11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates

Published on September 1, 2023

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11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates

11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates

The real estate industry is no exception to the rule that an online presence is indispensable. However, building a website from scratch can be a difficult task. This is where real estate investor website templates come into play. 

These pre-designed templates, tailored specifically for the real estate market, simplify the process of gathering leads while ensuring professionalism. 

Read our list of the 11 best templates, each of which promises to give you a great foundation for your online presence!

Why Use a Real Estate Investor Website Template

Why Use a Real Estate Investor Website Template

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business, and real estate investing is no exception. 

When you're entering the fast-paced world of property investment, every tool and advantage counts. This brings us to the importance of using a real estate investor website template.

  • Time-Saving: Time is money, especially in the real estate sector. With a template, much of the groundwork is already done. You can get your website up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build one from scratch.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a designer to create a custom website from scratch can be expensive. By contrast, website templates are often much more budget-friendly. They provide a ready-made foundation that can be easily customized to fit your business's unique needs without breaking the bank.
  • Professional Appearance: A well-designed website template ensures that your real estate investment business presents itself in a polished, professional manner. First impressions matter, especially in this industry, and a website that looks the part can make a big difference.
  • SEO Optimized: A good website template is designed with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. This can enhance your online visibility, ensuring that potential clients and partners can easily find you on search engines like Google.
  • Mobile-Responsive: Many modern real estate investor website templates are designed to be mobile-responsive. With the increasing number of people browsing and searching on their phones, it's crucial that your website looks great and functions smoothly across all devices.
  • Integrated Features: Real estate investor website templates often come with integrated features specific to the industry and are designed for real estate listing modules, mortgage calculators, or lead generation forms. This lead generation website can be invaluable for engaging visitors and converting them into potential leads.
  • Scalability: As your real estate investment business grows, you'll need a website that can grow with it. Many templates are designed with scalability in mind, allowing for additional pages, listings, or features to be added as needed.
  • Consistent Branding: Using a template can help maintain consistent branding across your website. Uniformity in custom elements like colors, fonts, and layout gives a cohesive look and feel to your online platform, reinforcing your brand identity.
  • Tested User Experience: The best real estate investing website templates have been tried and tested, ensuring a user-friendly experience. This can be a major advantage in retaining site visitors and ensuring they engage with your content.
  • Community Support: Many website template platforms have robust communities. If you ever run into issues or have questions about customization, there's likely a forum or support group that can offer assistance.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Real Estate Investor Website Template

Factors to Consider When Choosing Real Estate Investor Website Template

It can be difficult to choose from all the available real estate website templates online. To speed up your decision-making process, it's essential to weigh certain key factors based your specific needs and objectives.


The design of your real estate investor website template isn't just about aesthetics—it's the first impression visitors will have of your brand and professionalism. The design must seamlessly merge with your brand identity, using consistent colors, fonts, and graphics that speak to your target audience. 

Furthermore, the layout of the template should be intuitive. Potential clients or investors should easily find what they're looking for, be it property listings, contact forms, or informational resources. 

Modern designs also prioritize responsiveness on mobile devices, ensuring that the website displays correctly on various screen sizes, from desktops to smartphones. It's worth remembering that design trends evolve, so choosing a template that's contemporary yet timeless can save you from frequent redesigns in the future.


Financial considerations are vital when selecting a website template. While there are free templates available, they might lack some advanced functionalities or customization options that premium ones offer. 

When setting a budget, it's crucial to consider the long-term costs associated with the template. This includes not only the initial purchase or subscription price but also any fees for updates, additional plugins, or extended support. 

It's essential to strike a balance—investing in a slightly more expensive template that meets all your needs could save you money in the long run, compared to constantly adjusting a less suitable, cheaper option.


Every real estate investor has unique needs, and the website template should cater to those specifics. For example, if you're heavily involved in property listings, your template should have a robust property listing module, with high-quality image galleries, interactive maps, and sorting features. 

If you're looking to capture leads, integrated lead generation forms and CRM integration might be crucial. Some real estate investors may also benefit from features like mortgage calculators, testimonial sections, or event calendars for property viewings. Always outline your must-have features beforehand to ensure the template you select aligns with your operational needs.

Load Speed

A website that takes too long to load can deter potential clients or partners, leading to lost opportunities. 

Several factors influence a website's load speed, and the template is a significant one. High-resolution images, complex animations, and certain scripts can slow down a website. 

It's crucial to choose a template optimized for speed, ensuring that all its components are streamlined and efficient. Regularly testing the load speed of the website, even after customization, will also provide insights into any areas that might need tweaking.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pivotal for any website aiming to gain organic traffic. When selecting a real estate investor website template, consider how SEO-friendly it is. This include several elements: clean and structured code (HTML), easy navigation, optimized images, and the provision for meta tags, among others. 

A well-optimized multipurpose website template will help search engines like Google easily crawl and rank your website. Moreover, templates that support schema markup or offer integration with SEO tools can further enhance your site's search engine visibility.

Conversion Rate

Ultimately, a real estate investor's website isn't just about showcasing properties—it's about driving action, whether that's capturing leads, securing calls, or securing property viewings. Therefore, the template you choose should be designed with conversions in mind. 

This means clear call-to-action buttons and strategically placed contact forms that guide visitors towards taking the desired action. It's also worth considering templates that offer A/B testing functionalities, allowing you to test different elements of the site to see which configurations gives the highest conversion rates. 

By prioritizing conversion rate optimization from the outset, you ensure your website not only attracts visitors but also effectively engages them.

11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates/Providers

11 Best Real Estate Investor Website TemplatesProviders

As repeatedly mentioned in this blog, online presence is vital for every real estate investor. Explore the 11 top website templates and providers below that are specifically meant to meet the unique needs of every real estate professional.

1. Carrot.com

Carrot.com is a leading platform that provides real estate investment company website templates. Carrot's website builder is designed to offer much more than just a website; it provides comprehensive real estate marketing strategies to attract, convert, and close more deals. 

This approach ensures that users get a tailored experience for their specific needs in the real estate sector. 

While the back-end design is already taken care of when using Carrot, users still retain the flexibility to customize their basic website according to their brand's requirements in the front-end. 

This combination of structured design and customization ensures that real estate professionals can effectively present their brand without the hassles of starting from scratch using Carrot.com.

Currently, the Carrot site offers Content Pro or Advanced Marketer plans to improve their online presence.

2. Minute Pages

Minute Pages' central strength is its focus on high performance when you create a professional real estate agency website, property listing website, etc. It ensures that its templates are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also optimized for high functionality, so you can definitely use it to customize your site.

In addition to the aesthetics and performance of its templates, Minute Pages also place a strong emphasis on easy to maintain lead generation. The integration of features like Lead Stalk exemplifies their commitment to helping real estate professionals build investing or construction websites and tools aligned with their primary business goals, such as attracting a prospective cash buyer or seller. Their website templates will ultimately help you save time.

3. REI Blackbook

REI Blackbook ensures its users can capture leads effectively right from the get-go without any need for coding or complicated integrations. This is supplemented by high-converting website templates that are primed for lead capture and are good on mobile.

Another thing that REI Blackbook offers is its integrated CRM system, tailored specifically for real estate investors. This CRM integration ensures that the leads generated through their creative real estate templates are managed and nurtured effectively to increase the probability of conversions. The best part, their offer a free trial.

4. REI Kit

REI Kit stands out as a superior source for real estate company or real estate investor website templates as it gives users the ability to customize and set up real estate investor websites or websites designed for construction with just two button clicks. This quick setup means that capturing motivated seller leads becomes an effortless task. 

Moreover, the website templates on offer are not only aesthetically appealing but also fully configurable. They include various components such as landing pages, deal inventory, blog posts, and blog indexes. You can easily customize your website using these tools.

Another good thing about REI Kit is its integration capability. Their lead capture websites are integrated seamlessly with REI/kit Software, specifically for house flipping and real estate wholesaling. This integration feature solves a common problem with website-only companies, ensuring users experience smooth and efficient operations.

5. Real Estate Bees

Real Estate Bees not only offers website templates but provides comprehensive guides on the best website templates and builders specifically tailored for the needs of real estate investors and wholesalers. This ensures users make well-informed decisions, with comparisons and reviews of the top website templates at their disposal.

Their approach to SEO is equally commendable. The platform's 5-Step Real Estate Investor SEO Blueprint underscores the importance of search engine optimization in the real estate industry. This dedication to SEO means that their website gives higher visibility and reach.

6. InvestorPro

InvestorPro provides new real estate website options for real estate investors that are professionally designed specifically to find motivated sellers, appeal to private lenders, and efficiently sell properties. 

But beyond just offering templates for a real estate investing business, InvestorPro provides an enticing offer of a second free website for investors, allowing them to separate their buying and selling operations. This approach underlines the platform's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions, optimizing the user experience and streamlining operations for real estate professionals.

7. REsimpli

REsimpli combines a rich feature set, an educational approach, and user-friendliness to make it a preferred choice for real estate investors seeking effective website templates. 

It provides customizable templates and user-friendly websites, ensuring users can mold their online presence according to their preferences and requirements. The software also incorporates features such as customized web forms, which can be vital for capturing leads and other crucial interactions on a real estate website.

8. Lead Propeller

One of the fundamental reasons why Lead Propeller is preferred by many is its emphasis on quality and ease of use. Their beautiful website templates are not only visually appealing but also incredibly simple to customize. 

Furthermore, the specificity of all the template solution for real estate is a significant advantage. Lead Propeller provides templates optimized for different aspects of real estate investing, such as buying houses from motivated sellers and acquiring land. 

This means that investors can select a template that perfectly aligns with their business model, allowing them to communicate their value proposition more effectively to potential clients and leads.

9. REI Leadz

From the initial design to the final implementation, the focus of REI Leadz is on ensuring that their websites not only attract visitors but convert them into leads. They have a large number of templates to choose from; specifically, CSS and HTML template or HTML5 website template.

What sets REI Leadz apart is its understanding of the real estate investor's needs. They don’t just offer many generic websites for real estate investors. Instead, they provide an integrated solution aimed at maximizing lead generation for real estate investors. 

Using this template and web design, you'll never run out of properties that you can target using offline marketing, cold calling, email marketing, direct mail, etc.

10. Squarespace

Squarespace's real estate and single property management website design templates are meticulously crafted, ensuring a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional efficacy. 

Their multipurpose real estate templates are not only versatile but also come with customizable real estate website design features. This allows real estate investors to tailor the website's look and feel, resonating with their brand's persona.

Another point of distinction for Squarespace is the suite of built-in tools it offers, ensuring that users have everything they need to make their website stand out.

11. WordPress

WordPress provides a wide variety of themes specifically tailored for real estate professionals. 

Moreover, the customization capabilities of WordPress themes empower real estate businesses to align the website's aesthetics and functionalities with their unique brand identity. This high degree of adaptability ensures that every real estate website WordPress website can capture the distinct essence of the business and its offerings. Template like the Houzzes one allow you to list properties, use drag-and-drop functions, etc.

Additionally, beyond the visual and functional appeal, WordPress offers valuable resources that address common challenges faced by realtors in setting up their websites. The platform offers insights on correcting standard mistakes, ensuring that real estate professionals can establish a robust online presence without encountering avoidable pitfalls.

Final Thoughts: 11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates

Final Thoughts 11 Best Real Estate Investor Website Templates

The right website can significantly improve a real estate agent or investor's reach and reputation. With many templates available, selecting the ideal one can be the differentiator between a potential client and a missed opportunity. 

Choose from our curated list of the 11 best real estate investor website templates to grow your business and solve your website needs. And while waiting for your website to gain traction, try other lead sources like buying leads from pay-per-lead platforms.

One of those platforms is Property Leads! We generate leads through our SEO-optimized websites and sell them exclusively!

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