FreedomSoft Reviews: Getting More Out Of FreedomSoft CRM

Published on April 4, 2023

FreedomSoft Review

FreedomSoft Review

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for real estate investing has become necessary in the past few years. CRMs significantly streamline business processes so real estate investors can close more deals.

One of the most trusted CRMs today is FreedomSoft. This software not just helps with lead management and conversion, but also with lead generation. To learn more about this FreedomSoft, read the rest of this blog!

FreedomSoft Review: What Is FreedomSoft for Real Estate Investors?

What Is FreedomSoft for Real Estate Investors?

FreedomSoft is a cloud-based real estate investing CRM software that works for both newbies and seasoned investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, and landlords. It was established in the year 2010 and has since changed the way how investors find, fund, and flip deals.

When Rob Swanson bought the company in 2015, he focused on improving the platform with new data, new systems, and new tech. Today, FreedomSoft’s CRM software can do a lot of things including list building & research, lead generation & marketing, lead management, deal analysis & reporting, and task & follow-up automation.

FreedomSoft can also help you create your own website with the templates they have. They’ll help you optimize these websites to gain more traffic and eventually, leads.

As for reviews, FreedomSoft has garnered almost a perfect rating from reviews online. The FreedomSoft app has also received a 4.3 rating on Google Play. Goes to show how trusted and efficient this CRM is in helping its users find instant leads and making data driven decisions.

FreedomSoft Pricing: How Much Does FreedomSoft Cost?

How Much Does FreedomSoft Cost?

FreedomSoft offers a free setup fee. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find their CRM useful for your business. If you are subscribed to one of their plans, you can also cancel anytime.

Here are the three subscription plans FreedomSoft users can avail of according to their business model:

Start or Basic plan

  • $197/mo or $1997/yr
  • for novice investors
  • non-customizable workflow & follow-up automation
  • up to 6 users
  • 1 phone number
  • up to 3 websites
  • 3,000 lead downloads monthly
  • live chat and email support
  • zip finder tool
  • lead finder tool
  • property snapshots
  • the dig tool
  • pre-built motivated seller tools
  • buyer portfolio (add-on)


  • $297/mo or $2997/yr
  • for investors and small teams
  • workflow customization & follow-up automation
  • up to 8 users
  • 3 phone numbers included
  • up to 6 websites
  • 6,000 lead downloads monthly
  • dedicated account manager
  • zip finder tool
  • lead finder tool
  • property snapshots
  • the dig tool
  • pre-built motivated seller tools
  • buyer portfolio (add-on)


  • $497/mo or $4997/yr
  • For large teams
  • workflow customization and follow-up automation
  • 12 users
  • 6 websites
  • 6 phone numbers
  • 12,000 lead downloads monthly
  • dedicated account manager
  • zip finder tool
  • lead finder tool
  • property snapshots
  • the dig tool
  • pre-built motivated seller tools
  • buyer portfolio (add-on)

Note that when you avail of the annual plan instead of the monthly subscription plans, you’ll be able to save 15%.

FreedomSoft Review: FreedomSoft Features

FreedomSoft Features

FreedomSoft is a feature-packed CRM. It has tools for every aspect of your real estate investing business so scaling is made super easy. Let’s check out all the FreedomSoft features to find out why it is an industry-leading CRM.

List Building & Research

FreedomSoft has some of the best data in real estate. They are always updated and highly accurate. It is a simple lead generation software that can help with list-building and research:

  • Lead Finder: Lead Finder has 8+ pre-built lists and additional search categories making it a strong list-building tool when you’re organizing your buyers and motivated sellers. You can create a preset and custom lead list in a snap. Moreover, it also has an automatic skip trace feature that can search up over seven million records nationwide with 94% accuracy. They'll also give you unlimited access to their records so you can find commercial properties, single-family homes, and other property types.
  • Zip Finder: With Zip Finder, you can focus on the areas of town where you can get the most deals while trimming your marketing budget. It ranks the hottest zip codes and turns market research into a one-click process so you can save more money. You can also use this to find local buyers.
  • Dig Tool: The Dig Tool can "dig" up to 8 hidden deal opportunities in the same area so you get to close deals others are missing. This is immediately launched when you search for any property in the US. Put more simply, this quickly builds a list of motivated sellers that you won’t have competition with.
  • Property Snapshots: Property Snapshot is a great research tool that can give you immediate access to all the data you need for your real estate business. Simply enter or click any address in the CRM and you’ll get search results fast. They'll even do skip tracing for you. This includes seller, buyer, lender, and even mortgage information. You may also check out the property values, sales history of a particular property, and comps of rental properties.

Lead Generation & Marketing

Generating leads and connecting to lost leads through Freedom Soft software is made extra easy thanks to these three features:

  • Direct Mail Generator: You can select between "Stuff & Stick" or Built-in Premium direct mail to make more profit from your deals. The direct mails are completely automated but you can upload your own template or select from FreedomSoft’s 49+ templates.
  • Complete Email Marketing System & Follow-Up: FreedomSoft’s email campaigns have high delivery rates. They offer email templates to reduce redundancy and streamline communication between you and your clients. Meanwhile, their email autoresponders will automatically bring you leads, whether they are buyer, seller, or private lender leads.
  • Click 2 Call Dialer: This feature is a straightforward and systematic solution to improve your connection with your leads, whether you're calling new leads or following up on past prospects. You can boost call connection with each campaign, all while your list remains clean since it is automatically scrubbed against the DNC list. It also includes an integrated skip trace feature.

CRM & Lead Management

Freedom Soft helps manage leads and assign tasks to teams easier. Let’s look at the features that make this possible:

  • List, Campaign & Workspace Reporting: The built-in reporting feature of FreedomSoft real estate investor software enables you to easily compare results and identify the best sellers so you can allocate your marketing budget where you will get the most return on investment. You get real-time data to help you automatically monitor response times, expenses, and your profit.
  • Visual Leads Dashboard: You may check out all your leads categorized by their Status on the Visual Leads Dashboard (VLD). This ensures that not a single lead is overlooked. Moreover, a "working list" is automatically created when you click on any Lead status.
  • Lists, Campaigns & Workspaces: Every lead is automatically tracked using workspaces, lists, and campaigns so you can identify which lists, team members, and marketing efforts are working. In addition, importing and exporting problems are eliminated and it's simple to locate, eliminate, or even combine duplicate records.

Deal Analysis & Reporting

FreedomSoft’s deal analysis and reporting feature is meant to help you succeed in real estate investing by showing you the numbers included in a deal.

  • Non-Disclosure State Data: If you invest in a non-disclosure state, FreedomSoft software can get you access to a property’s sales history, owner information, rental comps, etc. They have up-to-date data for ND states.
  • Sales & Rental Comps: The pricing information for sales and rental comps provided by FreedomSoft is very up-to-date. In just a few clicks, you'll learn how much homes are renting for or selling in a particular area. You can save, print, and share custom reports on properties with your leads. Moreover, even in non-disclosure states, you can also get an accurate ARV. There are also interactive maps to make estimating home value and rent easier.
  • Analyze Fix & Flip + Buy & Hold: Through this feature, you can run your calculations, determine the ideal pricing and even deal structure for each real estate transaction, and more. Ultimately, this can help you choose whether each real estate deal is fit to be a flip or a rental.
  • Repair Cost Estimator: Whether you are already an expert or have no prior experience estimating home repairs, you’ll find FreedomSoft's Repair Cost Calculator useful in getting retail flip and rental repair estimates. The cost of labor and material is updated to suit your local markets so you can get the best estimates. 

Task & Follow-Up Automation

If every single process in your real estate investing business is still done manually, FreedomSoft can help you transition to a much better system through its automation features.

  • Pre-Built Workflow Templates: Lead management is made easier using workflow automation templates that are pre-built. You can alter these buyer and seller workflows to suit how your company works. You can combine fields, make customized responses, automate follow-ups, and more.
  • Automated Actions: FreedomSoft CRM aims to update you all the time with what's happening in your business the easy way. Your past automation activities will "fire" whenever you update the status of a lead. There are more than a dozen effective automation you can use to complete tasks, handle leads, or follow up. 
  • Document Generator & Digital Signing Tool: The Document Generator & Digital Signature tool makes filling all documents and getting them signed a breeze. You can use pre-loaded documents or create your own library. The esignature is very much valid. 

Website Builder & Strong Social Media Presence

Gathering leads through your online presence is one of the most effective lead-generation strategies. If you still don’t have a website, you are missing out on the best leads. Thankfully, FreedomSoft got you covered in this aspect, too.

  • Drag-N-Drop Page Builder: Building a real estate investor and cash buyer website is super quick and easy with the drag-and-drop page builder and simple design wizards of FreedomSoft. You can use a tested template or simply start from scratch. Currently, they have 8+ website templates available and you can utilize their hosting for free and even add the domains of your choice. You can also Immediately follow up with the leads you’ll generate through this website through your CRM.
  • SEO Optimized Templates: Launching your website in a few minutes is possible with FreedomSoft’s templates. Moreover, every page of your website is SEO-optimized according to your niche.
  • Webforms: You may develop multi-step forms through FreedomSoft real estate investor software and avoid duplicate records since these webforms are integrated into your CRM system. You can use pre-built webforms depending on your needs or you can create unique webforms from scratch.

FreedomSoft Review: FreedomSoft Real Estate Investing Software Pros and Cons

FreedomSoft Real Estate Investing Software Pros and Cons

Before you subscribe to any FreedomSoft plans, it pays to know what other investors are loving about this software and what’s making them walk away. This is to ensure that you get the best out of your money.

FreedomSoft Pros

FreedomSoft Pros
  • FreedomSoft provides highly responsive customer service via a dedicated account manager or live chat support. This is one of the reasons why they’re hailed as one of the best CRMs.
  • FreedomSoft has the most accurate and updated lead information whether it's a commercial property or single-family home.
  • To help you decide whether a real estate property is worth purchasing, you can analyze possible profits and even repair expenses using FreedomSoft’s Deal Analyzer module.
  • Their website builder has a very simple learning curve and it can be integrated with FreedomSoft so you can follow up with leads that you’ll get through the website.
  • On FreedomSoft’s website, you’ll find lots of training and learning materials including blogs and videos.

FreedomSoft Cons

FreedomSoft Cons
  • FreedomSoft plans can be pricey.

How To Use FreedomSoft

How To Use FreedomSoft

After choosing the perfect FreedomSoft plan for your real estate investing business, you may register for the live onboarding training. At the same time, you may also want to join their Kickstart program, a 6-week coaching session so you can optimize FreedomSoft better. 

Once you are onboarded and your account is already set up, you can then access your FreedomSoft account.

On the main dashboard of your account, you’ll see various tabs you can use and customize depending on your needs.

The Tools and Marketing tabs found on the left side of the dashboard are where the deals begin. You can choose from all FreedomSoft options to start generating leads and creating lead lists.

The leads generated will then be managed and sorted under the Leads tab. For these leads to turn into prospects, you have to do some marketing and aggressive follow-up.

Your active deals can be found on the Properties page until closing. Meanwhile, you may quickly and accurately calculate transactions all over the United States with FreedomSoft's Deal Analyzers and Rehab Estimator. These are found on the RehabbersGPS tab.

The Buyers tab on your FreedomSoft account is where you’ll see your whole list of purchasers or buyers, making it super easy to contact them when you make new real estate deals.

Moreover, you may save all of your company's contacts or connections, such as title firms, property managers, and contractors under the Contacts tab. As for the Reports tab, it is where the internal phone system of FreedomSoft creates reports.

FreedomSoft Alternatives

FreedomSoft Alternatives

If you’ve tried FreedomSoft and it doesn’t fit the needs of your business, don’t worry. There are still a lot of CRMs that might fulfill your actual business needs. Check them out below!

FreedomSoft vs. REsimpli

FreedomSoft vs. REsimpli

REsimpli is a feature-rich customer relationship management (CRM) program designed for any type of real estate investor. You may use this CRM to manage your data and assist with daily operations, sales, and marketing to earn more money.

For data organization, it offers features like list stacking, skip tracing, and driving for dollars. For marketing, it has direct mail, drip campaigns, websites, and dialers. For operations, it has a KPI scoreboard, banking, and suppliers. For sales, it has CRM, e-sign, and buyer management.

FreedomSoft vs. DealMachine

FreedomSoft vs. DealMachine

Flippers, real estate wholesalers, and all types of investors can find off-market properties and establish connections with property owners using the real estate investment software called Deal Machine.

Deal Machine's driving for dollars application is its top selling point. This software allows you to retrieve information about a certain property super fast from public records and from outside sources. It is a highly-rated app in Apple App Store and Google Play because it’s super easy to use.

FreedomSoft vs. Propelio

FreedomSoft vs. Propelio

Propelio helps you follow up on your leads from the day you contact them to the actual sale! They’ll help you delegate tasks, assign leads to your team members, upload documents, and collaborate effectively. 

You can either customize your Propelio CRM to fit your needs or use it as is. Through this CRM, you can find buyers, sellers, or private lenders each day. You can get up to 5,000 leads daily.

FreedomSoft vs. InvestorFuse

FreedomSoft vs. InvestorFuse

Real estate investors and cash buyers can manage and convert their leads with the use of InvestorFuse.

The leads produced from all of your lead sources—including Google AdWords, Sherpa, Facebook Ads, Launch Control, Carrot, Mojo, Batch Leads, Call Rail, Sherpa, Smarter Contact, Sherpa, Call Rail, etc.—are funneled through the InvestorFuse’s platform. 

These leads are then assigned to a particular person from your team. InvestorFuse makes sure that none of your team members are overworked, underworked, or performing below your expectations.

FreedomSoft vs. Forefront CRM

FreedomSoft vs. Forefront CRM

By using Forefront, you can organize your leads, ensure that no lead is overlooked, automate follow-up, reply to every seller conversation, and stay in charge of everything.

You can follow up in the background using tasks, SMS, and emails. They’ll also help you make non-pushy, non-salesy messages to convert more motivated leads into deals.

Through Forefront CRM, you can make a workflow for each lead you receive from various sources. You can then create a number of drip programs that match that lead.

FreedomSoft vs. REI Blackbook

FreedomSoft vs. REI Blackbook

REI BlackBook provides several options for landlords, wholesalers, and rehabbers alike including CRM, marketing automation, lead capture websites, property pipelines, business phone systems, and property marketing.

Their CRM includes property linking, custom contact tabs,  automatic call capture, contact tagging and segmentation,  cloud-based file storage, built-in two-way SMS, unlimited custom fields, and call logging with notes. 

REI BlackBook provides a free 14-day trial so you don't have to invest money immediately. Moreover, you will receive two months for free if you sign up for one of their annual plans.

FreedomSoft vs. Podio

FreedomSoft vs. Podio

Podio allows you to build specific features to help with your business using its apps. There are many different apps available from Podio that you can use for customer relationship management and other aspects of your business.

A few of the features real estate investors and cash buyers are loving about Podio are its app store, business process consolidation in a single location, high-quality communication system, and customizable features.

Also, Podio has a free plan so REI professionals access their platform and assess whether they will be wasting money or not. 

FreedomSoft vs. RealeFlow

FreedomSoft vs. RealeFlow

You can locate properties, assess good real estate investments, and even close deals with Realeflow's real estate investing software and marketing stack. In other words, Realeflow can assist you with lead creation and deal analysis.

Realeflow can also be used to auto create marketing websites, mailing lists, printing, and distribution of mail, email marketing. They also have repair estimator tools,  and more. Finding a real estate investor who will finance your deal can also be done through this software.

FreedomSoft vs. REI360

FreedomSoft vs. REI360

REI360 CRM can help you market, manage, and analyze deals. Its features include a deal tracker, e-comps, email marketing, website builder, CRM, profit maximizer, rental property generator, sales contract generator, flyer generator, construction management estimator, and forms library.

REI360 offers a 30-day free trial, then afterward, they’ll charge you $97 per month.

There are no obligations since there is no contract and you can easily cancel your subscription from your dashboard if you feel they're not worth your money.

FreedomSoft vs. ProspectBoss

FreedomSoft vs. ProspectBoss

The main feature of ProspectBoss is its Call Strike Technology, which filters leads that don't answer when phoned or keep on disconnecting.

Moreover, the follow-ups you send to your leads through ProspectBoss are fully automated whether they be emails, calls, SMS, video SMS, and ringless VM.

ProspectBoss may also help you locate FSBO and expired listings, compile a list of properties in a particular area for your prospecting, and more.

FreedomSoft FAQ

Is FreedomSoft a CRM for a Real Estate Investor?

Yes. FreedomSoft is a CRM for real estate investors. It can help with lead generation, business automation, marketing, deal analysis and reporting, lead management, and more. 

It is one of those CRMs that offer all-in-one services; in other words, you would be needing less software and apps to run your business once you use FreedomSoft.

Who Owns FreedomSoft?

FreedomSoft is currently owned by Rob Swanson. He also serves as the company’s CEO. Swanson bought FreedomSoft in 2015 and made it his mission to take the company to a new level.

How Often are FreedomSoft's Leads Updated?

FreedomSoft updates its lead records all the time so it’s always accurate. They update their leads every time they are published on county records so there would be a lesser need for you to do skip tracing (saves you time and money).

Is it Easy to Switch to FreedomSoft You’re Using Another Software CRM?

Yes. No matter what CRM you’re using, switching to FreedomSoft is super easy. Their support team will help you move from your current CRM to FreedomSoft. They’re doing it every day so they’re already experts.

Does FreedomSoft Provide Document, Email, Text, and Direct Mail Templates?

Yes. FreedomSoft has templates for emails, documents, SMS, and direct mail so if you want to start your targeted campaign, it would be a lot easier. Note, however, that if you plan to write a legal document, it would still better to connect with a lawyer to get some guidance on the content.

Summary: Is FreedomSoft Worth the Investment? (FreedomSoft Review

If you want to scale your real estate investing business, don’t hesitate to use FreedomSoft. It can give you access to millions of qualified data, help automate your business processes, and roll out targeted marketing campaigns. 

FreedomSoft is suitable for every type of investor, whether you are a small-scale investor, a seasoned investor, wholesaler, flipper, etc. You get your money’s worth when you avail of their services.

Nevertheless, if you still want to generate leads outside FreedomSoft and gain more money from your business, you may want to buy leads from Property Leads. We offer the most motivated seller leads generated from SEO. All of our leads are sold exclusively so you can expect less to no competition.

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