Real Estate Call Center: Services For Real Estate Investors

Published on May 25, 2023

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Real Estate Call Center: Services For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Call Center: Services For Real Estate Investors

Juggling multiple tasks in real estate investing can take a toll on many investors. That is why it is suggested to outsource some of the tasks to expert professionals. One aspect of investing that can be outsourced is real estate outbound and inbound calls. 

Some of the best real estate call center services include Upcall, Flatworld Solutions, TeleDirect, Expert Callers, Outsource Accelerator, All Star BPO, Go4Customer, and Callhounds Global. The alternative to outsourcing would be to use automated dialers. 

To learn more about call center services for real estate, its benefits and components, as well as a detailed review of each of the call center service providers we mentioned above, continue reading this blog!

What are Real Estate Call Center Services For Real Estate?

What are Real Estate Call Center Services For Real Estate?

Any real estate investing business includes various tasks that are completed by the team or real estate investing software. A lone real estate investor cannot possibly take care of all the tasks related to his real estate business.

Many real estate investors have already recognized the importance of hiring virtual assistants to offload some of the work but for tasks related to calling, it would be wiser to employ the services of call center agents.

Generally, call center services can assist real estate investors and agents make external calls, answer incoming calls, answer queries of customers, handle property management, set up appointments, cold call, and more. This helps real estate investors use standard voicemail when selling and buying properties which can lead to poor customer experience.

Many call centers focus on the real estate industry since it is a pretty huge niche. But there are also other call centers that also cater to other types of businesses.

The main goal of real estate call center services is to take care of your mundane tasks related to calling so you can focus on other aspects or your business including finding leads or prospects and closing more deals.

Benefits of Outsourcing to Real Estate Call Centers

Benefits of Outsourcing to Real Estate Call Centers

Outsourcing to call centers is a great way to increase efficiency for your business. If you're still deciding whether to employ the services of a call center, check out this list of benefits.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Instead of purchasing tools and software used for calls which can be expensive and renting or building an office to be used by call center agents or staff, you only pay a certain fee for call centers. You don't have to worry about training an in-house team, providing training resources about how to identify leads ready to sell their properties, or monitoring their operations if you need help with lead and property management. 

Reduced Staffing

When you use a call center service, you don't have to build an in-house team or hire virtual assistants to cold call from UpWork or other freelancing resources. You don't also need to spend time and money training call center agents whether you are a realtor or investor.

Improved Customer Service

Call center agents are well-trained in making and answering calls and answering queries from customers. Through their help, you can improve your customer service and possibly land more deals whether from motivated sellers or those who want to lease. They also went through a tight screening process before they we hired.

Frees Up Time

The ultimate benefit of outsourcing to call center agents is that it frees up your time so you can focus on other aspects of your business like how to establish successful client connections or genuine business connections, property management, closing deals, and more. Once you've given the call center instructions, they can pretty much function on their own.

Improved Business Processes

Call center services follow the best real estate industry processes and real estate cold calling sequences to provide the best service to their customers. That said, if you still haven't established a great business process, they would be a big help to you. 

Better Data Management

When answering calls from clients without the aid of call centers, conversation data may go unrecorded and be lost. Thankfully, when you use call center services, all your data are organized and phone calls can even be recorded if you want to listen to them again for key information.

Latest Technology and Tools

Most call centers use interactive rapid response systems that can quickly answer customer queries without the need for an agent. They also use call routing systems so incoming calls can be handled by the designated agent. These are just some of the advanced tools you can get when you use a call center service.

Allows Scalability

If you wish to reach more people and find more leads or land a sale when doing real estate cold calling, you can choose to scale the number of call center agents working for you. You can also scale the team whenever it's peak season so you can land more deals and still provide the best customer experience. 

Components of Real Estate Call Centers

Components of Real Estate Call Centers

To understand where your money goes when you use call center services for real estate cold calling, here is a review of all its components.

Call Center Agents

Call center agents are the heart of call center companies. These individuals or skilled resources are trained in answering calls, cold calling, handling customer concerns, and even dealing with irate customers. They can help you build great relationships with your new clients and new prospects and find new leads or prospects for you.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software

A customer relationship management software helps call center agents keep an organized prospecting pipeline. This software is where a realtor or investor can store lead information. Through this system, call center agents can check the status of each customer so they can identify who to call, who is selling their properties, who wants to lease their property and eventually go on a sale. They can also use this for property management.

Call Queuing and Call Routing Systems

The call queuing and call routing systems of a real estate call service allow a more efficient calling system. This allows redirection of calls if the system overflows and also ensures that every call is answered promptly by every agent. Through these systems, no calls will be left unanswered because a call is automatically rerouted to other agents whether the call is about follow-up, property management, sale, lease, rent, etc.

Quality Assurance Systems

The majority of call center companies have a quality assurance system in place. This is to ensure that every call made or answered adheres to the standards and cold calling guidelines of the real estate company and the customer. Typically, this is done by recording and monitoring calls and using scorecards for assessment.

IVR or Interactive Voice Response Systems

Interactive voice response systems can automatically answer a customer's simple query. This system helps sort through calls to identify which customers need the assistance of call center agents and which can already be answered by the voice response system. This reduces manpower of a real person.

Reporting and Analytics Tools

Of course, call centers also have reporting and analytics tools to identify the progress they are making for your business. Again, this applies to realtors and investors. These tools are based on certain aspects of the process including customer satisfaction, volume of calls, handling time, market knowledge, etc. Overall, this data can be used to make better business decisions.

Communication Tools

Call center real estate companies also make use of communication tools such as emails, instant messaging, shared databases, and video conferencing to communicate among the dedicated team for you. These tools are also meant to promote teamwork so the call center agents will be more productive which will then provide you with new opportunities.


As mentioned, call center agents undergo training before they can be part of a team. They also undergo a screening process to ensure that they have what it takes for the job in call center companies. For real estate call center agents, they are taught about the niche including its jargon, property management services, etc. so when they are hired by agents and other realtors to grow their customer base, they come prepared.

Recovery and Backup Services

Every data gathered from the calls are backed up and so in case of system failure, they can be recovered quickly. This ensures that you would not lose a potential lead and that the assessment provided through the reporting and analytics system has a basis. 

Best Real Estate Call Center Services For Real Estate Agents and Investors

Best Real Estate Call Center Services For Real Estate Agents and Investors

Now that you already know what a real estate call center service is and the components that keep it running efficiently, here are the top call center real estate companies for real estate that you might want to consider.


Upcall is a real estate call center that a real estate firm can use to find leads or prospects, do market research, qualify leads or prospects, and engage customers. Upcall is proven to call or answer calls within two seconds so it is tagged by many as the best call center. In case a client does not answer, Upcall skilled agents will call them four more times. 

Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions offer both call answering and cold calling services for real estate. The call center agents from this company are based in India and the Philippines. They have round the clock answering, call patching or routing, scheduling services, call management procedures, etc. for real estate firms. The software they use for their services includes Hubspot, TalkDesk, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.


TeleDirect is one of the leading real estate cold calling services for agents. This company offers real estate outbound call center services, real estate answering services, real estate lead response management services, and more for any realtor. If you want to ensure that the services of this company are tailored to your real estate firms, they offer free consultation. 


ExpertCallers is a Flatworld Solutions company that is offering both incoming and outgoing calls. Their real estate answering services cover all important facets of real estate including real estate lead generation, lead management, and more. They've been in the business for 13 years so they are well-versed in the real estate niche.

All Star BPO

All Star BPO is a company that can be used by real estate investors, property managers, and real estate agents or realtors. They can help you with real estate lead generation and lead and prospect management. Their services are available 24/7 to realtors, and other real estate companies etc. They have competitive rates and they can easily personalize their services for you. 


Go4Customer is another highly-rated real estate call center outsourcing company for any realtor and investor that is based in India. They enable 24/7 support for their customers and they have a modernized infrastructure system. This company offers very cost effective call center services that's why they are preferred by many investors. 

Summary: Best Real Estate Call Center Services (Call Center for Real Estate Investors)

Using real estate call centers can ultimately enhance your business operations, improve customer communication, and overall system efficiency. You won't go wrong with any of the real estate call centers we recommended above!

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