Invelo Reviews: A Truly All-In-Platform for Real Estate Investors?

Published on September 28, 2023

Invelo Reviews: A Truly All-In-Platform for Real Estate Investors?

Invelo Reviews: A Truly All-In-Platform for Real Estate Investors?

Invelo is a comprehensive solution that integrates every step of the real estate investment process so you can grow your business. It has features ranging from list-building tools that fast-track lead generation to a CRM system designed to foster robust connections with sellers. 

With all the other platforms offering the same features, does Invelo really stand out? In this review, we’ll look into how Invelo helps revolutionize real estate investments and why they are trusted by over 10,000 investors. By the end of this blog, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether this platform is worth the investment or not.

What Is Invelo?

What Is Invelo?

Invelo is a revolutionary all-in-one platform aiming to redefine the manner in which real estate investments are undertaken. The system is designed to support real estate professionals throughout the entire spectrum of their business operations. 

Being embraced by a community of over 10,000 real estate investors, it has successfully cultivated a trustworthy reputation in the industry. Its core goal revolves around empowering investors to manage and scale their businesses effortlessly, thereby positioning itself as a tool that facilitates business growth and efficient management.

One of the standout aspects of Invelo is its robust set of features designed to aid real estate professionals in generating leads, one of the critical components in scaling a real estate business. 

By leveraging Invelo's potent list-building tools, professionals can unlock a lot of investment opportunities, essentially accelerating their lead-generation efforts. 

Furthermore, the platform's deep-diving capabilities into property data offer the benefit of unearthing valuable insights and analyzing market trends to make well-informed investment decisions.

In addition to the above, Invelo assists in smoothening the workflow by smartly handling repetitive tasks, thus freeing up valuable time for professionals to concentrate on more critical business scaling aspects. 

It further enhances efficiency through a task management system that ensures no task is left unattended, bringing peace of mind to professionals. 

Ultimately, what sets Invelo apart is its understanding and acknowledgment of the challenges and frustrations often encountered by investors. By offering a solution that is comprehensive, it supports not just individuals but entire teams.

How Much Does Invelo Cost?

Invelo offers four distinct pricing tiers, each designed to cater to real estate professionals at different stages of their investment journey, providing an escalating set of features as you move up the tiers. 

Each tier builds upon the previous one, adding more sophisticated tools and greater capacities to help investors manage and grow their real estate businesses.


The Free tier, priced at $0 per month, is designed to aid beginners in starting their real estate investing journey. It is inclusive of the following

  • Access to essential education through Invelo Academy
  • Marketing campaign builder and integrated email features
  • Up to 5,000 records and 2,500 list builder records per month
  • Basic dashboard with preset lists and filters
  • Group onboarding and email support

This tier is suitable for individuals who are just starting out and wish to familiarize themselves with the platform without any financial commitment.

Starter ($49/mo)

For $49 per month, the Starter tier includes everything in the Free tier, along with additional features such as:

  • Up to 25,000 records and 5,000 list builder records per month
  • Prospects dashboard (anticipated feature)
  • Monthly property refresh and standard filters
  • Access to list builder filters and task management functionalities
  • A 1-on-1 onboarding session and chat support

This tier is tailored for investors who are aiming to close their first deal, providing more expansive tools and expert support to facilitate this.

Growth Tier ($129/mo)

The Growth tier, costing $129 per month, is the most popular option. It builds upon the Starter tier offering:

  • A substantially increased capacity with up to 250,000 records and 20,000 list builder records per month for 3 users
  • Advanced features including daily property refresh, unlimited tags, and marketing automations
  • Leads, deals, and marketing dashboards (an upcoming feature)

Designed for investors looking to scale their business, this tier facilitates advanced operations and supports a larger team.

Professional ($299/mo)

The highest tier is the Professional, priced at $299 per month, which is built for the seasoned investor offering:

  • Maximum capacity of up to 1 million records and 50,000 list builder records per month, accessible to 15 users
  • Business analytics dashboard (a forthcoming feature)
  • Unlimited record export and the lowest in-app pricing

This tier is meant for professional investors needing comprehensive analytics and a high degree of customization.

General Policies

Invelo emphasizes transparency in its pricing structure, assuring no hidden fees and presenting customers with the total cost upfront. It encourages users to experience the value of the services firsthand by offering a free plan and even a free trial for the paid plans upon request.

As for subscription adjustments, users have the flexibility to downgrade to a free plan or cancel their subscription at any time. However, it is noted that Invelo does not offer refunds for cancellations or downgrades occurring mid-billing cycle.

Furthermore, although subscription customization is not available, a pricing discount is offered for users spending over $10,000 a month on direct mail marketing through Invelo.

Invelo Features

Invelo Features

Invelo offers a range of features designed to aid real estate investors in managing and scaling their businesses efficiently. Here are some of its features:

List Builder

The list builder is a potent tool in Invelo's arsenal, designed to speed up the lead generation process significantly. It includes functionalities like Quick Lists, which are predesigned lists curated from high-performing searches based on seasoned investor experiences. It not only saves time but also effectively identifies prospects with high potential. 

The tool further offers Smart Lists that give users access to over 100 varied filters including property details, owner specifics, and MLS data, helping them hone in on the perfect prospects. 

Moreover, the Geo-Targeting feature aids in filtering prospects by geographical specifics, providing a detailed map view for a comprehensive market analysis. Ensuring the users always have the most current data, it refreshes property information daily, sourcing directly from county records.


Invelo’s CRM stands as a pillar in maintaining and building strong connections that push your business forward, right from the first interaction to closing deals. 

A standout feature is its Intelligent Automation that eradicates manual processes, leaving room for more high-value activities. It constantly updates property data, flags newly vacant properties, and removes recently sold listings, keeping the prospect database fresh and updated with minimal effort. 

The CRM is also equipped with a streamlined outreach process, allowing for seamless call initiations directly from the platform. The Advanced Filters tool is notable, empowering users to refine data for more effective and strategic sales and marketing approaches.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing in Invelo is crafted with real estate professionals in mind, assisting them in uncovering precise contact information for property owners by leveraging advanced data sources and techniques. 

It plays a crucial role in maintaining communication compliance and averting legal complications by automatically identifying numbers registered on the DNC list. 

Moreover, it guarantees the precision of mailing addresses, optimizing direct mail campaigns and enhancing targeting precision.


Invelo’s marketing aspect promises to take your marketing to greater heights with its campaign management and automation features. It offers various outreach channels, including direct mail, email campaigns, ringless voicemails, and custom sequences, ensuring your message reaches the right audience. 

It stands as a powerful tool for building and deploying robust marketing campaigns tailored to reach and engage your target audience optimally.


The task management feature of Invelo promises to keep you ahead in your real estate business by creating, assigning, and tracking tasks without any hassle. 

It offers a centralized dashboard for a unified view, a calendar view for scheduling and is built to facilitate teamwork effectively while also supporting recurring tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Invelo also brings a fresh breath to real estate news by offering up-to-date information centralized in one place. It eases the task of landlording, helping you find and manage both long-term rental properties and short-term rentals alike, including platforms like Airbnb. Whether you are looking to rent a single bedroom or a complete property, Invelo makes it easy, facilitating easy comparison of various listings based on your unique criteria.

Comprehensive Support for Scaling Your Business

Invelo champions effortless business management and scaling, allowing investors to discover profitable real estate deals with ease. It encourages deep dives into property data for valuable insights and informed investment decisions. 

Its intelligent system takes care of repetitive tasks, letting you focus on scaling your business. Moreover, it offers visualization tools to help track progress and optimize investment strategies, essentially fostering a thriving real estate business.

Moreover, the platform stands unmatched when it comes to offering a complete guide to property investments and personal finance, aiding in everything from locating the ideal land or property based on location, to understanding the nuances of tax implications and securing the right financing options for your mortgage.

Through its easy-to-use template, you can search for properties and even get an estimate on potential mortgage payments.

Invelo Pros and Cons

Invelo Pros and Cons

Before signing up for a tier in Invelo, you must first weigh its pros and cons. Lucky for you, we got you covered!

Invelo Pros

  • Comprehensive Toolset: Invelo offers a one-stop solution, encompassing a wide range of tools and functionalities that cater to various needs of real estate professionals — from list building and CRM to marketing and task management. In other words, you can use it for property management, fix and flip or rehab, finding tenants to fill vacancy, boost your marketing, and a lot more.
  • Data-Driven Insights: With features like Geo-Targeting and Smart Lists that utilize over 100 property, owner, and MLS data filters, professionals can obtain data-driven insights to make informed decisions and pinpoint ideal prospects from this easy to use platform.
  • Automation: Invelo reduces manual processes significantly through its intelligent automation feature, allowing professionals to focus on high-value activities by taking care of repetitive tasks automatically which makes their task a lot less easier unlike other platforms.
  • Daily Property Data Refresh: The platform ensures that users always work with the most recent data by refreshing property information daily from county records, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
  • Communication Compliance and Legal Shield: Invelo helps in maintaining communication compliance, reducing the risk of litigation by identifying DNC listed numbers and offering litigator scrub services.
  • Skip Tracing: Real estate professionals can easily find accurate contact information for property owners, thus optimizing their outreach efforts.
  • Task Management: The task management feature aids in organizing and tracking tasks efficiently, ensuring that nothing is overlooked in the hectic business environment.

Invelo Cons

  • Potential Over-Complexity: With a lot of features and tools, the platform may have a steep learning curve for individuals who are not tech-savvy or those new to the real estate business.

How To Use Invelo

How To Use Invelo

A real estate professional looking to streamline their business operations could greatly benefit from using Invelo. At the heart of Invelo’s offerings are its powerful list-building tools designed to supercharge lead-generation efforts. 

Through features such as Quick Lists and Smart Lists, professionals can identify high-potential prospects with ease, utilizing over 100 property, owner, and MLS data filters to fine-tune their searches. 

The geo-targeting functionality further allows users to zone in on specific local market opportunities, offering a detailed view of properties down to custom boundaries on the map, which is continually refreshed with the latest data directly from county records.

Moreover, Invelo equips real estate professionals with a CRM system to foster strong connections with sellers from the first point of contact to closing deals, all while ensuring optimal organization through data-driven insights. 

Intelligent automation features alleviate the burden of manual processes, updating property data daily, identifying vacant properties, and removing recently sold properties to maintain an up-to-date prospect list.

Real estate professionals can also leverage skip tracing to uncover accurate contact details for property owners, ensuring compliance with communication laws, and optimizing direct mail campaigns through USPS-validated mailing addresses. 

The marketing suite on the Invelo platform empowers users to make marketing campaigns through a variety of mediums, including email and ringless voicemails, aiming to reach a wide audience effectively.

Furthermore, the task management feature of Invelo helps in keeping teams aligned with centralized dashboards and calendar views, facilitating smooth workflow and preventing any tasks from being overlooked.

Invelo Alternatives

Invelo Alternatives

There are a lot of robust platforms for real estate investors available online. If you are unsure whether Invelo is for you, here's a list of some alternatives that might match your needs.

Invelo vs. Property Radar

PropertyRadar is a lead generation software and data platform designed primarily for real estate professionals and local businesses. Established in 2007, it aids businesses in streamlining and scaling their operations by providing a substantial amount of data and tools that facilitate smarter decision-making in real estate investments. 

The platform offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs and budget constraints of its users, plus it has a mobile application for more convenient access to its services.

Invelo vs. PropStream

PropStream is a widely recognized real estate investment software that stands as the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide in the US. 

It equips real estate investors with a wealth of data, including a variety of tools specially designed for investors. The aim is to facilitate well-informed investment decisions through the delivery of expansive data and instrumental resources that can aid in various real estate undertakings.

PropStream is noted for not just its data provision but also for offering features beneficial to investors. Moreover, those interested can avail of a free 7-day trial to explore the functionalities and user reviews to gauge its efficacy before deciding to subscribe to its services

Invelo vs. REISift

REISift is a platform that specializes in real estate sales and marketing. It offers a sophisticated and robust data filtering system specifically crafted for real estate investors. 

This platform provides various features to aid real estate investors, including offering tracking functionalities, though the exact details of these features are not mentioned in the snippet provided.

One of the standout characteristics of REISift is its focus on assisting real estate investors in making informed decisions by providing them with a system to filter and manage data effectively. 

Invelo vs. BatchLeads

BatchLeads is a comprehensive platform that specializes in real estate lead generation. It aims to provide the best real estate lead generation solutions, offering a variety of tools and resources for real estate professionals, including agents and wholesalers. 

Some of the functionalities and services offered through the platform include finding home service leads, acquiring accurate owner data, and accessing tools and data pertinent to real estate wholesaling.

Through the BatchLeads platform, users can locate off-market real estate leads and invest before properties hit the market, potentially gaining a competitive advantage in the real estate industry. 

Invelo vs. REsimpli

REsimpli seeks to simplify the process of managing various campaigns through its Drip Campaign feature. This CRM tool automates follow-ups through a range of mediums including email, SMS, RVM, and direct mail, negating the necessity for different softwares for different campaign types. 

It also ensures a rapid connection with motivated sellers in less than a minute through its Speed to Lead tool.

Investors can also manage their real estate cash buyers more efficiently using their CRM to reach out to segmented groups through SMS or email. 

Moreover, it offers a lot of other features including but not limited to task management, skip-tracing, KPI/Leaderboard, Vendor Management, Speed-to-Lead, e-Sign, File Storage, and in-app answering, aiming to provide a rounded solution to the needs of real estate investors.

Summary: Is Invelo Worth the Investment?

As we have reviewed in this blog, Invelo has the potential to be the core of a real estate professional’s toolkit. It offers a wide array of tools and features that can streamline workflows and help build connections between investors and sellers. 

Not only does Invelo offer an impressive database to support lead generation and market analysis, but it also endeavors to empower investors with an efficient CRM system, intelligent automation, and targeted marketing strategies. 

If you've used Invelo and need more help finding real estate leads, check us out at Property Leads. We offer highly motivated seller leads generated through SEO that you can add to your pipeline.

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