Easy Agent Pro Reviews: Getting More Out Of Easy Agent Pro

Published on May 12, 2023

Easy Agent Pro Reviews: Getting More Out Of Easy Agent Pro

Easy Agent Pro Reviews

A high-traffic website is one of the greatest assets of any real estate agent. Not only does a good website help you advertise your services, but it also aids in real estate lead generation. One of the best website providers for real estate agents is Easy Agent Pro!

If you want to learn more about Easy Agent Pro, how it works, how much it costs, its pros and cons, and more, check out the rest of this review! We also compared this platform to its competitors to help you decide which is worth the investment.

What Is Easy Agent Pro?

What Is Easy Agent Pro?

Easy Agent Pro is a platform that provides real estate agents with highly customized professional websites in order to establish their credibility, reach more prospects, and gather leads. This platform has over 25 templates for a customizable website that promises high conversion.

Easy Agent Pro is only a mid-sized digital content marketing platform unlike Carrot, Real Geeks, and other similar companies. But, similar to these giant companies, they also aim to help you sell and buy more houses. You can use them to create websites multiple times.

Easy Agent Pro is currently under the management of their CFO and COO, Derrick Watts. The company was built in 2014 and is currently headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

Ultimately, the platform's edge among many others is its use of unique tracking features (ex. Ninja IQ), digital real estate marketing tools, and search experience. Through these integrations, you can get a head start and take charge of your brand to reach more potential clients.

The IDX websites provided by Easy Agent Pro are called Leadsites. These are the best real estate websites that are built on Google and can rank on Google so they are perfect for capturing leads.

Easy Agent Pro Pricing: How Much Does Easy Agent Pro Cost?

How Much Does Easy Agent Pro Cost?

Easy Agent Pro has four plans you can choose from depending on the size and needs of your business. You can also choose between monthly and annual payments.


The Pro plan can help you make a powerful lead site in minutes. It is priced at $179 per month or $149/month when paid annually. 

Here's what you'll get from this plan:

  • EAP CRM - Built-In CRM
  • 200 Emails/Month Included
  • 1000 SMS/Month Included
  • EAP App Tools
  • DFY Blogs 2x/week


The Ultimate plan is priced at $259/month or $215/month when paid annually. This is the plan for you if you want more powerful tools for IDX.

Here are the exact features of this plan:

  • Access to your MLS Listings on your website.
  • EAP CRM - Built-In CRM
  • 200 Emails/Month Included
  • 1000 SMS/Month Included
  • Websites can be challenging, let us help!
  • IDX Polygon Map - Interactive Search, Draw-on Map & Reports
  • Access to Exclusive Templates
  • All EAP App Tools
  • DFY Blogs 2x/week


The Ultimate+ plan is the Ultimate plan in steroids. It is ideal for those who need guidance in inbound real estate marketing to get more leads. It's priced at $379 per month or $315 per month if it's an annual contract.

Here's what the Ultimate+ plan covers:

  • Access to your MLS Listings on your website.
  • EAP CRM - Built-In CRM
  • 10,000 Emails/Month Included
  • 1000 SMS/Month Included
  • Websites can be challenging, let us help!
  • IDX Polygon Map - Interactive Search, Draw-on Map & Reports
  • Access to Exclusive Templates
  • DFY Pay-per-Click Ads - Ad Management (FB or Google)
  • All EAP App Tools
  • DFY Blogs 2x/week


The last and the most expensive plan of Easy Agent Pro is their Premium plan. This offers full-service real estate lead generation and customized prospecting. It is priced at $899/month or $749/month annually.

Here are its features:

  • Access to your MLS Listings on your website.
  • EAP CRM - Built-In CRM
  • 10,000 Emails/Month Included
  • 1000 SMS/Month Included
  • Websites can be challenging, let us help!
  • IDX Polygon Map - Interactive Search, Draw-on Map & Reports
  • Access to Exclusive Templates
  • DFY Pay-per-Click Ads - Ad Management (FB and Google)
  • DFY SEO - Monthly Community Niche Page
  • DFY Social Media - Weekly SM Postings
  • DFY CRM - Advanced CRM for Drips & Nurturing
  • All EAP App Tools
  • DFY Blogs 2x/wk

All the plans above come with weekly training and phone support so you get immediate responses from their great team. They also require a one-time activation fee of $199 except for the Premium plan which requires a $399 activation fee. Contact them for their refund policy.

Easy Agent Pro Features for a Real Estate Business

Easy Agent Pro Features for a Real Estate Business

Even though Easy Agent Pro is not the biggest name when it comes to making real estate websites, this platform has extremely useful features for lead generation you might want to check out.

Real Estate Websites

Ultimately, the goal of Easy Agent Pro is to aid real estate agents by creating a customizable website for them which they call LeadSites. These websites are powered by Internet Data Exchange or IDX so you can display updated property listings as well.

Since Easy Agent Pro's LeadSites is super easy to use, you no longer need a skilled site developer at all.

You can actually create your own website independently. What's more, these LeadSites are built for Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Content Marketing, etc.

Built-in CRM

Without good customer relationship management (CRM) software, your real estate websites would be useless. Easy Agent Pro recognizes this need so they also offer a built-in CRM that you can pull your leads into.

You can use this CRM for campaign building and deal tracking. It also has a shared content library featuring text drip campaigns.

Exclusive Templates

You don't have to start from scratch in building your own site when using Easy Agent Pro. This platform offers exclusive access to their website templates for the Ultimate, Ultimate+, and Premium plans. All the templates have bold and contemporary designs suitable for your current audience.

Beat Zillow

Apart from its features in site building, Easy Agent Pro also has a private group on Facebook called Beat Zillow. As of writing, the group has more than 9,000 members who share product questions and how-tos with their fellow members. 

Easy Agent Pro also publishes video content in the group so they can utilize the platform better in creating their websites.

Review Tool

If you want to be the local authority in your target real estate market, your websites should have reviews about you. Thankfully, Easy Agent Pro has a review tool that can pull reviews about you on the web and add them to your site. 


One way to capture leads using your real estate website is by search engine optimization or SEO. To help you with this, Easy Agent Pro will provide you with two highly optimized articles a week. You may add more for better ranking and localize the article further to reach your target market.

Easy Agent Pro Real Estate Website Pros and Cons

Easy Agent Pro Real Estate Website Pros and Cons

Easy Agent Pro is not a perfect website provider for real estate agents. Just like other real estate website providers, it has its pros and cons, which you should carefully weigh before choosing them for your websites.

Easy Agent Pro Pros

  • The Easy Agent Pro design has a modern aspect and customization options
  • There are different add-ons to further customize the web pages
  • They offer weekly training and phone support
  • You can get the web site live in just a few clicks
  • Inputting data on the site is super easy
  • The website is super easy to use granted there are no internet service providers error (Whether you are using Century Link Internet, Cox Internet, etc.)
  • Great home search experience on multiple sites, especially the first or second page
  • They have a built-in CRM
  • They have a Facebook group where members can answer any question immediately
  • They have a review tool that can pull all the reviews about you from the web to your websites. You won't be redoing reviews all the time since it automatically updates
  • They provide two blogs each week to grow the traffic of your website.
  • They offer templates so you don't start from scratch
  • The support team or support team resolves issues fast
  • They offer an SEO guide to help you drive traffic to your site and generate leads

Easy Agent Pro Cons

  • The current prices for start-up may be higher, especially for beginning real estate agents
  • You would need some training from the team and support staff to get around its features
  • No high-end customizations are available unlike when you hire a web developer for your EAP site
  • Some reviews state that their so-called refund policy doesn't make sense. Some contacted American Express to refund but there's no response
  • Providing written notice to cancel service may be required

How To Use Easy Agent Pro Website Builder Platform

How To Use Easy Agent Pro Website Builder Platform

Easy Agent Pro lives up to its name. It's pretty easy to use, however, you would need to buy any of their four plans and pay a setup fee of $199 to $399. After you're all set up, you may attend their weekly training to get a better understanding of how the platform works.

If you don't want to subscribe to a plan outright, you can request a demo from the Easy Agent Pro site or contact the vendor directly before making any decisions. If you are unsatisfied with how they work, you can make use of their refund policy.

Easy Agent Pro Alternatives

Easy Agent Pro Alternatives

If Easy Agent Pro is not suitable for the website needs of your business, there are still a lot of platforms you can use that may match your style that other agents are using. 

Easy Agent Pro vs. Real Geeks

Similar to Easy Agent Pro, the Real Geeks website can help build your website platform from scratch. Real Geeks has templates for the best agent, market report, and coming soon landing pages. Moreover, Real Geeks also has lead capture forms.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Carrot

Carrot's SEO-friendly sites are developed to provide you with highly motivated leads. They offer an internal IDX tool to build many MLS relationships, landing page builder, automated blog library, campaign tracking links, property listings, video posts, and more. 

Easy Agent Pro vs. Placester

Placester is the National Association of Realtor's exclusive website provider. Through the website developed through this platform, you can drive engagement to your home page, capture leads from the forms and pop-ups, and connect with more clients multiple times.

Easy Agent Pro vs. BoomTown

BoomTown offers stunning customizable landing pages for your real estate business. You can choose from multiple design templates and get the most accurate listing data published on your website. The website also acts as a powerful search tool.

Easy Agent Pro vs. IDX Broker

IDX Broker has plans for agents, teams, and offices. They can create an IDX website for you with a map search. What's more the URLs they provide are super search-friendly so more potential clients can reach you fast.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Squarespace

Squarespace is a mainstream website builder that any niche can use including the real estate industry. They offer a 14-day free trial so you get a feel of how they work. They also offer modern templates and custom domains.

Easy Agent Pro vs. LeadPropeller

LeadPropeller offers a search engine-optimized website for any real estate agent. Many websites created from this platform are mobile-friendly and very responsive because they recognize that most sellers and buyers right now use their phones to look for an agent.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Elementor

Elementor is another leading website builder platform that offers 100+ website kits. You get full website designs so little to no effort is needed from you. What's more, Elementor has a live drag-and-drop editor and a world-class hosting feature to make you stand out.

Easy Agent Pro vs. ConvertFlow

You can easily launch your own landing page using ConvertFlow's professional templates. They can be used by any industry including real estate. Similar to Elementor, they have a drag-and-drop feature for easy customization.

Easy Agent Pro vs. Propstream

While Propstream is primarily a real estate investing tool, it has a website builder feature that any real estate professional can utilize. By clicking the Setup Website button, you can easily create a website using Propstream.

Easy Agent Pro FAQ

How Do I Contact Easy Agent Pro?

Whether you plan to inquire about their platform or have issues with the EAP websites, you can reach Easy Agent Pro's support team at (888) 408-4238. Note, though, that they are only available Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm MST.

Summary: Is Easy Agent Pro Worth the Investment? (Easy Agent Pro Review)

If you've been meaning to create your own distinctive real estate agent website, Easy Agent Pro is definitely worth the investment.

The templates offered by Easy Agent Pro have very unique, fun, and contemporary designs that will surely attract prospective clients.

While their start-up price may be more competitive compared to others, what they offer is surely worth your money. They also offer various tools and add-ons to further customize your site.

On another note, if you already have a real estate website and still want to find more leads, you might want to check us out at Property Leads! Our leads are generated from our highly optimized lead generation websites.

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