RE Simpli Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REsimpli CRM

Published on March 25, 2023

REsimpli Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REsimpli CRM

REsimpli Reviews: How To Get More Out Of REsimpli CRM

Managing a real estate investing business can be very exhausting, especially if you’re not using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. A CRM is a useful tool to streamline your business and increase productivity.

REsimpli is one of the most common CRM software utilized by real estate investors all over the world. It is developed by a real estate investor so it is highly efficient. 

To learn more about REsimpli, read this detailed review. Here we covered REsimpli’s features, cost, pros and cons, and more to help you decide whether it is worth the investment!

What Is REsimpli for Real Estate Investors?


REsimpli is a customer relationship management (CRM) software for real estate investorsthat packs a lot of features. This all-in-one software can be used to manage multiple markets and your existing data and help you with marketing, sales, and daily operations.

REsimpli is developed by Sharad Mehta, a full-time real estate investor in Lake County, Indiana. He has already completed 600 deals in the past 10 years and in the process, he developed REsimpli to simplify his business processes. 

Compared to other CRMs, REsimpli is super feature packed. It has integrated tools for list stacking, skip tracing, and driving for dollars feature to organize data, direct mail campaigns , drip campaigns, website, and built-in phone system for marketing, KPI leaderboard, bank account management, and vendors for operations, and CRM, e-sign, and buyer management for sales.

How Much Does REsimpli Cost?

How Much Does REsimpli Cost?

REsimpli is a subscription-based CRM. They currently offer three basic plans that you have to pay monthly — Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Let’s break down what you’ll get in each plan:

Basic Plan $99 Monthly Fee

  • 2 users
  • 2 phone numbers
  • 500 calling minutes & 500 SMS
  • 20,000 records for list stacking
  • Seller website
  • Driving for dollars

Pro $299 Monthly Fee

  • 5 users
  • 5 phone numbers
  • 2,000 calling minutes & 2,000 SMS
  • 100,000 records for list stacking
  • Seller website
  • Driving for dollars
  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Bulk email & SMS to buyers 

Enterprise Plan $749 Monthly Fee

  • Unlimited users
  • 15 phone numbers
  • 10,000 calling minutes & 10,000 SMS
  • Unlimited records for list stacking
  • Seller website
  • Driving for dollars
  • Drip automation
  • In-App Answering (Web, iOS and Android)
  • Bulk email & SMS to buyers
  • Dedicated Account Manager 

To avail of some additional features such as the single line dialer, lead assignment, email tracking, call monitoring, and other integrated services from the same system plan, you need to pay an additional cost of $79 per user on a monthly basis.

REsimpli Features

REsimpli Features

REsimpli is without a doubt one of the industry-leading CRMs for real estate investors today. Let’s check out all the features and built in services that make it stand out!


REsimpli understands how crucial it is to build lists of contacts for your real estate investing business and do lead management. Thus, their CRM is meant exactly to help you to organize property lists and improve your deal flow and conversion rate through their other tools and features.

Ultimately, you can use REsimpli to manage your data, do integrated marketing, and streamline your sales and operations. Their CRM is super easy to use even if you are new to the business 

Buyer Management

Aside from lead management, REsimpli’s user-friendly administration system can help you keep and manage all of your real estate cash buyers in one location. You can also use their CRM to talk to segmented groups, send an email or SMS, or all three, simultaneously.

Moreover, you can use the REsimpli software to handle communications, tasks, marketing, lead generation, lead follow-up, manage files, and finances all from their app. By removing the costs of using various platforms and software, users can save time and money.

E-Sign Feature

You’ll be able to create, store, and share legally binding contracts and documents using REsimpli’s integrated E-sign tool. Essentially, this allows you to create specialized contract sequences and add templates or make changes to existing ones without further contract costs.

You no longer need to install multiple software in order to sign your important documents. This feature is also very handy since you can use it wherever you are. Ultimately, this can help you do more deals.

List Stacking

You can use REsimpli’s list stacking feature to market to your most motivated leads. You can upload your lists and arrange and stack them in one location. 

REsimpli’s list stacking feature also helps locate motivated leads and open houses and investigate many driving forces behind the recurrent patterns in your lead’s buying decision. Through this feature, you are allowed to send direct mail from list stacking. You can also find missing phone numbers through skip tracing and identify duplicate properties.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracking motivated sellers is super easy using REsimpli software because it can locate missing email, phone, and telephone numbers in just a few minutes.

In other words, it removes the need to spend more money to subscribe to a stand-alone skip-tracing software tool if your existing contacts lack local phone numbers.

Skip tracing using REsimpli is super convenient since it is in the same platform that manages your entire database and helps you make marketing campaigns.

Driving for Dollar

Using REsimpli’s driving for dollar feature, you no longer need to install a separate driving for dollars app to pull property details directly on your phone and do other outstanding tasks. 

You can employ the built-in REsimpli driving for dollars tool to save your target properties right to your list stacking. You can also directly access this property information through the app and take property photos in just a few clicks.

This driving for dollars app can be used to send direct mail and take property images as well.

Dialer or Built-in Phone System

Another great feature of REsimpli is its built-in phone system to manage communications with your lead data.

You no longer need to integrate third-party dialers or a separate phone service to speed dial leads. 

Their dialer can quickly assign local phone numbers to the lead data source and contact potential buyers and sellers. You can also customize call flows and alerts to personalize the entire process and the learning curve is fast so every team member you have will be able to use it to call a targeted homeowner.

KPI Leaderboard

Through REsimpli CRM, you can check every one of your KPIs in real-time. This way, you can keep your sales and marketing activities up to date and make smarter judgments for your entire business.

Tracking your KPIs can also help you determine effective marketing methods, eliminate weak lead sources, and track all your transactions by connecting to your bank or your revenue data.

Automated Drip Campaigns

If you are using various campaign strategies, you no longer need to switch between several softwares or ups to monitor them. REsimpli’s CRM automates your outstanding tasks like follow-ups by RVM, email, SMS, direct mail, and other channels in one single software.

This CRM can easily identify drip triggers for your drip campaigns.

Direct Mail

Aside from the drip campaign, REsimpli’s direct mail marketing campaign will help you save thousands of dollars using other strategies. You can choose from the 90+ pre-built direct mail templates available, or you can upload your own templates and we'll create they’ll your mail for free.

REsimpli has the cheapest rates for a large-scale direct mail feature. They also do free NCOA list cleansing. Note, however, that your direct mail will only be sent once to your leads.

REsimpli Pros and Cons

REsimpli Pros and Cons

While REsimpli is already a robust CRM, it still isn’t the right software for every investor. To help you make informed decisions regarding CRM for your real estate investing business, check out REsimpli's pros and cons below.

REsimpli Pros

  • Helps you discover motivated sellers fast
  • Lead handling and data analysis are streamlined
  • You can assign phone numbers to your lead sources
  • Resimpli's customer support includes videos as well as live-person response (It doesn't have the worst support teams like other CRMs)
  • Team management is made simple through  REsimpli's leaderboards
  • REsimpli keeps on adding more features for better automation
  • Real-time investing statistics and financial updates are provided
  • Allows data export at any time
  • Aggregates from a wide property database (MLS, private, etc.)
  • Comp tool & filters are extremely precise
  • Ability to personalize call flows and customize messages
  • Users can look into different marketplaces, follow up on motivated leads, and close sales using only this single platform.
  • The software works on both iOS and Android devices
  • They have a drip campaign feature
  • They have real time financial tools and accounting software

REsimpli Cons

  • It can be pricey depending on the plan you availed, even more so when you consider the additional cost or extra cost of some features
  • REsimpli doesn't have lead generation services
  • It takes 4 to 5 days for direct mail marketing campaigns to be approved and distributed

How To Use REsimpli if You're a Real Estate Investor

How To Use REsimpli if You're a Real Estate Investor

After registering for a REsimpli account, you can use the software immediately including all the features included in the plan you availed. If you need assistance, their customer support team will gladly onboard you on how to use the software. But if you wish to study CRM on your own, there are videos you can watch.

Aside from running a real-time data analysis after uploading your contacts, you can also use the REsimpli CRM for a number of tasks such as direct mail and drip campaigns.

If you want to fully leverage the features of REsimpli, you can join the weekly Mastermind calls and free courses that REsimpli offers whatever package you availed. 

REsimpli Alternatives

REsimpli Alternatives

REsimpli may be the best CRM for a lot of real estate investors, but it is by no means perfect. There may be some crucial parts of your business that cannot be accommodated by this CRM. If this is the case, you may want to check out these REsimpli alternatives.

REsimpli vs. Go High Level


Go High Level is an all-in-one CRM and marketing platform that both small and large real estate investing companies can utilize. Through this platform, you can create a professional website, funnels, and landing pages. You can also capture and organize leads, coordinate your day-to-day appointments, and design multi-channel targeted marketing campaigns for your business.

You can try out Go High Level for a few days without instantly subscribing to any of their plans. If you decide they don’t fit your business, you can cancel your subscription after the free 14-day trial. Meanwhile, if you find Go High Level, you can avail of their Starter, Unlimited, or White Label Mobile App with Custom Zap Upgrade plans.

REsimpli vs. ProspectBoss

REsimpli vs. ProspectBoss

Small real estate investing business that wants to use outbound channels to gather and engage leads can use ProspectBoss. Fundamentally, this is a web-based CRM system that filters leads according to their caller status.

ProspectBoss enables fully automatic follow-ups for your leads, including calls, ringless VMs, video sms, and emails.

ProspectBoss can also help you find FSBO and expired listings and search and download community lists based on certain parameters you specified.

REsimpli vs. Pipedrive

REsimpli vs. Pipedrive

More than 100,000 companies, including flippers or wholesalers of real estate, use Pipedrive. Its best features include the following:

  • Graphic sales funnels that let you access every step of your real estate sales process on a single page
  • Pipelines that are adaptable to your sales processes
  • Reminders for day-to-day tasks that can keep you on top of your real estate deals
  • Lead segmentation feature that can group your leads into categorized lists so you can align your communication techniques

Pipedrive also supports over 350 integrations, so if you are using other software for your business, you won’t have a problem at all.

REsimpli vs. Zoho

No matter the size of your real estate business, Zoho is designed to help you out. Ultimately, it provides state-of-the-art automation, property management, and sales process management to help you land and close more deals.

Zoho’s omnichannel communication functionality, total customization, built-in campaigns, third-party integrations, project management, and self-service portals are a few of the features you’ll love about this CRM.

Moreover, Zoho has the ability to closely monitor the state of your leads whether they are generated from social media, business cards, offline advertising, etc.

REsimpli vs. ihomefinder

REsimpli vs. ihomefinder

Another CRM designed specifically for real estate investors, wholesalers, and flippers is ihomefinder. ihomefinder includes lead aggregation aside from allowing you to import, manage, and sort through your past leads using their CRM. In other words, you can still get leads from 30 outside services.

You could also find ihomefinder's advanced lead and task management, lead import, website traffic-boosting, website creation, and IDX configuration for your wholesale or flipping business. Also, you can install their mobile real estate app to track lead activity on the go.

REsimpli vs. InvestorFuse

InvestorFuse is another robust CRM geared toward managing and following up on leads similar to REsimpli. It is fairly simple to use because it operates on an action-based structure whether you are a wholesaler, buy-and-hold investor, or flipper.

Compared to conventional CRMs, InvestorFuse works a bit differently. In order for InvestorFuse to collect your existing leads, you must first integrate all of your marketing tools into their platform. Moreover, their Group function can be utilized to divide leads into categories based on their level of importance.

REsimpli vs. Podio

REsimpli vs. Podio

Podio is a cloud-based CRM that allows you to build specific features using its robust apps. Put more simply, Podio offers tons of apps you can use for customer relationship management.

A few of Podio's top features are its app store, business process consolidation in a single location, high-quality communication system, and their versatile and customizable features.

Also, Podio provides a free plan so you can determine whether their platform is effective for your company before you avail of a paid plan.

REsimpli vs. FreedomSoft

Real estate investors and wholesalers who are after a CRM that can help with lead creation would love FreedomSoft. 

Millions of records on foreclosed and empty properties around the nation are accessible through this comprehensive CRM system. You can locate qualified prospects with just one software.

You may use FreedomSoft to monitor both your lead conversion and your KPIs or key performance indicators. In case you want to develop your first website or drive visitors to an existing website, you may use their website builder feature.

REsimpli vs. Real Geeks

REsimpli vs. Real Geeks

You can maximize your ROI and focus on other aspects of your business by using Real Geeks CRM. Real Geeks can help you track lead activity, optimize your campaigns, create websites, and more.

But what makes Real Geeks unique is that you may utilize their property valuation feature to acquire more motivated leads. Simply put, users use the property valuation tool to determine the value of their home and in the process, they are required to register. 

REsimpli vs. REI Blackbook

The goal of REI Blackbook is to assist both wholesalers and investors in real estate in streamlining their day-to-day operations. They offer efficient contact management software and lead generation capabilities.

You'll appreciate REI Blackbook's CRM system because it can be integrated with your real estate website. It also has a property marketing feature that allows you to do property inventory, as well as lead segmentation plus extensive tagging.

You can subscribe to REI Blackbook’s plans: Solopreneur, Small Business, or Accelerator. Solopreneur allows only one user, Small Business allows 10, and Accelerator allows 20.

REsimpli FAQ

Who is the Founder of REsimpli?

REsimpli is a brainchild of a full-time real estate investor named Sharad Mehta. Since he’s been in the business for the past 10 years, he developed different systems to automate his business processes; hence, the birth of REsimpli.

Initially, REsimpli was only developed to reduce the software Sharad Mehta was using for his real estate investing business. But currently, it is already one of the most powerful CRM for real estate investors in the market.

How Do I Cancel My REsimpli Subscription?

You can cancel your REsimpli subscription anytime because they won’t bind you in a contract. Simply email their support team. They’ll offer 100% refund within the first 14 days of your subscription if you did not love their CRM.

Summary: Is REsimpli Worth the Investment? (REsimpli Review)

REsimpli is one of the most robust CRM systems for real estate investors even though it’s a bit pricey compared to other software. If you want all the bases of your business covered and features like direct mail marketing and drip campaign are useful for your business, you should definitely consider this tool.

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