Matt Larson Real Estate Reviews: Is RealEstateMatt Worth The Cost?

Published on November 21, 2023

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Matt Larson Real Estate Reviews: Is RealEstateMatt Worth The Cost?

Matt Larson Real Estate Reviews: Is RealEstateMatt Worth The Cost?

Known for his extensive experience in the field and wide range of educational offerings, Matt Larson has established himself as a prominent figure in real estate investment training.

From his comprehensive "Six Weeks" course bundles to his advanced mentorship programs, Larson’s RealEstateMatt platform promises to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for success in the ever-changing real estate market. 

In this article, we delve into Matt Larson's real estate courses, mentorship programs, and tools to provide a detailed review to help you make an informed decision about your educational investment.

Who is Matt Larson?

Who is Matt Larson

Matt Larson is a prime example of a self-made real estate mogul, educator, and mentor whose story is as inspiring as it is instructive, truly going beyond the typical home listing narrative.

Beginning his career in a small Illinois town, Larson transitioned from a machine shop worker manufacturing parts for agricultural giants to a real estate powerhouse, catering to the diverse real estate needs of his service areas.

His journey into the house business started with a single wholesale deal in 2006. Since then, he has built a multi-million dollar enterprise, completing over 4000 transactions and amassing a portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

With over 17 years of experience, Larson has distinguished himself as a "trainer of champions," sharing his extensive knowledge with students, several of whom have gone on to achieve six-figure incomes, a fact that speaks to his effective mentorship.

He stands out in the real estate education field as someone who practices what he preaches, actively engaging in deals while teaching others to do the same, a testament to his honest and hands-on approach.

Larson’s offerings are as diverse as they are comprehensive, including live ongoing training and coaching in "The Deal Lab," where he conducts weekly Zoom classes, to providing a TOOL KIT for beginners, ensuring his educational services are seen and felt in real-time.

He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adapting strategies, which he conveys through deep-dive sessions, structured to cater to people with different levels of experience, and offers insights into deal negotiation and property cash flow assessment.

For personalized learning, Larson provides one-on-one coaching under "The Real Estate Fast Track," where students are hand-selected to ensure they're ready to accelerate their journey, receiving feedback that acknowledges their specific needs, goals, and budgets.

Moreover, Larson’s on-demand coaching calls and "One on One with Matt" mentorship are premium services that provide access to his expertise, alongside tools like the Podio PowerHouse Acquisition Software, ensuring his personal involvement translates into a practical experience.

In addition to personal mentorship, Larson has developed a wide array of classes and video courses that cover various aspects of investment, from lead management and wholesaling to renovation and marketing, designed to guide those who wish to master the many facets of this industry.

How Much Does RealEstateMatt Cost?

The core of the educational offerings of Matt Larson is the Deal Lab, a subscription-based group coaching program priced at $47 per month. 

This service includes weekly Zoom coaching sessions that provide collective learning opportunities and allow participants to engage with both Larson and other members.

For those seeking more personalized guidance, Larson offers on-demand coaching calls. These calls are tailored to the individual's needs and are available at a rate of $750 for a 30-minute session. 

This option is particularly aimed at those needing immediate and specific advice for their real estate business challenges.

The most premium service is Larson's one-on-one mentorship, which is a comprehensive package that includes a series of sixteen 1-hour Zoom sessions with Larson himself. 

This package is priced at a one-time fee of $50,000 and is inclusive of various resources such as educational materials, access to specialized software, and even direct contact with Larson via his personal cell phone number. 

RealEstateMatt Features

RealEstateMatt Features

Matt Larson offers a comprehensive set of real estate investment training and mentorship programs, each designed to cater to different levels of experience and commitment in the real estate field. 

Here are the detailed offerings:

The Deal Lab

The Deal Lab is a subscription-based group coaching program providing weekly real estate coaching sessions via Zoom. These sessions are designed to offer a community-driven learning experience where participants can share their wins and develop strategies for success. 

Larson himself conducts these sessions, selecting a new topic each week that is central to real estate investing. Topics include negotiation skills, pricing deals, leveraging funds, and more. 

The program is particularly beneficial for those looking to stay current with market strategies and network with other investors. Additionally, members receive a toolkit containing essential documents and templates to facilitate real estate transactions.

The Real Estate Fast Track

This is a personalized one-on-one coaching and mentorship program where Larson works closely with selected investors. It’s a tailored experience designed to rapidly accelerate participants' success in real estate investment. 

Larson’s team vets applicants to ensure they are at an appropriate stage in their real estate journey to benefit from the program. This offering is for those who are serious about taking their real estate career to the next level and are looking for a custom mentorship program to tackle unique challenges and achieve specific goals.

On-Demand Coaching Calls

For immediate and specific advice, Larson offers on-demand coaching calls. These half-hour sessions allow investors to address urgent matters directly with Larson. 

Given Larson's extensive experience in real estate and his track record of successful mentorship, these calls are positioned as a valuable resource for real-time problem-solving and strategy development in the real estate business.

One on One with Matt

This premium mentorship program is a significant investment designed for dedicated real estate professionals seeking an intensive mentorship experience with Larson. 

The one-time fee includes sixteen 1-hour Zoom sessions, comprehensive access to Larson's real estate education materials, the Podio PowerHouse Acquisition software, and direct access to Larson via his personal cell phone. 

The high value of this program is in its personalization and the deep dive into the mentee’s objectives, ensuring focused and sustained progress in their real estate endeavors.

Acquisitions Partnership

Larson offers a partnership opportunity for those looking to scale their wholesaling business and accelerate deal closures. 

By partnering with Larson, investors can leverage his experience and network to increase their transaction volumes and profitability. This option is for investors who are looking for a collaborative approach to real estate investing and are ready to significantly scale their operations.

Classes and Video Courses

  • Six Weeks MEGA Bundle: This is a comprehensive course that combines all three of Larson's six-week courses. It is designed for those who want a complete, structured learning path in real estate investing.
  • Six Weeks to Lead Management: Focused on lead management, this course covers the full spectrum of generating and handling leads effectively.
  • Six Weeks to Wholesaling Mastery: It dives into the wholesaling process, teaching the A-Z of wholesaling real estate for those looking to start or improve their wholesaling business.
  • Six Weeks to Renovation Mastery: This course is targeted at investors looking to master the renovation process from start to finish.
  • Cold Calling Training Course: Aimed at those who wish to generate new leads through cold calling, this course provides strategies and tips for effective cold outreach.
  • Hedge Fund Buyers Course: This course helps students find and negotiate with hedge fund buyers willing to pay retail prices for wholesale deals.
  • Before You Quit Your Job Course: Designed for individuals aiming to transition into full-time real estate investing, providing the necessary knowledge to make the leap confidently.
  • Highest Offer Price for your Wholesale Deals: This course aims to teach students how to maximize profits on wholesale deals.
  • Copywriting Cash Flow: This course covers the art of copywriting to convert leads into paying clients.
  • Dumpster Dollars: A course about running a simple, virtual business that is resilient in any economy.
  • Virtually Unemployed 2.0: Provides comprehensive information on virtual wholesaling.
  • 6 Step Sales Cycle: Teaches a six-step process to increase sales and close rates.
  • Realtor Training: Offers tools and strategies to help realtors streamline their workflows and maximize success.
  • KPI Profit Blueprint: Focuses on marketing strategies that can be measured and optimized for better ROI.
  • Dead Broke Marketing Budget: Provides marketing strategies that require no financial investment.
  • Sales Playbook - Training that Closes Contracts: This course is designed to boost confidence and negotiation skills to close more contracts.
  • Finance Genius Academy: Educates on the use of bank loans and other people's money for real estate deals.
  • Step By Step Course to Hiring your Executive Assistant Rockstar: Guides on hiring and effectively utilizing an executive assistant.


  • Renovation Estimator: A tool for investors to accurately estimate renovation costs and prevent overspending.
  • Podio PowerHouse MAX: A powerful customer relationship management (CRM) tool customized for real estate investors.

Home/Investment Property Renovations

  • The Renovation Manual Bundle: A comprehensive e-book sharing knowledge from over 2000 rehab projects.
  • Force Fast Equity: An e-book focused on increasing property value with minimal investment.
  • Contractor Labor Shortage SOLVED: A solution for finding and managing contractors efficiently.

Marketing E-Books

  • Marketing Mastery: A lengthy e-book filled with strategies for generating leads and controlling the flow of business.
  • The CallRail Guide: An e-book on using call tracking to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Ringless Voicemail Guide: Teaches a method of delivering voicemails to potential sellers without calling them directly.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

  • The Bank Financing and Credit Guide: Offers insights and video content on using bank financing for real estate investments.
  • The Dispositions Digest: An e-book on increasing profits by selling properties to the right buyers.

RealEstateMatt Pros and Cons

Matt Larson's offerings on RealEstateMatt come with various pros and cons that prospective students and partners should consider. Check them out below!

RealEstateMatt Pros

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Courses like the Six Weeks MEGA Bundle offer a wide-ranging curriculum that covers lead management, wholesaling, and renovation processes, providing a well-rounded education in real estate.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Courses such as the Cold Calling Training Course and Hedge Fund Buyers Course provide specialized knowledge that can be critical for specific areas of real estate, potentially giving students an edge in the market.
  • Practical Tools: The offerings include practical tools such as the Renovation Estimator software and Virtual Business Tools, which can streamline operations and increase efficiency for real estate investors.
  • Resourceful E-Books: E-books like Marketing Mastery and The Dispositions Digest offer a wealth of information and can serve as handy references for real estate marketing and sales strategies.
  • Real-World Experience: Larson’s experience with over 2000 rehab projects is distilled into materials like The Renovation Manual Bundle, offering real-world insights not often found in textbooks and what other people say.

RealEstateMatt Cons

  • Cost: The fees for some courses and mentorships, such as the One on One with Matt, may be prohibitively expensive for beginners or those not fully committed to real estate as a career.
  • Time Commitment: The structured nature of the courses requires a significant time investment, which might be challenging for individuals with tight schedules or those looking for quick fixes.
  • Market Specificity: Some of the strategies taught may be more effective in certain markets than others, which could limit their applicability for some students.

How To Use RealEstateMatt

How To Use RealEstateMatt

Here’s how you can go about leveraging Matt Larson’s comprehensive suite of courses, software, and educational materials:

Assess Your Needs and Goals

Before diving into any courses or materials, assess your real estate goals and identify the areas you need to develop. 

This could range from needing better lead management, understanding wholesaling, mastering renovation processes, or learning the ropes of virtual wholesaling.

Enroll in Relevant Courses

Depending on your needs, enroll in the relevant courses offered. For a broad education, the Six Weeks MEGA Bundle encompasses multiple aspects of real estate investing. 

If your focus is on generating leads, consider the Six Weeks to Lead Management or the Cold Calling Training Course. For those looking into making renovations a part of their strategy, Six Weeks to Renovation Mastery would be essential.

Apply Learned Strategies

As you go through the courses, start applying the strategies you learn to your real estate business. This could involve utilizing new lead management techniques, improving your wholesaling process, or effectively managing renovations to increase property value.

Utilize Provided Tools and Software

Take advantage of the tools and software provided, such as the Renovation Estimator and Podio PowerHouse MAX. These tools can help streamline your investment process and manage your projects more efficiently.

Leverage Educational Materials

Use the e-books and other materials to deepen your understanding of specific areas. For instance, Marketing Mastery can help you enhance your marketing strategy, while The Dispositions Digest can provide insights into selling properties for maximum profit.

Implement Advanced Strategies

For more advanced investors, courses like Finance Genius Academy can teach you how to leverage bank loans and credit for your investments. 

Meanwhile, the Realtor Training can be beneficial for those who want to refine their sales techniques.

Scale Your Operations

If you’re looking to scale your business, consider the partnership and mentorship opportunities. 

Matt Larson’s Acquisitions Partnership could provide the necessary boost to take your wholesaling to the next level.

RealEstateMatt Alternatives

RealEstateMatt Alternatives

Here are the other masterclasses you can attend if you want to grow your real estate business! Note: You can find great real estate professionals on Zillow like Matt Larson.

RealEstateMatt vs. Robert Reffkin Masterclass

Robert Reffkin's MasterClass on buying and selling real estate is an educational offering from the CEO and founder of Compass, a major real estate technology company valued at $6 billion. 

This class is designed to impart the knowledge and tools necessary for students to confidently engage in the real estate market, whether they are looking to buy or sell property​​.

The course itself includes 16 sessions that cover the fundamental aspects of the real estate transaction process. 

From understanding the basics of homebuying and selling to more details like negotiating and closing a deal, Reffkin aims to provide a crash course that is both comprehensive and accessible​​.

Reffkin's approach to this MasterClass is informed by his extensive experience in using modern technology to innovate within the real estate industry. His goal is to simplify the complex processes involved in American real estate transactions. 

Students can expect to learn effective strategies for beginning their property search, selecting the right real estate agent, making informed offers, and handling the myriad of details that accompany the buying and selling of a home​​​​.

RealEstateMatt vs. Brett Openheim Masterclass

The Brett Oppenheim Masterclass is a specialized training program designed by Brett Oppenheim, a prominent figure in the real estate industry and a central personality on the Netflix show "Selling Sunset". 

These masterclasses aim to educate and empower aspiring real estate professionals by sharing industry insights, best practices, and secrets to success in the field.

Brett's program includes access to video courses and other learning materials that are tailored to help participants thrive in their real estate careers. 

The masterclass is positioned as a valuable resource for real estate agents looking to elevate their skills and knowledge to become top performers in their local markets.

For a limited time, enrollees also get full access to the Investors Masterclass, indicating that the program covers various aspects of real estate, not just agent-focused content but also investor-oriented training.

RealEstateMatt vs. Real Estate Financial Modeling Masterclass (AMT Training)

The AMT Real Estate Financial Modeling Masterclass is a comprehensive training program designed to equip professionals with the necessary skills to excel in real estate financial modeling. 

This masterclass focuses on providing a deep understanding of how real estate, real estate investments, and general real estate markets operate. 

Offered by AMT Training, a company with over two decades of experience in delivering specialized financial training, this masterclass is formulated to cater to analysts and associates who are involved in banking and finance sectors.

Participants can expect to gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that will help them build and interpret financial models related to real estate. The course is available in various global financial centers such as Frankfurt, London, and New York. 

The masterclass includes a two-day virtual classroom setup, which suggests that it is intensive and immersive, allowing for a focused learning environment.

RealEstateMatt vs. Udemy The Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass for Beginners

Udemy's "The Ultimate Property Investing Masterclass for Beginners" is a comprehensive online course tailored for individuals starting their journey in property investment.

The course is designed to convey the principles of real estate investing at a level suitable for beginners to intermediates, leaning on the experience of industry professionals with 20 years of home investment background. 

It covers a range of essential topics, such as the fundamentals of real estate investing, strategy development, area research, and financial management.

The masterclass aims to impart knowledge that students can apply to make informed investment decisions, understand market dynamics, and explore various real estate investment strategies. 

It's part of Udemy's broader offerings of real estate investment courses, which are led by top-rated instructors who provide insights into effective investment techniques and strategies.

This course stands as an entry point for those looking to understand the real estate market and develop a foundation upon which they can build a property portfolio.

Summary: Is RealEstateMatt Worth the Investment?

Matt Larson's RealEstateMatt platform is indeed a great resource for those seeking comprehensive knowledge in real estate investing based on our review. 

With its extensive range of courses, practical tools, and mentorship opportunities, the platform caters to a wide range of needs - from beginners to seasoned investors. 

However, the considerable investment required, both in terms of time and money, means that it may not be suitable for everyone. We recommend that you carefully consider your personal goals, commitment levels, and financial situations before enrolling. 

If you need more help growing your real estate business, check us out at Property Leads. We’ll help you secure motivated seller leads so you can skip courses in lead generation!

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