Privy Reviews: How To Get More Out of Privy for Investing in 2023

Published on September 22, 2023
Privy Reviews How To Get More Out of Privy for Investing in 2023

Privy Reviews: How To Get More Out of Privy for Investing in 2023

Leveraging technological tools is crucial for real estate investors aiming to stay ahead of the game. This is why Privy, a real estate investment software that aims to simplify the investing process, is becoming more and more popular. 

This software enables users to uncover profitable deals and expand their real estate portfolios effortlessly. If you are looking into using Privy, this blog will help you make the right decision.

Read through this article to learn how to use Privy in this increasingly competitive industry!

What Is Privy?

What Is Privy

Privy is a cutting-edge real estate investing software designed to enhance the experience and proficiency of real estate investors. Founded by experts in both software and real estate fields, Privy seeks to explain, elevate, and evolve the real estate investing experience to unlock better opportunities for investors.

The platform is dedicated to simplifying real estate investing. It introduces a fresh and revolutionary approach that aids both new and seasoned investors in making informed decisions within the real estate market.

A defining feature of Privy is its ability to curate and analyze vast quantities of property-related data. This includes details from mortgage records, rental data, and Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The software employs this extensive data collection to pinpoint profitable deals, which are then automatically relayed to its users.

Furthermore, Privy is specifically designed to assist investors in effortlessly locating and tracking potential real estate investment deals. This makes it an invaluable tool not only for established investors but also for real estate agents and individuals looking to enter into the real estate industry.

How Much Does Privy Cost?

Privy offers distinct pricing plans to cater to a range of real estate professionals, from individual private investors to agents and professional teams.

  • Investor Subscription:This package is tailored predominantly for individual real estate investors. This package is priced at $97 per month.
  • Investor Pro Subscription:A more comprehensive package, the Investor Pro subscription, is specifically curated for real estate investors and wholesalers. The pricing for this tier starts from $149 per month. For those looking for an annual commitment, the software offers a yearly subscription at a cost of $1,428.

Privy may have other specialized pricing plans or packages to address the unique needs of real estate agents or professional teams. Contact their sales team directly to obtain a more detailed pricing breakdown according to your business needs. You can also ask them if they have a free plan, discount codes, or coupon codes.

Privy Features

Privy Features

Privy has designed its software to empower real estate professionals, providing them with tools that enable informed decisions to reach customer success. These features include:

Investor Activity

This feature allows users to monitor and assess investor activity in real-time, providing insights into what other investors are doing in the market. Being informed about such activity can give one a competitive edge, allowing them to make timely and profitable investment decisions.

Auto Deal Finder

The auto deal finder is a standout feature, designed to identify and present potentially profitable real estate deals to users automatically. 

With the massive amount of real estate listings available, manually sifting through them can be tedious. You can find Privy very useful for this case. You can integrate this tool to simplify the search process, ensuring that users don't miss out on lucrative opportunities.


Accurate property valuations are critical in real estate investing. Users who started using Privy was able to make use of its comp features for their business. The comparables feature enables users to compare similar properties in a specific area to determine a property's market value. This is instrumental when deciding on purchase prices or when setting rental rates.

Market Analysis

A deep understanding of the real estate market is crucial for success. The market analysis tool provides a comprehensive overview of the current market, including reminder of trends, price fluctuations, and other relevant data. This makes it easy for investors to make informed decisions based on current market dynamics.

Real-Time Alerts

In the fast-paced world of real estate investing, timely information can make the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing out for any marketer or investor. Since Privy integrates to various date providers, they can provide real-time alerts, users are notified immediately about changes in the market, new deals, or other relevant information. 

This ensures they are always in the loop and can act swiftly when opportunities arise. This is also one of the reasons why we would highly recommend this tool as one of your email service providers.

Data Curation and Analysis

Privy's platform is adept at curating and analyzing vast amounts of data, such as property details, mortgage information, rental statistics, and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, unlike other marketing tools that investors and ecommerce stores use. 

This comprehensive data analysis ensures that users receive only the most relevant and profitable deals, filtered from the number of listings available by their support team. They can also segment your website visitors (first-time visitors, etc.)

Privy Pros and Cons

Privy Pros and Cons

Before deciding to invest in Privy, you must first weigh its pros and cons. While this software is used by many, it is by no means perfect, so it’s worth assessing it thoroughly before investing your money. 

Privy Pros

  • High-Intent Customer Reach: Privy is an easy to use platform that allows users to connect with high-intent customers across multiple touchpoints through a single platform and app. This can also be used to send a message through email campaigns, cart abandonment, pop-up forms, and other processes that can lead to better lead conversion rate.
  • Comprehensive Features: The software is equipped with powerful features such as investor activity tracking, auto deal finder, comparables, market analysis, and real-time alerts, popups, exit intent when visitors leave the site, embedded forms, mailable or textable contacts, conversion funnel analytics, email template, abandoned cart recovery, coupon reminders, spin to win, tools to collect email, drag and drop email editor to create custom follow-up emails, cart abandonment rates, on-site signups, etc. that can transform users into local experts in just minutes. You have a lot of customization options that you can align according to your growth plan.
  • Efficient Email Marketing Platform: Users can effectively turn contacts (email addresses or email information) into sales using Privy's drag-and-drop email editor that assists in building on-brand newsletters. More and more users are switching from Mailchimp to Privy for their ecommerce online store (ex. Shopify store or Shopify app store). Which means, it can also be very useful for investors and agents alike. Many users say that that they are capturing more emails per day using Priy and that they are able to send more emails to because the send limits are higher.
  • Extensive Property Listings: It provides exclusive and direct access to nationwide property listings, making investment evaluation easier with comparative analysis and portfolio assessments, all powered by automation. Their great support in converting leads is unparalleled, even to their new subscribers. They went above and beyond for many of their clients, so you can expect the same.
  • Feature-Rich Dashboard: It has a dashboard that covers various scenarios for acquiring emails, and it also offers comprehensive reporting for SMS marketing, email list growth for your targeted messages, site visitors on your landing pages, and other analytics that are customizable according to your desired display types.

Privy Cons

  • Learning Curve: As it is feature-heavy, adding Privy to your tools may require a lot of time for you to familiarize yourself with all its functionalities.
  • Cost: Some users might find the pricing of such a comprehensive platform to be on the higher side.
  • Integration Issues: As with many software platforms, users might encounter occasional integration issues with other software they are using. You cannot expect 100% seamless integration to your third-party apps (ex. Zapier) from this software. Although, their customer support is very responsive and always available to answer.

How To Use Privy

How To Use Privy

The process of utilizing Privy begins with understanding its platform. Privy aims to uncomplicate real estate investment activities. Thus, as an initial step, users need to familiarize themselves with the software's interface and functionalities. 

It is pertinent for users to dive deep into the various modules and sections of the software. They can start by setting up their profile and preferences, thereby allowing Privy to provide tailored suggestions based on individual requirements.

Once comfortable with the interface, users can start exploring potential investment opportunities. Privy is known for its vast database and algorithms that filter and present properties matching the investor's criteria. By consistently updating preferences and desired property parameters, the software will fine-tune its recommendations over time.

In addition to property suggestions, Privy also empowers its users with analytical tools that help in the evaluation process. These might include comparative market analyses, property comparables, and real-time alerts. Such features are designed to make users feel like local experts within minutes, providing them with up-to-date information crucial for making informed decisions.

Summary: Is Privy Worth the Investment?

Privy holds the potential to be a game-changer in the real estate investment landscape, as evident in this blog. Its approach to generating and analyzing vast data, coupled with its user-friendly interface, promises investors a more streamlined and efficient experience. 

If you’re still not convinced that Privy is for you, you might want to try alternative ways to generate leads in the meantime. Check us out at Property Leads for the most motivated seller leads online!

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