Real Estate Disruptors Reviews: Is Steve Trang's Course Legit?

Published on October 30, 2023

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Real Estate Disruptors Reviews: Is Steve Trang's Course Legit?

Real Estate Disruptors Reviews: Is Steve Trang's Course Legit?

Steve Trang's Real Estate Disruptors is making a buzz in the real estate industry as a platform offering comprehensive sales courses, live training sessions, sales leadership programs, and even an informative podcast that brings insights from the industry's top producers to its listeners. 

Amidst claims of enhanced closing rates, a transformative real estate process, and a community-driven approach, there's a growing curiosity about the authenticity and value of this platform. 

This review delves into all the features of Real Estate Disruptors to uncover if its offerings stand out and whether Steve Trang's initiative truly lives up to the hype surrounding it.

What Is Real Estate Disruptors?

What Is Real Estate Disruptors?

Real Estate Disruptors, under the leadership of its CEO Steve Trang, is a comprehensive platform aimed at revolutionizing the real estate sales. Their core principle revolves around resolving sales issues, allowing individuals and businesses to enhance their sales without necessarily increasing their marketing expenditure. 

Their evidence-based approach boasts the potential to significantly increase sales closings in a relatively short period.

The platform's hallmark offering is the Sales Disruptors Community. This community is a hub where sales professionals collaborate, learn, and grow. Encompassing a vast array of courses, training modules, tools, and resources, the community promises exclusivity, presenting offerings that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Members gain access to an extensive library of documents, from contracts to text templates, aimed at streamlining the sales process. They can also benefit from expert advice, guiding them through challenging objections and helping them refine their sales strategies. 

For those who are part of the community, a host of courses are available, including the Sales MasterClass, Sales Process Fundamentals, and several others, all bundled into a compelling value proposition.

Another important offering is the Sales Intensive, which concentrates on live training and seminars to transform the sales approach of its participants. 

Steve imparts his extensive sales wisdom, complemented by a number of resources, from AI-driven call analysis tools to specialized courses on completing sales deals, all intended to supercharge the sales process. His goal is to create 100 millionaires in his lifetime. He dreams of an industry where real estate people get what they want and grow to tens of thousands in income.

As for their media presence, Steve Trang's Real Estate Disruptors podcast further cements the platform's stature since starting. Since he started his podcast, it has served as a guide for real estate enthusiasts, offering them valuable insights by hosting some of the industry's top producers. Guests are keen on sharing their success stories every week to help wholesalers and anyone planning to venture into wholesale real estate and investing build wealth.

From success stories to strategies of the elites, listeners receive a holistic view of the real estate landscape. Without a doubt, this is Steve's legacy.

How Much Does Real Estate Disruptors Cost?

When a member joins the Sales Disruptors Community, they get access to multiple courses for free. The total value of these courses is calculated to be $6,189. 

This includes the Sales MasterClass valued at $2,997, Sales Process Fundamentals at $1,997 (an exclusive course), Dispositions valued at $997, Lead Generation & Data Handling at $697, and the Wholesale Blueprint priced at $1,498. 

On top of that, there is exclusive content in the form of the Sales Process Fundamentals course by Ian Ross, which is a $1,997 value.

However, it's not just about the courses. There is also an affiliates program that incentivizes members to bring in more members, offering them 20% of each member's payment. 

Added bonuses for exceeding specific sign-up numbers also add to the monetary appeal.

A unique selling point of the Sales Disruptors Community is its lack of levels or additional purchases. Every member, irrespective of their sales experience, gets the same access and there are no upsells.

For early subscribers or founding members, there are additional benefits. Members who subscribe between May 17 and June 17, 2023, get $1,000 off any future live Sales Disruptors event and $500 off for the first month of One on One with Ian Ross. These additional founding member benefits total to $1,500.

Real Estate Disruptors Features

Real Estate Disruptors Features

As discussed above, Real Estate Disruptors Course is designed to supercharge sales in the real estate industry. Let's delve into the details of its offerings and features:

Sales Problem Solutions

The core promise of the Real Estate Disruptors Course is to help sales professionals enhance their closing rates without necessitating an increase in marketing spend whether they wholesale houses, fix and flip, finding deals in the MLS, etc.

The course focuses on mastering the handling of objections and underscores the importance of having a structured sales process. The idea is that a consistent approach to sales can boost one's performance in raising private money, potentially increasing closing rates by up to 50% in a month.

Sales Disruptors Community

At the heart of this platform is the Sales Disruptors Community. It's essentially one of the best training platforms as it is a dynamic ecosystem where salespeople train and mentor each other about market shift, wholesale fees, and other relevant topics in real estate. 

The community stands as a hub where all the best sales resources are available, promoting learning and collaboration. Within this space, members can engage in discussions, role-playing, and live training, ensuring they're equipped with the best practices in the industry.

One of the community's highlighted features is its collection of Exclusive Trainings. Members get free access to a variety of courses, from exclusive sales training sessions to one-on-one coaching, whether they individually joined, or they are part of a wholesale company.

The emphasis here is on collaboration, and the platform encourages members to chat, role-play, and provide candid feedback. Additionally, members gain access to a plethora of resources such as contracts, scripts, text templates, and more, creating an extensive library of free forms.

Moreover, the Sales Disruptors Courses offered within the community include the Sales MasterClass, Sales Process Fundamentals, Dispositions, Lead Generation & Data Handling, and the Wholesale Blueprint.

To enhance the learning experience, some exclusive content is also provided, such as the Sales Process Fundamentals course led by Ian Ross, a certified Sales Trainer.

In a bid to expand this community, there's an Affiliate Program that rewards members for bringing in new members. Benefits include a percentage of the new member's payment and bonuses for significant referrals.

Moreover, every member, regardless of their sales experience, is given equal access to all resources, ensuring an inclusive learning environment. This is also a community where you can find buyers in one place.

Sales Intensive

This segment focuses on live training through the Sales Training Seminar led by Steve, who unravels his sales process and engages in role-playing sessions. Apart from the seminar, there's a Digital Course titled Sales MasterClass and Consistent Training involving weekly video group calls. 

There's also support for Lead Generation, with AI-driven call analysis and training for lead managers. Additionally, a course titled Dispositions is provided, emphasizing strategies for managing and closing market deals.

Steve firmly believes that one can get to be successful as long as they help enough other people get there, too. Hence, the creation of this program.

Sales Leadership

This offering aims to address all challenges associated with managing a sales team during real estate scaling. It provides comprehensive guidance on recruiting, hiring, training, and retention as part of the real estate procedures of a real brokerage. 

Sales Leadership 2.0 focuses on creating a productive sales culture, helping REI business owners understand and rectify the reasons behind declining sales and ineffective teams, including virtual assistants.

The program starts with a 2-day intensive seminar followed by 3 months of additional training calls and 9 months of implementation calls. 

The entire 12-month program is structured to cover all aspects of sales leadership, including understanding sales reps, pipeline management, leveraging sales rep motivations, and many more.

Experts like Rhen Bartlett, known for building and leading successful sales teams, and Steve Trang, a realtor and founder of the 100 Millionaire movement, lead the sessions, offering insights from their vast experience.

Real Estate Disruptor Podcast

The Real Estate Disruptors podcast, hosted by Steve Trang, offers a unique platform where listeners can gain insights from interviews with the top producers in the real estate industry. 

The podcast covers a variety of topics and strategies, from real estate wholesaling to flipping houses, aimed at increasing one's bottom line. The idea is to equip listeners with the tools and knowledge to grow their real estate business or real estate brokerage.

Whether you want to find rental properties, multifamily houses, wholesaling deals, buy houses through creative financing, etc., the tips provided in this podcast can give you better cash flow.

Real Estate Disruptors Pros and Cons

If you are looking into registering for this course, make sure you have weighed its pros and cons first. To do this, we’ve made a comprehensive list for you.

Real Estate Disruptors Pros

  • Comprehensive Offerings: Covers multiple aspects of real estate sales, from basic sales techniques to leadership and team building that you can use to grow your real estate brokerage.
  • Valuable Resources: Offers a wide array of resources, including scripts, templates, contracts, and more that you can use to run your business despite the competitive real estate market.
  • Exclusive Content: Membership provides access to exclusive content not available elsewhere.
  • Community Involvement: The Sales Disruptors Community encourages collaboration, role-playing, and feedback among members.
  • Expert Involvement: Direct access to industry experts for guidance and advice during wholesale mentorship, wholesale workshop, and wholesale sales training.
  • Cost-Effective: Courses with high perceived value are included free for members.
  • Affiliate Program: Financial incentives for promoting the community and recruiting members.
  • No Upselling: Once in, all members have access to everything without any further upsells.
  • Special Offers: Founding members receive additional benefits and discounts.
  • Reputable Speakers: Both Steve Trang and Rhen Bartlett have significant experience and success in sales and leadership.
  • Location: The venue is conveniently located near a major international airport.
  • Podcast: The Real Estate Disruptors podcast provides free content and insights from top real estate professionals perfect for wholesale investors, flipper, etc.

Real Estate Disruptors Cons

  • Physical Location: The live seminars are located in Arizona, which might be inconvenient for some people to travel to.
  • Membership Model: While there's a lot of value, some individuals might not like subscription or membership-based models.
  • Limited Information on Cost: The actual cost of joining the Sales Disruptors Community isn't provided, making it hard to gauge the return on investment.
  • Time Commitment: With live seminars, bi-weekly calls, and an array of courses, the time commitment can be substantial.

How To Use Real Estate Disruptors

How To Use Real Estate Disruptors

The first and foremost step to leverage Real Estate Disruptors is to become part of the Sales Disruptors Community. This platform is a hub for all sales training, tools, and resources. 

The idea behind creating this community was to consolidate all valuable sales training in one place. By joining this community, members have the opportunity to interact with peers and sales experts. They can indulge in discussions, role-playing, and live training sessions to hone their sales skills.

Members of the Sales Disruptors Community get exclusive access to numerous courses that are not available elsewhere. There are courses on sales fundamentals, lead generation, dispositions, and more. 

Along with that, members have the liberty to access documents, chat with peers, role-play scenarios, get feedback, and even seek expert advice. This comprehensive platform aims to make everyone a "sales assassin," equipped with the right tools, training, and mindset.

You might also want to check out the Sales Intensive training, which aims to supercharge your sales. Live sales training seminars, spearheaded by Steve, provide participants with an in-depth understanding of a reliable and adaptable sales process. 

Through role-playing and direct interactions, attendees are taught techniques to handle different sellers and scenarios.

Another program you can join is the Sales Leadership 2.0 program which is a transformative step for those who have or aspire to have a sales team. 

It's designed to address common problems business owners face with their sales teams, such as declining sales, high turnover rates, missed KPIs, and more. 

The Sales Leadership training focuses on fostering a proactive and highly productive sales culture. It gives business owners the tools and strategies to recruit, hire, train, and retain top-performing salespeople.

The plan encompasses a 2-day intensive seminar followed by a series of training calls over a year. 

Meanwhile, for those looking to gain insights from the top producers in the real estate industry, the Real Estate Disruptors or Steve Trang podcast is a valuable resource. 

Steve Trang brings in guests who are industry heavyweights and have a track record of immense success in real estate. By listening to these episodes, aspirants can glean invaluable advice, strategies, and stories that can guide them in their own journey. 

Real Estate Disruptors Alternatives

Real Estate Disruptors Alternatives

Aside from the Real Estate Disruptors, there are other real estate investing training and courses you can enroll into if you want to enter this industry without real estate license or grow your business as a real estate investor. Check them out below.

Real Estate Disruptors vs. Real Estate Skills

Real Estate Skills offers training that emphasizes wholesaling and flipping houses in the real estate industry. The core promises include the ability to secure deals with minimal to no initial capital and the potential to retain the entirety of profits, rather than splitting it with another entity. 

The course also offers a systematic approach that can be implemented consistently throughout an individual's real estate career. With a strong online community of investors, learners benefit from shared experiences and insights. The training is not just theoretical; it is imparted by seasoned professionals who are actively involved in real estate flipping. 

Regular bi-weekly interactions with experts ensure the learning remains relevant and up-to-date. Additionally, they offer tools to analyze properties virtually, underscoring the shift towards digital real estate dealings.

Real Estate Disruptors vs. Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dorsey is a self-made real estate entrepreneur. Despite not having a formal education or initial capital, he transitioned from a low-wage telemarketer to a successful investor and serial entrepreneur. 

He oversees four active businesses, including an off-market flipping operation, and possesses a personal real estate portfolio valued at 7 figures. Ryan is dedicated to educating other budding investors, using his journey as a testament to the possibilities within the real estate industry. 

His focus is on off-market deals, aiming to help students achieve a consistent deal flow while keeping the business scalable.

Real Estate Disruptors vs. Discount Property Investor

The Discount Property Investor platform offers an array of resources for those interested in house flipping and real estate investing. Coached by David Dodge & Mike Slane, it promotes an approach to real estate that allows for significant profits with minimal initial investment. 

The program features courses on wholesaling and achieving financial freedom through real estate. 

In addition to educational resources, they offer a community-driven experience, inclusive of a nationwide network of investors and wholesalers, weekly calls, and even a free purchase & sale contract tool. Their emphasis seems to be on both community-based learning and actionable insights.

Real Estate Disruptors vs. Springboard to Wealth

Springboard to Wealth offers an extensive real estate coaching and training program. Unlike other programs that focus on niche areas like wholesaling or fix-and-flipping, this real estate mentorship program claims to encompass all aspects of real estate investing. 

With a leadership team boasting over 75 years of combined experience, the program promises guidance through the various cycles of the real estate housing market. Their offerings go beyond mere real estate transactions; they delve into estate planning, tax strategies, and more. 

With a mission to help individuals achieve financial freedom and generational wealth, the program appears to be an end-to-end solution for both newbies and experienced investors.

Real Estate Disruptors vs. The Land Geek

Mark Podolsky, known as "The Land Geek," has an impressive record of over 5,500 land deals and a longstanding presence in the industry since 2001, Mark brings considerable experience and expertise to his training programs. 

The Land Geek offers various programs, from a DIY investor's toolkit to intensive 16-week training and personalized coaching. Mark's approach is holistic, emphasizing the importance of creating passive income streams through land investments. 

Additionally, his engagement with the community through podcasts and his dedication to teaching and mentoring signify his commitment to fostering a robust community of land investors.

Summary: Is Real Estate Disruptors Worth the Investment?

The Real Estate Disruptors platform, spearheaded by Steve Trang, really offers a comprehensive set of resources for real estate professionals and salespeople. 

The course and real estate workshop offerings, part of the Sales Disruptors Community, emphasize the importance of a systematic and robust sales process, promising a potential growth in closing rates by up to 50%. 

If you are really on the hunt for the best real estate investing course for your real estate escaling goals, Steve Trang’s course can really be valuable to you.

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