Flipping Houses Course: Best House Flipping Classes To Get Started

Published on March 17, 2023

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Flipping Houses Course: Best House Flipping Classes To Get Started

Flipping Houses Course: Best House Flipping Classes To Get Started

More and more people are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and getting into house flipping to build wealth. If you’re also interested to flip houses but don’t know where to start, there are several house-flipping classes you can look into. 

Some of the best house-flipping classes you should definitely check out are Freedom Mentors, 7 Figure Flipping, SubTo, Astro Flipping, Future Flipper, Science of Flipping, Syndicate9, Udemy, Flipsters Academy, BiggerPockets, Flipping, The Lost Curriculum, and Home Flipping Workshop.

To identify which of the classes mentioned above suits your needs, read the rest of this blog. Here, we dig deep into what these flipping classes can offer and if they’re really worth your money!

Why Take House Flipping Classes?

Why Take House Flipping Classes?

House flipping is a really profitable niche in real estate. However, if you lack knowledge of every aspect or process, you would be wasting both your time and money. You should take house flipping classes to avoid these five common mistakes that a house flipper makes:

  • Not having enough skills. Sweat equity is where the real money comes in house flipping. You need to learn how to use a hammer, install a carpet, hang drywall, roof a house, put in a kitchen sink, and more. You can learn these from flipping classes as well as managing contractors who will handle restorations and repairs you can’t make on your own.
  • Not having enough knowledge. In house flipping, choosing a profitable property in the correct location at the correct price is very crucial. Moreover, a solid understanding of the relevant tax and specific zoning laws is crucial. You should also know when to cut your losses and quit to save money. All these can be learned from a flipping class.
  • Not having enough patience. House flipping is a game of patience. New house flippers think they can speed up the process by only doing minimal repairs and make a fortune. Real estate professionals are aware that purchasing flips takes work. Something that is taught at house flipping classes. 
  • Not having enough time. House renovation and flipping can take a lot of time. The search for and purchase of fixer-uppers can take months to a year. House flipping classes can teach you how to manage your time effectively so you don’t lose income while waiting to profit from the house you’re flipping.
  • Not having enough money. The expense of renovations when house flipping is not a joke. The sale price of the property must be greater than the sum of the costs associated with purchasing, renovating, and holding the property. Flipping classes with seasoned professionals would teach you what repairs to prioritize and how to manage your flipping finances so you don’t go bankrupt in the end.

Ultimately, house flipping classes would provide you with knowledge on how to buy fixer-uppers, auction properties, etc., hone your skills, teach you how to be patient, and how to invest time and money correctly in house flipping.

Would You Get a Real Estate License After Attending House Flipping Classes?

Would You Get a Real Estate License After Attending House Flipping Classes?

No. Attending flipping classes won’t help you get a real estate license. Real estate licenses are only given to realtors or real estate agents after taking a pre-licensing course (real estate classes) and taking the licensure exam. Typically, the requirements for getting a real estate license vary per state.

Best Real Estate Flipping Classes

Best Real Estate Flipping Classes

With the help of experts, we have determined the top real estate flipping classes that can help you get started. No need to search "house flipping classes near me" to find a house flipping course online because we got you covered! Go ahead and check out the 15 house-flipping courses below!

1. Freedom Mentors (Phil Pustejovsky)

Freedom Mentors (Phil Pustejovsky)

The most trusted provider of the best house flipping course for real estate investors and flippers today has got to be Freedom Mentor. 

Freedom Mentor is headed by Phil Pustejovsky and with his lead, the course was able to produce the most successful real estate investors and flippers by far.

Freedom Mentor is indeed a legend in giving house-flipping classes in the real estate market. It has a distinctive and cutting-edge approach to the real estate industry that’s why it was able to turn common individuals into incredibly successful flippers and real estate investors over the past ten years.

2. 7 Figure Flipping

7 Figure Flipping aims to improve the knowledge, mindset, and network of ordinary individuals so they can be millionaire real estate investors. You can either attend this fix and flip course in person if you’re from the Nashville Area (1018 Parkway Drive Spring Hill, TN 37174) or you can attend virtually because they’re streaming live on Zoom.

7 Figure Flipping also offers a real estate investing book written by Bill Allen, the CEO of 7 Figure Flipping and founder of Black Jack Real Estate. In this book, he breaks down the house-flipping strategies he’s using. You'll learn to fix and flip easily using this book because it is offering tons of tips and advice.

3. SubTo (Pace Morby)

If you enroll in a SubTo flipping houses course, you can participate in weekly calls where Pace Morby and other members of the community can answer your questions and mentor you. They’ll teach you how to find the best houses for flipping and show you how to negotiate. You will receive support until you get to the negotiation table and close real estate deals. 

SubTo’s complete real estate investing course is divided into 6 weeks, and each week focuses on a crucial aspect of starting your own house-flipping business. The modules they’re using are designed to help both new and skilled investors to learn about Pace's SubTo investing strategies.

4. Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping

AstroFlipping is another real estate education mentorship program that aims to educate investors and flippers, regardless of their personal experiences.

Their flipping houses course focuses on how to establish and scale their real estate flipping and wholesaling business using the industry’s tested methodologies and helpful tools.

What’s great about Astro Flipping is that they offer lifetime access. In other words, you can always go back and re watch video lessons they shared in the past as well as download materials. Also, their entire community will be there to guide you whenever you run into a challenge.

5. Future Flipper

The Future Flipper or more commonly known as the Wealthy Investor is headed by Ryan Pineda, a basketball player turned realtor and eventually a flipper. 

All of the mentors or trainers of Future Flipper have active real estate investing companies. Before becoming coaches, they were once Wealthy Investor students and underwent house-flipping training as well. 

Since they are very much aware of the difficulties of flipping houses and creative real estate investing, they can provide you with feedback, help you resolve issues, and give you a comprehensive overview of the flipping economic model. Moreover, their coaches are very accountable so they’re definitely worth the investment.

6. Science of Flipping (Justin Colby)

The Science of Flipping banks on their 15+ years of expertise and 2000+ Closed real estate transactions. Their coaching programs were all developed with the needs of investors and flippers in mind.

Currently, they have two coaching programs for flipping homes. The Level Up is where you get to talk to Justin Colby in the span of the 6 to 12-month coaching program. You also get 4 live coaching calls every week and you get access to all of their resources.

Meanwhile, the Elite Partnership Program comes with weekly coaching calls and access to all their live events for 12 to 24 months.

7. Syndicate9 (Sean Terry)

Syndicate9 allows you to work with Sean Terry, a real estate wholesaling veteran who has acquired $100 million in real estate investment transactions and is tagged as the biggest wholesaler in the real estate industry.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn about flipping homes from Syndicate9:

  • Why you need checks and balances and how to do it
  • Step-by-step bundle on how to evaluate properties
  • How to create house flipping systems that allow ordinary people to run your real estate business, so you’ll never lose them and rehire them.
  • Step-by-step of how to hire contractors
  • Creative strategies in house flipping in real estate markets
  • How to build a scalable flipping houses business that has financial stability.

8. Udemy Course

Udemy Course

Udemy offers a lot of flipping houses courses. One of which is Real Estate Investing 101: Learn to Fix, Flip, and Sell! This real estate flipping course is highly rated and the lessons cover topics such as:

  • how to start investing in real estate and earn a fortune
  • get any property's value easily and quickly
  • how to purchase a fixer-upper with cash, real estate financing (if you have a reasonable credit score), or credit from hard money lenders
  • learn the ins and outs of real estate investing
  • learn how to choose a good investment strategy to achieve your objectives
  • Discover the difference between flipping houses and wholesaling

9. Flipsters Academy

Flipsters Academy’s introduction flipping houses course for beginners combines real estate, building, and design skills that every real estate flipper should learn about to start their house flipping business. 

At $49, you’ll get the A to 7 of house flipping equivalent to 20 hours worth of video for their online course, a project archive (designs and resources from prior Flipster projects), and an accessible toolkit to help you keep tabs on the financial aspect of your renovation projects.

Flipsters Academy also has Flipster Fam which is a private real estate community. Here, you’ll get to meet a lot of investors, contractors, and realtors. 

10. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets has a lot of real estate investing and house flipping courses you can choose from depending on your goals aside from their real estate investing blog. They also offer an in-person and online course.

These boot camps are carried out by knowledgeable instructors who are can guide you in making your first property flip or getting your next investment. Through this boot camp, you'll have a peer group who will encourage you throughout.

The boot camp will take place approximately 2 hours per week for 10 weeks. There are weekly course modules and short assignments, exclusive resources, live Q&A house flipping class sessions, and classmates (other flippers) that can support and hold you accountable.

11. Icenhower Coaching & Consulting

Icenhower Coaching & Consulting offers the course FLIPPING: The Complete System to Flip Houses for Profit. This online course includes downloadable resources so you may instantly put what you learn into practice. 

There are also quizzes and action items at the end of the module they’ll give as well as useful tools that are meant to help you stay on track with your learning.

Moreover, each selling flips module will be covered in-depth in a video presentation by the author himself, Brian Icenhower.

Also included in the course are scripts, forms and lists, financial models, and more.

12. The Lost Curriculum

The Lost Curriculum

For $299, you can enroll in The Lost Curriculum’s course called Real Estate Investing: Fix and Flip Property Walkthroughs.

Essentially, this course will teach you to invest in real estate by looking into properties through various live video walkthroughs.

To be specific, the videos will take you on actual "days in the field." You can view the houses that the Lost Curriculum is planning to buy as well as the ones they’ve already fixed and sold.

Khari Parker, the instructor of the course, frequently updates it with fresh content. You can also ask him and your classmates questions any time aside from the valuable knowledge the real estate investor course provides.

The Lost Curriculum also offers a free house-flipping course that can give you a general overview of flipping online. The free content included focuses on finding great investment properties so you can raise money and eventually build wealth.

13. Home Flipping Workshop

Home Flipping Workshop offers a 3-day workshop that will teach you how to identify fixer-uppers in your neighborhood, finance your real estate transactions without using your savings, how the house flipping process works, fix with enough confidence that you’ll earn after, use the methodologies the mentors are using, and overall be a successful house flipper or real estate investor.

To get access to this workshop, you have to register for $59. When you register, you can invite one other guest to attend with you for free. They also offer a virtual tour of properties where you can learn methods and tactics for maximizing your profits in flipping houses.

14. Harvard Extension School Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate

If you are not in a rush to learn real estate investing, you may want to enter a house-flipping school, specifically, get a Real Estate Investment Graduate Certificate from Harvard University or Harvard Extension School.

The average course tuition for this course is $3,100 and there are online and on-campus options. The topics are comprehensively covered so it isn't a free course in flipping online. A college degree in real estate enterprise management is not required, though.

Here are two of the many things you’ll learn from this course:

  • Understanding the factors that influence property values, especially of an investment property, building lifespan, how cities grow and change, different investment options, and the house flipping process.
  • Development of financial models and cash flows, estimating valuations, and calculating ROI of real estate investments.

15. Rehabs2Riches

Rehabs2Riches makes things straightforward with their house flipping program; there is no complex lingo or exaggerated expectations when you flip. 

Instead, they’ll discuss their ongoing and completed flipping projects (whether it is an investment property or a family home) and demonstrate the methodologies that are effective so you can learn to fix flip. Each class on house flipping is led by the course creator, Alton Jones, himself.

Summary: Complete Real Estate Investing Classes (House Flipping)

Flipping houses is a really profitable real estate investing niche when done right. If you really want to make the most of the fixer-uppers you’ll be buying, taking any of the house-flipping courses we listed above can help you significantly. They won't just give you a general overview of house flipping but teach you the important details that most flippers miss.

Nevertheless, if you want to enroll in house flipping classes because you want to learn how to find leads, you might want to skip the learning process and buy leads instead. Here at Property Leads, we offer the best motivated leads generated from SEO. All of our leads are exclusively sold so you don’t have to worry about high competition.

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