GoForClose Reviews: How Does Lead Quality Compare?

Published on October 13, 2023


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GoForClose Reviews: How Does Lead Quality Compare?

GoForClose Reviews How Does Lead Quality Compare

In the dynamic world of real estate investing, finding qualified leads quickly and easily is the key to staying competitive regardless of the market landscape. That's where GoForClose comes into play. This comprehensive review will delve into the intricacies of GoForClose, a company dedicated to helping real estate professionals reach their highest potential by streamlining lead generation and marketing efforts.

What Is GoForClose?

GoForClose is a specialized real estate marketing company that empowers investors to focus on what they do best - closing deals. They are the team behind your success, offering a wide array of services designed to assist clients in finding qualified leads and staying competitive, regardless of the market's fluctuations.

How Much Does GoForClose Cost?

While GoForClose's website didn't provide specific pricing information, the cost typically depends on various factors such as the services required, the volume of leads, and the level of customization. To get accurate pricing details, it's advisable to reach out to GoForClose directly.

GoForClose Features

Let's explore the extensive features that GoForClose offers, each designed to optimize lead generation and marketing in the real estate investing space:

1. Exclusive Homeowner List: GoForClose provides access to an exclusive homeowner list, a crucial resource for real estate professionals. This list contains valuable information on motivated sellers.

2. Proprietary Data Analysis: Their proprietary software and data analysis tools help assess leads' motivation levels and the likelihood of them selling soon.

3. Multi-Channel Marketing: GoForClose offers a multi-channel marketing approach, including text messaging (SMS), email marketing, ringless voicemails, and cold calling, to engage leads effectively.

4. Inbound Marketing: They specialize in inbound marketing through digital pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, targeting relevant keywords and search terms while excluding irrelevant queries.

5. Data Specialists: GoForClose's team includes data specialists who meticulously curate the best lists and perform skip tracing to enhance lead quality.

6. Trained Virtual Assistants (VAs): Their trained VAs prequalify leads and manage various marketing channels, providing valuable support to clients.

7. CRM Integration

The platform seamlessly integrates with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, simplifying lead management and ensuring hot leads are prioritized.

7. CRM Integration

8. Retargeting

GoForClose employs highly targeted retargeting campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google Display Network to keep leads engaged until they're ready to make a move.

9. Remarketing Campaigns

Their remarketing campaigns further educate and warm up leads, ensuring that they eventually request an offer.

GoForClose Pros and Cons

GoForClose Pros

  • Comprehensive Service: GoForClose offers a "done-for-you" lead generation solution, reducing the burden on clients.
  • Vast Database: Their access to a vast database and unique data sets enables them to find highly motivated homeowners.
  • Dedicated Team: Trained virtual assistants and data specialists handle lead generation and marketing tasks.
  • Integrated Approach: They focus on both outbound and inbound marketing strategies.
  • Lead Nurturing: GoForClose emphasizes keeping leads engaged until they're ready to sell, reducing the chances of losing potential deals.

GoForClose Cons

  • Pricing Transparency: The website lacks specific pricing information, which may require potential clients to inquire for customized quotes.

How To Use GoForClose

Using GoForClose is a straightforward process:

  1. Consultation: Start by discussing your unique needs and budget with a GoForClose REI Marketing Expert.
  2. Strategy Development: Collaborate to develop a customized marketing strategy plan based on your area and budget, including lead generation and marketing channels.
  3. Lead Generation: GoForClose handles lead generation through a combination of outbound and inbound marketing, targeting motivated sellers.
  4. Immediate Follow-up: Leads are placed in targeted campaigns using various channels like SMS, email, ringless voicemails, and direct mail.
  5. CRM Integration: Leads are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, making it easy to prioritize and manage them.
  6. Focus on Closing: With qualified leads flowing into your CRM, you can focus on closing deals, leaving the marketing and lead generation to GoForClose.

GoForClose Alternatives

GoForClose Alternatives

GoForClose vs. Zillow Premier Agent

GoForClose and Zillow Premier Agent both cater to real estate professionals, helping them gather and connect with potential leads. However, the biggest difference lies in their approach. GoForClose provides a comprehensive, "done-for-you" lead generation and marketing service, allowing investors to focus on closing motivated leads without the hard work of managing multiple channels.

On the other hand, Zillow Premier Agent offers a platform for advertising on Zillow, which is one of the largest real estate listing websites. Agents and investors can pay for advertising space to be displayed alongside property listings. While this can allow for exposure to a wide audience, it may require more effort on the part of the agent to convert leads into closed deals.

GoForClose vs. Redfin

GoForClose and Redfin both operate as real estate service providers, but their services differ significantly. GoForClose focuses on lead generation and marketing, aiming to provide investors with a continuous stream of motivated leads. The service is designed to amaze clients by simplifying lead acquisition and nurturing.

Redfin, on the other hand, is a full-service real estate brokerage. They employ agents who handle the entire home-buying or selling process, from listing to closing. While Redfin may provide a whole suite of services, it may not be as suitable for investors who want to focus on gathering leads and closing deals themselves.

GoForClose vs. Offrs

GoForClose and Offrs both use data analytics to help real estate professionals identify potential sellers. However, GoForClose is known for its comprehensive marketing approach, including SMS, email, voicemails, and cold calling, allowing clients to reach out and connect with leads more effectively.

Offrs, on the other hand, focuses on predictive analytics to identify potential sellers. While this can be useful, it may require more effort from clients to convert these leads into closed deals. GoForClose's approach aims to simplify the hard work involved in lead conversion and nurture motivated leads.

GoForClose vs. BoldLeads

GoForClose and BoldLeads both offer lead generation services, but their strategies differ. GoForClose provides a "done-for-you" service, offering data specialists and trained virtual assistants to streamline the lead generation process, allowing clients to focus on closing deals.

BoldLeads, on the other hand, provides exclusive leads through various marketing channels. While they offer valuable leads, it may require more effort from clients to convert them. GoForClose's approach, with a comprehensive suite of services, aims to amaze clients by simplifying lead acquisition and allowing them to close deals more efficiently.

GoForClose FAQ

GoForClose FAQ

Is GoForClose suitable for both new and experienced real estate investors?

Yes, GoForClose's services are designed to assist investors at all experience levels, providing them with qualified leads and marketing support.

How quickly can I expect to see results with GoForClose?

Results can vary depending on factors like market conditions and the volume of leads. However, GoForClose's multi-channel approach aims to generate leads efficiently.

Does GoForClose offer ongoing support and optimization of marketing campaigns?

Yes, GoForClose continually assesses and optimizes marketing campaigns to improve results over time.

Is there a contract commitment when using GoForClose's services?

Contract terms may vary, so it's advisable to discuss contract details directly with GoForClose.

Summary: Is GoForClose Worth the Investment?

effective marketing support can make the difference between success and struggle. GoForClose's comprehensive suite of services, data-driven approach, and commitment to helping investors focus on closing deals make it a valuable partner in your real estate investing journey.

But here's the key takeaway: Time is money in the real estate business. If you're looking to save both time and money and close deals more quickly, consider the option of buying real estate leads. And when you're ready to take that step, turn to Property Leads.

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