InvestorLift Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Analysis in 2023

Published on September 22, 2023

InvestorLift Reviews: Unbiased Insights and Analysis in 2023

InvestorLift Reviews Unbiased Insights and Analysis in 2023

InvestorLift, a new real estate tech solution, has garnered significant attention as it streamlines the real estate investment process. The tools offered by InvestorLift are said to be essential for any modern investor.

In this comprehensive blog, we made an unbiased review of InvestorLift, exploring its features, functionalities, and the user experience it offers. We hope that after reading this, you’ll get a clear perspective on whether InvestorLift stands up to the hype!

What Is InvestorLift?

What Is InvestorLift

InvestorLift is a cloud-based real estate platform tailored for the real estate industry. Its primary purpose is to assist with property management, streamlining tasks like finding and analyzing properties, and automating the process of managing investments. 

It positions itself as the largest marketplace for distressed homes, providing a platform for these homes to get a fresh start by connecting wholesale buyers and sellers. They offer a range of property types such as commercial, condo, detached, development, land, and more for every InvestorLift customer.

The platform is described as powering some of the most profitable real estate investing businesses in America, aiming to enhance the speed and efficiency of buying, selling, and funding investment properties. However, there have been concerns about the legitimacy of the platform, with some reviews suggesting caution due to a low trust score rating. 

Still, it has been stated that InvestorLift is a legitimate platform for real estate wholesalers and investors, having provided services since 2019. Users also appreciate features like its buyer list, which includes not only cash buyers but also those who have bought properties with debt.

InvestorLift not only helps users use the platform efficiently but also ensures that investors increase their chances of closing properties faster. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

If you want to know whether InvestorLift should really be considered for your business, continue reading!

How Much Does InvestorLift Cost?

The pricing model and billing of InvestorLift provides flexibility for different types and sizes of real estate businesses, from starters to larger, more established entities. This approach allows businesses to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget for the properties they have purchased.

InvestorLift’s Pro Plan is designed for those just starting out and costs $549 per month. Meanwhile, their Growth Plan is intended for medium-sized businesses and is priced at $3,000 per month.

For users who prefer an annual InvestorLift subscription, the cost is $5,748 per year, which breaks down to approximately $479 monthly. Notably, InvestorLift currently only offers an annual subscription, and monthly payments are not an option.

If users want to unsubscribe, all they have to do is go to the account's settings and follow the prompts to unsubscribe.

InvestorLift Features

InvestorLift Features

InvestorLift is primarily a platform that helps investors, wholesalers, and rehabbers identify off-market deals. The various features and offerings of InvestorLift are outlined below:

Real Estate Marketplace

The InvestorLift software provides a marketplace that empowers some of the most successful real estate investing businesses in the U.S. Its platform is tailored to enhance the speed and efficiency with which users can buy, sell, and fund investment properties.

Database of Buyers

InvestorLift allows users to access a database that compiles all buyer lists from various sources. This feature is crucial for those looking to find potential investors or buyers for their properties efficiently. They also skip trace this data to find the contact information of each lead.

Property Categories

InvestorLift's platform allows users to sort and categorize properties based on various classifications such as attached, commercial, condo, detached, development, land, manufactured, mobile home, multifamily, semi-detached, single-family, and townhouse. 

This categorization can help users quickly find properties and generate leads that align with their investment goals. The condition of the property, market trends, and other data that you can use to make informed decisions are also available along with other tools.

Buyer Insights or God Mode

One of the unique features of InvestorLift is its ability to give insights about buyers. The tool can identify buyers, provide information on their purchase histories, offer pricing details, rank them, and even facilitate marketing properties directly to them. This features a range of tools, including deal analysis.

This feature is invaluable for sellers or investors who want to wholesale property interested in targeting specific buyer demographics or wish to understand buyer behaviors better.

Business Diagnostics

InvestorLift works with diagnostic tools to assess companies. This might be beneficial for businesses wanting to compare their strategies and performances against top-performing companies and understand the potential pitfalls or challenges they might face.

Built-in SMS and Email Marketing

InvestorLift's email and SMS marketing features are particularly standout. This platform allows users to find properties in their area of interest with unparalleled ease. Based on the number of properties they've previously shown interest in or purchased, the platform's algorithm suggests potential properties that might pique their interest.

The email and SMS feature is more than just a notification tool; it’s an engagement powerhouse. Investors can blast marketing messages directly within the platform, spotlighting new properties or attractive wholesale deals. They also allow measurement of email open rates.

The marketing messages are designed to target potential cash buyers, especially those who have a history of purchasing properties in the area. A clear price tag on each property ensures transparency in all communication.

InvestorLift Pros and Cons

Before investing in, you should first understand what you’re getting from this platform and what you’re not. Check out the detailed pros and cons below.

InvestorLift Pros

  • Comprehensive Market Insights: GodMode, one of InvestorLift's features, offers users a detailed view of the real estate market within a specified area. This includes data such as the purchase price, average sale price, and average hold time of properties whether they are flipped properties, BRRRR, etc.
  • Tailored Searches: InvestorLift offers filters such as distance, square footage, and attributes like the number of baths and beds, allowing users, house flippers, buyer's agents, etc., to narrow their search and find properties that align with their investment goals with the price they paid.
  • Buyer Listings: A unique feature of GodMode is its listing of potential buyers in the area. Each buyer is scored based on various metrics, making it easy to find cash buyers who are most qualified for their properties.
  • Export & Share Features: Users can export buyer lists to CSV using. this cloud-based real estate software, allowing for organized outreach efforts. They can also share their property listings with potential investors in the same area, potentially speeding up transaction closures.
  • Focused on Wholesaling: InvestorLift is specifically tailored to those interested in real estate wholesaling, making it a niche tool for this type of investment strategy. They also offer assistance in the creation of assignment contracts or purchase agreements. Moreover, since InvestorLift partnered with Matterport, you can create a 3D property walkthrough through this platform, too.
  • Analytics: One of the platform's most notable advantages is the ability to track their offers. Through the analytics section, investors can gauge the effectiveness of their outreach by monitoring inquiries regarding the property. This analytical insight is invaluable, especially when looking to optimize future campaigns. Moreover, when buyers show interest, there's a built-in protocol ensuring both parties agree that they shall engage in deeper discussions.
  • Community and Feedback: The platform has an active community, including on platforms like YouTube and TikTok, allowing for a shared learning experience and feedback on property deals.  Their customer support team is also very active.

InvestorLift Cons

  • Overselling of Deals: A comment on BiggerPockets mentioned that the "deals" they receive from InvestorLift users seem to be of poor quality and that the software may oversell its capabilities.
  • Pricing Concerns: A Reddit user pointed out the main downside of InvestorLift as its annual price, which is quite high at $5,748 per year.

How To Use InvestorLift

How To Use InvestorLift

InvestorLift provides a marketplace specifically designed for real estate investing. Within this marketplace, users can track prospective buyers who have shown interest by submitting an offer. 

The tool then enables users to monitor these leads right through to the closing of the offer. This ensures clarity on the status of each deal and provides insights on the next steps to be taken.

Several tutorials are available online, such as those on podcasts and YouTube, which detail how to effectively utilize InvestorLift for wholesaling real estate business. These tutorials might offer step-by-step guidance for beginners and experts alike to ensure they get the maximum benefit from this platform.

InvestorLift Alternatives

InvestorLift Alternatives

Not sure whether InvestorLift is for you? Check out these alternatives first before making a decision!

InvestorLift vs. Deal Machine

Deal Machine is a platform primarily utilized by real estate investors for "driving for dollars" – a method of finding distressed properties by driving around neighborhoods. 

The platform offers resources and tools to help investors pool their capital and resources to jointly purchase real estate property. Deal Machine also provides educational content on wholesaling, flipping, and various real estate topics.

InvestorLift vs. PropStream

PropStream is a leading real estate data provider, offering comprehensive nationwide property information. 

The platform combines MLS data and public records, enabling users to discover off-market properties and homeowners with ease. PropStream equips real estate investors with a suite of tools and up-to-date data to make informed investment decisions.

InvestorLift vs. REI Pro

REI Pro is a real estate investment software that offers tools for lead generation, property analysis, and CRM functionalities. It supports investors across different strategies, from wholesaling to fix-and-flips, making the investment process more streamlined.

InvestorLift vs. REI Blackbook

REI Blackbook is a real estate investing platform that provides systems to nurture and manage leads, ensuring none are overlooked. It's designed to help real estate investors organize and automate their business processes, streamlining transactions and fostering relationships with potential leads. 

The platform is especially valuable for ensuring leads are "warmed up" and primed for conversions.

InvestorLift vs. RESimpli

Recognized as a top real estate investor CRM software, RESimpli caters to both wholesaling and other sales & marketing facets in the real estate domain. It offers comprehensive data management tools, automated marketing services, and sales management resources. 

RESimpli aims to be a feature-rich solution for real estate investors, with a platform that's user-friendly and offers a range of functionalities for seamless property management.

InvestorLift vs. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar is a sophisticated lead generation software tailored for the real estate sector. It collects unparalleled property and owner data, granting professionals in the industry a comprehensive view of potential leads. 

The platform is geared towards providing hyperlocal tools, which means users can gain insights tailored to specific regions or neighborhoods. This precision ensures targeted and effective lead generation, ultimately aiding in the growth and expansion of a real estate business. 

InvestorLift vs. DealCheck

DealCheck is a leading real estate analysis software that assists users in analyzing and comparing potential investment properties swiftly and efficiently. 

Available across various devices such as computers, phones, and tablets, DealCheck provides tools that facilitate the assessment of various types of real estate investments, ranging from buy & hold properties to Airbnb and vacation rentals. 

It also offers integration with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) systems, allowing real estate agents to provide seamless property comparisons and analyses for potential investments.

InvestorLift vs. InvestorFuse

InvestorFuse is a dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool specifically designed for the niche of real estate investors. With an emphasis on speed, flexibility, and user-friendliness, this platform strives to optimize lead generation and management processes. 

It facilitates real estate investors in staying atop every lead they generate, ensuring that potential deals are not missed. By offering a structured and streamlined approach to lead management, InvestorFuse empowers real estate professionals to efficiently close more deals and achieve greater returns on their investments.

InvestorLift vs. Realeflow

Realeflow is an all-encompassing real estate investing software that provides users with the tools and resources needed to find properties, analyze potential investments, and close deals. 

The platform offers a feature named "Leadpipes" which acts as a personal search engine, enabling users to quickly generate quality real estate leads. 

It boasts of daily updates where users can download thousands of leads across 10 types and subsequently initiate direct mail marketing campaigns. In addition to lead generation, Realeflow also provides marketing materials that help in brand recognition and lead conversion.

InvestorLift vs. BatchLeads

BatchLeads stands out by offering direct access to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) data, enabling users to discover on-market investment opportunities and confidently compare (or "comp") property values using just one integrated tool. 

The platform is regarded as a comprehensive property intelligence system, adopted by a variety of real estate professionals, lenders, title companies, and property service providers.

InvestorLift FAQ

Who is the owner of Investorlift?

Robert Wensley is the CEO and one of the key founders of InvestorLift. Additionally, aside from Robert, the company was co-founded by Dmitry Shirokov and Eliza Wensley. 

While Robert's name is frequently associated with the leadership of InvestorLift, it's important to note the collaborative effort of these co-founders in the establishment and growth of the company.

Summary: Is InvestorLift Worth the Investment in 2023?

For anyone contemplating the adoption of InvestorLift to their business process, we hope you got a clear picture of its strengths and potential areas of improvement through this blog. With continued updates and responsive user feedback, InvestorLift has the potential to be one of the best real estate technology solutions.

While no tool is without its challenges, the overall reviews of InvestorLift say that it is indeed a valuable asset for both novice and seasoned investors.

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