6 Best Real Estate Comps Software [To Help You Make Better Offers]

Published on September 1, 2023

6 Best Real Estate Comps Software

Navigating the labyrinth of the real estate market can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to estimating accurate property values. For real estate agents and investors alike, pinpointing these values with precision is crucial.

This is where real estate comps software steps in, bridging the gap with sophisticated technology designed to help make better offers. Leveraging real estate comps to compare similar, recently sold properties, these software solutions offer invaluable assistance in making informed decisions.

As a licensed real estate agent or a savvy investor, utilizing real estate comp software in your real estate business could be the game-changer you're looking for. We've rounded up the 6 best real estate comps software, each capable of delivering accurate comps on comparable properties, revolutionizing how you navigate the property market.

What is Real Estate Comps Software?

Real estate comps software is a powerful tool that enables real estate professionals to derive accurate estimates of a property's market value. By accessing a comprehensive database of property records, this software presents data on comparable properties, including details such as square footage, recent sale price, and other key features.

The software utilizes data from multiple properties, pulling comps from a multiple listing service (MLS), public records, nearby listings, and even open houses.

This dynamic tool saves time that would otherwise be spent on manual data collation, making it a potent resource for real estate business operations.

What is Real Estate Comps Software?

Why A Real Estate Agent or Investor Need Real Estate Comps Software?

Accurate Real Estate Comps

The software provides accurate real estate comps, which helps in estimating the accurate value of the property. By comparing a target property to similar properties sold recently, it allows for a better understanding of market trends and home values.

Aids in Investment Decision

Real estate investors looking for a potential deal will find real estate comps software invaluable. With the ability to pull comps on multiple properties, the software provides comprehensive reports, enabling smarter decisions.

Easy Access to MLS Comps

With direct MLS access, licensed real estate agents can easily find comps, helping them to assess potential investment property accurately.

Facilitates Property Comparison

For instances where two properties are being considered, the software enables easy comparison by providing data on each property's market value, repair value, rehab costs, and other essential property information.

Top 6 Real Estate Comp Software for Real Estate Investors

1. PropStream

1. PropStream

PropStream is a comprehensive real estate software designed to aid real estate investors and professionals in running real estate comps with ease. Its extensive database, covering over 153 million residential and commercial properties nationwide, provides a plethora of comparable properties for accurate valuation.

As a powerful comps software, it enables users to determine the average sale price of properties in any given area, streamlining the decision-making process for investments or sales.

The software offers a unique feature where it pulls data from MLS and Public Records, making it invaluable for both disclosure and non-disclosure states. In the latter, it even provides a Public Record Estimate. One can also get an Estimated MLS Sales Price with 99% accuracy, a feature otherwise accessible only with a real estate license.

Furthermore, PropStream allows customization of search criteria, enhancing the comparability factor. The user can seek properties sold within the last year, properties within a 0.5-mile radius, or properties with similar square footage to the particular property under consideration. This unique blend of features makes PropStream an indispensable tool for any real estate investor, providing a quick, reliable, and easy way to run comps.

2. PropertyRadar

2. PropertyRadar

PropertyRadar is a powerful software that revolutionizes the process of pulling comps in the real estate market. As the best comps software available, it enables users to evaluate comparable sales with unmatched precision and speed. This high-caliber platform provides users with an in-depth understanding of sales comps, creating a streamlined method to uncover a potential deal.

With PropertyRadar, the property owner's data and all pertinent information are readily accessible. This software makes it easy to gather and analyze data related to the target property, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, the year it was built, and more. Using this valuable tool, users can generate a comprehensive report for each target property, granting them a competitive edge in their market.

Not only does PropertyRadar compile a rich dataset for the user, but it also provides valuable insights into the local area trends. This comprehensive and accurate perspective can illuminate potential deals that may otherwise be missed.

In summary, PropertyRadar's compelling comps software is a game-changer in the real estate industry. It ensures accuracy and speed in pulling comps, creating opportunities for users to seize potential deals in their target market. Through its comprehensive report generation and powerful software capabilities, it's clear that PropertyRadar is a good software choice for anyone in real estate.

3. Realeflow


Realeflow is a best-in-class software for realtors, property owners, buyers, and sellers that takes the guesswork out of determining the value of properties. It's a game-changer in the real estate market, simplifying time-consuming processes through its real estate comps software. With just a few clicks, it generates detailed MLS comps and reports on recently sold properties, offering users a comprehensive understanding of their target property's value.

The software facilitates access to millions of data points, ensuring the most accurate estimate of a house's value, reducing uncertainty, and empowering its users. It guides property owners and realtors to make informed decisions, whether they are setting the price for a sale or making a purchase offer. The tool is designed to save precious time and effort, providing immediate comps for multiple properties - a task that would otherwise require a full team.

Realeflow's comprehensive reporting, including bird's eye and street view mapping, provides an invaluable resource for both buyers and sellers. It equips them with the insights needed to negotiate confidently and professionally. Real estate comps news reports have touted Realeflow for the edge it gives users in an increasingly competitive property market.

4. FlipScout

4. FlipScout

FlipScout by New Silver revolutionizes real estate investment by intelligently leveraging data to find the most profitable deals on the market. Ideal for real estate professionals, the platform excels in pulling comparable sales (comps), combining available sales data and intricate metrics to predict potential return on investment and estimate rehabilitation costs.

The key strength of FlipScout lies in its versatility and specificity. Users can search by zip code, city, or specific addresses, and filter results based on home type, price range, and type of sale (foreclosure, on-market, etc.). Such specificity makes it an optimal tool for both flipping and renting properties.

More than a basic search engine, FlipScout provides rich, relevant results. The software highlights the most lucrative properties, providing an instant snapshot of ROI, Cap Rate, and Gross Yield. It enables investors to make data-driven decisions by offering details such as After Repair Value (ARV) for flips, profit forecasts for rentals, and financing costs.

In the competitive landscape of real estate investing, FlipScout provides a free, data-powered edge. It aggregates results from multiple sources, ensuring users stay ahead of the game with the most profitable, up-to-date deals delivered directly to their inboxes.

5. HouseCanary

5. HouseCanary

HouseCanary is an innovative real estate software provider that delivers predictive insights and detailed property evaluations to give users an edge in the real estate market. With its cutting-edge Explorer tools, users can efficiently estimate property and rent values, and gain quick insights. These user-friendly tools provide features like neighborhood heatmaps and comparable selection options, making valuation straightforward.

One standout tool is Property Explorer, a dynamic valuation report and comp selection tool. It offers a nuanced property valuation, enabling users to choose their own comparables and adjust factors like property condition or room count, which the system immediately takes into account when recalculating property values.

In addition to property valuation, HouseCanary also offers Rental Explorer, a tool specifically designed for single-family properties. It can quickly calculate precise property and rental values, even adjusting for the benefits of property upgrades or expansions.

Moreover, HouseCanary's Data Explorer platform automates and streamlines real estate analysis, enabling users to forecast values with high accuracy. The Agile Evaluation tool uses machine learning to deliver speedy and affordable valuations. With these comprehensive tools and analytics, HouseCanary provides real estate investors, lenders, and managers with data-driven solutions to make more informed decisions.

6. CompStak

6. CompStak

CompStak is a vital tool for real estate professionals dealing with commercial properties. It is renowned for its comprehensive lease and sales comps database, gathered straight from brokers, appraisers, and public records. With a quality check mechanism led by experienced data scientists, CompStak offers reliable and complete comp data, serving as an invaluable resource for conducting accurate analyses.

Every comp undergoes rigorous verification and standardization, ensuring high-quality data. The platform's intuitive features, such as sophisticated mapping tools and custom reports, simplify navigation through complex commercial property transactions.

Additionally, the company crowdsources data from a qualified network of contributors, ensuring fresh and actionable insights. With nationwide coverage, CompStak provides immediate access to transaction details that meet both automated and manual review standards, offering critical support in closing business deals. Its unique model ensures continuous data improvement as members regularly submit updates.

Conclusion: Best Real Estate Comps Software for Investors & Agents

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