Real Estate Investment Software [Best Software For Investors]

Published on March 1, 2023

Real Estate Investment Software

Real Estate Investment Software

Looking to grow your real estate investing business but are overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done? Why not use digital tools to increase your productivity?

Some of the best software improve your efficiency and eventually scale your real estate investing business are DealMachine, Carrot, PropStream, REIBlackBook, REI Skip, Go High Level, REISift, CallTools, Smarter Contact, Mashvisor, Stessa, RealData, Google Data Studio, DocuSign, CREmodel, Proapod, Argus, THEANALYST, and FlipperForce.

If you're already using some of the tools mentioned above, then good for you! But if you still haven't heard of any of these, it's about time your business went digital.

Should You Use Software for Your Real Estate Investments?

Should You Use Software for Your Real Estate Investments?

While some real estate investors stick to a spreadsheet in managing their business processes, it fails in the long run because real estate investing is too complex. It is for this reason that using advanced real estate investor software solutions is highly recommended.

Using real estate investor software can ultimately help you find the best properties to buy, keep track of your real estate portfolio and the financial status of your business, analyze potential deals, and overall simplify your processes.

What to Look For in a Real Estate Investment Software?

What to Look For in a Real Estate Investment Software?

In choosing the 19 real estate investment softwares listed in this blog, we considered a few criteria and they are as follows:

  • The real estate investor software should be able to assist you in scaling.
  • The real estate investor software should be accessible on a laptop, phone, or tablet. If possible, it should have both Android and IOS applications.
  • The real estate investment software should allow importing of data from your database.
  • The learning curve in using the real estate investor software should not be very little.
  • The real estate investment software should have tight security and any information you store in it should not be accessible to other third-party apps.
  • The real estate investment software should not have super complicated features that you won't be able to use.
  • The real estate investor software should be cost-effective.
  • The company behind the real estate investor software offers great customer support, not just automated replies.

Best Software for Real Estate Investors and Owners of Rental Property Business

Best Software for Real Estate Investors and Owners of Rental Property Business

The real estate investing softwares included here varies when it comes to usage. To illustrate, some can be used to make websites, find leads, cold call, sign documents, and more.

1. DealMachine

DealMachine is a must-have driving for dollars software. All you have to do is take a picture of the property you're interested in using the app and the software will give you all the information you need including the owner of the property, when they acquired it, how much the owners owe in mortgage financing, how much is the home equity, etc.

The app can also send an automated letter to the property owner in just one click so you don't have to send a direct mail. Definitely a total game changer due to its advanced features.

2. Carrot

Carrot is very useful for real estate investors who still don't have their own websites for their real estate business. Carrot curates high-converting templates for real estate investor websites. In fact, they have templates dedicated to attracting sellers and buyers alike. 

Carrot also provides website content to help you rank on Google to get more traffic. This s hands down the best real estate investor software because it is intent on helping investors capture leads so the content they provide is all highly optimized.

3. PropStream

Even if you have software that can help you manage your real estate investing data, you would still need PropStream. This real estate investing software is one of the best providers of comprehensive real estate data that you can pull into your CRM. They also offer affordable pricing for their software packages and premium services.

Most rental property investors, wholesalers, and house flippers love PropStream because their property records are up to date, they offer nationwide data, and they have a lot of extra features.

4. REIBlackBook

REIBlackBook is another well-loved software because it offers a multitude of solutions. For starters, it can help you create a high-converting website, automate your follow-ups, manage your contacts through a CRM, track sources of inbound calls, and more.

Three major types of real estate investors use REIBlackBook — landlords, wholesalers, and rehabbers. Their CRM is flexible enough to be used by these three investor types and different company sizes. 

5. REI Skip

REI Skip is a skip tracing software that serves multiple industries including real estate, lending, insurance, and home services. REI Skip's Skip Trace Triangulation Technology allows them to pick top phone numbers so their leads match with the phone numbers at an 85% to 90% accuracy rate.

Moreover, REI Skip also provides other investment property data including demographics, property address, email address, social media profiles, etc. They can also manage your leads through their CRM functionalities.

6. Go High Level

Go High Level is a software that aids real estate investors by providing help in multiple aspects of their business. To illustrate, Go High Level can capture fresh new leads by creating websites, funnels, and landing pages, drag-and-drop survey forms, and online appointment scheduling.

After capturing leads, Go High Level will help you customize follow-up campaigns and even create multi-channel campaigns. They also have an app that allows you to communicate with leads on all of your devices.

7. REISift

REISift helps real estate investors make more deals out of their existing data. The REISift software has skip tracing features, direct mail integration, data tracking and tagging, and CRM. This software is actually built by investors so they completely understand your rental property business process.

REISift also offers USPS vacancy and absentee filtering, list management, Zapier integration, advanced data cleansing, advanced filtering for your targeted marketing campaigns, etc. They currently offer a free trial.

8. CallTools

CallTools, as its name suggests, is a software used for cold-calling property owners. Unlike traditional cold calling, this software calls a massive list of contacts all at once and only engages in the calls that were picked up. 

Currently, CallTools has a power dialer, predictive dialer, interactive voice response, CRM, and email template. Note that the cost of using CallTools depends on the number of calls you make per week.

9. Smarter Contact

Many leads don't actually have time to answer phone calls, but they do have time to read SMS. This is where Smarter Contact comes in. This software allows you to send a ringless voicemail and it can also provide an autoresponder for your business. 

Another great thing about Smarter Contact is that they can easily be integrated into your CRM. They currently offer a 7-day free trial and but their software bundles range to $99/monthly afterward.

10. Mashvisor

Mashvisor is a great real estate analysis software to use if you are a newbie real estate investor because it locates profitable investment properties using artificial intelligence. The data provided by Mashvisor is accurate and up to date. The software pulls data from multiple sources and evaluates it. 

Among the features of Mashvisor are locating off-market rental properties and other real estate investments, qualifying leads, real estate calculator, heatmap, property finder, property comparison, and neighborhood analysis. Using Mashvisor, you can also search for houses in up to 10 cities all at once. 

11. Stessa

If you are running a rental business, Stessa is one of the best rental applications you'll come across. Stessa simplifies managing your rental property through its simple features.

You can use Stessa with short-term rentals, single-family rental properties, modest multi-family homes, and other property types.

Stessa can help you classify your expenses and automated income, keep your rental property documents, create personalized reporting, increase your sales through real estate analytics, build financial statements, do comparative lease analysis, and build your real estate portfolio. 

12. RealData

RealData is almost similar to Stessa as it also helps manage real estate investment properties be they included in small or large portfolios. This software is Excel-based and can be used on both Mac and Windows.

Some of the things RealData can help you with include deciding whether a house is worth investing in and analyzing cash flow and resale values. RealData also has calculators that can improve your business process and maximize profits, estimate rental comps, and monitor asset performance. 

13. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a tool that you can use for result tracking. It is absolutely free so there's no reason not to use it.

This is necessary if you are running Google marketing campaigns as it turns your data into an easy-to-read report that you can also share with the rest of your team.

While Google Data Studio might not be the top software needed to grow your business, it sure does help in identifying what campaigns aren't working for you.

14. DocuSign

DocuSign is many real estate investors' best friend because it allows them to send and sign documents online. We all know how much document signing being an investor requires so this tool is pretty handy in your business process.

Documents signed with DocuSign are lawful and court-admissible. They're also very secure and compliant with the laws. Moreover, DocuSign can be integrated to 350+ other applications and all it requires is an annual fee of $120 to get the complete package.

15. CREmodel

CREmodel is a software you can use for smart money management. It does nearly all business calculations relevant to real estate investing. It works by creating a model based on the size of your real estate investing business and analyzing its key financial metrics.

Using this tool, you can calculate your cash-on-cash return, ROI, etc. It works for both Mac and Windows and is pretty affordable even if you're just starting out.

16. Proapod

Proapod can handle any virtual real estate management task so it is tagged as one of the best real estate software for investors.

Through this software, you can create marketing reports, profits analysis, comprehensive cash flows, and even rates of return. There's little to no learning curve for this one, too, and the key concepts are pretty easy to understand.

Proapod is also up-to-date with the latest real estate market trends. It can very well keep up with your dynamic marketing needs. Note, however, that this is only suitable for personal or small-scale investors.

17. Argus

Argus is another software you can use for business management in the real estate industry. It can accurately predict future trends and give you insights into the impact of macroeconomic changes so you can make informed decisions for your business.

Argus has valuation features, budgeting of rental property finances, expense tracking, strategic planning, analysis of potential financial performance, discounted cash flow analysis, risk analysis, fund and investment management tools, and more. The software is also super easy to use so you and your team can fully utilize it in a day or two.


THEANALYST is a sought-after management software for real estate investors. This software has maps and tools, investment calculators, property reports, property analysis reports, financial reports, cash flow reports, etc., which are crucial in determining the future projections of the real estate investing business. 

Although it is a little bit pricey compared to other management software bundles, you have the option to pay a flat fee monthly or yearly. The premium features a rental property investor would get access to are also well worth the premium price.

19. FlipperForce

FlipperForce is a house-flipping software that can calculate the profitability of a property, organize the schedules of your flipping projects, estimate repair costs and cash flow, and predict the after-repair value of the property.

Put more simply, FlipperForce is a one-stop shop where you can review projects, check rehab agreements, and track finances. It can also assist in record management, bookkeeping, and contact management.

Final Thoughts: Best Real Estate Investor Software

As a real estate investor, you should leverage all the tools we listed above to grow your business. Many of the software solutions available these days cover different aspects of real estate investing so your process would be streamlined.

Nevertheless, if you've tried out software solutions for lead generation and didn't get great results, you might want to consider pay-per-lead platforms.

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