of use, and more, we'll help you discover what Direct Skip brings to the table! 

What Is Direct Skip?

What Is Direct Skip?

Direct Skip is a service geared towards individuals or entities in real estate or related sectors seeking to obtain comprehensive contact information and related data on property owners. They aim to aid real estate investments, wholesale operations, and other data-driven undertakings within the real estate industry.

One of the standout features of this skip tracing software is its high accuracy and comprehensive coverage. The service boasts a nationwide search capability that aggregates data from multiple industry-leading personal data sources. 

This vast collection of data and owner names is funneled into a system that then provides up to 10 phone numbers, 2 email addresses for the main contact, and additional contact information of relatives. It's also tailored to provide detailed information on corporate entities, LLCs, or trusts associated with properties.

Direct Skip is also focused on delivering fast results, which is critical in the dynamic real estate market, where timely information can significantly impact decision-making and outcomes. The advertised turnaround time is within hours, not days, providing a quick solution that could be vital in many real estate or data-driven operations.

Moreover, Direct Skip takes pride in the quality and premium nature of the data it provides. They advertise a connection with high-level data providers and possess a team with a robust background in real estate and data management. 

This blend of industry experience and data expertise positions Direct Skip as not just a data provider but also a knowledgeable partner in real estate-related endeavors.

Lastly, the service encourages potential users to sign up for a free account, which comes with 500 free records. This offer could serve as a low-risk entry point for interested individuals to evaluate the quality and relevance of the data provided by Direct Skip to their operations. 

Pricing Plans: How Much Does Direct Skip Cost?

Direct Skip operates on a pricing model that is largely contingent on a "pay-per-hit" basis, making it a practical choice for individuals or entities that are keen on getting value for their investment. This approach aligns the service costs with the actual utility derived from the service, ensuring that clients only pay for the data they receive. 

The structure is specifically designed to benefit both small-scale and large-scale users, and the more usage, the lower the cost per hit, embodying a tiered pricing model.

The initial pricing is set at $0.15 per record or hit, which establishes a baseline rate for users. As the volume of searches increases, the cost per hit decreases, which could be seen as an incentive for users to leverage the platform more. 

For example, with the purchase of 1000 hits, the cost per hit reduces to $0.10, and this cost per hit continues to decline with increased volume, going as low as $0.06 per hit in certain specials or with substantial volumes of data retrieval.

This pricing structure can be particularly advantageous for larger organizations or professional entities that require extensive data on a consistent basis. The bulk pricing options provide a cost-effective way for these users to access the data they need. 

For instance, purchasing 50,000 hits brings the cost down to $0.07 per hit, and at 100,000 hits, the cost is further reduced to $0.06 per hit. This tiered pricing is indicative of Direct Skip's flexibility in accommodating both high-volume and lower-volume users.

Moreover, the platform offers a free account sign-up, providing 500 free records to new users. This is a strategic move to allow potential customers to evaluate the service without any financial commitment. 

This free entry point not only underscores the confidence Direct Skip has in the quality of its service but also provides an avenue for building trust and satisfaction among prospective clients.

Direct Skip Features

Direct Skip Features

Direct Skip is one of the many real estate skip tracing tools for real estate investors offering a number of features aimed at ensuring access to comprehensive and accurate data regarding property owners. Here are the key skip-tracing features of this platform:

Pay-Per-Hit Pricing Model

Direct Skip skip tracing costs operate on a pay-per-hit pricing structure, ensuring users only pay for the data they obtain. The pricing of this software for real estate investors starts at $0.15 per hit and scales down with increased usage, thereby encouraging volume usage and providing cost-effective solutions for larger data needs.

High Hit Rate

With an advertised average hit rate of 98%, Direct Skip highlights its reliability and effectiveness in delivering accurate and valuable data for real estate investing since it has been using multiple sources as an aggregator of data. 

This means, you are guaranteed a successful match every time you use this software. You get the best phone numbers you can add to your dialer and CRM software (list stacking) to be targeted in your SMS marketing campaign, etc.

Comprehensive Contact Information

Users can obtain up to 10 phone numbers to add their call list and 2 emails for the main contact, in addition to relatives' contact info, which can be crucial for thorough investigations or outreach efforts. They also remove duplicate records.

Corporate, LLCs, and Trusts Data

Direct Skip provides real estate information with the highest hit percentage on the market for data related to Corporates, LLCs, and Trusts. This feature amplifies the platform’s utility for a diverse range of real estate data needs.

Nationwide Search

The platform provides a nationwide search capability, pooling data from multiple leading sources in the industry. This ensures a wide coverage and a rich dataset for users.

Fast Results

Promising a turnaround time of hours, not days, Direct Skip is committed to delivering fast results, which is crucial in the dynamic real estate market.

High-Quality Data

The platform prides itself on offering high-quality data by connecting directly with top-tier data providers. This emphasis on quality ensures that users can trust the data for making informed decisions especially when driving for dollars, etc.

Experienced Support Team

Comprising of experienced real estate investors, wholesale operators, and data experts, the support team is positioned to provide valuable insights and assistance to users.

Free Account Offering

The offering of 500 free records upon signing up for a free account serves as a low-barrier entry point for potential users to explore the platform’s capabilities.

User-Friendly Interface

The app has a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy access and navigation through the wealth of data provided. This means you can easily streamline your business, too.

Volume Discounts

The pricing structure is designed to provide discounts on a per-hit basis as the volume of hits purchased increases. This tiered pricing is favorable for high-volume users seeking a cost-effective solution for their data needs.

Direct Skip Pros and Cons

Before spending your money on this skip tracing service, it’s crucial that you weigh its pros and cons. Below is a general summary for your review.

Direct Skip Pros

  • High Accuracy and Hit Rate: Direct Skip boasts an average hit rate of 98%, indicating a high level of accuracy in providing relevant contact information. They claim to utilize premium data from leading industry sources, providing a potentially reliable and accurate service to identify contacts of off-market leads, absentee and distressed properties, mortgage pre-foreclosure, houses with delinquent tax in the U.S. etc.
  • Cost Efficiency: Direct Skip operates on a "pay for hits" pricing model, meaning you are only charged for successful retrievals of information. Their pricing becomes more cost-effective with increased usage. The per-hit price drops from 15 cents to as low as 6 cents depending on the volume of hits purchased so you really get the best results at a cheaper price.
  • Free Trial: Direct Skip offers a free account with 500 free records for new users to test the service. In other words, you get free 500 leads you can target for cold calling and direct mail campaigns.
  • Nationwide Search Capability: The system is capable of helping you find and pull up-to-date data nationwide from multiple sources, making it a potentially robust tool for various types of searches related to real estate and other domains. It is also scrubbed from the DNC list.
  • Fast Results: The skip tracing feature results are delivered within hours, not days, which could be critical for time-sensitive tasks. 
  • Comprehensive Contact Information: Up to 10 phone numbers and 2 emails for a main contact, plus relatives' contact info. This can be used when you wholesale real estate, flip, etc.
  • Specialized Corporate Data Retrieval: Direct Skip mentions having a high hit rate for corporates, LLCs, and trusts, which might be beneficial for business-related searches.
  • Experienced Team: The team is made up of experienced real estate investors, wholesale operators, and data experts, possibly ensuring a high level of expertise and support.
  • Simple Process: The upload and data mapping process is straightforward and user-friendly. Direct Skip provides accurate skip tracing records which extends beyond just mere numbers but in a very simple and efficiently manner.

Direct Skip Cons

  • Pricing Model: The pricing model, while appearing to be cost-effective, could potentially be confusing and may require users to commit to a higher volume of hits to achieve better pricing.
  • Minimal User Reviews: There are limited reviews about this platform on the web. There are also no testimonials from the users on their site.

How To Use Direct Skip

The Direct Skip sign-up process seems straightforward, requiring basic information from the user. Upon completing this, users receive an email containing their login credentials, which they can use to access the platform at 

From here, the journey begins with harnessing Direct Skip's capabilities to amass valuable contact information.

As mentioned, the platform operates on a pay-per-hit basis, with costs being as low as 6 to 11 cents per hit, contingent on the amount of data a user requires. The more you delve into, the cheaper it becomes. 

A crucial aspect of utilizing Direct Skip efficiently involves uploading a file with the necessary details. The system seems well-equipped to handle CSV or Excel files, and it requires users to map out the columns correctly for precise data extraction. 

This process is instrumental in ensuring the Direct Skip system comprehends the data, hence executing accurate searches to retrieve the needed contact details. Incorrect mapping could result in misinformation or failed searches, which although won't incur costs, will indeed waste valuable time.

The next significant step, after uploading and properly mapping the file, is to verify the mapped columns against the original data. This verification is a crucial quality control step to ensure that the uploaded data is accurate and well-structured, to avoid any discrepancies or errors during the skip tracing process. 

It's a checkpoint that allows users to confirm or correct the input before proceeding, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Once satisfied with the data mapping, the billing summary page outlines the cost involved for the data retrieval based on the credits available in the user's account. Here, users can also opt for additional services like the DNC (Do Not Call) litigator scrub, which is crucial for text marketing campaigns to avoid legal complications.

Direct Skip Alternatives

If you are unsure whether Direct Skip will meet your needs, check out its main competitors below before making a decision.

Direct Skip vs. Skip Genie

The primary function of Skip Genie's Tracer is to furnish users with the essential data needed to locate homeowners of properties they are interested in purchasing. Through a disciplined and highly effective method, Skip Genie allows investors to unearth lucrative real estate opportunities swiftly. 

It offers access to public records, ensuring that the data provided is reliable and comprehensive. The platform also provides users with reliable data such as associated property addresses and phone numbers, facilitating the process of contacting homeowners directly.

Direct Skip vs. REISkip

REISkip boasts a robust database of 300 million property records and 150 million demographic profiles. It aims to provide top-notch skip tracing solutions across various sectors such as insurance, real estate & lending, and home services by delivering accurate data to better target leads and improve marketing efforts. 

Particularly appealing to real estate investors and wholesalers, REISkip’s feature set includes Skip Trace Triangulation Technology ensuring 85-90% lead matches with phone numbers, comprehensive property and demographic data, CRM functionalities, and competitive pricing at $0.15 per skip, making it an attractive choice for professionals seeking to enhance their outreach and manage leads effectively.

Direct Skip vs. PropStream

PropStream offers a comprehensive skip tracing service with instant access to property owners' contact information. With over 15 years of industry experience, PropStream has emerged as a trusted data provider, boasting coverage on 98% of the US adult population. 

Real estate professionals can avail themselves of multi-sourced contact information, free Do Not Call flagging, and an easy-to-read organization of data at affordable rates of 12¢ per skip trace. 

Moreover, the no-minimum purchase requirement and a mobile app for on-the-go skip tracing add to its user-friendly appeal, making it a reliable and convenient choice for real estate professionals aiming for quick and efficient results.

Direct Skip vs. Batch Skip Tracing

Batch Skip Tracing emphasizes accurate right-party contact data to aid in connecting with a larger pool of property owners. The service offers a pay-per-match guarantee, volume discounts, and no subscription fees, making it a flexible pricing option for users. 

The best feature of BatchSkipTracing is its industry-leading match rate, minimizing the time spent on incorrect numbers and enhancing meaningful conversations. 

Additionally, with live support for both small-scale and high-volume needs, BatchSkipTracing’s pricing and support structure is tailored to provide affordable and reliable data access, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses in real estate seeking quality data without a hefty price tag.

Direct Skip vs. Mojo Skip Tracer

Mojo Skip Tracer provides a straightforward solution for finding hard-to-reach homeowners quickly with its unlimited bulk skip tracing at a monthly rate of $59, inclusive of unlimited searches. The service simplifies the process of appending homeowner lists with essential contact and property data. 

By validating addresses, extracting tax and deed data, and appending consumer contact information, Mojo Skip Tracer ensures users have the necessary data to close deals. 

The addition of a required $10/month Hosted Lead Manager for lead receiving and management underlines its commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for real estate professionals seeking a low-cost, high-value skip tracing solution.

Direct Skip vs. Skip Force

Skip Force offers skip tracing and property data solution catering to nationwide property owners. With two straightforward plans – a monthly membership or a standard account, it aims to provide the most accurate data at competitive pricing. 

The service highlights features like providing up to top three phone numbers, email add-ons, and an optimal call window for contacting. Pricing varies between 6¢ per match for premium membership and 5-9¢ per match for a standard account, with a minimum order requirement for pre-pay credits.

Direct Skip vs. IDI Data

With its next-generation technology, IDI Data introduces idiCORE as a highly advanced skip tracing platform to find subjects efficiently. It prides itself on fusing billions of data points from numerous sources to provide actionable intelligence, thus cutting down the time, effort, and costs traditionally associated with skip tracing. 

Key data points available include right party contact information, relatives and associates, deceased information, asset information, financial indicators, and criminal records, showcasing a comprehensive approach to skip tracing.

Direct Skip vs. LocatePlus

Established since 1996, LocatePlus offers an extensive investigative database with over 100,000 users. For a monthly fee of $99.95, users get unlimited person search capabilities along with an array of features such as asset, criminal/civil, phone, motor vehicle, and property searches.

The platform boasts of having billions of current and historical, cross-referenced public and private records, accessible from any internet browser. Moreover, LocatePLUS claims to provide reliable and compliant service with its Tier 3 - SSAE 16 Certified data center.

Direct Skip vs. LeadSherpa

Promoting itself as the most powerful skip trace system in the world, Lead Sherpa aims to expedite deal closings with its 14-data point instant results for both commercial and residential sectors. 

The platform provides highly accurate contact information and can return numerous data points, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, lien, and litigator flags. A notable feature is its Duplicate Check, which ensures customers don’t pay for data they already own, thus promoting cost-saving. 

Furthermore, Lead Sherpa offers seamless integration with SMS campaigns, enabling easy lead generation and campaign management.

Summary: Is Direct Skip Worth the Investment?

Direct Skip is without a doubt a great tool for individuals seeking efficient skip tracing and data retrieval services. With a straightforward setup process, competitive pricing tiers, and a high hit rate, it promises a favorable user experience. 

Its capacity to provide up to 10 phone numbers, and 2 emails for a single contact alongside relatives' contact info, and its fast turn-around time makes it an appealing choice for real estate professionals, wholesale operators, and others in need of comprehensive data. 

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