House Flip Software: Best House Flipping Apps To Drive Profit

Published on February 17, 2023

House Flip Software: Best House Flipping Apps To Drive Profit

House Flip Software: Best House Flipping Apps To Drive Profit

As a beginner in house flipping, you may feel overwhelmed by the information you need to learn. Contrary to popular belief, flipping houses is not as simple as it appears on TV.

However, with dedication and the correct information, you can become successful in flipping. You can take steps to speed up your learning process and reduce your risks.

This blog will guide you on how to successfully flip houses, including common mistakes to avoid and essential software to use for maximum results.

How to Start Your Journey in Real Estate Investing by Flipping Houses

House flipping is the process of purchasing a property to sell it quickly for a profit. The goal of house flipping is to maximize the return on investment by buying the property at a low price, making necessary renovations and upgrades, and selling it for a higher price.

The process requires a strong understanding of the real estate market, renovation and construction, and effective marketing and sales strategies.

House flipping can be risky, but with the right approach, it can also be a lucrative investment opportunity.

How to Start Your Journey in Real Estate Investing by Flipping Houses

How House Flipping Process Works

House flipping is a popular business model among real estate investors. Flipping a house involves purchasing an undervalued property, renovating it to improve its value, and then selling it for a profit. The first step is to find a potential property to flip.

This can be done using a house flipping app, real estate brokerage, or agents. The real estate investor must then determine the maximum purchase price they are willing to pay for the property, considering the estimated rehab costs and potential profits.

How House Flipping Process Works

Once the property is purchased, the real estate investor begins the rehabilitation process, which involves fixing any necessary repairs and updating the property to increase its value.

This may include replacing flooring, painting walls, updating bathrooms and kitchens, and other necessary renovations. It is important to carefully estimate rehab costs before starting the project to ensure a profit can be made when the property is sold.

home improvement

Once the rehab is complete, the real estate investor must advertise the property to attract potential buyers. This can be done through various means, including online real estate advertising, open houses, and working with agents.

It is essential to price the property competitively to attract potential buyers and maximize the profit potential.

Now that we understand flipping houses let's discuss how to go about it.

6 Easy Steps for Planning Your Flipping Houses Program

Here are six easy steps to help you plan your house flipping program:

1. Set Your Goals

Determine what you hope to achieve through flipping, such as financial goals, timelines, and desired returns.

2. Build Your Team

Develop a team of trusted professionals, including great contractors, property evaluators, landscape design experts, interior design specialists, real estate agents, and lenders.

Build Your Team

3. Establish Your Budget

Determine your available budget for purchasing and renovating properties, including accounting for unexpected expenses.

4. Identify Potential Properties

Use lead generation tools to find potential properties that fit your investment criteria.

Identify Potential Properties

5. Conduct a Deal Analysis

Perform a thorough analysis of each property, including estimated renovation costs, market trends, and expected returns.

6. Develop a Plan

Based on your goals, budget, and analysis, create a detailed plan for each property, including project timelines, project management, and selling strategy.

By following these easy steps, you can create a solid plan for your flipping business and increase your chances of success in the competitive real estate market.

5 Best House Flipping Software for Real Estate Investors

1. DealMachine


DealMachine is a real estate flipping software designed to help investors and wholesalers find distressed off-market properties and make it easier to connect with homeowners.

The software provides several features that streamline the process of finding and evaluating properties, so you can close more deals and grow your house-flipping business.

One of DealMachine's key features is its driving for dollars app. The app makes it easy to find motivated sellers by providing you with the homeowner's contact information within seconds. You can call the owner to see if they're interested in selling or set up a direct mail campaign from the app.

DealMachine's list builder feature allows you to build a list of motivated seller leads and filter properties based on your desired location and criteria. This makes it easy to find the best opportunities in your local market and stay ahead of the competition.

The mail tracking feature lets you know when your mail is delivered, and the comps feature provides you with accurate home value estimates to help you determine whether or not a home will meet your buying criteria.

2. PropStream


PropStream is a house flipping software that provides professional investment reports and tools for data analysis and marketing. With access to data on over 153 million properties in the US, it offers a comprehensive source of real estate information.

One of the critical features of PropStream is its deal analyzer, which allows users to evaluate potential deals and determine if a particular property is a sound investment. With the ability to track local professionals and view property information, users can make informed decisions and choose the best deal for their needs.

Another notable feature is the rehab estimator, which helps investment property buyers understand the costs of a rehab project. This information can be critical in determining the feasibility of a short-term or long-term investment or whether it is worth investing in.

PropStream also offers a target marketing feature, allowing realtors to target specific marketing lists with email systems, postcard generators, and more. This feature is even more advanced with PropStream Pro, where users can create marketing campaigns and landing pages for properties and manage their contacts in one convenient place.

The skip tracing feature of PropStream is also a valuable tool for real estate agents, allowing them to access owner phone numbers and emails even if a property manager manages a property. This can save time and effort in making quick and easy contact with the property owner.

3. Flipper Force

Flipper Force

FlipperForce is a web-based real estate flipping software that offers an all-in-one solution for house flippers, wholesalers, and other real estate investment professionals. It is designed to help them quickly analyze potential repair costs and investment property profitability to manage their rehab projects efficiently and find new flipping properties and buyers.

FlipperForce offers a range of deal analysis tools that can help investors in estimating rehab costs, find the best value for their money, and ensure a profitable deal.

For instance, its house flipping calculator enables users to calculate the maximum purchase price they should offer for a potential property. This is commonly known as the investor's maximum allowable offer (MAO) and helps determine the potential project profitability of a deal.

It has a rehab or repair estimator that helps keep the rehab costs down and offers pre-built starter templates loaded with repair cost databases. Users can customize these templates and create new categories or repair items typical to their projects or adjust unit prices for future projects.

FlipperForce also offers a range of project management features that help track project expenses and are also helpful in project schedules, project tasks, professional marketing reports, other financial aspects, and budgeting. Its project scheduler tool is designed to help investors complete their rehab projects on time and within the allocated resources.

4. Realeflow


Realeflow is a real estate flipping software that offers an all-in-one platform to streamline investors' businesses. With tools like CRM management, marketing websites, email marketing, and deal analysis, users can evaluate properties, market their services, and find off-market properties.

The deal analyzer, rehab planner, and repair estimator help evaluate actual project expenses, and users can customize direct mail campaigns and build custom websites to list properties online.

Realeflow's Leadpipes search engine provides leads filtered by geographical location, county, zip code, and address. Users can refine searches using custom date ranges, loan and tax information, and owner information. The CRM acts as a virtual filing cabinet to manage business contacts, sellers, and buyers, assign deal stages, and track properties at every step of the deal.

Realeflow's project management tools help users manage project tasks and evaluate project profitability. With access to actual project expenses, users can track project profit and determine if a rehab project is profitable.

5. DealCheck


DealCheck is a real estate flipping software that helps investors grow their portfolios by streamlining the process of analyzing investment opportunities. The platform provides comprehensive deal analysis, importing property data from a vast database and conducting in-depth calculations such as cap rates, internal rate of return, and debt coverage ratio.

Additionally, DealCheck provides users with rental and sales comps, 35-year projections, and the ability to calculate purchase offers that meet both cash flow and profit goals. The software allows investors to screen deals by setting up custom parameters and comparing properties side-by-side, making it easier to make informed investment decisions in a competitive market.

DealCheck also includes a comprehensive glossary of real estate terms and concepts, ideal for newbie investors.

The platform offers a paid subscription service, which includes exporting property reports, while users can integrate other apps for project accounting and lead generation.

selling rehab project

Conclusion: Real Estate Flipping Software

In conclusion, house flipping software has become essential for any real estate investor or house flipper to stay organized and maximize profits. These apps offer project management features to streamline rehab projects, create accurate schedules and budgets, and track repair costs.

Investing in the right software can save time and money and provide valuable insights to manage all aspects of a rehab project. Choose the best app that fits your needs and requirements to achieve your goals, whether you are a seasoned flipper or just starting.

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