Partner Driven Reviews: Is Peter Vekselman's Course Legit?

Published on October 13, 2023

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Partner Driven Reviews: Is Peter Vekselman's Course Legit?

Partner Driven Reviews: Is Peter Vekselman's Course Legit?

Partner Driven Reviews: Is Peter Vekselman's Course Legit?

Peter Vekselman, a renowned real estate coach, has crafted a unique partner-driven program aiming to help budding investors not only learn how real estate investing works but also actively engage in real deals. 

His course, which claims to prevent the financial risks for its participants while offering a hands-on learning experience, has understandably piqued the interest of many. 

In this review, we look into what the Partner Driven program offers, examining the legitimacy and potential value it holds for aspiring real estate investors. We also look into its pros and cons and exact features to help you better decide.

What Is Partner Driven?

What Is Partner Driven?

The Partner Driven Course by Peter Vekselman is a real estate investment training program that seeks to provide a hands-on learning experience to aspiring real estate investors. It operates on a unique model where individuals are taken on as partners, rather than just students. 

Under this program, individuals are required to source real estate deals, while the Partner Driven team provides the funding and resources necessary to flip (buy, renovate, and sell) the properties.

A significant part of this program is the extensive support and guidance provided at every step of a deal. From handling all the logistical and legal paperwork to offering expert advice and negotiation support, the Partner Driven Coaching Team is involved in the process 100%. 

This is done to ensure that the individual learns through live deals, with a real hands-on experience which is facilitated by daily live training calls and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Peter Vekselman, the master coach of Partner Driven real estate investing, shares his extensive knowledge, expertise, and resources to ensure the success of each deal. The program is structured to be mutually beneficial as profits from the deals are split 50/50. 

Moreover, the major attraction of this program is the 100% funding on deals, which significantly lowers the financial entry barrier for aspiring real estate investors. Any investor who would want to partner with them needs to find property owners who want to sell their home. This way, they'll be able to scale their business and ensure that it keeps its rank in the real estate industry.

The course also offers innovative tools like the Deal Driven software that simplifies the process of finding and evaluating potential real estate deals when you want to wholesale, flip, or generally invest in properties.

The course also offers an extended learning platform, Partner Driven University, which was launched in January 2020. 

It’s packed with a variety of the latest learning resources including live phone calls, videos, webinars, and quizzes to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in real estate investing if they join the course.

How Much Does Partner Driven Cost?

The pricing of the Partner Driven program reflects a significant discount from the stated total value, bringing the entry point down to $6,500 from an asserted sales value of $274,700, according to 

What's more, the total value claim looks like it encompasses the extensive resources, mentorship, and direct funding for real estate deals provided under the program, along with the technological tools such as the deal-finding software and access to a nationwide community of real estate investors. 

All these features are designed to empower individuals with varying levels of expertise in real estate investment, providing a platform to learn, invest, and profit from real estate transactions with minimized personal financial risk. Even if they have first started working on finding deals in just a few weeks, they can leverage this platform to find a buyer or partner and to lear more about real estate. 

Partner Driven Features

Partner Driven Features

The Partner Driven Course wants to contribute significantly towards the professional growth and success of real estate investors. This is evident in what they offer.

Live Daily Training Calls and One-on-One Coaching

Participants have the privilege to receive live daily training calls and one-on-one coaching with Partner Driven Master Coaches under employment. 

This personalized attention can significantly expedite the learning process, as partners can directly interact with experienced professionals to resolve their queries, discuss strategies, and gain insightful feedback on their performance. 

One-on-one coaching offers a tailored approach, ensuring that the guidance provided aligns with each individual's level of expertise and goals, even if they are starting from zero or not. Through these sessions, too, they get the latest scoop about the latest real estate news.

100% Deal Funding

Partner Driven Course provides 100% funding on deals where participants find a deal, and the course providers fund and flip it. Because of this, there's a chance that the financial barriers for new investors would be removed, allowing them to partake in real estate transactions without worrying about the capital, which can sometimes even require a million dollars. 

By offering full funding, Partner Driven protects its partners from the financial risks involved, which is particularly beneficial for those who are new or have limited resources. 

This feature absolutely exhibits a unique profit-sharing model where profits from deals are split 50/50, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship between the course providers and the participants. This is a unique offer, even if you compare Partner Driven with other real estate courses, because this isn't only focusing on real estate knowledge but with partnerships.

Profitable Deal Analysis

This feature encompasses deal negotiation support and expert advice, crucial for making informed decisions in real estate transactions. By offering profitable deal analysis, Partner Driven Course empowers participants to identify viable deals, negotiate effectively, and maximize their profit margins.

This real-world experience, accompanied by expert insights, significantly contributes to enhancing participants' analytical and negotiation skills. Even if you consider yourself a nobody in real estate investing, the insight that's provided in this course and deal analysis can be useful to you.

Rehab Consultations & Construction Control

Rehab consultations provide guidance on the refurbishment process necessary for fix & flips, while construction control ensures the renovations are carried out correctly and efficiently. 

This support is vital for maintaining the project's budget and timeline, thus impacting the profitability of the deal.

Closing & Contract Support

The administrative aspect of real estate transactions is handled by the Partner Driven team, covering contracts, paperwork, inspections, attorneys, title work, and more. This removes the burden from participants, allowing them to focus more on the core aspects of real estate investing.

Partner Driven University

This is an extensive training platform that provides a myriad of learning materials including videos, presentations, quizzes, and more to educate participants on real estate investing. 

Moreover, it is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, encompassing daily live phone calls, webinars, and other resources to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and skills.

Nationwide Partner Community

A private Facebook group facilitates a community of like-minded individuals across the nation, fostering a supportive environment where participants can share experiences, challenges, and successes. 

This nationwide network can be a valuable resource for learning, networking, and encouragement.

Deal Driven Software

This revolutionary deal-finding technology simplifies the process of locating and evaluating potential deals, making it “point & click” easy. 

The software provides critical information on properties, mortgage details, equity, accurate property evaluations, and owner contact info, streamlining the deal analysis and acquisition process.

Partner Driven Live Event

This is an annual live event in Atlanta, Georgia, designed to boost participants' investor careers through a motivating weekend of training. 

This event presents an opportunity for personal interaction, learning from the experts in real-time, and networking with other participants and the Partner Driven Team.

Team of Experts and Master Coaches

Under the mentorship of seasoned real estate industry investors like Peter Vekselman, Julie Muse, and Rafael Zabala, participants receive step-by-step guidance throughout the deal process on how they can make money and get a stable income out of their real estate business.  

The extensive experience and success stories of these master coaches about their deals done in the past provide a credible and reliable foundation for the training provided in the Partner Driven Course.

Lead Generation and Market Analysis

The team at Partner Driven helps in generating leads for the participants in their local markets. 

By researching pre-foreclosures and other potential deals, and providing comprehensive information about them, the course facilitates a hands-on approach to real estate deal sourcing.

Partner Driven Pros and Cons

Unsure whether to use Partner Driven to enter real estate investing, check out its pros and cons below!

Partner Driven Pros

  • 100% Deal Funding: Partner Driven provides the financial backing needed for real estate deals, removing the barrier of capital acquisition which can be a major hurdle for new investors.
  • One-on-One Coaching: This number one program offers personalized coaching from experienced real estate professionals, which you'd surely appreciate. This provides absolute guided learning and investing experience, which is invaluable for honing skills and making informed decisions.
  • Deal Analysis Assistance: Peter's expert assistance in deal analysis and negotiation can help in securing profitable deals, and also serves as a learning opportunity for participants to understand how to evaluate and negotiate real estate deals.
  • Exclusive Software Access: If you're interested, you can get access to software tools that help in finding and evaluating potential deals, which could significantly streamline the process of identifying profitable investment opportunities.
  • Access to Nationwide Community: Networking opportunities with a community of like-minded individuals across the nation can open doors to collaborative efforts, shared knowledge, and potential joint venture deals.
  • Potential for High Returns: With the backing and guidance provided by Partner Driven, there is potential for participants to secure high returns on their real estate investments and even on their first deal.
  • Marketing Support: The marketing support provided can help in effectively positioning and promoting the real estate deals, which is crucial for success in the real estate market. This means even if you don't know any marketing tools, you can still promote deals.

Partner Driven Cons

  • High Entry Fee: The program has a significant entry fee of $6,500, which might be a hurdle for some individuals, despite the claim of a highly discounted rate from the asserted total value.

How To Use Partner Driven

How To Use Partner Driven

The Partner Driven course offer a structured, supportive, and risk-averse platform for aspiring investors to not only learn the dos and don’ts of real estate investment but also to earn from the process.

This initial step to use this program requires a good eye for properties that have a high potential for returns. The essence here is that the novice investor brings the deal to the table, while the Partner Driven team furnishes the expertise, resources, and funding required to flip the property. They have to find property owners who need to sell their homes to ensure a good deal.

This arrangement significantly reduces the entry barriers that deter aspiring real estate investors, particularly the financial aspect.

Once a deal has been identified, the Partner Driven team steps in to provide a multitude of support services. These range from handling all the paperwork necessary to get the deal under contract, to negotiating the best price for the property. 

The novice investor, on the other hand, receives step-by-step guidance from master coaches throughout this process. This collaborative approach not only hastens the closing of deals but also provides a practical learning platform for the individual. 

The financial arrangement is also noteworthy. The Partner Driven model takes on the responsibility of funding the deal entirely. This means that the novice investor does not have to worry about loans, down payments, or any other financial risks that are typically associated with real estate investment. 

This financial cushioning is further enhanced by the promise of a 50/50 split in profits once the property is flipped. 

Moreover, through daily live training calls and one-on-one coaching sessions with Partner Driven master coaches, individuals are constantly in a learning mode. 

This is further enriched by the availability of a training library through Partner Driven University and an annual event, Partner Driven Live, which aims at honing the investment skills of individuals.

The Partner Driven model, as mentioned earlier,  also boasts of innovative technological support through its Deal Driven software. This tool apparently simplifies the process of finding and evaluating potential deals, thus expediting the investment process. 

Partner Driven Alternatives

Partner Driven Alternatives

If you are not looking for partnerships, but only to learn the ropes of real estate investing, here are some coaches you might want to check out aside from Peter Vekselman's course.

Partner Driven vs. Laura Alamery

Laura Alamery is a well-regarded name in real estate investing coaching, bringing together her experience and a holistic approach to educating aspiring investors. 

With over three decades of active involvement in the real estate, Alamery has hands-on experience which is crucial in providing realistic and practical advice. She is known for her commitment to keeping updated with the evolving trends in real estate, which is vital in an industry known for its fluctuation and regulatory changes. 

What sets Alamery apart is her customized coaching strategies, tailoring advice and instruction based on the unique needs and goals of her clientele. Her coaching extends beyond mere transactional techniques, delving into creating long-term strategies, and exploring various investing models to ensure a diversified approach to real estate investing. 

Furthermore, Alamery’s willingness to share her personal experiences, both successes, and setbacks, fosters a transparent and insightful learning environment. 

Her online resources, seminars, and one-on-one coaching sessions are designed to not only impart knowledge but also inspire action, which is often the stepping stone to tangible success in real estate investing. It'll surely help you scale your business in the long run.

Partner Driven vs. Phil Pustejovsky

Phil Pustejovsky is another popular name in the real estate coaching arena, with his innovative and dynamic approach to mentoring. 

Pustejovsky has a remarkable ability to explain complex real estate concepts in an easier manner, making them accessible to individuals at various levels of expertise. His teaching methodology is geared towards not just theoretical understanding but practical application. 

What makes Pustejovsky's coaching compelling is his emphasis on ethical investing practices, instilling a sense of integrity and responsibility among his students. He also leverages modern technology to deliver his coaching, making use of online platforms to reach a broader audience and provide a wealth of resources at one's fingertips. 

His book, "How to Be a Real Estate Investor," along with his widely viewed YouTube channel, continues to provide valuable insights and a reliable knowledge base for budding investors. 

Moreover, through his Freedom Mentor program, Phil offers a structured learning path that helps students navigate the real estate investing landscape while minimizing risks and maximizing potential profits.

Partner Driven vs. Steven Howell

Steven Howell is a seasoned real estate investing coach whose comprehensive approach towards teaching has won the admiration and trust of many budding investors. 

He has a knack for breaking down complex real estate concepts into digestible, actionable steps, enabling his students to progressively build their expertise and confidence. 

What sets Howell apart is his commitment to providing a real-world understanding of the market dynamics, risks, and opportunities inherent in real estate investing. His coaching is heavily grounded in practical experience, thus ensuring his students are well-prepared to navigate the real-world challenges they might face. 

Additionally, Steven Howell's use of modern technology and online platforms ensures a flexible, interactive, and enriching learning experience. 

His approach is not just to provide theoretical knowledge but to mentor and guide his students through their individual real estate journeys, helping them to avoid common pitfalls and make informed decisions towards achieving their investment goals.

Partner Driven vs. Chad Carson

Chad Carson or Coach Carson has a unique, personable, and insightful approach to teaching. With a strong focus on financial independence and early retirement, Carson’s coaching philosophy resonates with individuals looking to achieve a balanced and financially secure lifestyle through real estate investing. 

He has a talent for simplifying complex strategies and highlighting the most practical and effective methods to achieve one’s real estate goals. 

Chad Carson's extensive experience and success in the real estate market lend credibility and a wealth of practical knowledge to his coaching programs. He offers a wide array of resources including books, online courses, and personalized coaching, allowing individuals to choose the learning path that suits them best. 

His book, "Retire Early with Real Estate," and his online presence provide a comprehensive guide to leveraging real estate for financial freedom. 

Carson is not just a coach but a mentor who is genuinely invested in the success of his students, providing continuous support, practical advice, and motivation to keep aspiring investors on the right track towards achieving their dreams.

Summary: Is Partner Driven Worth the Investment?

Through our review, it's apparent that the Partner Driven program model is rooted in a genuine desire to creating a hands-on learning environment, sharing risks and rewards alike in real estate investing. 

However, the hefty upfront cost and the requirement of active participation may pose barriers for some. If money is not an issue, then it’s definitely a good choice to take this route. Just be cautious in every deal and make the most out of the program to get better ROI.

Aside from Partner Driven, there are other platforms that can help you grow your real estate investing business. One such platform is Property Leads. We're a pay-per-lead platform that generates highly motivated seller leads from SEO and sells them exclusively.

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