Flip Nerd Reviews: Is Mike Hambright's Course Legit?

Published on October 5, 2023

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Flip Nerd Reviews: Is Mike Hambright's Course Legit?

Flip Nerd Reviews: Is Mike Hambright's Course Legit?

Flip Nerd Reviews: Is Mike Hambright's Course Legit?

Flip Nerd, spearheaded by Mike Hambright, has made its name in the real estate investing industry by providing a blend of educational content and practical coaching. 

The platform offers a wealth of resources, including podcasts, blogs, expert tips, and a distinct real estate coaching program, targeting both seasoned investors and novices. 

To determine whether Flip Nerd is for you, this review highlights the details of Mike Hambright's course offering, evaluating its legitimacy and effectivity in providing real estate investment guidance.

What Is Flip Nerd?

What Is Flip Nerd?

Flip Nerd (flipnerd.com) serves as a comprehensive platform tailored towards real estate investing education and resource sharing. 

It hosts a variety of shows and podcasts aimed at sharing valuable insights about real estate investing, spanning from success stories to expert advice on overcoming challenges in the industry. 

Examples of the Flipnerd show include "Real Estate Investing Secrets," "Investor Fuel Real Estate Investing Mastermind Podcast," and "Flip Nerd Live Shows." 

These shows cover a broad spectrum of topics within real estate that can absolutely provide immense value, from building a successful sales team to transitioning from single family to commercial real estate, offering audiences a well-rounded understanding of the domain.

Furthermore, Flip Nerd provides an array of free training resources for individuals at different stages of their real estate investing journey. The training materials cover topics like getting started in real estate investing, lead generation, systems and processes when investing in real estate, improving operations, and much more. 

It also offers a specialized program known as the "Investor Machine" for seasoned real estate investors, focusing on lead generation through data analysis and technology-driven marketing strategies. 

The platform emphasizes a hands-on approach by offering done-for-you lead generation services to help investors identify motivated sellers in their respective markets.

In addition to these resources, there is a community aspect to Flip Nerd as seen in its Facebook group and the Investor Fuel Mastermind Group. 

The Facebook group, FlipNerd Real Estate Investing with Mike Hambright, acts as a forum for real estate enthusiasts to share knowledge, while the Investor Fuel Mastermind Group provides a peer-to-peer community for more seasoned real estate investors to share, learn, and grow together or form a relationship, fostering a community of like-minded individuals striving for success in the real estate sector.

How Much Does Flip Nerd Cost?

Flip Nerd offers different features ranging from free to premium. The platform boasts a series of podcasts known as Flip Nerd Shows, where various aspects of real estate investing are explored. These are accessible for free on various platforms.

On the side of free training, Flip Nerd extends a generous suite of offerings. Their 'Free Training' section encapsulates a range of topics crucial for real estate investors.

Flip Nerd also offers a more intensive and hands-on lead generation program dubbed Investor Machine. This program, depends on data analysis, direct mail marketing, outbound calling, and SMS marketing to generate leads for members. However, Flip Nerd does not disclose the pricing for this premium service.

The platform further offers a mastermind group known as 'Investor Fuel Mastermind Group', aimed at real estate investors who are keen on taking their businesses to the next level. The pricing for joining this mastermind group is also not disclosed. You would have to talk to them personally to get a quote.

Note, however, that for the coaching program, reevyew.com mentions that the pricing is structured as an initial payment of $997, followed by a monthly fee of $297 for continued access to the coaching services. 

Flip Nerd Features

Flip Nerd Features

Flip Nerd provides a blend of learning resources, networking platforms, and practical tools to drive success in real estate investing endeavors. Check them out below!

Flip Nerd Shows

Real Estate Investing Secrets

This podcast aims to divulge a comprehensive insight into real estate investing, leaving no stone unturned by sharing both the merits and the unforeseen challenges in the industry. 

Through the pisodes such as "Building A 7 Figure Sales Team", "Self-Sabotage In Real Estate Investing", and "A.I. For Real Estate Investors" you're gonna learn about conventional issues faced by investors and also touch on leveraging modern technologies to enhance successful real estate ventures. 

Through an array of topics, the podcast endeavors to equip real estate enthusiasts with robust knowledge to excel in this domain when they listen to each episode.

Investor Fuel Real Estate Investing Mastermind Podcast

The crux of this podcast lies in narrating compelling stories from Investor Fuel Mastermind members, elucidating their business growth trajectory and their roots, and sharing expert tips to revolutionize one's business. 

Episodes like "Wisdom from 2,400 deals", and "Firefighter to 200 Deals a Year" offer a rich narrative filled with practical knowledge and motivation for budding investors.

The podcast serves as a platform for seasoned investors to share their journey and tips, aiming to foster a communal learning environment.

Flip Nerd Live Shows

These live shows, with topics such as "Wisdom To Navigate The Market" and "Virtual Real Estate Investing" provide real-time insights and discussions on prevailing market trends and strategies. 

It aims to empower investors with the skills to adapt and thrive amidst market changes by leveraging contemporary real estate investing strategies. Often, they feature a guest who's going to talk about the topics of each episode.

Free Training

Flip Nerd provides an extensive array of free training resources encompassing a wide spectrum of topics like getting started in real estate investing, lead generation, improving operations, exit strategy, and wholesaling tips. 

It also includes a "FlipNerd Lab" aimed at offering a hands-on learning experience. The training is designed to cater to both novices and experienced investors, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to flourish in real estate investing.

Facebook Group

With 2.7K members, the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing group on Facebook serves as a hub for real estate investing enthusiasts to interact, learn, and grow anywhere they are in the world. It nurtures a community where wholesalers, rehabbers, or buy and hold investors can share knowledge, discuss strategies, and foster growth.

Investor Machine

A premium offering aimed at revolutionizing lead generation for real estate investors. It utilizes a blend of sophisticated data analysis, AI, and machine learning to identify motivated sellers in the market. 

This comprehensive system not only identifies potential leads but also executes every facet of direct mail marketing, outbound calling & SMS marketing to maximize lead conversion. It boasts of an exclusive community of hundred of professional real estate investors (REI), providing ample networking and learning opportunities.

Investor Fuel Mastermind Group

Identified as America's #1 Real Estate Investing Mastermind, this group brings together top-tier real estate investors in a peer-to-peer learning ecosystem. With different tiers based on the level of experience and transaction volume, it provides a structured platform for investors to share, learn, and grow together through a growth mindset. 

It emphasizes not only business growth but also community building amongst investors, enriching the overall real estate investing journey.

Flip Nerd Pros and Cons

Flip Nerd almost has it all. But still, you'd benefit from knowing its pros and cons before investing your money in any of their programs.

Flip Nerd Pros

  • Educational Content: Flip Nerd provides a variety of educational podcasts under different themes like "Real Estate Investing Secrets" and "Investor Fuel Real Estate Investing Mastermind Podcast" which cover a wide range of topics relevant to both novice and experienced real estate investors. These covers practical topics and provide wisdom on navigating the real estate market, which is invaluable for investors.
  • Community: Flip Nerd hosts a community of 2.7K members on Facebook where real estate investors can geek out, interact, learn, and grow together. Moreover, the Investor Fuel Mastermind Group offers a peer-to-peer community of leading real estate investors, indicating a strong, supportive network.
  • Free Training: There's a variety of free training available on getting started in real estate investing, lead generation, rehabbing, wholesaling, and more that they've compiled together. This is a low-cost way for individuals to get acquainted with real estate investing should they decide to enter this industry.
  • Lead Generation: Their service, Investor Machine, offers high-quality, done-for-you lead generation using data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to identify motivated sellers in specific markets. It provides not only lead generation but also assistance in executing direct mail marketing, outbound calling, SMS marketing, and even offers 'White Glove' support for clients, portraying a holistic approach to assisting real estate investors with their marketing efforts. If you fear the pressure of creating quarterly marketing campaigns and want to jump directly to drafting a contract, do not miss this service.

Flip Nerd Cons

  • Exclusivity: Some services like Investor Machine and membership in Investor Fuel Mastermind Group are exclusive to experienced investors, which may be a barrier for new or less-experienced investors. The strict criteria based on the number of deals or equivalent rental holdings might deter newer investors from utilizing these resources, creating a higher entry barrier.
  • Cost: While there is free training available, it's likely that the more advanced training, mastermind groups, and services like the Investor Machine come with significant costs, which may not be affordable for all investors.

How To Use Flip Nerd

How To Use Flip Nerd

The steps to utilize Flip Nerd effectively can be divided into several segments based on your needs.

One can start by tuning into various podcasts available on Flip Nerd. As mentioned, there are three types of shows: Real Estate Investing Secrets, Investor Fuel Real Estate Investing Mastermind Podcast, and Flip Nerd Live Shows. 

Through these podcasts, you can learn from experts, get insights into the real estate market, and familiarize yourself with common challenges and their solutions.

After which, you can start by going through the ‘FREE Getting Started Guide’, and then explore other resources like the ‘Rehab LIVE – 10 Part Series’, and the 'Getting Started in Real Estate Investing' among others, to further broaden your understanding.

You can also join the FlipNerd Real Estate Investing group on Facebook. This platform allows for interaction, learning, and growth among wholesalers, rehabbers, and buy and hold investors. 

By engaging in discussions and networking with other members, you could gain new insights and perhaps find opportunities for collaboration.

If you are an experienced investor, you might also want to consider taking advantage of the Investor Machine service for lead generation. The process to get started includes applying to the service, scheduling a call with the team, committing once invited, and then getting started with the service. 

This service promises to simplify the lead generation process using data analysis, direct mail marketing, outbound calling, SMS marketing, and and more.

Lastly, if you meet the criteria, you may consider joining the Investor Fuel Mastermind Group which is designed for both single family and commercial real estate investors.

There are different qualification levels based on the scale of deals you are involved in, and being part of such a community could provide you with valuable connections and knowledge to take your real estate investing business to the next level.

Flip Nerd Alternatives

Flip Nerd Alternatives

Aside from Flip Nerd’s Investor Fuel Mastermind Group, there are other awesome masterminds for real estate investing you won't regret checking out. Below are some of them.

Flip Nerd vs. Collective Genius

Collective Genius brands itself as the best mastermind group for high volume real estate investors, aiming to create a space for elite investors to come together and leverage each other's experience and networks. 

The core offerings of this mastermind revolve around hiring the right team, scaling profitability, building wealth, and giving back to the community. Key features of this group include its designation as an elite investor's board of directors, a scaling accelerator, a deal syndicate, and a purchasing conglomerate. 

Moreover, entry is exclusive, only through application or invitation, aligning with its no-risk, pitch-free goal. The mastermind facilitates up to four confidential meetings yearly with 130 market-leading investors, aiming to challenge conventional thinking about business among its members. 

The stringent requirement of at least 50 transactions per year or having a rental portfolio of 50 or more units underscores the elite nature of this group.

Flip Nerd vs. Grant Cardone Real Estate Club

The Grant Cardone Real Estate Club is an exclusive community aimed at serious investors looking to elevate their real estate endeavors. With four exclusive workshops per year, including two VIP Real Estate Summits, the club offers a blend of in-person and online engagement (via Zoom) to its members. 

A significant feature of this club is the weekly "Pitch Your Deal" calls with Grant Cardone and the 10X Team, providing a platform for investors to learn and interact with experienced professionals. 

The core educational framework of this club revolves around six main elements essential for building massive wealth through real estate - finding deals, finding debt, finding equity, closing the deal, managing the deal, and exiting the deal. 

Grant Cardone's expertise in these areas is a major draw for members, offering insights into accessing a network of investors, selecting lending providers, understanding deal flow, and finding underwriters for deals, debt, and equity.

Flip Nerd vs. 7 Figure Altitude Program

Led by Bill Allen, the 7 Figure Altitude Program is designed for real estate investors, specifically in the house flipping and wholesaling sectors, who are geared towards scaling their operations profitably. 

Unlike the other two masterminds, this program puts a significant emphasis on pulling investors out of the daily grind and helping them work on their business rather than in it. 

The program uniquely incorporates a 90-day small group accountability structure, helping members stay focused and hit their goals. It’s a community of impact-driven investors who are not only looking to grow their businesses but also to make a significant impact in the lives of others. 

One of the tangible benefits highlighted is the group's buying power which facilitates discounts on major tools, vendors, and services essential for real estate business operations, even boasting a 100% financing agreement from Lending Home for qualifying members. 

Flip Nerd vs. Rod Khleif Multifamily Mastery

Rod Khleif’s Multifamily Mastery is a comprehensive online course aimed at individuals interested in delving into multifamily property investing. Priced at $2,997.00, this course is meticulously designed to offer the best multifamily investing coaching through a variety of learning modules. 

The course encompasses a wide range of essential topics such as the significance of cash flow, a 90-day action plan for investors, creative funding options, mastering syndication, and adept property management.

With a total of 114 lessons coupled with video content covering Multifamily Real Estate, this flagship course serves as a rich reservoir of knowledge. It provides practical tools such as the Deal Evaluator Software, which could be an invaluable asset for individuals keen on mastering apartment investing. 

Flip Nerd vs. Deal Makers Mastermind

Deal Makers Mastermind serves as a vibrant platform where aspiring multifamily real estate investors can connect, learn, and expedite their first deal. For a subscription fee of just $99 per month, members are plunged into a vast ocean of resources and networking opportunities that they can use to gain self confidence in the industry and achieve financial freedom as well. 

Unlike other groups that charge upwards of $297 per month, Deal Makers Mastermind not only is cost-effective but also includes concierge services termed as "Mentors" who ensure members have the requisite support.

Among the resources available are Expert Q&A Sessions & Recordings, Expert Trainings, and Weekly SDA Underwriting Workshops which are invaluable for individuals eager to comprehend the intricacies of multifamily real estate investing. 

The platform also boasts of Advisor Access for personalized assistance, Location-Specific Networking Spaces for localized networking, and Comprehensive Profiles for a personalized experience.

Moreover, the Deal Makers Mastermind platform fosters a community spirit through co-working groups and event submissions, enabling members to host and share their events. 

Summary: Is Flip Nerd Worth the Investment?

Mike Hambright's course on Flip Nerd emerges as a substantial resource for individuals keen on entering real estate investing. The course, enriched by Mike's expertise and resources on Flip Nerd, offers a clear path toward understanding the real estate market. 

Through podcasts, coaching programs, and real-time expert advice, it teaches the practical aspects of real estate investing, presenting a legitimate and effective platform for aspiring and experienced investors alike.

If you’ve attended Mike Hambright’s masterclass and still in need of motivated seller leads, connect with us at Property Leads. We're a pay-per-lead platform that generates leads through SEO, so you are guaranteed high quality leads.

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